Flat Belly

Detox Teas: Do They Work?

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– Celebrities always seem to start those latest fitness and nutrition trends, but could their social media tips actually be hurting your heath? The biggest trends blowing up your feed right now, one of them is detox tea. Celebrities are posting them all over Instagram. Multiple brands of these teas, they’re promising these blow, boost metabolism, give you a great, flat tummy, but do they really work? And some of these are legit. Some of these teas, green tea, peppermint tea but I get a little bit worried when you start moving away from just green tea or peppermint tea, and you start using these cleanse teas, or, 14 day detox teas. Thoughts, guys? – Well, a lot of these have laxatives in them, but you don’t want to get into that slippery slope. (audience laughs) – I see what you did there. – We’re back to, we’re back to the poo. – Bring it to the bowl people. – And I always say this, look, tea is tea. If you’re gonna just drink green tea or black tea, – Or peppermint tea.

– Peppermint tea. But when you start getting these packages, read the ingredients. Because I’m reading one of these other packages, and all the ingredients are actually great, natural, wonderful things. Others, not so much. So be very careful. .

1 Cup tomorrow morning, burns 3 lbs of belly fat