Flat Belly


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Hi guys! I wish you a wonderful Saturday. So awesome. Tomorrow we’re at The Hill. If you don’t know where to play yet, I don’t know how it works, can’t simply say come too, maybe you have to book, dunno but, we’re going. Tomorrow we’re at The Hill In today’s video we want to inform you. Lots of information. A couple of things happened here and we want to update you. Let’s start with GSP Airsoftdays. We’re sold out! No more tickets available. We’re offline, please don’t write us e-mails, There’s nothing we can do. We’re important. 800 tickets are gone. Two are left. We thought now that all are gone, let’s raffle a couple. If you haven’t a ticket yet, we have 2 GSP Airsoftdays tickets. How to win? What do you have to do? subscribe to our youtube channel and write in youtube under this video why you want the tickets why we should choose you, or why you should win them.

And we will raffle them. among all participants. Participation starts at 14 years, GSP Airsoftdays are open to 14-year-old. Next topic. We prepared some patches, with the guys from GSP. The GSP Airsoftdays patches. I order for you to cover the patch area with little patches we ordered small hexagon patches. And we have quite a lot boxes full of them. Anyways. you can buy then at the GSP Airoftdays. We also have new Airsoft Helden patches as giveaways. So just ask me or the other Airsoft Helden, they are for free. More on GSP Airsoftdays we’re moving. Meaning, we’re using the big Dark Emergency market square for GSP Airsoftdays. Away from the camping area and on the market square. I’m really looking forward to it cause it shows how big GSP Airsoftdays have become. We will adjust the infrastructure we will definitely not push it to Dark Emergency standards, That would be too big and much too expensive. But we will adjust it we will improve it. The shops will be placed there, catering and beverage stands. We will use the market square, that’s fantastic.

We will have exhibitors there, stages with music and entertainment in the evening. There will be a tombola, too. GSP will take care of all this as you are used to already. If you’ve already been there you know Micha, Ivan and what’s the girl’s name? Joris. They’ll entertain you. Just joking, Joris. I like you. Next topic OP Tschernobyl. some factions are already sold out. There are only tickets left as military and scientists if I’m correct. Check it out, link in the description. If you’re interested in Tschernobyl bash it. We’re soon sold out. For the Tschernobyl there will be some novelties, innovation, we keep you updated. Fifth anniversary of the OP Tschernobyl, with surprises. Let’s move to our homepage. we edited it. We get lots of e-mails inquiries on Instagram, on youtube, on all our e-mail accounts. To stay on top of things and support you as best we can we developed a new contact form. In the contact form you can select the area of your question, what event does it concern so we can screen insert your text and contact details and it reaches the right person best suited to help you.

Ok. Dark Emergency. It’s again a topic. Promotion for the DE VII starts soon. I can tell you already sometime around august ticket sales will start. Starting in July we’ll release lots of info. We’ll present everything to you. We’ll adjust the rules, we already did that. We’ll present them here in the videos and explain. And in August ticket sales will start. Dark Emergency VII will be a bloody business but more on it in another video, when we present the Dark Emergency VII. Finally I already announced we go playing airsoft tomorrow. And we considered making the youtube content more exciting for you and playing airsoft more difficult for me. So think about challenges. We thought, what can we do, what tasks can you give us perhaps you are even more creative that us. We though for example I shall only play with 5 BBs in the mag, or dunno, I have to tie one arm on the back, or there are thousands of possibilities let’s see how creative and crazy you are.

Write in the comments. And we make a video series of it. From time to time we will try in a game one of your challenges. And let’s see how I shame myself. Ok. That was it. A lot of information. We play airsoft tomorrow and release the video on Wednesday. See you on Wednesday with a gameplay from The Hill. It’s home time now! Have a nice weekend. For the chanllenges there will be That was disgusting! Go up, up! Go up! Man, I’ve got no time for this shit.

can you please take it out of my face? How to win? What do you have to do? Wanted to say that. Wait, I wanted to do it like this. How to win? What do you have to do? Ok, good. Good question. I have butterflies in my stomach so I’m going to shit some caterpillars. I really have to shit. Don’t fuck around I have to shit badly. It’s pressing, the Red Bull. The Red Bull. Bye. .

1 Cup tomorrow morning, burns 3 lbs of belly fat