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Diet Plan for Six Pack Abs (5 STEP PLAN!)

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Hey, guys! I’ve got a treat for you women today. We’re going to talk about getting those six pack abs. So, we are going to look at it and easily laid out plan to get those abs to pop. All right, you guys. We all know that good old diet is the number one way to get those abs. I, myself, have gone to the trenches of trying to figure it out so hopefully today this is a nice, easily laid out, five step plan that will make it accessible for everybody to get those abs. Especially, during the holidays and all of that stuff that might be going on. So, first and foremost our number one is going to be: cut the crap. Literally, you need to cut out all the crap. I can see all the kind of stuff that goes in your head.

Like, “Okay, just going to that drive-through another time. I know I’m having my cheat meals twice a week, but you know what? It’s okay. I worked out really hard those two days.” So, there’s a lot of stuff that we have to work through. But it’s really being honest with ourselves to look at the foods that we’re eating. Like, “What food should I have in my diet? what foods should I not have in my diet?” And really making the dedication and step one is to get rid of those foods. Whether it’s excess alcohol. There are easy ways to start cutting that down in your diet because it really does add up.

You wouldn’t think it, but alcohol has a lot of sugars and these things are going to contribute to not losing the weight. And it’s just going to make your life miserable if you keep saying “I’m going keep on going the way that I’m going, I’ll just try to work harder.” It doesn’t work you guys. I’m sorry. I’ve tried it. Okay, so number two: eat more often. You’re like “What? Okay what you said just doesn’t make sense. Why would I be eating if I’m trying to lose weight and see my abs?” Going back to step one, we’re cutting out the crap. So, if you start eating better foods they’re going to process and digest a lot easier. so that is going to make you have to eat more often. The other thing is, you’re not going to be rewarding yourself with constantly eating crappy food. You want to think about eating more to feed your body the fuel that it needs to repair itself from the hard workouts that you’re doing. The other reason is blood sugar.

That is a critical piece to this. You have to keep your blood sugar up throughout the day. Not only during your workouts but through the night. So that’s where eating those small meals throughout the day, snacking; all of that is really a critical piece. And it can help you control your portion size. That way you can eat smaller meals throughout the day instead of just sitting down and gorging yourself two or three times a day and you’re just stuffed, and you feel miserable. It’s just a vicious cycle. So, there are ways to eat more that’s just not bad foods. Okay step number three: eat less of the less obvious stuff. So, what do I mean by that? With this one, this is where you’re really going to take that second look of “What am I really eating here?” So, the goal is to just not have abs, you want to support that new muscle growth with all of the food that you’re feeding your body.

So, with eating all of these healthier foods, that’s going to leave you feeling a little bit hungry, but just like I said earlier, that’s because you’re feeding your body the nutrients it needs. Healthier foods. That means getting away from the processed foods with all the fat, saturated fats, that are in there. So, eating less of the less obvious stuff. So once again, “I’m not really sure what you mean by that.” Well, let’s say you changed over and you’re like “I’m eating more chicken”, but you’re eating a chicken nuggets. Well, it’s good eating that you’re eating chicken, but let’s go a little bit healthier route. You know, “I’m eating oatmeal, but I’m eating it from the packets and it’s processed.” These are the little, less obvious changes.

It’s great you’re making them, but that’s where we need to start eating less of those foods. Step number four is going to be – this is good – eat more of the good stuff. This is where we’ve introduced all of these great new foods into our diets. We’re eating more greens, maybe more beans, and seeds. Lean meats and proteins. This is where we’re really going to start increasing that into our diet.

Once again, we’re not taking in all that crappy, processed food. We’re not getting all those sugars, and salts, and saturated, really bad fats that we’re putting in our bodies that will come from fast food, and processed food. That’s where we want to eat more. That’s where you could load your plates up with big salads, adding beets, and cucumbers; all of these really good things that your body is going to love to eat. You’re getting a ton of protein in there, even with greens. Broccoli, all of that stuff. Spinach is packed with protein. So, don’t worry, you’re not going to get your protein. Eat more of the good stuff. And our last step, number five: supplement for consistency. What I mean by that is, a lot of times, if you’re travelling, let’s say you’re having a super busy day and you’re like “Crap, I didn’t have time to pack my lunch. I don’t want to go down to the vending machine. I’m not going to go through the drive through with the other guys from work.” That’s where you can keep your supplements with you.

It’s going to give you the nutrients you need, the protein you need to get through until you can get home and have a good meal. So you may not always have access to those healthy foods. A lot of times it’s good to carry out supplements with us because it’s also going to help take us to the next level. If you’re working out really hard, you’ve changed your diet and you’re still a little concerned, maybe you’re not getting enough calories in because you’re working all day. That’s where supplementing is a great thing for before you workout, after your workouts. Those are another good thing to keep in a plan of being able to see your abs.

All right, you guys, hopefully this is an easily laid out plan for you. These are just baby steps, but if you follow them, start by looking at your diet. “What crap can I get rid of”, which is usually a lot. Initially, it may not be obvious. That’s why I was saying that’s where you have to take that second and third look at your diet because a lot of stuff really isn’t that obvious. That’s where you really have to narrow it down to the foods that are going to be nutrient rich for you, protein rich, the good carbohydrates; all of that stuff. That’s when you’re going to start seeing the results. Thanks for joining me today. Check out Max Shred. That’s a great program for, once again, helping with diet and it’s got some great exercise programs that are customizable to your fitness level and your diet. Whatever you’re looking for with your diet. Thank you for joining me today. .

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