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Divine Manifestation : The Secret to the Law of Attraction NO ONE TALKS ABOUT

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This video I’m gonna be sharing with you that of divine manifestation showing you a way of going beyond that of the ego construct of how we create our reality to create things in our life easier than ever welcome back to another video my name is Erin and I help people expand their consciousness now in this video I’m gonna be sharing with you that of understanding divine manifestation and how many of what we call enlightened people manifest from a higher level paradigm now I’m sure you’ve seen me before in almost every other video sharing that chart of consciousness I’ll show it right here just cuz I feel like sharing it you see that chart of consciousness right here you’ll see at the bottom of that you’ll see lower vibrational emotions such as shame fear guilt you’ll then see and eventually move up to neutrality of your neutrality it goes to willingness eventually acceptance and then you get to that of reasoning and then you got love above love you eventually see joy peace and enlightenment now the idea is that the higher up the scale we go the more we realize our divine essence who we really are when we’re at the lower level paradigms we are emphasized in the ego the ego is what we use in physical reality in physical reality we have the ego the ego is kind of like our avatar because at greater levels we are immortal spiritual beings leaving temporary human experiences so in our lives what happens is we forget that’s who we are we’re born we forget it maybe even when we’re born we could say we knew this or we remember this when we’re even younger but through social conditioning it gets socially conditioned into us that we are our egos that we must identify with our senses eat a Big Mac because how delicious is that and would you like fries with that because it’s even more stimulation and then you go well the next thing I want to do is this thing of stimulation this thing all this stuff commercials everything that is marketed to us is to get us into our senses because when we’re in our senses we totally are identified with it and then we think that we are our ego and when we think our ego we are our ego we then play very small and we manifest things from I really really want that because it just got marketed me on television and that person has it and if I had it I feel more whole and complete however here is the thing as we raise our vibration manifestation becomes easier because we’re in a higher frequency not only that we start to identify and we start to relate to more of our divine essence and as we let go of lower vibrational states of emotion we also let go of excessive desire I really really want that because we realize we’re already whole and complete now divine manifestation is about understanding the truth about who we are so that we can then manifest things easier than ever from a totally new paradigm and from a higher level frequency now as you move up the scale you will embody more love more gratitude more awareness that the other people in your life are reflections of you at the deepest level so whatever you do to someone else you do to another aspect of yourself because literally that person at the deepest level is another aspect of self and when you understand you start to raise your vibration that’s when things begin to change now you see the chart of conscience I’m going to come back now when I read a book called autobiography of a yogi’ by Yogananda this is a book that I’ve been promoting a lot lately or telling people hey it’s a really good book it’s a book that Steve Jobs read every single day or now every single year for the last 40 years of his life it’s also the only book he had on his iPod or his iPad or yeah and also it’s a book that it’s basically an enlightened guy that goes through enlightenment and toxic he brought yoga to the West to America and it’s his life story of what he experienced in his life and you hear these stories of him in India around these enlightened sages and gurus you hear of things that are literally sound impossible that you think that’s impossible from our smaller perspective document about gurus that literally would teleport in front of them and you’re talking about things of like people that would levitate people that would live on no food whatsoever so many different things in this book and it’s a very well-known book as well it it what it shows is it shows a new perspective on reality understanding that magic is real and what do you think of this also understand that there’s this collective conditioning that keeps us our beliefs it keeps us in a certain box the truth of the matter is we are immortal spiritual being living temporary human experiences and that our beliefs create our reality now at a collective level our collective beliefs create what it’s possible for us in this reality and because it has been programmed into us that it is not possible to do magical things then what happens is as we play so small we play according to those rules now the thing is is when I say magic is real what I mean is these enlightened gurus that their stories with Yogananda that he talks about they’re able to do literally magical things because they are of such a high vibration and because they recognize the divinity in themselves and of everything else understand that everything in life is a piece of Source Energy of God of this higher vibration we call whatever label we want everything is a part of it enlightened people understand that and because of that because they’re not so consumed by their environment in the reality that they live in the 3d reality they’re able to do things like that the more we emphasize 3d which is duality the more we are in duality what enlightened people understand and where the divinity comes in is they realize that we are all in the dream of the divine God whatever we want to call it we use these terms but sometimes we get attached to certain terms we are all a piece of God what most people do is most people will worship the puzzle not understanding that they are also a piece of the puzzle the key is recognizing that what we can do is embody our divine selves now what is another aspect of this that very much helps what helps is understanding that because we’re all connected the more good that we put out to other people is the more good that comes back to us now the other side of this as well is aligning with the universe I talked about this before with the process I use called reality transferring something called Alber intention when you tap into the intention of other people which is out of us you know that from a 3d perspective we then tap into a larger energy source so what I do for example with my youtube channel is I have this intention of adding value to people and because of that these YouTube videos help other people it’s almost like the universe helps me because it wants me to continue to be of more and more service because I’ve been bodying the energy of this adding value and it’s closer to my divine self we are all divine if you believe you’re not divine it is just an identification with something that is not you you are divine you are a piece of the puzzle we call God now when you understand this you start to you start to feel into this let this be more than an intellectual idea let this be something you embody you will then have abilities beyond that of what you think is magical and the universe will work for you because in this reality the way that it works is we are creating our own reality and then we are collectively creating our reality as well when you start to tap into the adding value of other people these enlightened gurus when they’re able to add value when they’re able to do things they do it with this divine intention they do it with this intention of adding value or this intention of making a win-win because they realize that they are in a way like a vessel but also the more that you become and realize this divine part of you the less you there is in the ego sense like when I make these videos not that I’m like this divine spirits well we’re all spiritual beings but not that I’m trying to put myself on a mountain and say look at me I’m so divine we’re all divine but when I make these videos I have this intention of allowing the inner the information to flow through and the more that I allow this the less I am here because I am a vessel for which this information can come through that’s kind of deep that maybe a little bit esoteric but the truth is we are all vessels of light and even though we may identify with our ego structures they are not just who we are say well I’m Aaron this is me this is the physical flesh blood that I have but it is such a small part of the larger beam of Who I am the same for you but the more we emphasize the 3d reality the more we emphasize the physical structure and then we think that this is although who we are the more that we create that reality the more that we experience that now the truth is you are divine when you look at enlighten people of the past even if you look at someone like Jesus or you look at someone like Buddha they embodied their divine self now you also have that divinity within you any great enlightened teacher of the past has said that the things I can do you can do and even greater things you have the same potential within you it is about embodying your Divine self and aligning with the universe aligning with this energy a what powerful way to do that is to follow your passion because it raises your frequency you start to be in a higher vibrational state and that’s a sign to you that that’s what you’re meant to be doing in your life and at the same time the more that you put awareness inside of your heart the more that you create from this divine place when you create from duality from 3d reality you create from the head you create from polarity left-brain right-brain good/bad light dark logical creative up-down all of these different things then you create the polarity because in the wanting of something’s also the lack of it when you create from your hearts you create from a singular point of focus when you create from your heart you create from a divine pure place and the way that you do that is you do something you’re actually passionate about and you feel from your heart more often put the awareness in your heart right now you can put your hands over your heart like this and take a deep breath in and breathe it out now put the intention and the intention and attention inside of your heart and set the intention that you feel more of this love inside of your heart right now let’s for a minute or two as you do this you increase the energy inside of your heart space and as you increase the energy in your heart space you increase the electromagnetic energy around your body and the heart math Institute has shown that the energy inside of your heart is thousands of times more powerful than the head divine manifestation is about creating from your heart and you do this with compassion you do this with an awareness with gratitude and by just putting your awareness in your heart for a couple minutes a day you begin to bring more energy of this within you because the truth is you are divine this energy can flow through you right now this energy is flowing through you right now you know young Yogananda also has this thing that he talks about where he does this he has this it was a talk I think I don’t know one proposed in the book I think was a talk I listen to he talked about how would you go to a movie theater you will look at a screen and you will see light that is projected through this projector and there are film strips that will show you and light will be projected onto the screen and for a short period of time you will suspend belief and immerse yourself in that of the movie that you’re watching and you will enjoy it they’ll be ups they’ll be downs will be challenges there’ll be different things in that movie that you like certain things you may not like at the end of the day though everything being projected onto that screen is just different compositions of light and at the end of the day none of it is actually really what’s happening it is just a reflection or it’s just some this is some composition of that now in the same way that that is just composition of life is different forms of light that you can that you can buy into for a period of time for the experience everything in life is the same exact way it is different compositions of light and you are divine light we give more emphasis to this and we give more credibility saying oh this is actually but at higher states this is a dream and because this is a dream because you are a divine spiritual being dreaming this is who you are the more you realize who you really are the more you green these abilities in your life the more you will literally have magical abilities because you will envy embody that divine light at a higher level enlightened people know this if you read the book yoga non by Yogananda you’ll see these people literally have magical abilities it’s because they are in embodying that divine light beyond this reality or in this reality but have also higher states of consciousness so this is something that is available for you you are divine you are a piece of that puzzle start to embody more of it put your hands over your heart for a couple of minutes understand that the more you align with the universe the more the universe will work for you you are a vessel of light and the more you allow it through the more that you will experience that now if you want I have a guided meditation that will help you raise your vibrational set point that so that you start to start to literally embody more of this divine light it’s absolutely free you’ll see at the top of description box below listen to it for 21 days I think it’ll absolutely transform your life so I’m gonna be doing more live screenings on Instagram I do the moments every single day so if you want to ask me questions about this you’ll see that of my Instagram right here I also post twice a day other than that I hope you enjoyed this video feel free to like this video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t ready hit the little notification here next to the subscribe button so you can see the daily bits that I do and other than that as always peace much love and namaste

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