Flat Belly

Do body wraps work? (belly wrap)

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Okay so if there’s a lot of hype going around at the moment about body wraps I assume that the effects of them will be temporary just maybe like you’re sweating the area out or something but either way I want to know if it really works and I know there’s a lot of different ones but a lot of people say that if you just wrap it in cling wrap and leave it it it does something and it shrinks the area so I’m going to see if that works because there’s all these expensive ones with clay and all kinds of stuff that you can buy it but most of us either don’t want to spend money on that kind of thing and we don’t have those ingredients at home so keoki so here’s my stomach before yeah I’m just going to put just moisturizer I have I don’t know why it’s probably my point to it little bit cool okay clean up enough I think that I moisturize to help the help it stick when you’re clean the first leg bone be safe look like when she go underneath I can undercut my sheets up or anything like that so let’s just see leave this on for a while and see if it does anything but just throw these blankets and I bought water bottles I didn’t think it’s very do anything baby whining he’s like an owl I did this he brought him to me to like profit so Jin explain the process to the people of YouTube of what you’ve done previous to laying on this couch as we see you currently I did do something that what is that black garment you’re wearing and the intended purpose of said garment would be what needed that more and make it tighter hmm most interesting I think the viewers of YouTube will appreciate your honesty and I thank you for your time today okay says being about two hours that doesn’t feel like it’s done anything I can feel my stomach just let’s just bolt out right there yes my red doesn’t feel like it’s done anything actually is something a little bit gonna matter I like to compare like the before shot in the after show now I give that up yeah you I give that up