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Eat This Everyday to Melt Away Belly Fat

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Healthy lifestyle expert and author Danette May is here to tell us the truth We also have the fitness trainer Danette May here Hey Danette May here with DanetteMay.com. You wanna know what you could eat to burn up fat faster? I’m gonna share with you today and it is protein yes Protein – lean protein why do you wanna consume lean protein and how it’s gonna help burn up fat faster? Let me give you 3 reasons. Number one it helps with sugar cravings. If you’re feeling sugar craving coming on then you wanna have some lean protein that its gonna help subside those sugar craving If you go toward the carb, carb tends to burn and sugar which gonna create more sugar craving. Number two, it keeps you feeling fuller longer It last longer in the system keeps you satiated so then you eat less calories and you’re not as hungry – Hallelujah right? and Number three it helps preserve lean muscle mass You wanna preserve your lean muscle mass as soon as you lose that, your metabolism slows down the more muscle that you have the higher your metabolism So here are some protein choices that I have in my kitchen Right now I end up eating about six times a day and I’ll have protein each meal and I will have about 2 to 3 ounces every single meal yes I said 2 to 3 ounces every single meal So some protein choices that are awesome that you can use and you will see that I will buy all this organic and grass-fed meat so I’ve got beef here, I’ve got organic chicken salmon which I love and I have Kefir I love Kefir and a lot of you like oh dairy I can’t have dairy I don’t really advocate eating dairy but Kefir is 99.9 percent lactose free because it is fermented And it’s a huge advantage of probiotic in your body which is gonna help with inflammation in your gut I think it’s absolutely delicious I love plain cause’ obviously have less sugar in it you can add some nuts to it and have an amazing quick fast protein source.

Chia seed is another amazing fast protein source. Hemp seed if you’re trying not to eat a lot of meat. You can have Hemp seeds and Chia seeds and Kefir and some Greek plain yogurt so super easy and try to get your protein in cause you’re gonna burn up so much more fat faster! Go ahead and click right here if you want to get my full One-Day Meal Plan for FREE – tells you exactly what to eat in one day for to burn up maximum fat and also leave your comment below I wanna hear from you click “like” if you like this video also let me know What is your favorite protein source? What do you love to eat during the day? Share with us and also if you have any questions please leave them below I will make videos specific for you just let me know you want to hear about .

1 Cup tomorrow morning, burns 3 lbs of belly fat