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Exercises For A Flat Stomach | Yoga Dose

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Hi welcome to yoga with Tim today’s video is yoga for a flat stomach you’ll get to help you gain awareness of your core and your abdominals so I want you to not just think of your your abdominals as the front but we’ll think of we’ll keep in mind the transverse abdominis the muscles that surround your whole low spine and most importantly even more importantly the erector spinae this the muscles that support the whole spine itself so that your core strength does not just come from doing movements like this but also being able to stabilize you upright being able to sit with good posture is also going to help to tone your abdominals so we’ll do different exercise that help with your posture also your glutes and your legs are also very important for how you hold yourself and your overall core strength so don’t just think about it as doing crunches that’s going to give you a toned stomach but also by doing exercises on your belly belly back bends and strengtheners will also help things like that as well all right so let’s get right to it Yoga for flat stomach all right you ready let’s get right to it lie down onto your back take your feet the width of the mat take your arms into a cactus position so we’ll start just by gaining awareness to the breath we’re going to use our breath to help to contract the abdominal muscles throughout the exercises today so first just allow the breath to move nice and even and out through your nose then but before we start really working on engaging the core we’ll just do a few movements to start to lubricate the hips on the shoulder so as you inhale stretch your right knee towards your left big toe stretch your right arm overhead exhale come back to Center inhale stretch your left knee towards your right big toe and your right arm overhead exhale back to Center inhale change sides exhale to Center inhale change sides exhale to Center all right now also very important for today’s class is to be able to find a neutral lower back so some exercises will have the low back flatten most importantly that will be able to be able to find a neutral lower back so with your hands on your hips I’m going to show you what happens with my lower back as I inhale I’m going to arch my lower back and stretch the tip of the tailbone down and as I exhale I’m going to flatten the lower back pull the front hip bones towards me so you can see what’s happening here inhale to arch the lower back and exhale to flatten all right then I inhale come to neutral can you see that so there’s space for my fingers to fit behind my lower back now let’s just do an exercise maintaining neutral holding my neutral lower back without the hips twisting at all stabilizing I’ll bring my right leg up stretch the right leg forward and then bring it straight up as I exhale I slowly lower the leg and then bring it up exhale slowly lower bring it back up exhale slowly lower inhale back up exhale slowly lower inhale back up bend the knee and then bring the left leg up as I exhale and the leg out by contract the abdominals so that my hips don’t twist the lower back stays in neutral back up exhale inhale exhale inhale up exhale inhale exhale inhale up then bend your knees all right take your arms straight up to the ceiling as you exhale stretch the right arm back left arm down but use your core muscles to prevent yourself from wiggling and twisting inhale back up exhale change sides inhale back up exhale change sides what’s happening with the neck that’s important to inhale back up without the neck twisting back up now let’s add the legs bring the legs in a tabletop position hold your neutral lower back squeeze your abs exhale stretch the right arm back left leg forward and down in l a– exhale inhale squeeze the knees press the palms together exhale change sides inhale exhale let’s all let the lower back lift don’t let it twist inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale and inhale back up all right now crunch up to your knees and reach for your outer heels so in this one my lower back goes flat really going to work on strengthening the rectus abdominus which is your six-pack muscle squeeze in touch the outer heels inhale open up but don’t let your shoulders lean back at all strong middle apps reach back tuck exhale inhale reach up exhale tuck up inhale reach out exhale crunch in inhale reach out exhale crunch in inhale reach out exhale crunch in and I’ll reach out exhale tuck in inhale reach out exhale tuck in inhale reach out exhale tuck in and come up into boat squeeze your abs in tight and then maybe you can stretch your legs while still keeping your spine pulled tall bend your knees round back down and lower yourself down okay now let’s strengthen the hips a little bit lie down onto your side stretch your right arm overhead you can just rest your ear down onto your arm there make a straight line as best you can then turn your left big toe down and squeeze your navel into your spine take your buttocks in and down use your left hand as a prop as you exhale lift the leg up inhale lower it down keep the neck free and long exhale navel and squeeze the butt down inhale lower keep the big toe turned down exhale squeeze up inhale lower exhale squeeze up inhale lower pretend like the exercise is coming from your abs instead of just your hip exhale squeeze up contract your abs inhale lower exhale squeeze up inhale lower then lift the leg halfway turn the big toe down don’t let yourself lean forward keep your good posture exhale squeeze inhale lower exhale squeeze engage your core firm your buttocks down inhale lower exhale squeeze inhale lower exhale squeeze inhale lower exhale squeeze inhale lower then swing the leg all the way up but dot yourself around stay long through your spine exhale squeeze inhale lower exhale squeeze inhale lower exhale squeeze inhale lower exhale squeeze inhale lower then stack the legs again you might start to feel burn in your hip there that’s good all right let’s change sides swing the legs around to the other side just my wonderful here okay the hip stack I try to line myself up into a straight line here let the ear rest do this whole exercise don’t let your head fall forward remember the whole spine we want to think of when we’re thinking of our core muscles okay engage the belly don’t let your belly just hang draw the navel in so that your waist is lifted away from the floor then firm the buttocks towards the heels turn the big toe down exhale lift your leg inhale lower exhale inhale lower exhale contract your core squeeze your buttock down inhale exhale inhale exhale sent in from all four sides on your way inhale exhale and inhale swing the leg up halfway exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale don’t let the neck get weird exhale inhale exhale inhale go that all the way up last one exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale neck long contract your core exhale inhale exhale and inhale good stack the legs again all right now we roll onto your belly stretch your arms straight out in front of you look at your hands and we’re going to practice engaging the glutes and the hamstrings but for this exercise instead of your feet turning out we’re going to start to do it the yoga way so with the knees pointing straight down I’m going to contract the middle of the hamstrings and move the buttock down to the knee without clenching the buns in then I pull my belly up I reach my heart forward and I lift just the right leg up an inch squeeze the buttock squeeze the leg change legs lift the left leg up in and squeeze the buttocks squeeze the leg pull your belly up change legs right leg up change legs left leg up and you Stace totally straight reach through the big toe back I’ll bring the right leg up to meet the left squeeze your buttocks down pull your belly up then stretch your arms forward and hold and squeeze the legs lift up squeeze the legs lift up squeeze lift up squeeze lift up and reach longer and release alright really important now we take a little break let the breath to circulate evening through your body so the ability to contract your muscle and work hard is important if you feel completely fatigued you’ll just be like going sloppy through the exercises so even if you have to pause the video take a break in between some of the exercises that I’ve been rushing through please feel free to do that but this break is really important at this part in the video so let’s take a few breaths here all right and you can feel in your body like now it feels a little bit like I could contract the muscles better again okay ready do it one more time stretch your arms forward stretch the legs okay good now I can really squeeze these leg muscles squeeze the buttocks down pull the belly up lift the legs up an inch stretch your arms squeeze hold reach pull the belly in lift the legs in edge lift the arms an inch squeeze hold reach legs an inch arms and up squeeze hold reach and hold and hold and hold stretch your arms back behind you now hug the shoulder blades down the back reach the heart forward and lower your chest stretch back to Child’s Pose come back up onto your hands and your knees and let’s practice plank pose now three or four planks we’re going to do hands under the shoulders stretch your right leg back and then your left all right so when we practice this plank I don’t want you to be rounded or arching we’re practicing finding Tata sin or Mountain Pose and our plank so as long as you can be reach firm the legs squeeze the buttocks to the heels pull the belly up all right now without twisting it all just lift your right leg up one inch stay long don’t round out change legs lift the left leg up one inch use your core set that foot down set the left knee down open up to your side side plank really important turn the left inner arm forward so the chest is open you don’t want to do this exercise with the chest closed keeping the chest open slide your left leg back behind your right and hold even though your arms working so much imagine your strength is coming from your Center cinch in all four sides of your waist lengthen out your spine then set your hand down change sides right hand down right knee down open up turn inner arm forward then without the arm turning back stretch the leg back open up all the way sentient from all four sides firm the buttocks to the heels pull your heart up and come back onto your hands all right then come onto the forearms last one forearm plank curl the toes straighten the knees engage your abs press the forms down pull your belly up reach your heart forward don’t give up keep the knee straight and really set knees now oh my gosh okay your last exercise you’re almost done let’s come into boat pose so I would consider this probably the trickiest transition to do in yoga is to go from novice into ardha navasana boat pose to low boat pose alright so here in boat pose you’re not on your sit bones you’re not on your tailbone your balance between those engage your low abs and stretch your legs straight then see if you can take your arms forward without sinking or twisting and slowly roll over lower down round the sacrum lower back hands behind your ears come back up into boat and hold if your hamstrings aren’t long enough you can do if you need that lower down hands behind your head back up to boat last one Lobo let’s add some lift your right knee up twists reach with your left hand to the outer ankle change sides back up cross your right ankle over your left squeezing with your legs lift your hips up and hold lower your hips head change the cross go right back up hips up chest up lift crunch go up up up up and release come back to the original position that you started in elbows out to the side py drop your right knee to your left big toe you can deepen the twist you cross your ankle to the outside of the knee move back to Center change sides back to centre hug your knees in roll yourself up feel how strong you feel after doing those exercises thanks for watching namaste all right not sure if that warranted a namaste at the end or not it was a little more Pilates than yoga video but we definitely integrated some ideas from Neoga practice to help to give you awareness of breath and posture and I hope that keeping awareness of your posture throughout the exercises gave you different feelings when you’re practicing them you were using different muscles hopefully and I hope you feel just as exhausted in your core as I feel after that like you’re learning to build some strength hopefully cool so I hope you liked the video if you did please hit the like button leave a comment let me know what you thought about the video and also subscribe to the channel that’s how we’re able to keep going for your subscriptions so I really appreciate your support through your subscription also if you’ve been enjoying the channel and getting some benefits from the videos you can become a member of the community by sub donating you can donate on the youtube page by clicking on the Pay Pal I cannot icon on the banner so I really support how appreciate your support through your subscriptions and all through donations thanks for watching today