Work Motivation


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people should fucking stop complaining right Peterson cleared out all the fuck they are good call people should not listen to America propaganda of fixing the shit they suck at they should be tripling down and what they’re good at they should be confident in certain areas but you’re not going to become Beyonce or you know like your bone structure is a certain way like you’re not going to solve everything your IQ can get a little bit better but don’t worry about the incremental figure out what you fucking put you on fire and your halfway decent Matt if you’re lucky enough right now to be listening and you’re good at what you like become Tunnel fucking vision because there’s way too many voices telling you what and how and here’s the other thing and this is the big one because have a suemungousaur the biggest thing that I’ve seen dividends from have the conversation with the person that’s holding you back the reason most people who are listening right now we’re not doing that thing is they’re worried about the opinion of somebody usually their mother usually their father and the reality is is that your spouse may be the person holding you back and you have to have that conversation turn them off we have to get to a place where you’re doing you because the number one thing that scares the fuck out of me is regret and you’re going to sit there at 72 and you say I wish I wish I wish and whether that’s money or spend more time with your family there’s a million ways to do this our whole lives are guided moments moment stay trim learning how to change your state not bullshit not steak but to go from pissed-off frustrated freaked out – back in your Center well creative or determined or something that’s going to move you forward it’s going to create a better quality of life for you and others that’s a critical skill set so moment the moment unless controlled by our state yeah you know if you’re an angry state you respond differently the fertility playful or well controlled those states long term is your model the world everyone’s different goals and dreams and desires but as I travel around the world 100 countries I started going we shouldn’t see the same problems what’s underneath it are the MFE that are the same fix you need that we all have the same needs we all have a need for certainty that we can avoid pain and we can have some pleasure some comfort we all need uncertainty and we need variety or we feel dead inside you’re totally certain your board if you have total variety and look freak out and it’s not a balance it’s learning which of these you need more as a person everyone’s developed a different set of values matter need of the need for significance feel unique special important they need to feel loved they need to grow and they need to contribute some people value certainty at the top of their list that’s their Center their target I don’t want to do anything less I know it’s going to work I don’t do anything unless it’s the same if you change anything lis freak out if you’re driven by love first you want certainty but love is higher you’re going to behave very differently than if you’re driven by significance I have to be the one the two that most people have 90% of planet if you said of all these needs which one do you really focus on most day-to-day everybody wants love what do you focus on most people focus on being significant we live in a facebook world where people fake their life flipping filters make it look different than it really is tell stories that you know are totally full of it to make himself look good because we live in this kind of false world where significance is more important than love it separates us whenever you look at somebody that’s been successful do not allow yourself to make them extraordinary at your expense you’re capable of whatever it is that they’re capable of but it comes down to the mental constructs that you’re going to have to build and leverage in your own mind in order to do something great so I switched my self-esteem from being right being smart to being the learner who was always willing to admit that he was wrong identify the right answer give credit to the person who thought of it and put more energy behind it than anyone else and that became my driver people getting ready to go to jobs that they don’t like jobs that are making them sick what is it that you could love doing seven days a week that will bring a smile to your feet you’ve got to start saying yes to your life you’ve got to start saying yes to your dreams yes to your unfolding future yes to your potential you know every year I used to say this is my year but ladies and gentlemen one good year won’t be enough for me how many of you can use a good decade raise your hands please fantastic all right now here’s what I want to do I want to share with you how you can begin to make this your decade how many of you know within yourself if you ask yourself the question have I done all that I’m capable of doing or being and living up to my potential how many of you have to really add answer no I have not done all that I can do raise your hands please okay very good now here’s what we know that people don’t do what they know in life but what they do is they operate within the context of the vision they have of themselves so what I want to share with you is how to begin to get a larger vision of yourself and how to begin to make this your decade because in order to do that it’s going to be very challenging it’s going to require a lot of work on your part an ongoing process of personal and professional self mastery and it’s going to require that you begin to see yourself worthy of the requirements in terms of effort in terms of commitment in terms of action in terms of preparation or whatever it is that you need to do in order to take your life where you want to take it so one of the first things I ask you to do is I want you to look at your life right now and think about something that’s important to you something that gives your life a sense of value think about something that you’d like to have or something you’d like to create for you or your family or for society once you hold this thought in mind now one of the first things I want you to do is don’t worry about the inner conversation that you’re going to have don’t worry about how you’re going to do it that’s going to come you’re going to develop a plan of action you will find the way you’ll become the kind of person that can attract the people the resources and everything you need in order to make that become reality but I want you to be mindful of your inner conversation I remember once I was sitting in an audience and Zig Ziglar who I consider one of the greatest motivational speakers on the planet he was giving a speech and I was out of the audience and I saw him going back and forth and within myself I said I’d like to do that I can do that and I leaned over to the guy next to me I said how much do they pay him to do that he said five thousand dollars I said I know I can do that and I admired him and then on the way home when I was driving from Tampa Florida back to Miami Florida my inner conversation kicked in and it said let’s Brown you can’t do that you don’t have a college education let’s Brown you can’t do that you don’t have the money you don’t have the contacts you’ve never worked for a major corporation what makes you think that you can make more in one hour talking and you’ve made working for a whole month I want to ask you a question how many of you ever thought about something you wanted to do and you talked you out of it raise your hand please that inner conversation ladies and gentlemen is the reason that most people take their greatness take their ideas to the Graveyard with them you know the wealthiest place on the planet of minister said recently it was so true it’s not the gold mines in the various areas of the world or the diamond mines the wealthiest place on the planet is the graveyard because in the graveyard we will find inventions that we never ever were exposed to ideas dreams that never became reality hopes and aspirations that were never acted upon because most people allow that inner conversation for whatever reason to keep them from ever pursuing their goals so let us begin to look at what’s required in order to to make this out decade why is it that most people don’t ever reach their goals or live up to their true potential one is fear and there are only two kinds of fears that we’re born with the fear falling and the fear of a loud sound all of the fears we learn like the fear of failure the next is the fear of success that’s one of the major challenges I had to deal with I was working on a major project and after it began to grow and it was extremely successful I panicked and I walked away from it and gave it to someone else because I didn’t believe that I could handle it the other thing that keep most people from reaching their goals that a lot of people become comfortable they stop growing they stop wanting anything they become satisfied they stop looking at ways in which they can approve themselves they stop putting things in front of them I was reading something by a great man George Bernard Shaw and he said something to the effect that to have succeeded as to have finished one’s business on earth like the male spider was killed by the female spider the moment he has succeeded in his courtship and he goes on to say I like a state of continual becoming with a goal in front and not behind I remember after giving a speech at a major corporation a gentleman came up to me he was up in years and he said you know that’s real great motivation for you young guys but I’ve done all my work there’s nothing else for me to do I said oh yes you’ve got a lot to give you have a lot to offer the fact that you’re still here means that your business is not through yet the other thing that keeps us from reaching our goal is not feeling worthy that’s where a lot of people get stuck because see when you don’t feel worthy of your goal you’ll begin to unconsciously engage in self-destructive behavior like procrastinating constantly putting things off squandering your time and that’s what life is made of something else that keeps us from reaching our goal and that is many times because we spend so much time complaining and blaming everybody or everything I’m reminded of a friend of mine who talked about the fact that one day he was walking by this house and some people sitting on a fortune that was a all on the porch and this dog was just moaning and groaning so he was curious in the osteon it said why is this dog moaning and groaning and the owner said because he’s laying on a nail if they were why does he get off it’s not hurting bad enough for him to get off how many of you know people who moan and groan and complain about life all the time all right they might moan and groan about their job I’m sick of this job I’m sick of you and they just moan and groan and complain all the time and never do anything about it they haven’t got to the point where they’re sick and tired of being sick and tired they just have enough energy to complain about it and they consider that in fact they believe that that’s equivalent to doing something about it just complaining no I can’t get you where you want to go that cannot create your reality for you the other thing that keep most people from realizing their true greatness and their true potential circumstances their environment there are many people who believe because of where they’re born because of the area where they are in life and where they find themselves that’s all they know given my circumstances ladies and gentlemen I shouldn’t be doing what I’m doing right now see I know something about you even not knowing you that you’ve got greatness within you you have the ability to do things that you can’t even begin to imagine you have talents and skills in you that you haven’t even began to reach for yet no one could have convinced me given my circumstances given my background that I would be doing what I’m doing right now I was born in Liberty City on a floor in 62nd Street a twin brother and me when we were six weeks of age we were adopted when I was in fifth grade I was identified as EMR labeled educable mentally retarded and put back from the fifth grade into the fourth grade and stayed in that category until I got out of high school I have no college training but here’s what happened I had an intervention in my life a man who saw something at me at a time that I did not see something in myself I never forget being in his class one day waiting on a friend of mine who was there to rehearse for pling he did not show up and he asked me to go up to the board and write something on the board and I said I can’t do that sir he said why not I said I’m well on I’m in a special education class he said what do you mean I said go up to the board and write what I’m about to tell you I said I can’t do that sir why not I’m educable mentally retarded and he came from behind his desk he said don’t ever say that again someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality and that changed my life it was Oliver Wendell Holmes who said that once a person’s mind is expanded with an idea or concept it can never be satisfied – going back to where it was so some of you going to experience a breakthrough some of you are going to go back and look at your dreams and brush them off some of you’re going to begin to look at yourself and say hey look here I know I have not done all that I can do whatever goal that you have in mind I want that to be a goal that will challenge you something that will make you stretch it was Osbourne who said unless you attempt to do something beyond that which you’ve already mastered you will never grow what is it that you looked at at some point in time and you decided that you couldn’t do it that you talk yourself out of it whatever it is bring it back out there how you going to do it that will come to you in due time so you don’t get in life what you want ladies and gentlemen you get in life what you are not what you want see the good news is that we can always become more by working to develop ourselves so the first process of making this your decade you’ve got to begin to take a look at your life and look at where are you right now what are your strengths what are your weaknesses what gives your life a sense of fulfillment a sense of joy what does a full rich light means to you what is it that you could love doing seven days a week that will bring a smile to your feet think about that and all the areas of your life your professional life your personal life your family life your spiritual eyes what is it that you’d like to have once you begin to determine that that takes you to the next step and that is once you decide what it is that you want now you’ve got to decide that you deserve that repeat after me please I deserve the best that life has to offer I deserve define my purpose in life shake somebody’s down on your right and left and say find your purpose do you know by actively pursuing your purpose it could perhaps extend your life the number one killer in this country of all the diseases we have heart disease it’s the number one killer and if you ask most people when is it that that the majority of people have their first major heart attack some people will tell you as a result of obesity or smoking cigarettes or high cholesterol or high blood pressure and all of those are contributing factors however the truth of the matter is that most people don’t realize that the majority of people suffer the first major heart attack on Monday morning between 8 a.m.

And 9 a.m. people getting ready to go to jobs that they don’t like jobs that are making them sick you see when you’re not pursuing your goal you are literally committing spiritual suicide when you have some goal out here that you’re stretching forward and reaching for that takes you out of your comfort zone you’ll find out some talents and abilities you have that you didn’t know you have I started speaking just to elementary school kids because I knew they didn’t know what I was talking about and they gave y’all kind of anyways we like you again then I graduated up to junior high school and then the senior high school and then to various community groups in church groups and civic associations and then to colleges into businesses and I’m traveling across the country and then traveling nationally and internationally but I never would have discovered what I’m able to do right now if I wasn’t willing to take a tracked chance you’ve got to be willing to do that you’ve got to believe in yourself I was doing work for a major corporation and they were having a major downsizing just another terminology for major firings and so the people that were working there they approached them and said listen you are eligible for early retirement we will give you a buyout package of $300,000 if you take it within this timeframe however after this timeframe when we have a downsizing you might be among the people cut and you will lose all of the benefits that we’re talking about right now and the most you can get is two weeks severance pay ladies and gentlemen only 50% of the people that were eligible took this let me tell you something if I’d been there I don’t want to ask for your check listen Marvin told me to get his check ease or with his mama I want to take that money so quick and I had other people check if in les got your check see ladies and gentlemen life is too short trying to play it safe it’s too short and unpredictable being miserable it’s too short for that here’s the thing there’s no safe position in life let me tell you why it’s a quiet secret that most people don’t realize you can’t get out of life alive hello you can’t get out of like alive so there’s no safe position you can die in the bleachers or you can die on the field you might as well come out on the field of helmet so if you want to make this your decade you’ve got to decide to be bold so you’ve got to be bold in life you got to take life on I remember I was at a major corporation I had to give a presentation and there were two guys sitting across from me and the guy said to the other fellow looking at the last two finalists and that involved my firm and their firm said listen looking at the credentials guy doesn’t have any credentials we have an advantage here we’ve got two PhDs between us I got up and I win the bathroom start talking to myself I said let’s rock what do you care about their two PhDs you have six children and I’m mama to take care of and I went in that meeting and first of all I went out walking bowl looking good feeling good and smelling good all right and I set across that table we start negotiating and I operate in a spirit of absolute certainty I looked at them as if the only reason that they were born was to give me that contract they survived one out of nine million sperms to carry out this transaction and I got the contract so you got it inside to be bold most people go through life trying to creep no no no trying to be casual about it no no no you go for life being casual you’ll end up a casualty no oh you’ve got to be bold in life you’ve got to take life on now here’s something else you must be positive see a lot of people when things don’t happen when they want it want it to happen they become negative and they turn out and start projecting a lot of negative energy no no you’ve got to make a conscious deliberate determined effort to be positive because see when you know within yourself things are going to work out for you when you know within yourself in some way somehow you’re going to make it and this is just some deal adjust some of the hoops you’ve got to flip through in order to get there it’s okay have a friend who went to get a job and the people in jaime was so nigga will head to hell with you then wait is it with it they just don’t have a job today don’t burn your bridges we had you don’t talk about the guy oh now here the last thing if you want to reach your goal and have a competitive edge you’ve got to be hungry a lot of people love me to tell the story when I got out of school you know my first major goal was to buy my mother a home and my hero in broadcasting was Paul javi and I wanted to become involved in broadcasting and I loved the disc jockeys that were on the air and I wanted to become a disc jockey and mr.

Washington said something to me that I’ll never forget who was my mentor in high school repeat this Whitney Young is his quote it’s better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared see so I started working to develop my communication skills and expand my vocabulary I started visualizing myself being a disc jockey I saw myself on there having the talk show and playing records and people listening to me that was my vision that was my dream I held that in mind constantly and I would practice all the time practice makes what absolutely not this just just dislodge that from your mind practice only makes improvement perfection doesn’t exist they need to take it out of a dictionary it doesn’t it doesn’t exist practice only makes improvement you can always better your best you have not done your best work yet as long as you’re here you have a chance to transcend yourself so don’t believe in perfection it doesn’t exist it only makes improvement so I would practice practice practice every day every day every day and finally I went over to this radio station asked a guy for a job and mr.

Belvoir and I said how you doing sir I’d like to get a job I was working on Miami Beach yet at the Fontainebleau Hotel at the time the Jackie Gleason and June Taylor dancers were famous and my favorite program on television most people would not remember John bears for Tipton hi my name is Michael Anthony I have a check for 1 million dollars how many of you remember that part all right so millionaire that was my favorite program on television you know if this was my fantasy you know and every time we would drive reminded beach I would fantasize so that’s the house and I give them a million I’m gonna buy my mother that home over there so that’s my fantasy side went up to Vista butterball and he said you have any radio experience I said no sir you have any background in journalism I said no sir I say but I can never get experience if you don’t give me the opportunity I’ve been practicing a lot sir he said I’m sorry we don’t have any job for you I say thank you sir he didn’t know my reasons for being there my reason I want to use radio other means to earn the money to buy my mother home I went back to the radio station again I say how you doing mr.

Butterball my name is les brown I know your name didn’t I just see you here yesterday I say yes sir I say y’all have any jobs here did not tell you in heaven Johnny yes sir but I thought maybe somebody got fired or resigned I didn’t okay I went the next say how you doing this the butterball he said yes and I just didn’t take it person how you doing so you all have any jobs here did not just tell you yesterday the day before we didn’t have any work well I thought maybe somebody died so I didn’t know I didn’t know I went the next day showed up like nothing was wrong like I’ve saw him for the first time how you doing this the butterball y’all haven’t here he said why make yourself useful don’t get me from food I said yes sir see many times when you want more you’ve got to be willing to pay your dues so I became their errand boy I wouldn’t would get their lunch in there their dinner and all kind of food for them after a while I would take the food to them in the control room and I would not leave until they would ask me to and I’d watch them working the controls not memorize their hand movements and pretty soon they would trust me with their cars to go pick up entertainers that came into town entertainers like Sam Cooke I’m Donna Ross and The Supremes The Four Tops and the temptations I would drive them all over Miami Beach in the disc jockeys cars I didn’t have any driver’s license but I Drive it like I have finally one day I was at the radio station and a guy by the name of Rock was drinking while he was on there it was a Saturday afternoon I was the only one there none of the other jocks were available and I was looking at him through the control room window sand drank rock drainage Greg rock I don’t want to get into more feet a speaker Greg Rock pretty soon the phone ring was the general manager I said hello if it left this is mr.

Clyde I said I know if that rock can’t finish his program I said I know he said would you call one of the other DJ’s that come in I said yes sir I hung the phone up I said now he must be think I’m crazy I called my mom and my girlfriend Cassandra I said y’all come out on the front porch and turn up the radio I’m about to come on the air I waited for about 20 minutes not calling back I said mr. Klein I can’t find nobody it’s a young boy do you not have segue the records I said yes sir he said going there don’t sit down here I said yes I couldn’t wait to get behind those controls I put the headphones on I said look out this is me lb Triple P let’s find your platter playing papa there were none before me and that will be enough to be there for that makes me the one and only young man singing I love to mingle certified bona fide indubitably qualified to bring you satisfaction whole lot of action look out baby I’m your love man I was hungry feel better when you are able to have charge of your destiny doesn’t give you a good feel you can get you gives you choices you can do more things see my first major goal was to buy my mother home I feel like Abraham Lincoln who said all that I am and all that I ever hope to be I owe to my mother and I said to my mama one day said mama when I become a man I’m gonna buy you home and you won’t have to go to work every day you won’t have to work you just sit down mama she was getting up getting dressed to go to M&M cafeteria that’s now just following her around I say watch mama one day you won’t have to leave here to go to work no mores raining outside you won’t have to go to work in the rain you just do what you want to do like stay home with six weeks sweet potato pie my momma pixeconn a sweet potato pie you can’t eat with your shoes on you have to take your shoes off so you can wiggle your toes all right but that was my dream that was my passion I saw that and that drove me that was my reason for being so one of the things in order to make this your decade in order to reach your goals you’ve got to find some reasons that make you strong some reasons that will make you hang in there when times get rough because they’re going to get rough it’s going to be very challenging whenever you decide that you want to grow whenever you decide that you want to go to another level all hell will break loose everything that will happen the border that can happen will happen and at the worst possible moment they call it Murphy’s Law see whenever you decide that you want to go to another vibration it’s like when you get into an airplane the first thing they tell you to do is do what fasten your seat belt because you’re going to experience some turbulence when you’re growing up and some of you are already experiencing that turbulence don’t be frightened by that so whenever you decide you want to go to another level you’ve got to fasten your psychological your mental in your spiritual seatbelt because there’s going to be a while before you experience a comfortable altitude you’re going to get there it’s there but you’ve got to go through this phase here this is how you grow this is how you develop see life is like a roller coaster sometimes you up sometimes you down sometimes things go well sometimes they don’t go well but in the down moments that’s when you discover who you are during the down low see in this prosperous time you put in your pocket in the lean times you put it in your heart and that’s when you discover who you are so find five reasons that empower you why is it that you deserve your goal what are the five reasons that you won’t give up when life catch you on the blindside when the messenger of misery visits you what are you going to do what will keep you in the game when life knocks you to the canvas see the bus the Duggars that fought in the last fight was not the Buster Douglas that fought Mike Tyson to the bus of Douglas that got knocked down while fighting Mike Tyson had got not an alcohol Recovery Center his mother had died his wife was ill with a terminal illness he was considered a nothing of balm so when he got knocked down Buster Douglas had a reason to get back up because he said I’m dedicating this fight to the memory of my mama but when he fought the last fight that he had and he got knocked down and he had a guaranteed 24 million dollars in his pocket where he got up enough he gets that hurry up and count me out and I don’t blame you why get hurt no why’d you leave the food somebody’s about to get hurt me so you’ve got to have some reasons that when life knocks you down that’s going to hello it’s going to knock you down when people disappoint you and that’s going to happen when they betray you and that’s going to happen when they lie to you and that’s going to happen if there was you can count on me and they won’t show up and that’s going to happen when you want to throw in the towel and give up yourself and that’s going to happen when life collapse on you and catch you on the Blind Side it drop you to your knees inside choking you you got a dream though I got the dream and that’s going to happen what reason can you remember that you can call on that you can reach on that can make you get back up find that reason because you life it knock me down I said life I’m doing this because I want to make my momma proud of me I’m doing this because I want my children to have a better life than what I have I’m doing this because all my life I’ve been told I’d be a loser that I wouldn’t make it all my life I heard people said maybe take them back to the welfare department I’m doing this to make them Allah I believe like Frank Sinatra he said the best revenge in life is massive success I’m doing this so I can become massively successful and with that kind of courage with that kind of affirmation and reason to empower me I got a saying that when life knocks you down try and land on your back because if you can look up you can get up so when you run out of money when things don’t work out for you when things happen that you could not anticipate what are the reasons that you can think of that can keep you strong that can keep you in the game that will be your rod and staff to comfort you that can be your bridge over troubled waters those reasons a very important Nietzsche said if you know the why for living you can endure almost any how so find out the reasons that you do what you do find out the reasons that will make you strong that will make you walk by faith and not by sight that will make you pursue your dream and everybody it’s against you or don’t believe in your number and let me tell you something that’s a lonely feeling it’s a lonely feeling particularly people that you’re doing it for or people that stand to benefit the most or people who should be the number one members in the encouragement club but they end up saying you can’t do it and they become members of the discouragement Club oh it hurts very sadly I know what that’s like have people that you love close to you and look at you with that look and say why don’t you try something else why don’t you give up I said but this is my life I have got to do this less you had a good job at Sears that man like you mama I can’t go back to see I get I can’t do I got to be my own boss I I can’t do that I mean you know it’s ladies and gentlemen you know when you work on a job that’s dead in you can see the ceiling already it’s like going in the middle of a movie and after you’ve seen the movie sitting back through that over again there’s something missing you know the hero’s not going to die you know what the outcome is already and so that’s why a lot of people lady was telling me she said when she went to works pub like a refrigerator fell on her shoulder as soon as she stepped in because she knew she’d gone as far as she could go so they’re paying her just enough to keep her from quitting and she’s worked just hard enough just to keep from getting fired how many of you know people like that raise your hand once you didn’t raise your hand you the one look I’ll just ease without just feet but all right here coming up make a commitment to be happy see you know I have you laughing a lot see life is too short going through a look at home lit side of the game sometimes we take life too seriously oh no make a commitment to be happy find little things just to get tickled about and laughs find ways to be happy in the moment a lot of people say well I’ll be happy when I pay off all my bills oh no I’ll be happy when I get by the balls oh no don’t I’ll be happy with a children guard oh no no you want to be happy now see there are no guarantees no one say you’re going to be here two three or four years from now so you want to be happy right now in the moment repeat after me I must make a commitment to be happy right now right now is all I got thank somebody pound on your riding lessons that you deserve to be happy make a commitment to be happy because life now has new meaning for you just enjoying the sunset or just looking at life looking at nature going for a walk it’s the little things in life that counts here’s something else that you want to begin to do in order to make this your decade if you want to begin to get all the toxic people out of your life hello energy drainers get them out of your life see ladies and gentlemen it takes a lot of energy to reach your goal takes a lot of emotional mental and spiritual energy to reach your goal and you can run faster with a hundred who want to go than with one around your neck so there are two kinds of relationships that Simon talks about this nourishing relationships and toxic relationships nourishing relationships are the relationships that inspire you they motivate you they bring the best out of you toxic relationships are relationships with people that always criticize you all they can do is find fault all they can do is just exploit your weaknesses all they can do is remind you of the mistakes that you’ve made in the past these people are bad for your health toxic people can run your blood pressure up one apple can spoil a whole barrel one negative integrator energy drainer can spoil your whole life I know people who Liza been running because somebody wasn’t good for them see there are some people that aren’t good for you hello they aren’t good for you got to get them out of your life see a lot of people put up with a lot of foolishness because they don’t want to die by themselves here’s what I believe I believe in a 1/2 a box theory ask this question of yourself make a list of who you communicate with most and ask yourself the question what kind of person am i becoming because of this relationship is it helping me to grow mentally and emotionally and spiritually am i becoming a better person because of this relationship so they bring out the best in me do they inspire me do they encourage me to develop my greatness till they make me stretch so you got to look at the people in your life and find out what kind of person are you becoming because of that relationship my mother used to say birds of a feather flock together you run around with losers you will end up a loser unconsciously unconsciously you will pick up their ways you’ll pick up their habits you’ll pick up most importantly their attitude about life if you run cynical negative people all the time you will become cynical and negative so you’ve got to watch yourself many of us are living out the lives of other people living out their conclusions living out of their consciousness the other thing is that you begin to look at looking at your life and looking at what it is that you want to achieve another crucial thing that you must do is align yourself with powerful people align yourself with people that can encourage you people that can empower you people that you can learn from people that you can grow from that’s very important so if you have people around you that can contribute to your growth when I want to become a speaker I join the National Speakers Association I wanted to be around the doctor Norman Vincent feels the Zig Ziglar the dwayne dyers i want to be around people that were doing what i wanted to do i want to learn from them and you want to do that too you want to align yourself with people who think like you people who dream like you people will want more out of life people that are stretching and searching and seeking some higher ground in life as opposed to the majority of people somebody said always tried to get on top in life because it’s the bottom that’s overcrowded and so you don’t want to be on the bottom so it’s easy to be on the bottom it doesn’t take any effort to be a loser doesn’t take any motivation any Drive in order to stay down there at a low level but it calls on everything in you ladies and gentlemen you have to harness your will to say I’m going to challenge myself sometimes I have to pull myself out of visit come on less things that no I should do I don’t do things that shouldn’t do I do I found that the biggest enemy you have to deal with is yourself as an old African proverb that says if there’s no enemy within the enemy outside can do us no harm so think but you begin to look toward making this your decade you begin to look to what making your life different if you begin to look at yourself you got to redefine yourself who are you right now and who must you become in order to create what you want what has to change about you what is it that you’re doing right now that would be a liability for you as you begin to look toward the future and take inventory of yourself what is it about you right now that you’ve got to leave this behind because this no longer fits looking at where you want to go and the kind of person that you must become the kind of standards that you have for you what is it that you must do differently repeat ask me please if you want to keep on getting what you’re getting people I’m doing what you’re doing see that doesn’t take an Einstein for that all right it makes sense unless you change your pattern unless you change the way you’re thinking unless you change your behavior you’re going to continue to produce the results in your life see all of us the winners but some of us are producing results that we don’t want and so all you have to look at your game plan look at your strategy how is it that you have been being what is it that you’ve been doing to produce this so you have a director you are the producer you’re writing the script you’re the star of your life and as you begin to look at your life you can decide whether or not it’s a smash or whether or not it’s a flop that’s in your hands look at your life look at where you want to go don’t worry about your circumstances don’t worry about your age have a friend who’s up in age over 70 and she wanted to build a multi-million dollar complex the name is dr.

Johnny Coleman lenders and Baker say you can’t do that you’re too old she ignored them that building now stands ladies and gentlemen a multi-million dollar structure but there are a lot of people who would have listened to that a lot of people that would not have even gotten to that point they would talk themselves out of even going down to the bank to ask for it because they’ve already said no to themselves see it’s time now if you want to make this your decade you’ve got to start saying yes to your life you’ve got to start saying yes to your dreams yes to your unfolding future yes to your potential as opposed to saying no see 87% of our self-talk is negative so you’ve got to make a conscious deliberate determined effort to say yes to your dreams why not why not me don’t spend time like most people going through life complaining don’t try and get on talk shows to tell everybody how life has done you wrong here’s what’s happening in the audience 80% don’t care and 50% Gladish you alright so so when you go bad you’re gonna cook growls you know what they did to me who cares get away from me before they come back at a friend of mine that says something very important he said hey it doesn’t matter what happens to you the only thing matters what do you wanna do about it that’s all that matters okay life knock you down what do you wanna do about how long you go sit there think you know what they did to me how long who wants to hear that racket use that energy to get up from there and move on and get on with your life you got to learn to let the past go so you can grow many people never act on their dreams because they allow their past experiences to determine what their possibilities are whatever you’ve done in the past that’s not a reflection of your possibilities that’s just a reflection of your consciousness that’s just a reflection of your development and your growth the future is unfolding for you right now the future is unlimited for you right now no one knows where you can go no one knows what your path what you’re capable of what’s possible for you you don’t even know that I had no idea ladies and gentlemen no one could have convinced me that I was able to do this I never forget I was speaking and Detroit in a high school friend of mine saw me afterwards he was backstage he said I can’t believe it’s the same person and I thought for a moment and I said it’s not the person you know you go you never live anymore we have the power to change our personal history changing the direction of our lives changing our thoughts changing where we want to go exploring new horizons so you begin to look at this decade and affirming that this is your decade as you set goals that will make you stretch that will bring out the best in you as you begin to remove the negative toxic people from your life as you decide to take some chances in life and that’s one of the things that’s very important this God said if you’re not willing to risk you cannot grow and if you cannot grow you cannot become your best and if you cannot become your best you cannot be happy and you can’t be happy and what else is there I’ll never forget when I reach my first major goal of buying my mother let home and never forget what it was like and you’re going to have this experience when you reach some major goal when I drove up to the house and I got out and I gave mama the key and I said mama this is for you I’ll never forget the look on her face she said she said oh my god no one could have convinced me when I adopted y’all that this would happen she says thank you she said and you who called me so many damn problem I’ll adjust one oak you had a lot of energy but no I know what I was going to become as it was I’m a great philosopher Goethe he said look at a man the way that he is he only becomes worse but look at him as if he were what it could be then it becomes what he should be and what mr.

Washington did was he looked beyond my thoughts and saw my needs and he said I see something in you and I was there oh god I hope he’s right and I want to live up to his expectation see no one rises to low expectations finally here’s one last thing I like to leave with you want to make this your decade find some cause that you believe in see this is my profession but my greatest joy in life is working with young kids every Monday I fly up to Chicago to work with 600 young kids the price Universal Temple Church working with them to develop a sense of purpose in direction with their lives we develop a training program if they’re addicted to drugs or alcohol we help them to get into a permanent recovery program if they’re not we help them to develop a vision of themselves where drugs and alcohol does not fit I love it when I go into the Cook County Jail and see the look on these young men faces the anger and the self-hatred and then when we leave there see the difference in them as we begin to touch a spark in them as mr.

Washington touched in me and there’s not you cannot put a dollar price on that that’s my reason for being what is it that you would like to give the planet what is it that you would like to leave here see someone paid a price for us to be here I believe that we live in the greatest country in the world that gives us an opportunity to make a difference in life we are blessed to have been dropped off on this part of the planet a friend of mine was in Manila and saw a bumper sticker say Yankee go home and take me with you so as you begin to look at your life decide what kind of legacy do I want to leave what kind of statement do you want to make with your life what three things you want said when you die what contribution do you want to make I don’t know what you want to do I don’t know what you want to achieve with your life here’s what I know about you and about you and about you and about you that you have greatness within you that you have things and gifts and talents that you’ve been bestowed with but as you work consciously making a conscious deliberate determined effort to cultivate and bring them out and develop a sense of purpose in knowing that your life can make a difference you decide to make and leave a legacy with your life I say to you that the planet will never be the same again because you showed up as you begin to look to all the future and affirm that this is your decade this is what I like to leave with you that I’m known by it’s become my motto and it says simply this what do you want to do my goal is to be the best son that I can be to my mother my goal is to be the best father that I can be to my children and my goal is to create a drug-free America be the best motivator that I can be whatever your goal is this is what I like to leave with you there’s simply this that if you want a thing bad enough to go out and fight for it to work day and night for it to give up your time your peace and your sleep for it if all that you dream and scheme is about it and life seems useless and worthless without it and if you gladly sweat for it and fretboard and plan for it and lose all your terror of the opposition for it and if you simply go after this thing that you want with all of your capacity strengthens orgastic Faith Hope and confidence and stern pertinacity if neither cold poverty famish your gold sickness of pain of body and brain can keep you away from the thing that you want if dogged and grim you beseech and beset it with the help of God you’ll get it this is mrs.

Mamie Brown’s baby boy Leslie Calvin Brown saying it’s been a plum pleasing pleasure as well as the prison psychology you .