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Fixing Your Body Language to Find Love: Part 1 || STEVE HARVEY

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– Okay, Cori, now you say that Jessie, that her body language is scaring me in a way. How? – So initially, she’s pretty open, she seems inviting, but once you start talking to her, it’s like she goes lift. She’ll cut her eyes at you like no other. She’ll roll her eyes. She might fold her arms. And if she really’s not interested, like let’s say she’s a guy, she will turn towards her friends, cross her leg, and do this little uppity hand raise like why is he talkin’ to me. And nobody wants to talk to somebody like that. – Wow. (all laugh and audience applaud) Now this is interesting. So Jessie, where do you think it is that you’re goin’ wrong when it comes to your body language? – Okay, Cori’s right, okay.

I will look at you. I will fold my arms. I might even lean away, give you a little attitude. ‘Cause I’m tryin’ to figure out… If you approach me the wrong way, for example, you come at me with a “Hey shawty.” Who you talkin’ to? I don’t know why you talkin’ to me. You can go on about your business. But it’s all like what I’m givin’ at that moment. So if you approach me with an “Excuse miss”, ’cause my Daddy raised me right. I know how I’m supposed to be approached and because of him, I have these very high standards. I’m just giving you back what I receive. So if you give me somethin’ that I don’t like, yes. I’m tryin’ to figure out who you talkin’ to. – And that’s why she’s single now. – Yeah, but see, you just gave it to me. I ain’t givin’ none to you. (all laugh and audience applaud) Now, okay, Blanca, based on what you’ve heard, what do you think Jessie’s doin’ wrong? – She has these high expectations. So it’s her mind-set that if a man is not gonna approach her respectfully, by her definition, then she’s gonna shut him off.

She’s gonna turn him off. And that can be a very big mistake. Because he’s tryin’ to figure her out. He’s tryin’ to figure out a way to approach her. So if her mind-set is negative, her body language is naturally gonna flow, and it’s gonna be negative. So it makes it hard for someone to come up. If she were to, say, have a different mind-set and say, alright, let me give him the benefit of the doubt and smile and make it more inviting, she might be surprised at what might follow. (audience applaud) – I like that. I like that a lot. Ladies, also, let me say this to you and all the ladies listenin’. Do you understand what it takes for a guy to come up to you in the first place? We all have to grapple with the fact that we could be facin’ rejection. I think your friend is right for bringing you here ’cause- – She mean. (laugh) (audience laugh) – I’m nice. – No you’re not. – You’re nice to who? – I’m a real bubbly person.

Once you get past- – What? – I’m so serious. – You a real bubbly person? – I am so serious, Steve. – Yeah, you say you’re a bubbly person, when? Once you get past what? – If you can get past the uhh. – If you can get the past the uhh, it’s some bubbles back there? – It’s a whole bunch of bubbles. It’s a bubble field. I promise. – Yeah, but that’s why you by yourself. (all laugh and audience applaud) ‘Cause we can’t get to the bubble field. See, invitin’ a guy into the bubble field don’t mean that you gonna let him bust the bubbles. But he gotta at least be able to know if some damn bubbles back there. (audience laugh) That’s all it is, man. Well, this is what we gonna do.

We’re gonna put this to the test. Now over there, we got a bar set up, alright? So let’s go. (audience applaud) Alright, Zack, come on out. (audience cheer and applaud) – Hi. – How you doin’? – Good, how are you? – I’m good. – After the break, we’re gonna see how a few simple changes with Jessica’s body language can make a world of difference. So when we come back, we’re gonna find out how this works. Don’t go away. There’s more to this live experiment. You don’t wanna miss it. (audience cheer and applaud) (funk music) .