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Fixing Your Body Language to Find Love: Part 2 || STEVE HARVEY

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– Okay Zack, so I want you to approach Jessie for the first time. They haven’t rehearsed this, so well just see how it goes. And Jessie, however you would normally respond, don’t try to fix it, just be how you would normally be. – Okay. – All right, let’s go. (sensual piano music) – So where you from, Jessie? – I’m originally from Memphis, Tennessee, but I just relocated to L.A.. – Okay, what brought you out here? – I’m acting, I’m aspiring to be a actress. – Cool. – All right, let me stop right here. When you have your hands clasped, this is a sign of unsurety, you’re unsure, you’re not feeling very secure. When you’re confident, look how Steve is right now. He’s got open body language, both hands to the side. – You see what I’m saying? (audience laughs) (audience applauds) Yeah, yeah. – You’re taking in the message, which is great, but your body is saying I’m not sure how I’m feeling.

I’m not sure about what he’s saying. – Okay. – All right, let’s go. – How’s L.A. been treating you so far? – Great, it’s been treating me very great, got a lotta auditions, short films. – Let me stop right here, this is a good conversation, there’s some comradery here, it’s going back and forth. She’s interested, he’s engaging. However, this is a time when you want to move in a little closer. (Steve grunts) Not all up and personal, but you wanna cut the distance. – Not her. – When you close that distance, you’re sending a nonverbal message, I’m liking this. I’m liking the conversation, I think I’m digging you a little bit. There we go! – Okay.

– Now, pick up from here, go ‘head. – So L.A.’s doing great, you like it? – Yeah, it’s nice. Is L.A. treating you right, do you even live in L.A.? – Yeah, I live here. – I didn’t ask you. – I love it, I’m from Northern California, I’m a California boy, but L.A. is great. – Okay, that’s nice. – I like this dude, ’cause he in full court pressure.

(audience laughs) He full court, he ain’t took his eyes off her one time. He ain’t care nothing ’bout what she talking ’bout. He locked in, he aint’ even acting no more. (audience laughs) (audience applauds) This is seriously. Oh, go ‘head. – So I think this is a great time to transition over to the table, but before you do, this is where you can make a really good impression, all right? – Okay. – I’m gonna walk over here. When you walk to the table though, and how you sit down, pay attention to what your legs are doing. So let’s sit down, and I’m gonna help you. – Okay. – Can I help her? – Absolutely, chivalry! (audience cheers) Absolutely, absolutely. – Which way? – Take a seat. – Yes, thank you. (laughs) (audience applauds) – Damn, that’s what I’m talking about. – So watch your legs, this is where you’re putting a barrier because your leg is crossed away from him, so even though he can’t see it, he can still judge by the position of your torso, your body.

What I would suggest is that you flip your legs over. – Okay. – Yeah, and that way it’s more welcoming, it’s more inviting. – Okay. – And with your hand, put them relaxed on the table. Just relaxed, yeah, and use your hands to communicate and talk, and highlight what you’re saying. – Okay. – It’s almost like you’re telling a nonverbal story with your hands, and actually you can lean in just a little bit as you’re talking.

– Okay. – You can tilt your head as you’re listening and nod, and give a smile, maybe a wink from time to time. – This boy out here working! – Imagine those are the subtleties of letting him know that you’re interested and interesting. – Mm-hmm, okay. – Do you like to go out, do you drink? – Yes, I do. – What’s you’re favorite drink? (soft jazz music playing) – I like wine. – Wine? – Yes. – What kind of wine? – Red wines. (laughs) – Don’t be giving me that look! – We drinking vodka tonight. (audience laughs) (audience applauds) – Put your hands back the way they were, this is perfect, when you get a since of your date is into you, it’s when they start mimicking your body language.

So I just asked him here on the down low to put his hands up on the table, and he did exactly what you did. When you see that synchronization, (Steve catcalls) you see that mirroring, that pairing of the body language, that’s saying that he’s got you, he’s into you. All right, give him that look, not me. (laughs) – What else, there’s a lot to do in L.A., I’m sure you explored a little bit. – Yes, I have. Some exploring, most of the time I’m working in theater and dance. – Reach out and touch him, affirming him, yeah.

(laughs) Touch is important, but it can’t be stiff! – You can’t just stick your hand over there and just touch him! – She told me to touch him! Steve, I did what she told me to do. – You gotta be subtle. – Yeah, it’s gotta be subtle, you gotta be slick with it! – Yes, you do, you gotta be slick. – Stick your hand over there! Why don’t you just dip it in the water? (audience laughs) (audience applauds) – Oh my God! (laughs) – Now see I put it on there? Just take a flower or something, if you can get it off, a little something. That was a accident, just do it right now, with the flower, get it off with the flower. – What you talking about, Steve? – You ain’t got nothing going! – Flip it over. – Rub it off with the flower. – Oh, like this? – You ain’t got no game. (audience applauds) One last time. (mumbles) House. – Yeah. – You got to listen! (audience laughs) – Your girlfriend just praying for you. (audience applauds) – Let’s go.

– Gorgeous, you look very beautiful tonight. – Thank you, you look handsome as well. – Thank you, I’d love to maybe hang out again. – Yes, I would like that! – Cool. – Yes, I’ll give you my number, how about that? – Yeah? – Yes. – He ain’t ask you for it. (record scratches) (audience exclaims) (audience applauds) – She’s giving you the look, Steve. (audience cheers) You see that look? (laughs) – He is the hunter, let him hunt.

– Okay. – I mean, we could leave right now, if you wanna come with me? – No, thank you. – Okay, all right. – No, thank you, that was cute, though. (laughs) – See, that’s good, and I told him to do that. I said, be real nice, compliment her, and then ask her out, but then be aggressive, just to see how you handle it. See, that was cute, what you did.

(laughs) Sum it up, how she’s done. – I think overall, she’s done much better. I think she’s a little more in tuned into her body language, and I think with time and comfort, and particularly when the gentleman puts her more at ease, she’s just going to blossom, open up like a flower. – We gotta do this again. – I would love to. – Your expertise was on point, I really enjoyed you. Thank you very much. – Thank you. (audience applauds) – Jessie, wish you the best of luck. – Thank you. – We’ll be right back everybody! (audience applauds) (upbeat jazz music) .