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Hello friends… Welecome to fitnessrockers.com Our fitness majorly depends upon what we are eating For a perfect weight loss you should take care of your diet too… with exercises If you are looking for a shortcut for weight loss then 15 super foods mentioned in this video for weight loss can help you… Chillies have a compound named “Capsaicin” It helps in reducing the appetite helps in speeding up the metabolism which is important to reducing fat It has been found that one can lose 10 times as much weight by sprinkling dried chillies to the meals. Tomatoes are full of Vitamin A, K & C but low in calories Tomatoes are approx.

90% composed with water due to which adding a Tomato to you meal will make you feel full. It also have food burning properties and ability to boost metabolism Cabbage – offers essential nutrients, vitamins and fiber Cabbage is fat and cholesterol-free. It restricts the conversion of sugar and other carbohydrates into fat Whole grains have complex carbs and body burns double calories while breaking down the complex carbs compared to processes items Other than its fat burning properties, whole grains are rich in fibers which are good for health and digestion system Oatmeals are loaded with beta-glucans, suluble fibers which are helpful in increasing metabolic health. It also boosts energy, reduces cholestrol, maintains blood sugar level, helps burn fat and regulates digestion Nuts contain wholesome goodness such as Essential fats, Proteins, Vitamins, Potassium and Fibers. They help in suppressing the appetite and slim your stomach by keeping it full.

Lentils & Kidney Beans are great sources of protein and fibers Lentils & Kidney Beans are also rich in Resistant Starch 1/2 cup serving contains high dosage of healthy carbs that boosts metabolism & burns fat Low Fat diary products are main sources of calcium Calcium breaks down fat and prevents it from forming again. Our body need vitamin B12 for metabolizing fat and eggs have plenty of it. It is highly recommended to eat egg whites in morning breakfast. Eggs are excellent source of proteins and gives lots of energy for whole day.

Green Tea has a special compound ECGC which helps in boosting metabolism. Drinking max. thrice a day will definitely help in burning more calories and fat. Cinnamon helps in reducing belly fat and stabilizing blood sugar levels, Add cinnamon to your yogurt, tea and coffee to get some calorie-free sweetness. Apples are packed with lots of nutrients like Iron and also a great source of Vitamin-C Apples also have lots of fibers that is good for digestion system and reducing fat. Citrus Fruits like Oranges, sweet lemon, Grape fruit or chakotra etc.

Are fully loaded with Vitamin C. Any citrus fruit help in reducing 30% more fat. These can be eaten at any time but juices of these fruits are extra beneficial in morning as breakfast. Banana is loaded with potassium which is anti-sodium and hence extra beneficial for people who have bloated and have puffiness. you can eat half of banana daily for reducing fat but Banana should be a bit greeny not fully ripped as shown in video Blue Berries, Straw Berries etc. are full of anti-oxidants. It help in weight loss by keeping blood sugar level nice and steady. For more great fitness and weight management tips watch all of our videos and for regular updates subscribe to our youtube channel Visit our site www.fitnessrockers.com and Let the fitness rock…