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Get a Smaller Waist in 28 DAYS | Plank Workout Challenge

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Hey everyone! Welcome back to my channel. So today I’ve got an amazing plank challenge for you So… before we begin, smash that like button! Smash it real hard! So you guys have done so amazing the last two challenges for both the glute bridge, and also the flat belly challenge. It is amazing what we can achieve in a month. Now I know plank workouts are not everyone’s favorite It’s not mine as well. But this challenge it’s just a quick and fun 10-minute workout that’s gonna work your abs, your back, your arms. 🙂 It is a full-body workout that’s gonna help to strengthen and tighten up that core. And you know how important that is if you want a smaller waist! So there are only 2 rules: You’re gonna do this video 4 – 6 times a week depending on your schedule.

Do this in addition to your normal workouts, but I’m gonna do it first thing in the morning. There are four timers in this workout. In week 1 you work out for 20 seconds and get 30 seconds off. Week 2 is 30 seconds on and 20 seconds off. Week 3: 40 seconds on and 10 seconds off. And week 4: you only get to rest for 10 seconds every 2 exercises. The goal of this challenge is to get stronger, get that lean arms and also get that tight core which helps in getting a smaller waist. So ya don’t get discouraged! If you feel weak at the start, it’s all about the progression! Now if you feel like sharing your results! Feel free to use my hashtag #chloetingchallenge and follow me on Instagram to share your before and after progress photos or your measurements.

And also, don’t forget to leave a comment in this video with your progress as well. And now let’s get started! We’ve got 12 exercises and different rest times according to which week you’re on. Don’t worry! I’ll remind you along the way. The first exercise is plank with hip dips. Be in a low plank position on your elbows as you dip your hips side to side. Make sure you’re pulling your stomach and squeeze that abs ~ Guys on week 1, you can rest now. Guys on week 2, you can rest in about 7 seconds. I’m only going to do the rest time reminders for the next 2 exercises. So remember to watch out for your beats. Guys on week 3, rest. Please note that I’m following week 3 for this video. So follow me if you’re on week 3. Body saw is next. Be in a low plank position on your elbows and walk backwards as much as you can. Take about 4 – 5 steps back and fall into a low plank again.

Make sure your butt is not poking up or dropping down and engage that core. Week 1, rest. Week 2, rest. Week 3, rest. No more rest reminders from here onwards, so remember to listen for your beats. Guys on week 4, this is your first rest. You get to rest every 2 exercises. Next, we have 1 leg downward dog knee tuck. Get in the high plank position and lift 1 leg behind you and bring your knee in and squeeze the abs.

Make sure you engage your abs as you bring it in. Now alternate between the two legs. Guys don’t be too straight into timers. Feel free to do it longer or take a longer break. Adjust it based on your current fitness level. Next, we have plank scorpions. Get in a low plank position on your elbows and bring 1 leg behind you, bend your leg so, and try to touch the ground.

If you can’t touch the ground, it is fine. Alternate between the two legs and this is really great for your obliques and obviously your abs. Next up, we’ve got spiderman plank. Get in the high plank position and plank side way like you’re a spiderman. This is getting harder, but you can do it! Get in the low plank position on your elbows and time to do some leg lifts. Make sure you’re squeezing your abs and lower down the leg slowly. We’re halfway through the workout guys! Keep pushing through! You can do this! Mountain climbers are next. Go as hard as you can and tighten up that core. You can choose to do it slower if you prefer that.

But work for those abs! C’mon guys, you can do it! Rotation planks are next. This exercise isn’t too hard so it is a bit of a recovery so remember to breathe and stay strong and squeeze those abs. Next we have circular planks. This one is the hardest of the lot. Get in a high plank position and use the abs to try to draw a circle clockwise 5 times. Don’t draw tiny-length circles now. Go slow and steady and decent sized ones. Now alternate and do circles anti-clockwise five times as well. Remember to not use your arms or legs to draw the circle. They are just there to assist the movement. Use your core muscles. Just keep fighting through guys ~ ! Plank jacks are next. Jack both legs outwards and inwards. If you like to you can perform 1 leg at a time; or feel free to do a mixture of both. Make sure your butt is not poking up or dropping down and engage that core. 2 more exercises to go guys, we’ve got up and down plank next.

You’ve got this! We’re almost there. And the final exercise is bird dog. Raise the opposite hand and leg at one time. This requires a lot of core strength. So make sure you engage that core to balance yourself. Let’s wrap this up guys! And that’s the end of the workout! Congrats guys! Don’t forget to smash that like button and subscribe if you haven’t already.

Do follow me on Instagram and share that wonderful progress of yours, so I can feature you in my monthly roundup video! And I’ll see you guys in the next workout. Bye ~ .