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Get Rid Of Mommy Tummy with 3 Simple Diastasis Recti Exercises | 7 Day Challenge

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In this video I’m gonna show you three exercises to help you get rid of that mummy tummy for good and get rid of that diastasis recti stay tuned. Hi I’m Linda Poirier with bodiesafterbabies.com… helping you to fit into those jeans get your sexy back and find the life of happy. Exercise one is leg folds. Be sure to lie on your back, place your feet on the floor and slowly move your right leg down and back up… your left leg down and back up. Do this five times a side and be sure to go slowly.

Concentrate on your pelvic floor and concentrate on your lower abs. You probably will be feeling it in your inner thighs and your lower abs.. go slowly. The next exercise is called toe taps. You want to still lay on your back and you’re going to simply put your legs up into a 90 degree angle. From there you’re gonna slowly tap onto the floor using your right leg, your left leg and alternating. If you’re finding that your back is starting to arch when you’re putting your toe and tapping it on the floor, then what I want you to do is not tap it on the floor…

Go part way down or half way down wherever you can go without that arch.. and then back up again. Soon you’ll be able to do it with repetition and more practice. The next exercise is bridges, what I want you to do is still lie on your back.. you’re gonna keep your feet flat on the floor and you’re gonna go slowly up into the bridge position. What I want you to do is make sure it’s controlled so you’re gonna go up up up and down down down. You’re gonna be going slowly.. lifting your butt up off the floor.. your lower back then your upper back and then back down. Do these for a set of ten. And that’s it ..three exercises that you can do in the next seven days to help your mummy tummy and that diastasis recti, If you’re finding that these exercises are super hard for you and you can’t make it to ten reps that’s okay make it to whatever you can if it’s five it’s five but you will slowly increase during this week.

Make sure you come back every single day and do this exercise for the next seven days it’s called a seven-day challenge right so do it for seven days . Comment below let me know what you thought of this seven-day challenge if you’re finding it hard or easy or maybe there’s something else you want to see. Be sure to comment below because I read every single comment. Be sure to click the subscribe button and hit the notification bell because I am gonna be adding a lot more videos.

Make sure you also share the heck out of this so that other mommies can benefit from it. Thank you so much for watching …until next time .