Flat Belly

Get The Flat Belly Fast / Fat Belly Diet – Mike Geary Interview

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Everybody welcome this is jackie from girl with no name calm and I’m here today with none other than the awesome Mike Geary the author of my personal number one Fitness Bible and the book that got me solidly on the road to getting and keeping my smokin said abs in case you haven’t guessed which book I’m talking about by now it’s the one called the truth about six pack abs and it’s one of the hardest sellers on the internet and if you’re wondering why I’ll tell you it’s because it’s it is the truth and it works and I’m living proof before I found truth about abs I was one of those people that worked out like mad always doing the same things and always get the same results which were basically no results then I got my hands on it and everything just came together for me so you guys really have to listen in here too Mike said a lot of important things to say they say there’s no magic pill and they’re right it takes work but it takes the right kind of work to get there and the info in truth about abs is the answer Bar None so I’m sure you can tell by now that I’m completely stoked what having Mike here and I think this is quite an honor and I can’t wait to get started grilling him so welcome Mike thanks so much Jackie I appreciate your kind words and glad you finally tracked me down yeah me too all right so let’s get down to it because I know you’re a busy guy and I want to make sure you’ve got lots of time for lots of good info so to start off what do you just tell us a little bit more about yourself and your background sure well I’ve been a personal trainer for about a decade now and got certified as a nutrition specialist about six or seven years ago also and I actually used to work as a scientist as well so I have a good sort of chemistry and biology background and all of that so it makes me very scientific minded about when I you know when I’m thinking about nutrition and exercise programs and and such and I was I ended up writing the truth about six pack abs because when I was working as a trainer I’d say about 90% of the questions I got on a regular basis were always about you know losing stomach fat or getting six pack abs and so I needed demand for that topic and it was something people were confused about and and I knew there was a lot of you know a lot of fads and gimmicks on the topic you know with diet pills and infomercial gadgets and things like that so I figured why don’t I just put together this product you know that that dispel those myths and call it the truth about six pack abs all right on well I think that we’re pretty lucky that you decided to share your vast knowledge with us because I know that it’s the thing that straightened me out and you know doing doing the same things over and over and get nowhere so and you brought up this sort of subject of myths and misperceptions about what it takes to you know get get lean and get a six-pack so let me ask you the burning question that I’m sure that isn’t on everyone’s minds right off the bat and that is just how many crunches does it take to get six-pack abs and I know that’s a that’s a loaded question because the answer the answer is zero I mean there you know there can be a time or place for certain variations of crunches and I put them in some of my routines but I make sure to balance them out with you know with with exercises that that work the entire core and work your lower back to make sure there’s balance there but to be honest I don’t you know I don’t even do any crunches in my routines anymore you know I used two years ago and most of my clients we don’t either and you know so well I’ll kind of explain as we get into it more so why that is but uh but yeah I think as you saw that you know it’s a pretty ineffective exercise and doesn’t really most importantly doesn’t stimulate your metabolism you know compared to doing extra other types of full body exercises

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