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Gross Gore Banned? || Motivational Speech || League of Legends

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And this is how you boys do I say this once I say again all you guys out there all you got to do is in life is do that thing you’re really really really really really really enjoy doing what are you enjoy doing what you you wanna you were a write poetry well go do it you wanna fucking go sing go to singing classes no go go to uni maybe we’ll learn how to sing you go fucking do school you do college and you sit to the fucking end if you’re passionate about doing say in your life you want to do you can go do it like this I don’t if not but what no it’s that fucking simple I pass about why dude that’s from here so good at it you’re not a police officer you need a fucking pass the tests club coaches you you won’t become when you become one you look a firefighter we’re gonna save lives you will come fire fire simple is that deserve it if not but what if Ella black no now it’s gonna happen and I hear it please fucking Georgia you’re making music you’re not playing games we’ll go do that then make it fucking work you look manly gonna go competitive fucking world cuddly becoming so good at it I don’t sit around Patton always picking your nose blab its ears got a side you work you’re fucking awesome you’re no cop right leave letters you work your ass off your subacute every day every day every day every cell eight nine hours like every day it’s not easy not easy summer colors on a fucking plate mate why do you fucking make a piece for yourself don’t worry anybody else you wipe it yourself buttocks I’ll tell you from Annie I was an underdog or whatever I’m a Kurd or nothing I’ll tell you all out there don’t it’s any fuck anybody else cuz you were gonna make it kid you were fucking my keys which are Tong ever decide I’m gonna make it and there ain’t gonna be easy you just it’s been fucking hard it’s gotta be hard it’s got like hours and days and months of years to do whatever you want to do but you see it right fucking fruit of EDS and it’s gonna be hard but oh you give up from now don’t give up on me Naza believe that you made the other person’s gonna believe in you as yourself me