Law of Attraction

Hidden Knowledge Is Within You! Awakening Higher Consciousness (Law Of Attraction)

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The Hidden Knowledge Within You! Awakening Higher Consciousness (Law Of Attraction) life is about expanding the realm of what is possible we are in our physical bodies in the classroom of life learning how to reconnect with our power it’s become somewhat common that many have lost sight of their inner potential and capabilities reducing the effectiveness of what they can achieve due to under use or misunderstanding we often forget where we have come from and who we truly are so it’s of great importance to train ourselves and regenerate our faculties in order to attain inner realization of the self awakening our internal faculties runs parallel with cultural intellectual and spiritual development the laws are already made we do not get to change those but through those laws we can learn to command the forces within ourselves first and in turn command the outer forces in the same way what most of us truly seek is the experience of higher consciousness where we can access direct knowledge that appears on the surface to be hidden away this higher consciousness is what allows us to lead a life of purpose happiness peace joy and abundance on every level and in an effortless way but this power is only hidden to those who do not use the proper tools or do not know how to use the proper tools this is cultivated by going within and tapping into the great resources that are available to all think of the way in which neville goddard could manifest so easily he used his mind to travel through many dimensions to the state of higher consciousness where thoughts are pure energy moving them from seed to full expression with his will he brought time to zero and bent space to create in this space he entered the realm of seamless manifestation taking his innermost hidden thoughts and creating them as an expression in the physical world molding his word into flesh manifestation is all about alignment we must first learn to control our inner kingdom in order to direct our outer one once you awaken your dormant systems and use them to collaborate with cosmic consciousness you and the cosmos generate a magic that brings your ideas into form as tangible reality this combination brings together infinite potential with creative capacity to generate new outcomes and a life that is truly full of wonder try the following process to begin tapping into the higher consciousness that has always been a natural part of who you are begin by placing your body in a relaxed position breathe rhythmically for just a few moments and then begin to use your mind The “Hidden” “Knowledge” Within You! “Awakening” “Higher Consciousness” “Law Of Attraction” “manifest” to connect with the universal mind set the intention that you are going to travel through the realms of consciousness and into the higher states you are already a part of this universal mind so this will be easy and natural for you to accomplish imagine that you were in touch with everyone in everything from this space there is only one this there is only one thing and your soul is a part of that take a few moments to absorb the feelings of peace that come from this space as you are feeling this peaceful feeling realize just how connected you are to higher consciousness and feel how you are receiving higher vibrations and how you were able to tap into immense love power strength and wisdom as you breathe in feel these higher vibrations of love power strength and wisdom being drawn into you and as you exhale imagine that these same things are coming out of your breath and permeating everything and everyone around you keep breathing in this way allowing universal power to circulate through you and through every other living thing set the intention that you are opening yourself to the inflow of divine wisdom feel how this fills you with love knowledge and answers to your deepest questions and then exhale the same love and knowledge back out into the world you can peacefully sit in this state for as long as you wish just as a river has a source the river of consciousness also has a source it descends from higher consciousness and we can get into the flow of that anytime we choose by using this very simple process your individualized consciousness is the very foundation of your existence all of your thoughts and actions are drops within the river of consciousness practicing this exercise and tapping into the natural flow of that river gives individuals a profound sense of bliss love wisdom insight and power when we become still the voice of the Spirit can be heard this is the voice of intuition and all true knowledge and in doing so we can tangibly perceive the true nature of all that is The Hidden Knowledge Within You! Awakening Higher Consciousness (Law Of Attraction)