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How I Manifested $1,000,000 World Travel! (SCRIPTING LAW OF ATTRACTION!)

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Hello my divas in Queens so welcome back to my channel this is diva wendy queen today we are going to talk about scripting actually I’ve been talking a lot about scripting I just never mentioned it in the title but I’m gonna link a few of these videos right here right here right here and down below lot of scripting and writing exercises that are really really really powerful so now it’s gonna do now if you haven’t heard me talk about this book you should go and get it because in terms of writing and scripting this is the Bible it’s so powerful and I talked a little bit about it in this video when I talked about my five favorite law of attraction self-development books and this is one of them and I’ve also talked about how to manifest with words from an actual example from this book now I’m going to tell you a personal story and a ritual that I have every single New Year’s Eve that has helped me manifest everything I look at the list let’s say there are 10 things of us and usually there’s more I get at least eight to nine like almost everything and if I don’t get it this year, I get it the following year I just want to be clear so that we know what the steps are in the scripting exercise step one you write dear universe you make a letter and you let universe know what it is that you desire and you write down everything and why you desire it step two to make a list of all your desires and try to be as clear and as detailed as possible and also really precise because the more detail you are the more the universe knows what to deliver it to you so when your intentions are clear when you know exactly what you want and if you can detail it and write it down and explain why you want it in as much detail as possible it will put you right in the right vibration so that the universe can bring you everything that you want step three is to put the list away I like to just put it in a little box and I don’t look at it until the following year and when I look at it the following year I discover that there are many things are manifested and if they don’t manifest right away within a year a lot of times they get manifested the following year in this particular year it was the most powerful and I remember so vividly because it was a desire that I really wanted basically you don’t have to do this New Year’s Eve obviously but for me is like a ritual you can do it any day can do it today tomorrow in basically writing so that you can manifest everything that you want so this is the exact steps on how to do it for me I write it to the universe or to God because I find that connection but if you don’t believe in that you don’t have to you can just write for yourself but I find it very powerful to be able to write it down to the universe and then just kind of fold it and not look at it and maybe burn it or send it away or put it somewhere where you don’t see it until the following year and then see how many things to manifest next year is very very powerful that one year I have made a decision that I really wanted to travel and see the world while playing the tow and being paying a certain amount of money so I rolled that down I said dear universe I would really love to travel around the world and be paid be performing every single day I would love to see Italy I would love to see Spain I would love to see India I would love to see I just went on and listed all these places I wanted to see and how I wanted to be performing all over the world no and I was writing this I didn’t really have an exact idea how I was going to do it I just thought maybe I would be invited to play in different venues but I never thought there’s such a thing as a cruise ship literally like right after that I got an email from the Juilliard alumni office and there was an audition for a cruise line this is really an incredible story because this whole thing kind of changed my life and this cruise ship basically has chamber music and is in collaboration with Lincoln Center and Lincoln Center to kind of built a stage on the cruise ship and they need chamber musicians to play on it for like three to four months well I got on one of the first contracts one of the very first people who did this I went on the cruise ship for four months to the most exotic places you can I went to Italy like I mentioned Spain all Mediterranea I went all the way to Istanbul to Turkey I went to all of Greece to Santorini to Mykonos I basically had an amazing time for four months I traveled like any passenger on a ship except that I just play a few constants at night which I love doing so I was performing I was getting paid and then accommodation and food was all paid for and I had the privilege to travel to all these amazing places not to mention that since I was working on the cruise line I could go on all these tours that people have to pay thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars to be on and I would just go on for free and sit in the back of the bus and saw everything that everybody else saw I did not just once I did three times the second time I was subbing like it’s just with three weeks I went to Mexico I went to South America and if you want to see some of these vlogs look at my travel vlogs I was able to travel to a lot of these places and this is all the power manifestation you can do it – that’s the point I’m trying to make but then I want to share with you the third one which is the most recent one I went to all these places in addition to doing Norway and going to Germany in England and I’ve never been to I also went to Russia I mean just like amazing I went to also the Baltics you know two amazing countries and places I never been and I was so grateful for these experiences again I was paid to do it for five months and then I was ending up in the Caribbean for another month enjoying the beach so I’ve had some really awesome travel luck and actions not luck as really travel consciousness because I had the belief that it was possible for me to travel all around the world and I don’t have to pay a dime and not only that but be paid to do it I had that belief and I wrote and I’ve made it happen I wrote to universe I said that’s what I wanted and then what I did was I just folded that piece of paper and then throw it out and then I just put it away in a little jar and the next year when I opened it up I was absolutely blown away by how many of the things I achieved by just setting that intention for New Year’s II I welcome possibilities and I welcome those opportunities that come to me you know so this email came to me and right away I got on and I went for the audition of course I won the audition and the rest is history now actually this past time when I went on the ship I use the opportunity to be in these exotic places and I had my friend who was a filmmaker also subscribed come on and we’re making a visual album together stay tuned for more about that this is a very powerful process and scripting you can script your life how you want you can even go on to thank the universe on how you’re gonna receive what you want and go into town universe why you would enjoy that so much for me I was just like bathing and the idea of traveling around the world I could see it I could feel it I was excited about it I wrote about it I went on and on about it you know and it was just possible and then Lord behold it all became true anything is possible if you set your mind to it write it down and it’s all possible thank you so much for watching don’t forget to subscribe and hit the old Bell button and also leave me a comment I love hearing from you thank you so much I’ll see you next time mmm

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