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Welcome back to another episode of Me and my Money Tree. Today we’re talking about how I manifested my husband. This is gonna be good. Okay so this is a topic that I actually have been wanting to share because I intentionally manifested my husband and I haven’t really shared this anywhere before but I figured since it’s just you know you and me I figured I could share this with you. I want to take you through the process of what I did in order to manifest my husband. I was first introduced to the law of attraction by a friend of mine who had the book The Secret and at first it seemed a little bit kind of weird to me that you could just think about what you wanted and then it would come to you and I didn’t really think that much of it obviously.

But then things in her life started really taking off she decided that she wanted to be a model, she started getting modeling gigs, she decided that she wanted to move to another state, she moved to another state. She wasn’t really sure how things were going to work out but she knew that’s what she wanted to do and she started manifesting lots of things into her life. When I saw that I was like okay well maybe I’ll give this a shot. The thing that I really wanted and I had always wanted was a long-term relationship with a really really good man and because I was and still am very picky I didn’t want just anybody. I could have dated anyone, there were lots of people who were coming into my life who could have potentially been a boyfriend or someone to settle for, but I really wanted a very very specific type of person.

And so I decided to use the law of attraction in order to manifest my husband. Here’s what I did. The first thing that I did was I admitted that I actually wanted a husband. I admitted that even though I was a ‘strong black woman’ I didn’t want to be a ‘single strong black woman.’ I essentially got to the point where I said, “Well if this is something that’s for me and it’s something that will happen for me then first of all I need to be intentional about it.” I need to admit and say I don’t want to be single. And this was hard for me because I had this wall up and I had this barrier where anyone that I dated or anyone that I came across I had this face where I was just like, “well you know I don’t need you right?” And for me that was tough for me to actually admit, “yeah, I do need a man. I do want a man.” And the breaking point for me was I was living on my own I had my own apartment, independent single woman, and I was bringing in a bookcase from Ikea and I remember it being just so heavy and I started crying because I thought, “well I shouldn’t have to carry this thing in by myself.

I should have a man here to be carrying this thing.” And it was a lot more than just the bookcase. There’s always just that one thing that is the breaking point but that was the breaking point for me. Eventually with the bookcase I ended up just opening the box and pulling things out individually so I made it work. But that was the moment where I decided okay well this is what I actually want. So the first thing I did was I set that intention and I put that intention out there and I admitted that this was what I wanted. And I think a big part of that of why that worked so well is because there was a lot of energy attached to that I don’t need a man statement. By saying I don’t need anybody that I can do this on my own I’m independent like I don’t care like if he comes if he doesn’t come whatever.

I think that there was an energy attached to that statement of well if you don’t need a man then okay you won’t have one. You get what you ask for and what you seek you’ll find. And that’s essentially what I had to do. I had to release that energy. So the next thing I did was I opened my heart and I started dating and I essentially fully put myself out there. I have always been the type of person where I try to hold back or try to prevent myself from getting in my feelings getting too close to someone but in this case I was like well if this is gonna work I can’t look at every single guy and think is he my husband or is he not? and try to evaluate I really just started going with the flow I just started dating.

I started enjoying myself and I really put forward the intention that I would have been doing if I knew that that person was my husband. I just you know basically said if it’s not you it’s going to be the next person and you’re going to show me. I’m not saying that to the guy but in my head. You’re gonna show me if you’re the one and if you’re not the one then that’s fine like I’ll just move on. So I didn’t have any sort of desperation energy or any sort of energy of well I need to make this work or or even asking them, “Are you the type of person that does this?” or “Do you do this?” or “Do you want kids?” I stopped asking all those desperate type of questions and I just kind of went with the flow I thought well you’re going to show me if you’re the right one for me and so that allowed me to bring a completely different type of energy to all the dating that I was doing.

It was much more fun it was much more flirtatious. Honestly I feel like it made me a lot more attractive and even while doing that I was able to quickly determine who was there and wanting to win my heart over. Just because I gave it my all I still didn’t fully give my heart. I made them work for it I made them work for my heart, I made them work for that attention I would give a little bit and then I would look for what was reciprocated and if there wasn’t a whole lot reciprocated then I thought okay well you’re showing me that that you’re not interested. That’s how I went through the process of trying to figure out if this person you know was the right person and it really came down to you know what I saw in them and what kind of response I was getting back from them.

And then the final thing that I did after setting my intention and after really giving my attention to it is I actually wrote down a list of requirements. I want to share this with you because I think it’s really really important also the date that I wrote it down as well as the date when I finally met my husband and then I’ll share our story of how we actually met and how everything came together. Because I really like the story, I really enjoyed living it and I’ll love reliving it here with you.

I’d love to share that with you. Let me read you the requirements that I wrote down for the man of my dreams. I’m just gonna pull it up on my phone. I have it in my notes. I never deleted it and I go back to it often because it makes me really excited to read it and know that I wrote it down and and then he came along. This was written January 23rd of 2011 and I finally met my husband in October of 2013 so it was basically two years and ten months later. I don’t think that there’s a specific timeframe that these things can and will or will not happen but for me it was almost three years after writing this intention statement down that everything actually came into fruition for me. Here’s what I wrote: The last time I described my dream guy he actually appeared and I had a great two-year relationship with him. Now that I’ve learned what to do and what not to do I think I should refine my description.

Here’s what I included: Tall. Must love Jesus with all his heart. Great smile. Makes me laugh. Nice to others. Smart. Ambitious. Potential or they’re already. Loves his mom. Likes to be outdoors and work out. Likes to cook or at least can put something together. Settled. Mature. Steady. Good at balancing out my energy and stamina. Giving. Generous. Loves kids. Now that my list is complete where would this type of guy be hanging out? And that’s the million dollar question. I wrote that down in January of 2011 and it’s funny because the last edit on this is actually August of 2013 which is two months before I met my husband and I don’t even know what I was doing at that time. I wonder if I was coming back to it to read it again because I got to the point where I was a little frustrated or I think I actually might have been dating a guy at that point and I was trying to figure out if he actually met the requirements. Here’s the story of how my husband and I actually got together. I’d love to share this with you. We met at a conference for personal finance nerds called FinCon: where money and media meet and at the time I was actually dating someone else.

We met in St. Louis and when I was going to St. Louis I was actually going to St. Louis to talk to the guy that I was dating at the time and things didn’t work out with me and that guy. Actually that’s a long story that is not really necessary for me to recount but he just he wasn’t the right one. And I remember coming back to the conference so disappointed and I was actually crying because of the what had happened that same night. I remember not wanting to do anything else at the conference, not wanting to participate. It was the closing party I didn’t want to do anything I just wanted to hang out in my hotel room and get under the covers and basically be disappointed that the next guy that I was dating once again wasn’t the one. I remember that moment telling myself if you don’t go to the closing party then you’ll be disappointed and not only that but you will forever remember this conference as the conference where you got dumped. As the conference where you broke up with this guy. As the conference where you were disappointed and crying in your bed and I never wanted to remember that conference like that.

I said you don’t want to regret this moment so get dressed put your makeup on and go have a good time and go chat with all of your friends! You you have friends at the conference. Just go hang out. I did that. I got dressed I put on a really nice dress I put on my heels everything that I had promised myself that I was going to wear that night for the closing party. I went downstairs out of the elevators. And the way the hotel was set up there were two elevator banks. I came out on this side and then my now husband – at the time friend – came out from the other side. We had already been hanging out during the conference. We went to a couple of meet ups and things like that. So we had already been chatting during the conference it wasn’t like this brand-new “oh like here you are.” I came out of my side of the elevators he and he happened to be coming out of his side of the elevators at the exact same time. And he looked at me and he said, “Wow, you look really beautiful.” he said “You look too beautiful to be walking by yourself, can I escort you?” and he gave me his arm and I wrapped my hand around his arm and at that moment I was like this is what I’ve been waiting for. This is the treatment that I’ve been looking for.

I thought if I have a choice I will never let this arm go ever. We walked to dinner because before the closing party we were having dinner first and then the closing party. We walked to dinner and we sat beside each other at dinner and we had a chance to chat a little bit more. Honestly I wasn’t in the frame of mind of looking for someone else. I still was a little hurt from what had happened earlier. We were just chatting. I thought it’s my friends I’m talking with all my friends. I remember one of my friends at the conference had caught my eye during dinner and she pointed to us and she mouthed ‘you guys’ and I looked at her and I was like no. And I really didn’t think anything of it. So after the conference ended we went to the closing party and I thought okay I did my duty I hung out with my friends and I thought okay I’m ready to just put this city behind me.

After the closing party we got back to the hotel or whatnot and it was time to pack up and go to the airport. I remember that I went to the airport early because I didn’t want to hang out in the hotel lobby with everybody else was at the conference and chat about how fun the conference was because I still was just a little bit bummed. So I went to the airport early I was there like three hours early I think and at that time Romeo my husband Romeo texted me and he said, “hey I don’t think we got a chance to get a picture together.

Are you still here?” And I said yeah I’m in the airport. He was like oh I’m in the airport too. He asked when does your flight leave? and I said well it doesn’t leave for a couple of hours I got here really early. And so he said do you want to be my guest in the airport lounge and he said I’ve got an extra ticket. I said sure no problem. He said we have food. I went and hung out with him in the airport lounge and we had a chance to chat a little bit more and actually get a little bit more in depth on the subject of relationships and relationships between men and women and I remember thinking wow he’s gonna be a really good friend and he probably will be able to help me as I continue dating and looking for the one.

And so I really didn’t think anything of a long-term anything with him. I just thought we’re gonna be friends. And at that point I was still thinking my guy is coming along but right now I just need to be by myself. I need to rest relax, get over this last thing and just do me. You know how after relationship you’re like well I’m just gonna do me, right? That’s where I was.

And I remember after we flew out to our respective cities he said let me know once you get back once you guys touch down and I’ll let you know the same. I said okay no problem and he said “keep in touch” and everybody says keep in touch especially after a conference. They’re like yeah you know keep in touch. I was just like okay I texted him when we touched down in Atlanta. I said hey I made it back to Atlanta and his flight had returned around about the same time. He said okay I just touched down in Charlotte and I said I’ll talk to you soon. Long story short because this is getting a little long.

Long story short, I started reading his personal finance blog which was a lot about money but it was also about personal relationships that people have with money and all of that. I remember there was an article on there that I read and I was like oh I have to talk to him about this. I sent him a text message and then he said well I don’t really text let’s just get on the phone. I said okay fine that was the first day we started talking on the phone and then every single day since then for the rest of the year we talked on the phone every single day. We FaceTimed after a while, we started FaceTiming and we FaceTimed every single day. We never ran out of stuff to talk about. We were always constantly chatting and laughing and I remember thinking, “Wow, I really like him.” By the middle of November he had some time off of work and he said “I’ll come out to Atlanta to see you.” I said okay cool so he came out to Atlanta.

And this is the moment that I knew that he was the one and nothing was going to stop me from locking him down. We went to a chili festival with a couple friends and I remember we were chatting in the whole group. But I wasn’t really talking. I was doing my introvert thing and just standing to the side and listening and letting them talk. But my mind was somewhere else. And I remember he took my arm and pulled me to the side and we just started chatting. Just he and I and the rest of the world just faded away. And I was just staring. I was melting staring in his eyes and I remember thinking this is it. I’ve always been distracted with other things. No one else has been able to capture my attention the way that he did and once he did that I thought this is it. I’m going to marry you period.

I don’t care if you know it yet but imma marry you. Long story short we continued to chat. We continued to get to know each other and by March of 2015 we were married and celebrating our union together. That is a little bit longer of a video than I normally do but I also wanted to share the story of how we actually met. I really hope that you enjoyed this if you have any questions about manifestation or law of attraction it’s something that I truly believe in.

I really feel that I can create my life. It’s the reason that I started Creating Coins. I believe that you can create money for yourself you can create wealth but you can also do this in other areas of your life. I believe manifesting and law of attraction is about setting the intention and then following your soul guidance on the actual actions to take. I don’t think that it’s just sitting in a room and thinking and saying this is what I want. But I think it’s after you set your intention now you’ve got to listen and take the actions that you’re meant to take. I’d love to chat more about this if you’re into all the woo.

Thank you so much for joining me again for another episode of Me and My Money Tree. I’ll see you guys in the next one. Don’t forget to love this video, give it a thumbs up. Subscribe and I’ll see you on the next one. bye. .

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