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How to Build Self Confidence | Morning Motivation

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Confidence isn’t walking into a room thinking that you’re better than anyone it’s walking in knowing that you don’t have to compare yourself to anyone.


Comparing yourself to another person that isn’t even in your system there’s no thought of comparison there is no competition with any other human you are not above anyone.

You are not below anyone that’s confidence when you can get to the place in your life where comparison is dead where you are good enough not to others but to yourself that is confidence and you can be good enough right now because you are good enough right now.

You might just need to change your mindset. Confidence can be developed in many ways. You can start with your physiology your posture if I asked you what a confident person looked like would you be able to tell me of course you would they look strong sure of themselves how are they standing they’re standing tall how are their shoulders they are back upright they make eye contact their head is up not down now a shy or introverted person might say yeah well that’s all good for outgoing people but I will never be confident anyone can develop confidence somebody has to work on it harder than others because they’ve conditioned themselves into a lack of confidence for much of their life but anyone can develop confidence even the majority of sad people have moments where they aren’t shy like around people they trust maybe family friends or their partner moments where they can be themselves fully so the shyness is selective which means you can make confidence permanent if you consciously decide to be the person and do the things you do not just around those you trust the most but all the time being confident doesn’t mean you are loud it isn’t about being the one that has to be noticed it’s the opposite it’s knowing you’re great without having to be seen it’s the silent winner it’s the humble champion if you lack confidence you can change if you lack anything you can change you can be anything in life including radical personality change if you are committed to finding the answers unlock the greatest version of yourself your true nature of confidence of pure positive energy unlock your authentic power today it is important in the area of motivating yourself it’s important to know why you’re doing it because that mind will say why bother why go through all this this is too hard no throw in the towel it’s not worth it it has it ever said that to you before here’s how you can handle that here’s how you override that write down five reasons why you deserve it why do you deserve what you are why are you why do you deserve it what meaning and value will it bring to your life what’s so different about you that you deserve your goal of this goal and when you write down those five reasons when you have some down moments and you’re going to have them when that conversation start talking to you and it’s going to talk to you what you will do is you can pull that out and read it and it will build you up it will be your rod and your staff to comfort you through some challenging moments because you’re gonna have some life will knock you between the eyes it will catch you on the blindside come out of nowhere stuff you can’t anticipate that will knock the wind out of you you want to give up that’s why it’s important for you to work on yourself listening to tapes building yourself up talking to yourself with power feeling and conviction building yourself up day in and day out because it’s coming life will send you some curves you cannot anticipate the next thing is that whatever you do you want to develop technical mastery you want to be the best at what you do you want to master it see part of self motivation is you’ve got to find something that gives you a strong sense of competence will you become known for that you develop a reputation of being good at doing that you set some high personal standards for yourself you’re not competing with anybody else you’re just unfolding yourself to be the best person that you could be that you want to give the best quality service that you can give because that is a statement about who you are the other thing that’s the key to self-motivation is recognized the fact that you’re going to get into some slumps who recognize the fact that you’re going to encounter a great deal of failure in life it goes with the territory but in the face of that you want to be relentless when you want something you can don’t expect everybody to say oh come on it we’ve been oh you want this oh great we want to give this to you you’re such a nice person you’re doing it for your family aren’t you great now don’t like this and like that no many doors will be closed in your face many loans that you’ll want they say no you don’t have enough collateral you don’t have enough credit and most people will give up but you’ve got to decide that I’m going to be fearless I refuse to be denied and I’m gonna go all out I’m going to be relentless I don’t care how many nose I encounter I like something Isaiah Thomas said when it’s getting ready for a basketball game he said I’m going to either shoot us in or shoot us out but I’m not going to not do anything and that’s the way to go you can’t make a basket unless you shoot the ball you can’t hit a homerun unless you take a swing at it most people won’t even take a swing well I probably won’t make it anyhow that’s the conversation within they probably won’t give it to me anyhow if you want something you’ve got to be relentless you’ve got to decide I deserve this and I’m going to have it and you go all out to get it that drives you the next thing is that when you want something out of life you’ve got to be willing to go into action don’t wait around for things to be just right don’t wait for things to be perfect don’t wait for the ideal situation it will never be ideal there will always be a reason well as soon as the children grow up well soon as I pay my bills well soon as I get my divorce okay as soon as I get enough money together do what you can where you are with what you have and never be satisfied a lot of people never take a chance in life they don’t want to take any chances they want the situation to be ideal see that’s not walking by faith that’s walking by sight if I can see it I’ll do it no no no glass a lot of people say if I can see it I believe it no no if you believe it you can see it and don’t be disturbed because no one else can see it that’s not unusual that is ordinary but because you want some different kind of results in your life you’ve got to be willing to be unreasonable if you want unreasonable results in your life you’ve got to be willing to be unreasonable part of being unreasonable you don’t judge according to appearances part of being unreasonable you can see it because you believe it that’s part of being unreasonable part of being unreasonable you like Paulo said you must have the faith to call forth those things that be not as though they were that’s part of being unreasonable most people won’t do that most people say call me when you get it together then I’ll support you the other thing is that one of the keys to self motivation that empowers you is that you want to find a cause larger than yourself find something that you can contribute to find something that you can make a difference because you can part of what feeds your larger vision part of what gives you a reason for being part of what gives you your life is being able to give something back so I can’t afford to give anything you can’t afford not to give give your time give your television just to go and lick envelopes I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do but I’m going over there it’s part of my tithing in the universe once you develop that that special sense of mission and that’s what you develop when you’re part of a larger cause than yourself it drives you you don’t need an alarm clock to get up in the morning you have special power you go places and folk will like to be around you they will know there’s something different about you when you go in they say hey that’s somebody important I want to know who you are I just want to be near you that energy that you have that consciousness that you will embody will affect everybody around you the next thing is is that you want to create a home court advantage for yourself you’ve got to be aware of who you have around you so you want to be selective have friends that will enable you to grow I have friends that help me to grow spiritually these are my spiritual friends I talk spiritual stuff with them I have some other friends who are just intellectual friends they make me grow intellectually they make me stretch I have some professional friends I’m a member of the National Speakers Association I get together with other speakers and we learn from each other and we grow from each other I have other friends suggest social friends all we do is just socialize together we look at a basketball game together or go out dancing but that’s all we can do we don’t talk anything serious nothing spiritual nothing intellectual that’s not that kind of relationship nothing heavy up in here have other friends we walk together that’s all we can do walk together talk about if we’re going to lose weight one day bye and bye for good all right that’s all we do nothing else so according to the relationships that you develop we grow from people and projects and the relationships that you develop can enhance and can enrich your life or they can drain you I know many talented people who had a great deal of potential but because they didn’t surround themselves with other people that will inspire them to transcend themselves they never realize their greatness and they will end up going to their grave with all their good stuff still in them so you want to look at your relationships the people that you’re involved with the people that you communicate with almost often and you want to ask yourself the question what am i becoming because of this relationship desert in spamming am i motivated am i encouraged am i driven to develop myself am i seeking my own greatness what kind of person am i becoming because of this relationship am i becoming more cynical and negative about life ask yourself that the next thing is you’ve got to say yes to your life you’ve got to say yes yes to my dreams yes to me yes I can make it yes I can doesn’t matter how many failures I’ve made doesn’t matter how many mistakes I’ve endured doesn’t matter about my defeats doesn’t matter about what I’ve done yes yes I don’t care about the fact I’m in a hole now doesn’t matter about where I am yes the last chapter to my life has not been written yet if you judge me now you judge me prematurely I haven’t exposed all my stuff yet I’m still in the process of transforming my life I’m still in the process of becoming yes I had somebody in my life at one time told me you’re never making and I said how’s sugar and I’m what energized me what motivated me was something that Frank Sinatra said he said the best revenge is massive success I’ll show you you just watched my smoke there’s old folks useless thing so say yes stand up for your dreams stand up for what you want in your life decide that your life is so meaningful to you that you love you and you love life so much that you’re going to stand up for something you want I used to have a saying when I was on the radio stand up for what you believe in because you can fall for anything so when I say to you this evening that you are powerful you have miracle-working power in your life right now but you’ve got to work on yourself you’ve got to develop yourself you’ve got to talk to yourself day in and day out selling yourself on you and on your potentials and you’ve got to know that that you are worth all of your effort and that the key to your motivation as you get a larger vision of yourself is to know that you have something to give is to know that you have a reason for being in the universe at this point in time I want you to stand up for your life right now anybody want to stand up for your life stand up agree