Flat Belly

How To Get a Flat Belly in 4 Days: Lose up to 5 inches off your waist

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I’m gonna talk about why exactly the, no, no. No, I’m not, you’re going to talk about that. (laughs) Oh my god, you’re making me nervous! – Why? Stop, just be like wah! (shrieks) – Hey beautiful, welcome back to my channel. For today’s video, I have one of my best friends in the whole world here as a guest. – I’m Weng, Divamakeupqueen! – So she’s here in the YouTube world as well. You guys know I always talk about her, and we actually did a four day diet together. And this one is specifically targeting belly fat weight loss. So it’s a four day flat tummy diet. I love this idea, I love this diet. My greatest fear when losing weight is that I’m going to lose my butt, my hips, and my boobs.

And as women, we want the tiny waist, but we want everything else kind of voluptuous and looking nice. So in this video, I’m going to be telling you guys what exactly this diet is, and over on Divamakeupqueen’s channel, you guys are going to find out why exactly this diet works. So we kind of split it up into two main questions so you guys can get all the information that you need. We’re also both going to be showing you before and after pictures. I’ll show you mine here, and she will show you hers over on her channel. And, we’re both going to be showing you one full day of the meals that we’ve prepared. – All of the details of the diet is in both of our blogs.

– Yes. – Links down below. – So the full meal plan, everything, the shopping list, is going to be on blog posts for both of our channels so you guys can check that out for all the information that you need. We also talked about our kind of experience over on your channel, right? – Mm-hmm. – And one other thing we mentioned: The sassy water. – Oh yes, so we also talked about the sassy water. – So if you guys want to find out what sassy water is, You have to check out her video after this. It’s going to kind of continue the discussion that we’re going to have here today. Alright, so jumping into what exactly this diet is, it’s a four day meal plan that you have to follow exactly. It’s actually a jump start to a bigger diet, right? – Right, it’s a jump start to a 28 days diet, and basically the whole idea is that you have MUFA, which is– – Monounsaturated fatty acids.

– Which makes you feel full at each meal. So the first four days is 1,200 calories per day. And then afterwards, the 28 days, if you chose to do it, is 1,600 calories. But I think the four days already, you see a lot of results. – You can actually lose between one and five inches off your waist in those four days. And up to seven pounds after, in those four day periods so if you need to, or you want to continue with the 28 days, you can jump into that and use it as a way to kind of jump start your healthy lifestyle change.

But you really don’t have to. I like these kind of quick fixes, if you have a wedding coming up, or your prom is this weekend, or something like that. – And there’s no suffering involved. – None at all. The foods made you feel so full. It’s four meals a day, which kind of trains your body to eat more times throughout the day, and keeps your metabolism working, which is what helps to process everything and get all the bad, flush it all out of your system, your metabolism is constantly working because you’re constantly eating through out the day. The foods are also, it’s a lot of protein, a lot of good fatty acids like nuts and things like that. So that helps a lot as well. – And also, it’s very balanced, the meals. Like one example of a meal has vegetables, it has chicken, and then you have your sassy water, which helps make you feel full, and then– – Carbs, rice– – And then, a little bit of carb– – Or potato. – And everything is very much measured.

So you need, definitely, measuring devices to measure everything. And I really, actually, enjoyed that. Because I feel like, you know– – It takes the guess work out. – Yeah, there’s no guess work. It’s like, it’s this much and that particular meat. And everything is very precise. You follow exactly the diet. – But the plates looked full. – The plates looked full. – Like you guys are going to see, I think breakfast was really full, I really liked the dinners as well. – You guys are going to see in the breakdown of our day, kind of, menu. But it was enough food to get me through.

The only thing I did crave, I’m going to be honest with you guys, is sweets, because I have a huge sweet tooth. So I was like texting her every night like “I want cake.” (laughs) “I want cake.” She’s like, “wait until Friday.” I’m like, “I want cake now.” (laughs) – There are four meals, so there’s one snack meal, and that one is sort of– – Smoothie. – Yeah that one is sort of where the sweets come in because you get to have fruit. – It’s fruit. (laughs) – Yeah, fruits and skimmed milk. – Well it’s good, and it was sweet, but I meant like I wanted cake. (laughs) That was my struggle. But I definitely saw a big difference. – Yeah. – You saw as well, right? – I saw a big difference. I lost, like, three, four pounds.

I didn’t measure. – Which is great for four days. – Yeah, I didn’t measure my inches, but I could feel that I definitely lost inches. – I didn’t weigh myself but I did measure, because I don’t have a scale at home, but I did measure myself and I lost two inches. So, I actually happened to do it the week before my period, which was my most bloated week. And I’m like, if this could stand, kind of, the test of time when I’m about to get my period, then this is a good diet. And I definitely, I measured myself on the fifth day. Lost two inches, and I was back to like, my normal waist size. So it completely de-bloated me, and you guys are going to see in the picture that I was extremely bloated, and I looked pretty heavy compared to what I usually look like. Alright, so we all know that proof is in the pudding, so here is me in the morning of my first day in all my bloated, nasty glory. And then this is the morning of the third day.

So you could see that already, a lot of the bloating has gone down. I actually didn’t take a picture on the fourth day, I took it the next morning after the diet was completed, so this is day five, after the diet is completed, and I have a shot from Friday night as well. And then from Sunday, I actually continued to drink the sassy water but obviously not the diet because the diet was done on Thursday. So here is breakfast from day one, as well as lunch, some clips of the smoothie, and then dinner. Here is my day four snack. It is one cup of strawberries, frozen strawberries, unsweetened, and one cup of skimmed milk. It came out a little bit thick, if you guys can see that, but still really good. It has really good flavors. It tastes like a straight up strawberry, refreshing, cold smoothie. This will probably be delicious in the summertime, too bad it’s winter right now.

But I actually really like these snacks that the diet has been making me have. And I’ve never, you know, thought of trying that before. But I really like them, I think it’ll continue even after this diet is said and done, just to make them as snacks or maybe even for breakfast. Alright guys, so now that you know what exactly this diet is, you have to go to the Divamakeupqueen channel and check out her video to find out why it works and how everything kind of works together, also the sassy water stuff is over there, and a little bit more about out experience.

Don’t forget to check out our blog posts for the full kind of run down on what you need and the meals, and all that. Alright guys, don’t forget to subscribe to her channel while you’re over there and subscribe to me if you’re not already before you leave. And go ahead over there and find out more information about this diet. I love you guys, I’ll see you on her channel. .