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How To Hack YouTube’s NEW Algorithm And Grow Your Channel FAST

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– So YouTube Secrets, we’re gonna talk about How to get your first 1,000 subscribers, your first 10,000 subscribers. There are very very few channels on the planet that actually surpass a million subscribers. Do you know the numbers Gabe? – I think it’s less than 14,000. – Less than 14,000 out of the gazillion channels out there. Less than 14,000 channels surpass the one million subscribers mark. So YouTube secret number one, you wanna think like YouTube. If your channel is not growing as fast as you want, chances are what? – Chances are you’re not thinking like YouTube and you’re really working against YouTube favor in a lot of aspects. – And you might think, No, I create good content. No, but you don’t understand how YouTube thinks. It’s a little bit like in a relationship. If a relationship’s not working it’s like, No I’m paying attention to my boyfriend and girlfriend or spouse. Or I’m treating them the way that I think they should be treated. But do you understand how they think? Do you actually understand what they want? Maybe you keep buying them flowers, but actually they don’t like flowers.

They much prefer you took them out to a nice dinner. Or on the other hand, maybe you took them to a nice dinner, but what they really want is for you to spend some quality time, kinda like at home just the two of you. So there’s that miscommunication. So, let me ask you a question, What does YouTube want? Now for my students who know the answer, don’t answer this. Don’t spoil the answer. For my students who don’t know the answer, take a guess what does YouTube want? Put it in the comments. What does YouTube want? Views, stay in the platform, keywords, attention, commitment. So you can see, that starts with the first problem that if you want to grow your YouTube channel, but you’re not so sure what YouTube wants, how do you align what you do with YouTube? How do you know that you can create content, that’s what YouTube wants? You see the problem? How big those answers are? – Yep. – It’s very very big. I think they want this. They want engagement. They want views. They want money. They want this, they want that.

That does not help you as a YouTuber. If you wanna go on YouTube. Does that make sense? Very often what prevents you from taking action is Lack of clarity. Lack of what? Lack of Clarity. So let’s start off with that. What does YouTube want? Once you hear this, you will know exactly, no wonder my channel is not growing as fast as I want. No wonder people are not watching my stuff. No wonder YouTube doesn’t give me a lot of love, right? – Yeah. – You know. Write this down. Here’s what YouTube wants. YouTube wants to keep viewers on the platform for as long as possible and watch as many videos as possible. So they can have advertisers paying them as much as possible. Three objectives. I’ll say that one more time. They wanna keep the viewers on the platform for as long as possible, and watch as many videos as possible, so they can have advertisers, the ads in Adsense, paying them as much as possible. This is not, Oh they want some more views. They want more engagement. No, it’s very very precise.

Very specific what YouTube wants. The more your content aligns with YouTube the faster your channel will grow. Because think about it, if your content is helping YouTube to keep people on the platform, for as long as possible, and to consume was much content on YouTube as possible, It doesn’t even have to be your channel. Gabe talk a little bit about that. – So, what YouTube start to consider when you’re watching a video, it’ll start to engage in what’s called Session Time. So even if you open the YouTube app, let’s say and you started watching one of See FU Videos and then moved on to another piece of content, YouTube is still giving the algorithm signals that your video brought them in, but they stayed on the platform because your video was the initial push into the platform to keep that viewer viewing. – Isn’t that amazing? Once you understand that, you want to grow your channel, you want to keep people on your channel ideally, but at the very least, keep them on YouTube. And the YouTube algorithm will know, okay this is cool.

This channel is nice. I like this channel. And then they will give you more exposure, from there, you’ll get more views, you’ll get more subscribers. That’s exactly how this works. So then YouTube will have more channels and more videos to advertise on. When you look at YouTube as a business, you understand how they think. Channel love, exactly. Exactly. Now if that’s the case, that’s the case. If that’s what YouTube wants, Let me give you a few scenarios. If your content, your uploaded content. you’re uploading content and people watch the content, but they don’t like the content, they get bored or they’re not entertained enough and they click off the site and go to the website. Go to another, go to alumni Facebook or go to another platforms. Would YouTube give you more views or less views? More love or less love? Less, okay? If you’re creating content that people are not searching for meaning it’s irrelevant content, and when people click on your content, it’s not what they want or people are not even searching for it.

Would YouTube give you more views or less views? More love or less love? Put in the comments. You see how this works? Now on the other hand, if your content keeps people on the platform, keeps them on the platform, and you have a certain amount of length, and we’re gonna talk about that, and why now watch time becomes very critical, a very key indicator of how YouTube measures how popular YouTube is. ‘Cause before back that many years ago, YouTube only looks at views. – Yep. – But now they know views does not equal engagement. Write it down. Views don’t equal engagement. So when they could see that, now they’re measuring watch time. Now people just, ‘Cause a lot of people are just doing click bait type title or thumbnail. They click on it, but that’s not what I want.

And then people are losing interest. So YouTube is like, No, no no, we don’t want you to just click bait people into clicking the video. We actually want people to watch it. And we’re gonna measure your channel, also how many people are staying on your channel. If you understand this, if your video is very very short, 30, 60 seconds those videos nowadays don’t tend to do so well on YouTube because it’s too short for YouTube to have any advertisers advertising on the video. Makes sense, right? So you understand if that’s the key, you wanna keep people on the platform as long as possible. When you have a lot of, you notice like on videos that we’ve done, a lot of testing on it. If one your videos you have people clicking on let’s say your description in the video where they’re clicking off YouTube, YouTube doesn’t like it as much.

Because you’re driving people away. You’re driving people to your website. You’re driving people to other things. What does YouTube want? Say it with me. What does YouTube want? What does YouTube want? To keep viewers on the platform. For as long as possible. Consume as much content. Watch as many videos as possible. Advertisers will pay them as much as possible. It’s not just, ah they want to make more money. That doesn’t help us in terms of making decision and mapping out strategies as a YouTuber. Now with this, just before I go into any other sequence, what can you change? what are you gonna change? In terms of content, knowing how YouTube thinks? Just like this first secret, I have way more secrets that I wanna give you. As simple as this first piece I’ve given you. What are you gonna change? Keep people watching. Longer videos. Video Length. – What people search for. – Yes, Create engaging video. No click bait. That’s right. Most YouTubers, why they struggle with YouTube is they don’t really understand how YouTube thinks and how YouTube actually works. So, where are you at? I ask you, Do you have a YouTube channel? Are you thinking about starting a YouTube channel? What is your channel about? How many subscribers do you have? Have you tried to make your channel successful in the past, but couldn’t, and how much money do you want to make a month on average from YouTube? Now, I wanna talk a little about the last one first.

Because it’s nice to be a YouTuber and it’s nice to get views, but at the end of the day, I treat YouTube like a business. If you treat YouTube like a hobby it fuckin’ pays you like a hobby. If you treat is like a business, it treats you, it rewards you like a business. So besides the subscribers, put in the comment what’s your monthly income goal? How much money do you want to make from YouTube on a monthly basis? Very good. 10K. I think that’s a very very good goal, 10 K a month. In fact, a lot of my students, I teach them, you want to become a High Income Tuber, a HIT, H-I-T A High Income Tuber and I define a High Income Tuber, someone on YouTube making over $100,000 a year, six figures income. So I think that’s a very very solid goal. I like that, I like that. So that’s our end goal. So it’s not so much because of making decisions based on ego, where we want X amount of views, we wanna have X amount of subscribers that’s all nice, but knowing at the end of the day, the goal was to get up to that $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 a month that’s the end goal, right? That’s the outcome that we want.

Don’t lose sight of that. .