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How To Lose Belly Fat at Home – Easy Weight Loss In Hindi | Anaysa

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Hii everyone !! Welcome To My youtube Channel PrettyPriyaTV To support me , Don’t forget to Subscribe to my channel, i vil be thnkful to uh recently i uploaded a video on DIY Lehnga for which i got so many compliments for my slim waist, so my frendz n prettypaltan requested me to disclose the secret of my flat belly. and i m sharing with uh some effective exercises to get rid of belly fat. lets strt with the exercises hey guys warm up is very important for doing exercises so run 1 to 2 km coz m habitual i run around 3 km daily. lets run.. after warm up lets do crunches , take a mat n lay down now bend ur knees like this n n make some gap between back n mat n now join ur hand n keep them behind ur head n now with the help of our hand we will do crunches.

Give atleast 30 seconds to each n every exercise n if uh r doing exercises for the first time, do them in sets of 10. uh wil notice a tension around ur stomach this means that specific part has strted burning its fat. Take 10 to 15 seconds break between the gap of 2 exercises so that energy is recovered now comes up and down plank, for this take the position as shown in video now put upper body part weight on the palms n stretching ur legs behind now do the exercise as shown in the video. this planking is very imp for burning belly fat it not only reduce belly fat but also tones up the muscles and gives strength to the body. now take rest for 20 seconds n now comes the mountain climbing exercise, take the plank position as shown in the video n keep ur neck n back straight, now do it as if u r climbing mountain . listen to ur fav song n keep doing this easy exercise . This will not only reduce ur belly fat but also lessens ur thigh fat too.

You may feel problem doing this in strting but after doing this for some day uh would be doing it easily. uh may increase the pace of these exercises. now comes the last exercises which is russian twist firstly sit in a perfect 90 degree angle now fold ur both legs like this now slightly bend ur back backwards n join ur hands n now take ur hands in left to right movements this will affect ur side bulges n the fat over there will start decreasing Wearing sports shoes is a Must before doing exercises but I wanted to show uh proper position thats y I avoided them. so this was our last exercise n now take rest. for fitness , workout is a must coz lazy body invites a wide variety of disease to the body.

That is y uh should spend atleast 10 minutes for doing workout in a day. for best results do these daily as a part of ur routine n you would be able to see tremendous changes in ur belly fat within 1 week . if uh think at some point that I can’t do it now then listen to ur fav. motivational song coz i too do the same. so this was mine special video , if uh liked the video dnt forget to like n share the video n subscribe to my channel vil meet uh in my next video till then t.c bbie