Flat Belly


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Attitude on nah nah stomach on flat flat hey you guys welcome back to my channel I’m T’keyah if you’re new make sure to hit that subscribe button and it’s not going to hurt and it’s free so why not definitely make sure to turn on notifications it’s actually that little bell that’s next to the subscription button so that you know when your girl posts I would really appreciate it if you guys followed me on my instagram i’m really trying to grow my Instagram I appreciate all of you guys support it means a lot let’s jump into this video whenever i post my videos my try on haul videos i get tons of comments and questions about my workout routine and if I have one what do i do to stay in shape body goals all types of really flattering comments and i appreciate those so much you guys it literally makes me blush even though you can’t see it through my skin but I figured I needed to just start a little series on my channel where i talk about how I maintain my body how I stay fit this is going to be the first video out of that series this video is going to be all about the belly how to shed that belly and tummy fat for me the most important thing for losing weight staying fit staying healthy is your diet don’t get me wrong you definitely do have to stay fit get outside get active and do some type of activity but i don’t think that should be your main focus your diet helps with your skin your hair your nails so many different things your energy levels i’ve been doing this detox for a few weeks now and this is not my first rodeo the teami blends detox system so it’s 30 days it’s not one of those like intense juice cleanses or anything like that where you can’t eat anything else it’s literally just a supplement to your lifestyle and it really helps with so many different things so there are two main components to the detox there’s the teami skinny and then there’s the teami colon so the teami skinny you are supposed to take every single morning and it boosts your metabolism it curves all of your like really unhealthy cravings also helps with bloating which I have a huge problem with i will put a picture on the screen now looks like I’m pregnant or I like i have a food baby this has definitely helped me out a lot with that and it also is a coffee replacement it contains plant-based caffeine which is great so you’re not gonna get the jitters if you don’t drink it or anything like that nothing crazy and then secondly the teami colon so you do the teami skinny every single morning and the colon every other night so you’re supposed to take the teami colon one hour before you fall asleep it is definitely gonna be like an alarm clock you’ll wake up you’ll feel like you have to relieve yourself all of those old toxins that have been in your body for years for months all of the bad stuff it helps clean you out so it says you’re supposed to drink an 8-ounce glass of water before you drink your colon tea which helps create a more gentle effect but when I tell you guys that this stuff helps with your skin this stuff helps with bloating it sheds all of that extra fat it is so amazing so once i get to day 30 i know it’ll be even better and because it does suppress those really bad cravings I’ve noticed that I’ve shed a lot of inches on my stomach my belly and my body in general I don’t really focus on numbers too much I don’t have a scale i focus on how i look naked in the mirror and how my clothes fit and things like that as you can see in the tumblr there are the loose-leaf pieces but they’re a lot larger than they are in the bag because in the bag they’re dehydrated but once you put the boiling hot water in there they expand to their original size so it looks like you’re just drinking leaf water but honestly this stuff is so good i don’t even personally have to add any sweetener I’m not someone that likes bitter taste I hate coffee all of that stuff is for the birds but this does not taste bad by its self this is the strainer part so you put the dry loose leaf tea into the tumblr you will boil some water or the water in then you put the strainer in and there you go you can drink your tea on-the-go which is really cool or you guys can buy your own little steeper as they have tons of these you can go to a thrift store online anywhere so now i just want to show you guys some before-and-after photos of my bloating and my tummy before i was doing this and then now where I currently am at so you can see that i’m extremely bloated but i also just have some extra like tummy fat a little bit on the sides but definitely like right up in the front and then for the side view you can totally see that I’m bloated for the most part in my hauls i suck in my stomach I don’t have a huge stomach by any means but I suck it in and that actually helps a lot with shedding weight and i will talk about that in my actual workout routine video so now in the after photo you can see that i have shed a lot of pounds even in my waist area it looks a lot slimmer and skinnier which i really like i love how i’m getting a little bit of dip now for my little figure a little bit of shape right there I really like that and I’ve noticed that I just feel leaner think every once in a while we all need to cleanse our body cleansing your body from the toxins and all the terrible things that we eat at times is extremely important what I have a discount code for you guys it is right here if you are interested that is how I shed belly fat comment down below your thoughts if you tried a detox system before and like I said follow me on my Instagram and I love chatting with you guys on there and seeing your amazing pictures as well i will see you guys in my next video peace.