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To loose belly fat click the link in the description you you you Make sure you got something nice and comfortable Okay, your legs are gonna be up in the air hands out to the side, and you’re just gonna squeeze it So you’re just lifting that chest up off the ground try and keep those legs as straight as you can And always really squeezing What into the ground up they keep it going? We’re just gonna squeeze up now I want you to hold at the top little pulses ah So you’re just really trying to squeeze that back into ground okay at the same time trying to keep those legs straight? I know lots of things to remember, but you’ll get there eventually ah so keep squeezing four three two one Okay, coming down bring you hands out to the side you’re gonna do big scissor kicks, okay? So I really want to make sure that you’ve got your back flat on the ground because at any time it does this It’s not going to be good at you, then I want to straighten out and they just not drop your legs as low So that’s it’s a nice big scissor kicks Nice big breath in and out you can kind of hold onto the ground a little bit for support See if you can get your legs slightly lower and just touch the ground for me.

That’s good. So keep it going I want you to squeeze those glutes okay into the ground squeeze the back into the ground to Aa And just relax that head don’t want you to look up okay? So you’re just gonna be keep touch it That’s it now try and get a little bit faster pace going That’s it if you can’t get all the way down I just want you to go as far as you can without that back coming off the ground ah I’ll go back to going nice and slow now who wants incredible? I have two months to get that flat tummy, then you can get it you have to believe it first whoo We’ve got loads of awesome bulbs.

That are healthy So make sure that you do need some help of nutrition or maybe some inspiration then alfie, and I have got you covered, okay So keep going squeeze in and out Okay, great job now I legs straight up to the sky and you don’t want you to come down as narrows to the bottom as you can without the Legs coming off squeeze those knees in towards the chest and then extend up so it’s nice and slow all the way down Come on Keep that into the ground squeeze it in the bottom And then pull in and then all the way up to the top, okay now one leg at a time So you’re gonna come down squeeze that leg and then it’s gonna join it to the top okay? So drop it up left leg down, okay keeping everything nice and tight squeeze me into the chest and its den okay? Let’s there with the white legs, so you’re gonna come as low as you can okay? And you’re gonna hold it at that lowest point You’re gonna squeeze it, and you’re gonna squeeze those abs into the ground I know it.

I can feel it too and then lift okay. Let’s keep it going so all the way down squeeze Hey guys, if you’re watching telly you kept this workout video in the background so that you actually multitasking getting really great results as well as watching your favorite TV show so squeeze all the way down and Up ok let’s take both legs down again. Ah you should really be double feeling the pain right now Double feeling that burn. It was absolutely trembling squeeze Bring here great job now Just Portillo to speak flat on the ground ok we’re just going to lift up her chest are we going to touch your heels? ok still working those obliques ah Close it’s only 10 minutes. Can you imagine if you did 10 minutes every single day of apps and you well? Oh my goodness. You gonna have a bikini body in no time, but remember doesn’t happen every night It’s got to be one pound at a time One at work out right you just got to stay consistent Ok let’s keep it up. Keep that chest up now hold it here I just when you do nice and by centric hold that’s it squeeze in Bring those shoulders a little bit higher relax that hello just try me like that neck for me.

That’s it four three two one Ok relax down. I don’t need to do is come onto your side ok so have them no side planks for foot I want to lift up, but you’re going to bring the knee in towards your chest okay, so option number one You’re going to come to your need you’re just gonna hold up Ok what I want you to do is working here said I love this sagging you’ve got a squeeze Ok I want you to put your hand there and actually it because you can actually feel that muscle working when it’s really really tight ok so if you’re gonna come off option number two you’re going to bring the knee into the chest and and out ah That’s it.

We’re just going to do a few on each side. Maybe you can do one today maybe tomorrow you do too and before you know it you’re gonna be doing these in your sleep ah But you’ve gotta practice Okay, everything doesn’t just happen Straightaway, but you will get there if you keep going that’s it squeeze let’s just do two more on this side ah And in okay now, just hold it up here for me. We’re just going to do nice hold for five four three two one okay lower those hips down gently ah Everything nice and and let’s do exactly the same on the other side you may find that this site is just easier, okay? So squeezing up modified you’re going to come here if you want to try come up to the top and then pull that knee into the chest ah That’s it nice and stretch out even if you can just do one today, it’s gonna be a good stuff ah That’s it remember.

We’ve got that hold afterwards so just keep pulling up those oblique muscles here keep squeezing nice and tight ah that’s it three more for three ah To and it’s do one more, and then we’re gonna hold okay So get nice and comfortable plot those hips even more come on guys. You can really squeeze that up it goes ah But three two one okay relax down now. Come over We’re going to do one of my favorite rooms that I’d like to do on the beach It’s one of my sea creature moves. Which is a starfish Okay, so if you guys are following on Instagram, it’s rebecca the wings fitness you here to see the video that I actually did on the beach. I’m in Mexico it’s kind of funny okay, so your arms are just out like a starfish okay, and you’re gonna squeeze ah across It so nice and easily lifting their chest and then the opposite arm opposite Leg ah nice and simple And it’s gotta be controlled.

This is how you’re gonna. Get those results guys. It’s not about how fast you can do it It’s about how controlled Okay, now I will you hold it here in pulse ten nine eight seven six five four three E21 calm down and let’s do the other day going to lift the other arm up for ten nine eight Seven six five four three two One okay coming down. I’m going to have your arms out to the side okay get your feet comfortable Okay, arms over the head, and you can do a full sit-up Okay, you’re going to twist Either side, and then slowly come back down another. God. This is to be the stylist present to come all the back down Arms over your head and then just roll up your spine ah And then you’re going to twist at the top now if you want to make this slightly harder ok when you come down Don’t put your arms over your head thumb to your side squeeze up only come up halfway Squeeze squeeze, and then down okay, so just give it a go so you come up Halfway squeeze ah That’s it.

Drop that this just do two more so all the way up ah Squeeze those obliques that’s it calm down, okay now on the cops the top and when you do a pulses ten nine eight seven six five four three two one with the other side for ten nine eight Seven six five four three two mom. We’re gonna do it again ten nine eight? Seven six five lean back a little bit more three two one last set one two three Come on. Lean back little bit more 5 4 3 2 1 Relax down while those knees in towards the chest give yourself a little kid from the knee Okay, oh now. We’re going to finish off. Okay with the last step of a workout that’s going to help lower There’s a lower pooch area okay so lots of you saying how I get rid of this lower pooch what evensen is what you’re going to put you belly and the Other part is going to be that exercise, so you’re Gonna make Pointing with your hands and you can pull through and then comes out, ? so all most all the way up and just squeezing through so hands in between those legs ah And calm down that’s it.

Go. You’ve got it. It’s just a small motion I don’t want you to come all the way up to the top aah breathing That’s it guys keep it going two more Down and then off what you’re going to come all the way up to the top keep it going I know you have to bring him by don’t have a rest I want to keep those abs doublet, and you’re just hold at the top ok so just squeezing it here ah Good work, okay. Keep it going. We’re so almost finished. We’ve got this guy give me left in 2nd hold for ten nine eight Seven six five four Come on. Keep it going three two one relax those knees Now you guys he stayed right to the end of the workout you’ll know that that last minute was the crucial part of your workout Which is so important that you finish every single workout because there’s last few minutes is when the change is going to happen .

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