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How to Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week – Instant Belly Fat Loss Scams

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Almost everyone how’s it going today we’re going to talk about a myth that a lot of people believe in when they start up on their fitness journey when they start out you know trying to make a change in their life and try to become more healthy and if they’re fatter bees they basically tend to follow practices based on the belief of this myth and that myth is sport reduction what is port reduction spot reduction is the belief that you can choose voluntarily or consciously aware to lose fat from the best example is that you see a lot of people as soon as they you know decide to start getting more fit in their life and make a change that they start doing loads and loads of crunches thinking that is going to reduce the amount of belly fact that they have because that’s the number one thing that everybody tries to achieve with spot reduction that they try to make their bellies smaller and for some women they try to make their arms smaller for some women they try to make that I smaller and the thing is that spot reduction does what work can you choose where to store fat when you eat food can you you can own the same way you cannot choose where to lose fat from when you are losing fact the thing is there are sometimes signs which make you believe that spot reduction is actually working that if you do loads of crunches you might actually see you know a little bit of definition in your abdominal area and at the same time you might even see yourself losing fat and you might tend to believe that you know it’s actually working on my want to just gonna boot thousand more crunches from now on I’ll tell you two reasons as to why you start to think that it’s actually working the first is that if you’re a beginner or newcomb o2 fitness then what happens is that your body is not used to going all of these calories that is certainly start boning once you start exercising even if it is just three hundred countries a day that hundred crunches a day leads to burning up of a sort of number of calories in your body which provided everything else being equal let’s see if you’re eating the same amount of food but if you start burning a few more calories each and every day because now you’re exercising it is going to result in a loss of fat from your body and that is one of the things which is going to you know show your abdominals a little bit more does that mean that you know you’re losing fat only from their area no your body is going to lose fat from the whole surface like from the whole body the second reason as to why you might believe that this is actually working is because you might be walking your abdominal so much that they’re also starting to hypertrophy hypertrophy means that the muscle is increasing in size if you even have the same amount of fat but your muscle starts increasing in size because you’re training it so much alright if i start doing my arm calls each and every single day my arms are going to increase because they’re getting used to a new kind of stimulus and they have to grow in order to carry out that extra work so the same thing your abdominals are going to grow they are going to show more so like if you’re fat and you saw very little of your abdominals you’re going to see more definition and a little more visibility in your abdominal region simply because you have started walking them and they are starting to grow so even the same fact level they will put you out a little bit more and you will think that oh my god i can see my abs and losing belly fat so these are the two reasons one is that it start boarding extra calories because of which you drop fact overall in your body and the second thing is that you start walking muscles which you weren’t working before and they start growing and because of that you might think that my god i’m able to see my abdominal so that means i’m becoming lean as a mother father but that is not what is happening you cannot choose ready to lose fat from you cannot you’re not God you cannot choose how to do that you will see a lot of people like doing loads of these you know abdominal exercises going to add classes in gyms and you’re buying products that specifically federal creams or gels are those belts that are supposed to blow your fucking stomach so that you know you end up losing fact or something like that and people actually tend to believe in all of that shit and they end up buying all of that do not fall prey to that doesn’t work i personally as of now do not know anything any product that actually has evidence to back up that it causes significant amount of fat loss without doing anything you know without like walking on your diet or your training or anything like that so the key takeaway from this video is that focus on your body as a whole alright train your body as a whole do not focus on any one group of muscles and do not focus on trying to lose fat from any one part of your body because that’s not the way science works all the way biology works on the way biochemistry works and all that should take a wholesome approach take a wholesome approach towards your diet and training and you will see results on your whole body like why do you want to be somebody with chubby ass arms but you want a six-pack it doesn’t even match so like even if the thing works out for you and you end up getting a six pack while you’re a man or by your arms are still looking like a grandma’s arms you’re fucked in the head ok so like don’t do shit like that work on your body all over get a good guide in and get some good training in and you will see also overall yeah you won’t end up placing any money on anything i hope i was able to bust this myth of sport reduction which all of us have especially a lot of people in like countries where there is you know let’s all information about you know the fitness industry and stuff like that they tend to fall prey to this you know even in India a lot of writing a lot of people is going to these abandoned fat-burning classes in the gyms and you know the tight owning and hip toning exercises and our morale and stuff but Tom it doesn’t work what works is you’re right you’re training on an overall level you hopefully will not waste time doing thousand punches but we’ll start training your body completely as well as start feeding your body in order to achieve the goals that you have to achieve and take the proper steps towards achieving your fitness goals rather than trying to take shortcuts so you know bond fact only on one ass of yours not the you know like not right cheek or the left record about a lot of people actually get carried away watching all of these you know Rocky Balboa Louise and bollywood especially on my board i think there was a school we call me cussing and there’s this guy who encounter that pretty stuff three crunches the gym because everybody wants to become a that Bollywood star so just make yourself smarter guys just started a little bit read a little bit do not believe in these fads without you know doing your own research for i was able to clear the air of the myth has been busted if you find this useful shared with somebody who can also find it useful and as usual guys see you soon again bye-bye