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How to Lose Weight Fast 20 Kg in 10 days, Lose belly fat Overnight,Lose weight in 1 week

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Hi friends welcome back to home remedies tips and tricks Channel today in this video I’m going to share a very effective easy and extreme magical weight Loss Drink which will help anyone to lose 20 kgs of weight in just 10 days. This is Tried and tested weight loss magical drink if you have not subscribe to my channel then please subscribe now and keep the bell button to enjoy more effective home remedies which actually was sitting at home you will receive notifications in your email box absolutely free so let’s start make it effective weight loss drink at Home.

Before i start to explain how to make this drink i want to tell few things please avoid oily food, white rice,white bread, chocolate, ice cream, chicken, mutton, and stop drinking wine.Please walk at least 30 minutes daily while taking this drink for 10 days and drink 3 liters of water daily to make my effective weight loss drink at home we need few drops of lemon juice lemon juice contains vitamin C and is high in Pectin fiber which helps to fight our hunger cravings lemon juice flushes out unwanted materials and toxins from our body making our Urinary tract healthy.Ascorbic Acid or vitamin C present in lemon juice helps to relieve symptoms of indigestion and Bloating .one small piece of raw turmeric Or Curcumin helps to boost our immune system by lowering Cholestrol Lvels.

It fights with depression and naturally detoxifies waste materials from our body turmeric helps in weight loss as it helps to fight against insulin resistance and controls sugar levels which helps to retain extra fat by lowering chances of developing diabetes it gives instant relief from upset stomach and is very good for our skin one teaspoon of raw honey when mixed with warm water and lemon juice helps to prevent constipation giving a clear skin with speeds up weight Loss process much faster and easier now let’s see how to prepare this effective weight-loss drink take a deep saucepan and add 1 cup of water to it now your homemade effective powerful fat melting weight-loss drink is ready to consume.Have this weight loss Fat Cutter Drink drink thrice in a day before each meal at least one hour before each meal daily for 20 days.

Have this weight loss drink in an empty stomach every morning.You will notice tremendous difference in your weight loss in just 20 days this weight Loss drink will boost your immune system by lowering cholesterol levels and diabetes. Please try on this effective fat melting weight loss drink at home and share your valuable feedback with me below in comments section please do share this video with your family friends relatives and all your social networking sites so that others can get benefited to see you in my next video