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How to Manifest ANYTHING in 17 Seconds! (FAST LAW OF ATTRACTION TIP)!

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Hello my divas and queens! Welcome back to my channel! This is your girl Wendy. We are going to talk about how to manifest anything you want in 17 seconds using the law of attraction. Yassss! So, ok, many of you may have heard of this 17 second manifestation equation. If you are a fan of Abraham Hicks, which I am, then you would have heard of it. But in case you don’t know, this is super easy to do. Basically, you just focus on something for 17 seconds and then it’s manifested. Boom! Easy! Done! End of video. No, I am kidding. Let me go a little more in depth so that you can understand the mechanics of how it works. Basically what Abraham Hicks says is that when you focus on something for as long as 17 seconds without any contradicting thoughts. So what does that mean? Let’s break this down. How do you get to this state where you focus on your desire for 17 seconds, which, I mean, seems like it’s not that long.

But if you are used to conflicting thoughts, which we often do, especially with the things we really really want, that can happen. So how do we get into that state? I am going to give us some tips. The point is that you have to kind of get into that state where you are in the flow. You are primed already to be in that 17 second state. This is how you do it. Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools ever. When you get into, not just being grateful, you can be grateful and write all you want “I am grateful for this, I am grateful for that”. But it’s really the feeling, the feeling tone of like, truly feeling gratitude.

That’s when you are completely aligned as F! I suggest that you write down and think about what you are grateful for before you go into 17 seconds. This is how I do it. Instead of say, “I am grateful for this, I am grateful for that”, like literally, thank people for what they have given you. I am just going to give you an example, where I can just stay in gratitude. Thank you so much for wonderful sunshine today. Thank you to my friend who has been so kind to me, who has been sending me a lot of love and support while I was going through a hard time. Thank you so much… I actually say thank you to that person. Thank you Universe for providing me with a very safe house. Thank you Universe for giving me all this money. So you thank and thank and thank. And at this point, when you are really feeling it, you can see your energy shift. You can feel your energy shift. And, I actually literally feel it in my heart. When I get to the point where I am so grateful, I actually start tearing up, or I start crying because the feeling of gratitude just feels so good.

So I dwell into that feeling of gratitude. First of all, thank all the things that actually have happened to you, to your current reality. You know, thank for things that actually is happening to your life right now. But then, after you thanked the universe and whoever for awhile, and you are the state where you feel really really good, that’s when you switch. And you switch to thinking something that is on its way, ok? So let’s say you try to attract a pile of money. You are trying to manifest money using the law of attraction. So you say, thank you for sending me $10,000. Then, you start thinking.. I am closing my eyes because that’s the best way. Start thinking about how that $10,000 comes in, and how you are grateful for it. And then you just keep going on and on and on.. you think about who is giving it to you, imagine all the situations where it comes to you, what are you going to do with that $10,000, and then you feel so good, so grateful to the Universe, and then, you just keep going for as long as you can.

Now, you can put the timer on for 17 seconds, but honestly, by then, as you already been thanking the universe for all kinds of things, you can just go to town. I mean you can try to time it but I would just say keep going on and on as long as you can, and you can go on for as long as I think two minutes. Anything more than 2 minutes, you can start getting into like weird territory like where doubts may creep in, or you start thinking about other things. At the most 2 minutes, and already things are coming at your FAST because you are in the mode of gratitude.

This is a little trick that I have for you guys. Definitely try that out. Just try to see it, visualize it, feel the feeling of gratitude, like you are so grateful that you have received this thing just like all the other things you have received. And see yourself thanking the universe for having this and what are you doing with it? Just really really feel it from every cell of your body that gratitude, and the feeling of having that thing. So try that out and then if you do it enough times, enough 17 seconds, it’s gotta come to you baby! There’s no other choice! It’s just the LAW! The Law never fails, the Law is always accurate and meticulous, you just have to be in alignment.

So, gratitude is a great way to get into alignment, and a great way to you just shift to something that is about to happen because it has to when you are in gratitude. Whatever you desire has to happen right there. IT’s just the law! Good luck with this. Do let me know down below if you have tried this or you have other manifestation and law of attraction techniques, I want to hear about it. I am always learning, I am always growing, and I want to learn and grow with you. So please consider subscribing to my channel if you like this video, and clicking the bell button, leave me a comment like I said, I love hearing from you.

Oh, also I am on Instagram! @DivaMakeupQueen and also @CellistWendyLaw! I’ll see you next time! Bye! .

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