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How To Manifest ANYTHING You Want in 24 HOURS!! | Law of Attraction (WARNING!!! INSTANT RESULTS!)

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In this video, I’m going to show you how to manifest what you want anything that you want in 24 hours or less sounds crazy but let me show you how to do it this is Jake Ducey with and let’s dive right into how to manifest what you want in 24 hours or less okay so here’s what you gotta understand and it came from this guy with gray hair guess what his name was Albert Einstein and here’s what he told this time really doesn’t exist in our linear world so it’s 24 hours from now how to manifest in 24 hours it doesn’t exist what you want already exists we live in a world of pure infinite meaning there’s no limit so you might say wow look at that star way out there so far out there and maybe an astronomer says you yeah that’s actually 946 thousand light-years away to your mind it may be very far but it’s a numbers you can quantify that number in a linear fashion right and so you might say okay I get then it seems that’s very far but at least I can quantify it right but then what happens well what happens if we get there what’s on the other side of those zillion light-years away how much further does space go well it’s infinite what’s on the other side of infinite is that wall on the other side of infinite like and then the question is well what’s on the other side of that wall more infinite infinite infinite we live in an infinite world and Albert Einstein himself this isn’t new thought this isn’t hippie-dippie law of attraction Albert Einstein himself has told us that time doesn’t exist in the linear fashion but what’s our biggest hiccup we think that we need something to happen for us to get something that we want in the future so what you have to realize is that everything that you want is already manifested or neville goddard said it best there’s no such thing as truly creative there’s a there’s a misconception that manifesting means that you’re creating something whereas manifesting quite simply means that you’re getting and harmony with something that already exists because think about it all the money that you want it already exists in fact there’s so much money printed that the value of the taller is it loses value every single year money is now debt if you have a bunch of paper money it’s not debt because it’s losing value every year the money you want exists your soulmate already exists on planet Earth your dream house exists either already built or the raw materials and the actual place it will be already exists everything you want already exists it’s just that we have to come in harmony with it now this is the tricky thing right the tricky thing is we’re generally not in harmony with what we want why because first of all we don’t grasp one very important thing we don’t grasp one very important thing that we’re already one with everything that we want why are we one with everything that we want we’re one with everything that we want because there’s only one source of energy here you can call that God you can call that the universe you can call that light vibration consciousness I don’t care what you call it Allah Jesus that’s a matter Alan Watts says he can’t get wet by the word walk I say we used to believe in the in the Newtonian model of physics which essentially said that we live in a physical world the solid matter and we are essentially at subject to this physical world Albert Einstein comes along and he says equals MC squared equals MC squared what does that mean essentially what he discovered is that energy and matter are so connected that they’re actually one in the same the energy is the building blocks of the whole universe and at the subatomic level after them at the level beyond what we can see with the naked eye there’s only one consciousness that’s in different frequencies just like you have different channel changers there’s what everything is God everything is spirit everything is vibration everything is energy everything is consciousness it’s all just different manifestations of that one thing and when you recognize that and then you realize what our and Einstein said that actually that linear time doesn’t exist there is no time it’s a man-made concept it’s just a way that we cope with reality otherwise it makes no sense to us it’s too crazy to comprehend and so when you realize that everything you want is already here so it’s not the question isn’t am I good enough is it possible hell yeah it’s possible why would it not be possible it already exists if you want to make a million dollars not only is it possible the million dollars is already here if you want a soulmate he or she is already here your dream house is already here your dream career is already here it’s about us getting in harmony with it it’s about us Aldous Huxley once said that if the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear as it is infinite well you remember that the ban of the doors Jim Morrison got the name the doors from that Aldous Huxley quote if the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear as it is infinite you’d realize it’s infinite that you’re one with everything that you desire and so the question is what do you want to create how do you want to live your life because that’s not subject to anything right so if you wanted to manifest your soulmate make a million dollars what is it that you want to create knowing that time doesn’t exist and the real question here is one how do you want to go about living your life right because in the same way all of the an FM radio stations already exist right that would be a perfect example so it makes us sense but the thing is you can’t get 102.1 FM unless you’re on the frequency of it unless you’ve turned the knob to it look at your body look at your life like the radio knob that turns to the frequency of reality that you want for you to get to ninety-nine point nine at that in your car you have to turn the knob there you can’t be on eighty eight point six right you have to turn the knob there it’s not about time existing well is this gonna take me three years to get to that radio station no well take you literally one second you just turn the knob over there but then when it comes to reality we say well but how that’s a big manifestation that’s a big desire I mean that might take me nine years I might take me 40 years I may never get that I might not even be good enough I mean is that even possible for me why wouldn’t it be possible for you if it’s possible for him it’s possible for you there’s no reason that it wouldn’t be possible it’s it already exists it’s that you have to turn your radio numb your life your thought patterns in alignment with the possibility rather than the absence of it because everything is really two things the presence and the absence of it think about that everything is really two things the presence or the absence of it and we live in a world of infinite possibilities where everything that you want already exists and time truly doesn’t exist and somebody says I want more money but what are they doing they’re not focused on the money they’re focused on the absence of the money right they say well if this really works why isn’t it in my bank account yet I mean my job my job’s only paying me this and I mean have you seen the economy lately and I mean I don’t remain is really there focus on the absence of the money people do that with the relationships I really want my beam bleeping hey pretty mama but then what are they doing there’s no good guys out there there’s no good guys right poor men say you know the hardest thing is you can find a really pretty women or you can find a really nice one but you can’t find one that’s really cool and really pretty you get one or the other there focus on the absence of what they want so you can’t see the presence of it there’s a part of your brain called your reticular activating system your reticular activating system whatever is your dominant focus it creates that reality for you and so what’s happening is we’re focused on the absence of what we want so we immediately create it and so you say it takes this is gonna take me a long time to do this thing you know I might not need good enough so your reticular activating system it doesn’t know the difference between what you do want what you don’t want what’s good for you what’s bad for you it just follows the commands off of the way that your attention goes and so your attention is on the absence of what you want or that time is going to be a factor that’s not going to allow you to get what you want because it’s gonna take too long and that’s too big and you’re not good enough and you didn’t do good on your group SATs and you know you’ve never made much money and you know you’re a little bit too – not good-looking enough or you don’t have enough good things to attract your ideal relationship or here’s all these reasons why in the past and we’re carrying that around focus on the absence of what we want and since time doesn’t exist and we’re one with everything in the source of creation what happens is we immediately create the absence of it and then we say see this doesn’t work it’s just nothing I don’t have enough time and so if you have a problem with any of that download my free successive process use that it’s free it’s an mp3 you can listen to it immediately because it’s all subconscious programming we’ve been programmed negatively in our world so we buy things we don’t need and so we think lowly of ourselves who were easy to control by the mass corporations download that Jake’s hypnosis calm press the subscribe button in the corner and remember you can manifest what you want as fast as you actually believe possible everything is two things the presence of it or the since of it in your life be sure to comment where in the world you’re coming from I’m in Maui the sun’s about the set right out that window so I’m gonna go watch the sunset love the know where in the world you’re coming from see you soon