Law of Attraction

How to MANIFEST LOVE & ATTRACT A RELATIONSHIP With the Law of Attraction! (3 POWERFUL Tips!)

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many people ask me how they can use the law of attraction to manifest a relationship and the even bigger question I get is how to attract a specific person or reconnect with an ex-partner in this video I’m going to give you three powerful tips to attract your ideal partner if you begin to understand the principles given in this video and apply them in your life manifesting the relationship you desire will be easier than ever before number one examine your self-image your self-image is the key to any manifestation you’re trying to bring into your life it’s very important to be centered and grounded if you’re seeking a fun and healthy relationship your thoughts words and behavior will all need to be in harmony imbalance in order for you to line up with your desire and this is why introspection is such an important step in manifestation it requires taking a look at how you feel about having the person you want to attract in your life do you feel worthy are you confident are you content with who you are are you already happy what brings joy and fulfillment to your life what are you passionate about when you get into alignment with your own happiness you become much more attractive to the people around you being at peace with yourself is the first step learning to be happy and content with who you are in any circumstance is the most important thing you can do to begin attracting whole and centered individuals into your life when you start treating yourself as important and love yourself more you will automatically bring more of that to you ask yourself how you feel when you’re alone do you feel an inner peace and happiness can you entertain yourself and be content if the answer is no this is what you’ll need to work on first the best way to change the way others treat you is to change how you treat yourself as you make yourself a priority and treat yourself with more love and kindness you begin to emit a vibration that matches love importance and worthiness of attention you can begin doing this with a simple affirmation such as I love myself and I’m proud of Who I am or I now choose to make myself a priority and begin loving myself more and more each day there’s something amazing about loving yourself without the need for anyone else to create that for you it places you in a perfect position of attracting many options as a potential partner number two avoid the trap of wanting having a strong desire is important but when you think about your desire it should feel like icing on the cake rather than the cake itself if you spend your time constantly wanting a relationship you carry a vibration that aligns with insufficiency or lack to want is to focus on something that isn’t there yet and it’s never a good idea to downgrade your desire into desperation when you carry a vibration of lack that’s exactly what you’ll get in return more lack whenever you notice that you are feeling lonely or sad about being single take that time to offer yourself more appreciation do something you enjoy to get your vibration back up so it matches contentment or happiness the more you do this the more you’ll stay focused on the feeling states that line you up with their relationship you desire it’s also a great idea to put yourself in a place where you can people watch as you do this pick out the individuals that have certain characteristics that match the type of partner that you choose mentally tell yourself what aspects you like about each person as they walk by for instance I like how tall that person is and appreciate the fact that a partner who is about that same height is coming into my life or I like how kind that person is being to others this is a quality that I would enjoy from the person I’m in a relationship with this will help you fine-tune your order to the universe and redirect your mindset into one of being more positive number three focus on the characteristics of what you want when you’re trying to attract someone back into your life the feeling States can be a bit all over the place especially if they’ve done something to upset you much like the previous step you’ll want to focus on the characteristics that you like while dismissing the things that you don’t by centering your attention on a person’s positive qualities you will notice that they almost always begin to display more of that to you always strive to see the positive aspects of other people this works in all relationships but it is especially important when you want to attract someone back into your life finding things to appreciate always provides us with more things to appreciate if there are mixed feelings about a specific person don’t focus on that person imagined someone else that has the positive characteristics that you liked in this person when we focus solely on one individual we cut ourselves off from other options that are available oftentimes when the attention is shifted to other people and the positive things that you like about them you’ll attract someone that has these same qualities that you like but that may even be a better fit for you for many people who hear this in particular those who want to have their ex back the immediate response is that there isn’t a better if you feel this way it will be up to you to examine that thought and the belief in detail there are so many possibilities available but a belief such as this will keep them from having the chance of being an option your dominant thoughts beliefs feelings and actions are the cause that produce the effect attracting a partner into your life is the result of how you feel about yourself and life in general therefore it’s very important to embody the feeling of love contentment and completeness so that is the signal that you are sending out the sooner you start to show yourself greater love and respect and focus on the things that you like about others the sooner you will manifest the relationship you desire