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How To Reduce Bloating | Get Flat Stomach | 10 Reasons Why You’re Bloated

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Hey everyone, so today. I’m going to talk about one of the most annoying conditions that most of us are suffering from and that’s bloating this word Irritates the heck out of me because I’ve been suffering from bloating since I was a child. It’s super annoying Super uncomfortable and makes you feel like you’re fat when you’re not It’s just because of some gas in your stomach or in your intestine that Making it bloat like a moon! So for me I’ve been suffering from bloating since I was child I Obviously didn’t know that it was you know bloating, But I always have like a really sharp pain in my stomach and also my intestine very nice Huh? I had no idea that I had bloating problems for a long time because I thought that normal because I had it since I was a little girl like maybe like, when Iwas 5 years old or whatever, I can’t remember But I remember having stomach aches like every other day or every week, definitely every week So after all these years I am definitely an expert in bloating ache – stomach aches Still not an expert in solving it because obviously everyone’s body is different you’re gonna have a different reaction to certain food and stuff like that, and it’s obviously a lot of tricks you can learn Today I’m going to talk about what causes bloating and what you can do to avoid it so yeah, let’s Do this! so the first cause to bloating is eating too much in one go.

Basically stuffing your face with So much food and you’re going to feel really comfortable because the stomach is going to have a hard time Digesting so much food and hence it bloats. I’m Sure a lot of us do this. I used to eat three meals a day or two meals a day So when it’s lunchtime. I just stuff myself with so much food because I’m starving *Yummy!* So what you can do if the split your meals into a maybe 4-5 meals a day Or have some snacks in between so you’re not like starving before your the next meal because when you’re Starving you’re going to eat a lot in one go And you’re going to feel like you don’t feel like crap 100%! So yeah split your meals into smaller meals! so the second reason is possibly because you don’t chew your food fine enough, so that is definitely one of my problems because Sometimes when I get too hungry, I just don’t chew my food.

I just kind of swallow it So the digestion process stuff in your mouth, so you got to chew your food Because the saliva has an enzyme that helps to break down the food So that’s gonna take off a lot of pressure on your stomach and on top of that our saliva has this anti bacterial agent That’s going to help with inflammation In your stomach and also in intestine So remember to chew your food because your stomach and intestine are going to be very thankful for that So the third reason is possibly because – we eat too fast so on top of not chewing your food when you’re eating too fast You’re going to be swallowing a lot of air when you’re eating fast, so you’re basically Swallowing air with your food and obviously your stomach can be bloated unless if you burp Or if you fart, but farting is gonna take awhile because you got to ingest it, it’s gotta go intoiyour stomach It’s going to go to your small intestine It’s going to go to your large intestine go to your rectum, and then your fart comes out So that’s going to take a while, so you’re going to feel bloated for 12 hours Chew your food and eat slowly So the next reason is probably a little uncommon So basically drinking water while you’re eating can affect your digestion which then causes bloating Issues, so I probably do practice this, I try to not drink water while eating.

I drink water Maybe like half an hour to an hour before I eat, so I’m not super strict about it But I generally don’t drink water while eating, so having too much liquids Or juices while you’re eating it’s gonna dilute your digestive juices and your stomach acids So that’s going to interfere with your digestion process, and on top of that liquid Juices, water, they are really easy to pass through your stomach so if you’re eating and drinking at the same time your water gets trapped with the food in your stomach and That’s going to make if you bloated because the water just can’t pass through because there’s food So you’re going to do bloated for a longer time? So that’s the reason why I drinking water while you’re eating will make you feel bloated for a longer time, but if you’re really thirsty you want to drink some water just go for it I’m not saying you can’t drink water while you’re eating So the next reason is probably water retention and not drinking enough water So drinking water is really important because it helps to flush out the toxins in your body and also if your water retention Problems from possibly eating too much sodium or maybe possibly in your genetic that you get water retention a bit more easily Then drinking water is going to really help to that.

Some of you are possibly thinking How is drinking water is going to help with water retention, I have so much freaking water in my body how is drinking water going to help with that! It’s going to help because it’s going to flash out the excess sodium and water in your body So drink at least eight glasses of water a day if you’re not exercising I personally drink more than twelve glasses of water a day I don’t even know it because I drink so much water, so it your stomach is anything like mine Then you’re pretty unlucky I’m sorry.

Because I can’t eat lots of food It’s like a whole list of food that I can’t eat because I’m going to feel really uneasy bloated cramps, pain Needles poking my stomach so that’s how Horrible my stomach and intestines is like for my entire life So I can’t eat foods like broccoli cauliflower. I can still eat cooked broccoli and cauliflower in moderation just not too much and definitely not raw because last time I had raw broccoli I was sick for an entire day I was throwing up, so I can’t eat things like apples pears I mean I still have apples sometimes because I love apples, so I can eat raw cabbage brussel sprouts, the list goes on guys like a lot of food so that this one time in, I think in middle school I had an apple before I went to school because maybe I wanted to be healthy or whatever, and after I had my apple my stomach just cramped up and feels like someone is squeezing the stomach and it’s like needles poking everywhere.

It was so bad I was in so much pain. I can’t even sit up So I had to call my mom to pick me up from school because I just couldn’t do it like It was just so painful. So that’s pretty much my reaction to certain Foods, so Yeah, it sucks I don’t always have such bad reactions with apples like maybe 80% of the time I’ll feel like I have bad cramps after eating apples so I can’t eat like a whole apple without feeling sick it’s best for me to have just a little bit and Yeah, so another thing that can cause lots of bloating issues for me. It’s raw vegetables, so raw salad leaves and raw Kale because The fibers are a lot more tough to digest. Obviously that’s going to cause some digestion problems for me And that’s the reason why you see me cook all my vegetables in my videos because that will help me with my digestion problems So another reason that you might have bloating stomach is because if you drink too much soda like fizzy drinks like Coke, fancy sparkling water and Anything that has gas in it, and I don’t drink water through straws because you’re basically sucking in air while you’re drinking, so drink it, just like how a normal person drink water and chewing gum! Your basically chewing and swallowing air so that’s not good! Next is sugar alcohol So when you see those packaged with that label thing saying that there’s no sugar added There’s a really really high chance that they have sugar alcohols added in it.

So things like low carb protein bars No, sugar addict cookies – It’s a very high chance that they have sugar alcohols So sugar alcohols tend to cause digestive Problems because they tend to reach the Bacteria in the large pink of science and this bacteria digest them and produce gas which then cause the big bellies! so try to Avoid sugar alcohols Next it’s one of the most obvious problem when it comes to big bellies, and it’s Constipation. Eat enough soluble fiber and insoluble fiber – drink lots of water And that’s going to help you to push all those crap out of your body so there’s also other things that can help with your digestion and So probiotics is really good because it really helps with your gut health and also if you’re allergic to lactose You can try to take lactize before you eat any sort of lactose products and there’s also other digestive enzymes that helps with digesting – beans – vegetables – and Yeah, so these are some tips that have helped me in the last couple years and I hope this helps you too umm, alot of it is just habits, So we have horrible habits as a human being, so we just have to adjust our habits and adjust our diet based on what our body is sensitive too.

So yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video and please give this video a thumbs up because It really helps me out. Thanks so much for watching guys, and I’ll see you in the next video .