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How to Stay Motivated on YouTube when You Want to Quit — 5 Tips

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So if you’ve been on YouTube for very long you’ve probably realized that it can be hard and it gets discouraging so in this video we’ll be sharing five tips on how to stay motivated right now this video is brought to you by vid IQ the number one Chrome extension for youtubers looking for OnPoint data analysis research resources and enhanced video creator tools start getting more views in less time today by signing up for free at vid IQ comm slash influence that’s vid IQ comm slash influence hey what’s up Sean here benji here and this is video influencers helping you build your influence income and impact with online video and on this channel we have weekly tips videos as well as interviews with some of the top influencers on youtube so if you’re new here consider subscribing so visual snaps asks my struggle is with being patient with the slow growth of my channel and being happy with the small amount of traffic that i get and we know that a lot of you in the influencers community are feeling this same way so let’s jump into the tips tip number one remember your why why did you even start youtube right did you want to be successful did you want to support your family did you want to be rich was there something that motivated you in the first place to even subscribe to this channel learn about YouTube create these videos and gain subscribers it’s the most easiest way for me my white is my family so every time I get discouraged or maybe I have like a hard day I always remember that I’m doing all this because I want to provide for my family and I want to take care of them and remember the root word of motivation is motive so what’s your motive you know from interviewing over a hundred video influencers on this channel we’ve discovered that those that are most successful on this platform have the deepest reasons why they want to build their influence on this platform so what are your reasons in fact post one of your reasons in the comments section below and we also want to encourage you that you know famous fine and building a fortune is fine but typically if your primary reasons for success they just might not last as Benji mentioned family maybe it’s a cause you care about maybe it’s something that you want to prove or you know live up to your own dreams really take some time to discover reasons and even write down reasons that will fuel you when times get hard tip number two creating goals and making a plan you know some of the most successful people they stay motivated because they’re going to a destination take a road trip for example if you have a city or a place you want to go to it’s gonna be a lot easier to be like I need to get there and I’m gonna continue working till I get there the plan is your route if you’ve got a plan it’s gonna be easier to figure out how you’re gonna get to the destination or the goal and that’s why so important to have these things if you want to stay motivated on your journey to success yeah one of the big causes of being demotivated is kind of overwhelm and confusion and the way to get clear is to have a written plan and we really recommend write down your goals write down your plan and then to be reminded of just the next step you know if you only focus on the destination it can be overwhelming it seems like it’s really far away but if you only focus on the next step then you could focus on what you can control and not what you can’t control you know you ultimately can’t control how many views you’re getting you can’t control maybe how fast you want to grow you can influence those things but you know what you can control how often you’re uploading you can control working on your communication skills your video editing skills making yourself better at creating content little by little so what are your goals for your YouTube channel but also what are your goals for your content what skills do you want to learn this year what kind of things do you want to invest in that will help you get to your journey do you want to level up your camera do you want to level up your gear that could be all part of your plan maybe you can’t do it all today but is it written down you know if it’s not written it’s not real and so one of the biggest ways to get motivated is take all the stress worry and overwhelm that’s in your head and put it on paper maybe even write down your fears but also write down your plan because what you want to do is plan your work and then work your plan a suggestion I want to make that I do is what goals you have for yourself put it in front of you all the time I put my goals on my bathroom window so the first thing I see when I wake up is that goal when I’m working at the computer I like to put my goal under this screen so I’m seeing that constantly as I’m working it’s so important to put these goals in front of you anywhere that you’re at so there you’re always staying motivated on reaching that goal tip number three for staying motivated on YouTube is people surround yourself with people online and offline that will encourage you on your journey you know if you’ve been a content creator for very long you’ve probably realized that you’ll face not just discouragement but then it also can be lonely and so we found that you need to connect with other people that will encourage you and maybe that’s just in some private Facebook groups of other Creators maybe that’s online in different sites web sites chats whatever and also offline though who can you maybe connect with in your local community you can look at meetup comm for local social media or entrepreneur business meetups by the way they don’t just have to be youtubers you just want to be around people that will encourage you to keep going for your dreams keep leveling up your skills keep investing in yourself and in your work surround yourself with quality people that will keep you inspired something is shauna and i do often is we talk to each other we will actually call each other up and we’ll talk for like a good thirty minutes and oftentimes it’s about videos we’re planning or events that we want to go to but half the time we’re just talking about how pumped up we are you know I don’t know when Sean is down or up and he doesn’t know when I’m down or up but often times the end result of our calls is we’re both motivated we’re pumped up and we’re like ready for the next day of shooting or ready to plan videos so who is it that you can call that you can actually talk to to get motivated today and one other tip is you might want to check out a live event this year and we know it costs money and there’s travel but consider blocking some time to get to a live event of other creators and we’ll actually link to a video and put it in the description below of some of the top YouTube events that we recommend and we attend ourselves and if you can make it this year we’d love to connect with you tip number four create a great morning routine often times how you start your day will influence everything else and I like to work out put good food in me plan what I’m gonna do and most of all put my goals in front of me oftentimes that helps keep me motivated throughout the day so true and you know I’ve noticed that even personally when it comes to staying motivated I need fresh motivation every single day and so just like we have oral hygiene or body hygiene I really believe we need mind hygiene like working on our thinking getting into the right state of mind and just like Benji I like to wake up and I spend time in prayer reading spend time journaling listening to content that’s gonna build my vision build my faith build my courage get my body activated my mind sparked so that you can then take on the challenges of that day if you’re feeling discouraged consider giving yourself a powerful morning routine I call mine the prizefighter morning routine that helps keep me charged and focused so that I can face every obstacle including discouragement one of the things I like to do that I think you can also do is listen to motivational music motivational podcast you know everybody’s busy in life and one of the things we can all do is put some earphones on and just listen to something very positive and it gets you motivated and YouTube had tons of uploads like that so consider listening something that’ll get you sparked in the morning and make for a great day and we’d love to hear from you let us know in the comments one thing you like to do every day to stay motivated tip number five embrace the struggle maybe the reason you’re watching this is because you’re facing some challenges you’ve got some struggles you’re hitting some hard times I can tell you after doing this for ten years I also hit those walls all the time and getting motivation is still important for me but know that you’re not alone this is something that everybody successful or just starting out experiences when they’re on YouTube absolutely you know our struggle is something that we can kind of all relate to I think about on shoot lit days like this where we’re shooting a batch of videos we’re gonna try to shoot 10 videos in one day I wake up on shoot days and I actually face anxiety I kind of face overwhelm and we think about influencers we’ve interviewed who’ve opened up to us about feeling insecure or battling depression or battling negative thoughts you know the struggle is real and the struggle is something that we’re all facing together so when you feel like you’re alone just remember you are not alone we’re in this together and we all need each other to stay motivated lastly we just want to say YouTube is a marathon not a sprint you know we understand this is can be challenging we know you’re going through struggles just know that Shauna and I have been doing this for 10 years and we’re always facing challenges ourselves and we know the struggle can be real especially when you’re just starting out so keep uploading keep improving and note that there’s light at the end of the road and there’s a lot of opportunity on YouTube even if you’re just starting now question of the day what is one of your tips for staying motivated as a content creator let us know in the comments section below so thanks for checking out this video subscribe if you’re not subscribed and for more videos in our motivation series click or tap the screen right there for another video for video influencers click or tap the screen right there as always we’re helping you build your influence income impact with online videos talk to you later