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How to Use Visualization to MANIFEST ANYTHING! POWERFUL Tool! (Law of Attraction) Neville Exercise

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Neville Goddard was a profoundly influential teacher and author he taught others how to create their reality through concentrated emotion and imagination he was known for his in-depth translations of biblical teachings and instructing individuals on how to live with the end feeling of having what they want in private teachings the following exercise was given to his students to prove to them that we each manifest our physical existence he stated that if the experiment failed for his students it would prove to them that he was a fraud try the process for yourself and see how it works for 3 nights in a row choose a position that you don’t normally sleep in for example if you favor sleeping on your right side choose your left side for this process as you are going to sleep close your eyes and vividly picture a ladder in front of you imagine taking your left hand reaching out and taking hold of the left side of the ladder now imagine taking your right hand and grabbing the other side of the ladder in your imagination see and feel yourself lifting your left foot and placing it on the bottom rung of the ladder now pull yourself up and imagine using all of your limbs to climb the ladder feel the sides of the ladder in your hands your feet moving up each rung of the ladder one at a time and feel yourself moving higher and higher to the top of the ladder when you reach the top of the ladder climb back down then climb back to the top and down again for three nights climb this ladder to sleep in other words use all of your senses to climb up and down this ladder until you have drifted off the second part of Neville’s process was equally important write several notes that say I will not climb a ladder and place them in many different places that you will see them throughout the day for instance in your wallet as a phone or computer screen saver on your bathroom mirror and bedside table and on your refrigerator each time you see these notes tell yourself that you really will not climb a ladder and convince yourself that this is true after three days of using this visualization let it go many people report that they find themselves being presented with random opportunities to climb a ladder such as being asked to pull something down from a top shelf for someone you might climb the ladder within the week or it might take you longer but let the opportunity present itself to you rather than making it happen if you do not climb a ladder you can repeat the exercise for another three nights or night after night until you do climb the ladder according to one of Neville’s students mister yo Locker at the end of the week of this experiment if his students climbed the ladder in some random way they were welcome back to nevels next lecture which ended up being a much smaller group Neville told those who came back the following week now you all climb the ladder and you could have just as easily made a million bucks in cash as you did in climbing the ladder I’m going to teach you how to be healthy wealthy and wise this process is a true indicator of the power of the subconscious mind and how easily it can be influenced especially in the right state the intention behind it was to prove to neville students how the power of imagining into sleep could succeed in changing a whole day of thinking something that was the opposite the students were told to repeat to themselves many times that they would not climb a ladder but to imagine as they drifted off that they did because the idea of climbing a ladder is so general most people won’t ask themselves endless questions about the details of how the ladder got there where it came from and so on this keeps any resistance from being in the way of creating the outcome once you succeed in climbing a ladder through this exercise you can try the same process with anything you wish to manifest for instance the ladder of success the ladder of love the ladder of wisdom the ladder that leads to the car you desire or whatever it is that you want by using this process your attempts at what you want have less resistance attached to them because very few are attached to climbing a ladder mr.

Locher who has given his personal testimony of this process not only climbed the ladder but also climbed the ladder of success in his life he went from having very little money to becoming a multi-millionaire he also stated quite vividly that he thought Neville was crazy but after following his instructions and becoming a student of his for some time he realized the power he had to create his reality in his own words he says I have no worries I have nothing to worry about because I know if I get into any kind of trouble that I can imagine my way out of it because the thing that runs your life and everybody’s life is what you’re thinking when you go to sleep that’s what runs your life completely if you take my advice you will never go to sleep depressed you will never go to sleep unhappy if you’re unhappy then think about whatever will make you feel happy and grateful in regards to his financial success he stated I have absolutely no doubt I could get a hundred-dollar bill from somebody and I could study it day and night it’s with me and I would start counting them and I’d start smelling it and I’d feel it I’d work with it and I’d count it I’d count it I count it pretty soon I could count 100 thousand dollars no problem I do it every night going into sleep and then the money would come to me I don’t do anything I just imagine into sleep try the latter process given for three nights and see if you are presented with an opportunity to climb a ladder in some unusual way and if you are you will be able to prove to yourself that the law of attraction really does work and you can use this visualization to climb a ladder to whatever you desire

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