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HSN | Chef Wolfgang Puck Holiday Gifts 12.10.2017 – 12 AM

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Scholz they come beautifully gift boxed and anyone you choose is under $30 they’re on four flex this year and free shipping and handling which we did not do last year and it sold out early in the day so let me show you what your three options are please know I mentioned last hour the today’s special and thousands of you already pre-ordered so your first option your first of three today’s specials is going to be your set of two electric gravity spice meals Mills they’re absolutely gorgeous these are upgraded with the ceramic inserts this is all done in glass they’re beautifully boxed in your choice of color so we have that gorgeous eggplant we have copper champagne red rose gold or silver look at the box on this and by the way inside the box is two separate boxes so if you want to break this up as a gift and get two of the chef’s pie smells or and give them away separately you can definitely do that absolutely showed him how easy it is to operate here you have two container when you put your pepper your salt your spices and then all you have to do is screw them on here and that’s it so you see and then you take off the top and then all you have to do is go like this will show you after over there we made it simpler for you I know we sold a lot of our other ones look how easy it is I just take that off here uh-huh see that and there you have it and his father Ryu operated so makes life so easy and your box gorgeous you put a bow on it and you have the perfect hostess gift right there I will say that last year when we did this when we didn’t have free shipping and handling and we do this year the spice mills were the first to sell out please don’t wait on that one now your second of your three today’s specials from the chef is going to be the most amazing set of 12 knives again beautifully gift box already a customer pick everybody found them on hsn.com and I was my best customer already or Paul managers and all of my chefs are getting for the holidays the knives naturally my wife gelila already said what about us yep I have to get 24 for us for the home because if we have 20 P for 24 people over yeah that’s as much as our Pig table outside fits so we want everybody to get the knives like but I also love I got them in different colors everyone is the same exactly now these are modeled after a set of knives there were more than 330 dollars so they’re under 30 for you that’s it captain our restaurant I couldn’t afford them anymore they’re from a famous company in France called lucky old they are like $70 a knife oh no and you know people know it’s expensive so they took them home afterwards so I said yeah it is I make $5 the steak and then I lose the money with the knife okay well then you need to pick up multiple cents for sure if it’s good enough for the chef to give to his chefs in his restaurants that season you’re gonna be proud to give these as gifts remember they are beautifully gift boxed and they come with a 5-year warranty so you choose do you want that cranberry we have them in black eggplant purple the emerald green or we have them in own opaque is it well the emerald green already on its way to selling out I know it is the most amazing person I tell you my boys Oliver and Alexander now at home if they have the Venus nets a chicken pres lamb chop or a steak and our housekeeper puts on the table nice silver knives they said where are my steak knives I need the steak knives I cannot cut it with the thing and let me tell you one more little story before we leave the knives when I open cut ten years ago I said we have fancy silver cutlery and everything and the first week a customer comes up to me and says wolf can you open a steakhouse and your steaks I cannot even cut it it is so tough and I said damn it what happened it’s so tough I thought we bought the best meat and then I go in the kitchen I cut it with my kitchen knife I said you stand there like crazy then I told him bring the knife from the dining room I cut it and I said it’s the stupid made me look so bad I was so angry so then I had to give him a small kitchen knife to eat his steak about so funny and since then in all of our restaurant Spago Shinhwa or if it’s at the belayer everywhere we used that why because nobody gonna say you have a tough steak you’re gonna cut through it like butter I’ve been there haven’t you where you put out your you serve dinner and you put out the steak knives and you’re like oh my gosh yeah it’s denied most of the time if you can cut it nice and small pieces even if you don’t have the most expensive meat it’s still easier that’s better and there’s the gift box if your bow and go the perfect hostess gift seven dollars and fifty cents on your charge card and free shipping and handling and then your third today’s special is again so giftable the perfect hostess gift why take wine when that’s gone and exactly I make mine too but if you bring somebody a present a bottle of wine you drink it in one evening right and then it’s gone this will be on your counter in your drawer and your Bob wherever you have to wine all the time and it’s easy to operate for you at home and I’m gonna show you in a little while how simple it is so you get the wine opener you get the champagne Recor curso that you can keep your eye open champagne I don’t drink with my wife a bottle of champagne maybe drink half of it you know each one one glass yeah and then if I don’t close it up properly all the fishiness goes away and then you have a flat tasting wine and you spend all the money so with this little thing it will help your everyday it also has an aerator and if you shoved aerators you know they can be very pricey this is what’s gonna make maybe that lesser expensive or lesser kind of grade of wine tastes even better you’re getting the aerator the wine stopper the champagne record for the wine opener all perfectly gift by Laura may say look at that it’s beautiful yeah I mean you’ve done everything for us all you have to do is put a bow and go here’s the deal the chef did this for us last year all of these and especially that not one but two set of the spice mills were the first to sell out so if you want to grab those I would be quick you could we’re not limiting the number that you can get home tonight there are only seven dollars and 49 cents on your charge card in the but one of the best things is again beautifully gift boxed and ready to go all right what do we want to showcase well let’s start with this placement first you’ll get one two three four five six different colors so whatever you are dining on whatever your kitchen it looks like you can match with the color so if you have cookware things in red or in purple and blue and silver just use it that way so it’s so great that is glass and I want you to ask your representative because for the first time we do have additional glass jars if you want to interchange your spices in and out you can do that because these are ceramic on the inside so they’re not gonna take on the color or the flavor of whatever spice you’re using so please ask your reference you have to cover for the mill in here so that way it stays beautiful like that when you don’t use it now I know I went to many houses really expensive beautiful homes nice kitchen and then I look what they use to cook with salt iodized salt I hate iodine salt it’s not good for you get your high blood pressure and it doesn’t taste good so get rid of that and get some good sea salt or people have pepper like this cans of pepper I see them in hundreds of household and I always say people why do you buy pepper like that when you can get a pepper mill and buy peppercorn even if the peppercorns are six months old you toast them a little bit and they have all the flavor in the world so that’s why people always say how come my food doesn’t taste like in a restaurant it’s because you have to start at the right thing so get rid of all that stuff get a pepper mill get a salt mill a spice mill whatever you do and this is so easy look at that a baby can operate them look what you turn it over and it turns on that’s pretty brilliant yeah right yeah you can hit them as course always fine as you wanted and here we have the pepper see that that’s in the copper by the way already very popular over 1600 of these gone you can have it as courses as far as fine as you want you simply turn your wrist yeah and you’ve got the perfect amount of whatever spice that you love remember you’re not getting one of these tonight you’re getting two and I want to show you if I can yes it’s beautiful gift box it’s that perfect price point of $30 if you want to give it all as one gift this box is two boxes so if you want to break it up you’ve got two amazing $15 gifts right here right you’re getting for $7.49 and free shipping and handling as well we see so many of you ordering right now with picking up multiples good for you because this is the most giftable time of the holiday season right now tonight you have the extended holiday return in place which means you have through or you have until January 31st to return your purchase no look at that so you ou can see sand you meet your fish whatever you do just like I do here with really good soul orbit really good pepper now you can also decide how fine and how coarse you want it it smells I mean there’s nothing yeah you can sing well the pepper lock is Swiss cheese a little olive oil and fresh ground pepper on top and that’s it it smells absolutely amazing all right well we are very go to hsn.com use Express ordering if you can if you’re picking this up we would love to hear from you we’ll put our testimonial line up on the screen an incredible giftable value $29.95 I don’t even want to say that I want to say $7.49 on flex with free shipping and handling ceramic the best of the best octave because ceramic is always better than iron I haven’t bit salt it corrodes and it will break sooner or later but not with that yeah and they’re glass like you look at the price and you think that they would be kind of chintzy right first of all they have a beautiful metallic finish to them and in jar itself is glass I mean they are beautiful on your tabletop you’d be so proud to give these as a gift there again is that copper we have the rose gold already very popular is the set of two red we have the silver we have the eggplant and then we also have that beautiful weight this is the rose gold this is the champagne excuse me your rose golds up here this is your champagne $7.49 to get these home tonight don’t forget when you’re shopping we have the additional jars available so you can you can kind of change out the different spices I think that is so brilliant chef gosh that smells I know you smell the pepper the way it should smell you know and the sword is the same you need less sword and you put a little salt on even if you make a caramel ice cream you put it one little drop of sea salt on top and it will taste delicious doesn’t that sound amazing all right why mention last year when the chef did this this was your first to sell out but the option of the spice mills was gone early in the day so if you want the two spice mills be quick on that one shall we move on to the knife okay let’s move on to the knife I’m now gonna show it let’s put that over here alright okay maybe I can’t show them a little more so just a little sword on your it is so simple and so easy put a little olive oil and vinegar on top and you are done and you can completely control if you want it to be fine if you want it to be coarse you it’s completely up to you yeah now look at that here is a steak do we have a fork no we don’t eat with a fork okay look at that oh my gosh so now that like fell through I know if you want to eat a steak look at it oh my gosh I’ve never seen this take so easily I know so now obviously you’re gonna say oh my gosh you spend a lot of money on the meat yeah it cuts like butter but it is the knife really and for my two young children to everybody out there if you don’t have the right knife you won’t be able to cut me the way I do and then not really what we do at the restaurant extra flavor if we do roast beef any meat we cut a little touch of salt on top that’s it gosh is this not stunning and look how you can hold it like that when you know the real way to eat it so you have to your steak here and then put your finger on here that’s just a way to rest it and then you cut through it just like that let me show you what the chef is talking about he’s got the little logo right there so that’s where you’ll put your finger just slice with ease the weight of this remember these were modeled after a over 300 dollar set of French knives you get that amazing super sharp incredible weight in an entire set of 12 knives you just choose the color that you want to get home these are so fantastically giftable but they’re also like you said being embarrassed in your restaurant when someone know so now with this knives you will be sure if you have a chicken breast you know how hard it is to cut a nice chicken breast but with this knife is easy or a nice pork chop yeah you know generally okata box I would say oh my god is dry it’s after cut ha ha look at it I’ve never seen it slice through anything like that right yeah Wow that’s it’s just amazing and and the fact that you’re getting 12 knives this isn’t a 6 you’re getting 12 knives in your choice of beautiful colors so this is the cranberry up here in front of me we have black we have eggplant if we could show all of the colors I know we’re busy we also have emerald green or the opaque we’re gonna show you a rundown of all of the colors 7.49 really cannot go wrong with that 12 steak knives for $29 it’s unheard of and tell me one thing if you put them on a table with a nice stainless steel fork people are gonna say wow this is luxury this does not look cheap that looks very elegant I know I have it in my home we put it on a table almost every night if we adjust with the family or if we have friends over they’re gorgeous yeah you’d be so proud and you wouldn’t have that moment of oh my gosh do I have good steak knives to put out with dinner and you actually have enough of them again this is six this is 12 knives gift boxed as well and if you think you don’t need 12 if you’re just two people at home and said I’ll never have more than 6 people give way two kids two neighbors whatever and they’re gonna think oh my god that’s amazing now look at that here we have a steak see that you’re like barely I don’t have to press down to have all the shoes come out you can cut it just like that it goes like butter so we’re about to hit 4,000 of these spoken for with everyone in the ordering process and i will say that thousands of you are shopping for christmas gift i know you know i won’t lie to you i ordered them they were gift wrapping in or next last week and a new thing is coming out on the internet master class master class by Wolfgang Puck so you will learn about my whole life actually it was an amazing thing too so I gave that to to all my chefs so they know how I started because everybody sees me here or in a cookbook or in the restaurant I said oh that’s how Wolfgang started no I started with absolutely nothing we didn’t have running water in my house we didn’t have a toilet in my house we had meat once a week and you know what at the end of the day you have to work hard and you can achieve something and that’s what I love America you’re very inspirational chef thank you for sharing that with us This Is It this is truly the chef’s gift to all of us to you this is something that you do once a year last year it was a runaway success and the shipping and handling wasn’t free last year so we were blown away that it is completely free to ship these to you you pay good I’m nervous because when you get this knife’s at home you’re gonna not even use the other kitchen knife you’re gonna say well this is right feels good in your hand and so easy to cut with well did you know that these are already a customer pick on hsn.com and if you read the reviews that’s what everyone says the weight of these the quality of them can you see that little emblem right there that’s designed that’s where you’re gonna put your finger that perfect little place to effortlessly slice through all of the meats that you’re gonna be serving this holiday season please let me point out again that this is not a set of six this is all twelve knives aren’t a handle by the way with that kind of marbled finish is absolutely breathtaking let’s do dollar-fifty a knife or something like this I mean it’s crazy you cannot get a shitty knife in a store foot restaurants so this is really an amazing gift and why can’t we do it you can ask why can you do it for such a price because there is no middleman it comes directly from the factory right here into our warehouse at HSN so that’s what makes it simple we don’t have a warehouse or we don’t have a expensive pick store on Fifth Avenue or Madison Avenue on what they are drive in Beverly Hills no we are here in the swamps in Florida that’s how you get the good price you know when you’re buying quantity you’ll get a better deal absolutely okay so you saw your said of not one but two spice bills you saw your 12 amazing knives that are modeled after knives that cost 300 more than 330 dollars your final option I hope you grab multiple of these because we all take that bottle of wine is the hostess gift this holiday season of a boss gift imagine but that bottle of wine is gone right I’m not done being able to take something that someone’s gonna have for a long time and use over and over and just for the weight of it it is amazing and so easy to operate no this is I know this is a wine open so you all you do is put it on top right hold it together here see that can you see it this way absolutely and then you push that down just keep on holding and then you pushed it up and the cork is here and then I used to have a wine opener like that and I did over $100 for it I’m just saying I know it’s so a simple dosage so you’ll get that you get that you get the aerator which what’s that gonna do that’s gonna take if you have very young wine to get oxygen in it it makes the wine softer and rounder and also tastes more expensive right away so like cheap wine you’re gonna make this even better you’ve got a champagne Recor kerttu save all your bubblies and keep those fresh longer a wine topper you’re even getting replacement notice I have this also at gift boxed for a bottle of wine if you don’t if you lose your cork or whatever so you can put it just like that in there effectuate so that way wine stains okay and then one of the great things also we have our gonna show in a second so for red wine often we decant it why to aerate the wine so what we do and what we have first for you now here is a beautiful decanter so you pour the wine just like that by the way we’re gonna put the graphic up on the screen so that everybody can get the item number I love to serve wine out of a decanter and you’re knowing all the fancy restaurant and some of ours are fancy to like Spago and cut we put the wine bottle on the side of the table and then we pour the wine and this is easy to hold look at that so you throw it out of the carafe five point three three six one is your item number for that it is I love the decanter and then do the wine set with it and then maybe give them a great bottle of wine all in a gift basket I mean it couldn’t be any more perfect any this perfect perfect beautiful thing so you have your wine opener you have that aerator which if you price an aerator that can be very expensive the wine top no you know champagne has gas in it look at that so you’ll push that down to see that yeah and then you close it up like locks its locks the champagne in look at that see that nothing will come out this one stood out here for a while so a nice warm it comes out ya know we are so busy 6500 of these have now been spoken for please go to hsn.com or use Express ordering if you can and please understand these are three separate today’s specials an amazing giftable opportunity there’s their gift boxed and ready to go so the complete wine set the complete set of 12 steak knives modeled after $300 plus knives or your set of 2 glass ceramic spice mills and I just think that these are absolutely beyond stunning you choose your color on the spice mills you choose your color on your set of knives we’re shipping them to you for free I can’t even tell you how many of you are just picking up multiple of these you spice mill everybody needs it for the kitchen for the dining room table what can I show you if the spice smells come gift boxed and inside the box is two boxes so if you want to break them up as two separate gifts you can 29.95 for everything you can see that these will be $50 but they will sell out they sold out last year what’s great about that is if you want to get them for $9.95 and you don’t have the HSN card you can apply for the HSN card during our show you get to take $20 off of your first purchase which if you do the math makes this $9.95 so we see but the majority of you are picking up again multiple I know you have the extended holiday return so if you don’t give two more keep them you have until January 31 or so you don’t might use it for the holidays maybe there is Valentine’s Day maybe there is another holiday you want to bring your housewarming gift you got to see somebody you bring them a nice they spent on that stop for me so for sure they don’t gonna give you a little bouquet of flowers when they come to your house great thing absolutely will start me go back here and show the spice bills again because I mentioned last year when the chef did this the smells sold out first they are incredibly popular already and these are even better chef than before because these are glass these are have that ceramic technology so you don’t have the transfer of any of the spices can you believe that’s a glass jar and you get two of them in either the copper in that beautiful champagne the red the eggplant the silver or the rose gold and again when you’re shopping we do have the additional set of three spice stars with the lids so you can keep all of your spices in the extra jars and kind of just interchange them and we’re gonna put the item number up on the screen for the additional spice jar so you have those as well so how do we get those if anybody is just joining us chef how do we get the spices to come out I think so easy look at them with two fingers you know in the old time you sort of waiters with a big bag yeah wouldn’t saying which is complicated and everything this is so easy all you do is take and turn it over and it starts grinding see that well that makes life a lot easier does it and then you stop it goes like that and then on top of it you have to cover on here you see the carbonia you can take it off very easily I said very easily did you glue it on okay all right here good I don’t have my glasses I don’t see too well today so you put it like that but this one obviously goes with the thing so that way you have it our way so easy if you want to put salt on or pepper on your little salad look at that yeah that’s the thing just the presentation is absolutely gorgeous on your dining room I like my food spicy at home if I ate faster if I ate some I always have my pepper mill next to it and I grinded a little course because I love the flavor so it makes everything taste better if you make a little salad if you make it pasta you grind a little fresh pepper on top and it’s done aren’t these gorgeous this is the rose gold by the way a beautiful kind of scalloped bottom on this glass jars all you do to use them as simply gravity you turn it over and it turns them on we do have the chef’s pepper and salt available on hsn.comm a great day to add for the gifts ask your representative about that but I’ll show you again this is all about gifts gifts gifts because it’s beautifully gift boxed and ready to go the spice mills if you want to break up the gift there is two boxes on the inside no they still look beautiful look at that there are two smaller boxes in the big box but I want people to get impressed you know that in Japan if you buy a melon it’s beautifully wrapped so I really believe the first impression is the most important that’s why we make our restaurants look beautiful because when you walk in it makes you feel good already when you open a box if it’s in a nice in a nice box a gift in there right away you’re saying or this is something special yeah they’re so pretty remember extended holiday return you have until January 31st return any of those talked about your sign now I love the knife look at that so if you want to eat even an almost well-done lamb chop here look at that how it goes so you know it’s just amazing yet this is the gift that you are giving to all of your chefs in your restaurants I think that speaks volumes then you would give this that’s how amazing this set of knives is because I know from my own home I had nice silverware and then if you don’t have a steak knife if you serve steak pork lamb chicken you need something which is really sharp you need a steak knife we have it in all of our restaurant maybe surface take of a mix of a pork chop or a real job this is the knife you’re gonna get to cut it in your hand you can see how that’s perfectly weighted you’ll read the reviews by the way already a customer pick on hsn.com with 40 perfect 5 star reviews and you’re seeing them first tonight modeled after a set of French knives that are ready in green and black so it really looks very elegant I feel like knives are those one things when you hey you have everybody over you forget about it and then you go to set the table because you are serving steak or chicken and your knives are tragic and like in your restaurant that’s embarrassing especially now during the holiday how about if you set the holiday table and get them in red or the green half and half you know you can buy maybe 12th of the green one and twelve of the red one and then you separate them so you have green and red and absolutely intervallic and I’m just gonna walk over here and grab the colors I can bring them back would that be easier if I bring them back over or maybe we can pan over and show everybody the colors because I want you to see the color knives that we have available and remember they come perfectly gift or they come gift boxed and ready to go so here’s all the colors again that beautiful like the chef was saying on your holiday table that gorgeous red we are calling thee and let me just double check that I’m saying the right name again they’re calling that the cranberry we have the emerald green we have the black we have the opaque and then we also have that eggplant purple not six knives you’re getting 12 of them oh my goodness chef last call on the emerald green you know I’m gonna go back to Los Angeles on Monday and people watch me a lot of our customers watch me and say what can where can I get the knives they look so amazing I know I see them in your restaurant where can I get them and I said well you know you don’t gonna get them for that price anywhere even close so you have dollars when the chef brings them back so this is your one opportunity and then you’re number three third today’s special is the winter holidays anytime you want wine is the way to go so simple so easy and we also have a carafe here which is for the first time where you can put a wine like if you have an elegant table you go to all these fancy restaurants or you go to Porto or any of this vineyards where they make wine they always serve it out of the carafe so and then another great thing here is the wine stopper I actually have to get some more of that because I always have champagne and somebody seems to take mine all the time so so easy you can put it down and then it’s on here and then you want to take it off so simple that’s for champagne and all your sparkly bubbly we have the wine topper as well you’re also getting the full size of the aerator which was gonna make the lesser octi all you have to do is put it on here and then you pour the wine just like that and because these are amazing gifts that are so incredibly affordable the chef is giving you the gift box and my favorite that they can tell you know what I’m getting sometimes when I don’t have the most expensive wine I hopefully think people don’t watch me what do I do I put them in at the can’t i beautiful decanter right away it looks like something special so you can have a simple Pinot Noir for 15 bucks put it in here and people want to say about how this is really amazing you know high society exactly and just a gift right bottle of wine to the decanter do the today’s special wine set and you just have an amazing gift that looks like you broke the bank but you didn’t so five point three three six one is the item number for the decanter we’re expecting that to sell out today as well we also want to give you the information for the additional excuse me set of four spice jars with the lids $19.95 so if you picked up the set of two spice mills with the glass jars and the amazing beautiful finish you can get the additional jars and exchange out your spice yeah so you have your spices you get the cob of it so you keep let’s say salt or you keep chili flakes whatever it is in here and then unscrew it yeah you take this off trying to do holding it up with okay then you put this one on here new spice new spice ready to get all you get man if you add the egg the jars that’s for additional jars with the lids yeah and then if you’re picking up the chef’s knives we also have the best value ever on the chef’s three and one handheld knifes and scissor sharpener don’t even get me started on having dull scissors when you’re trying to wrap gifts this time of year but knives no matter what level knives you have need to be sharpened at some point this puts them at the perfect angle the perfect degree so that you get that perfect sharp knife every single time and a great value it’s normally 29.95 eight it’s under 20 oh we are because we’ve got a lot of calls to you stick around we’re gonna tell you about the Martin with the Monday night show I’m Adam Freeman host of the Monday night show it’s a five-hour marathon you heard right five hours of shopping great deals and fun surprises Plus see if I can make it to all five hours wish me luck join us Monday at five San Francisco is the home to a little bit of everything including Benefit Cosmetics as former models Jean and Jane Ford knew the challenges women faced with makeup their solution to create their own line focusing on solving women’s beauty dilemmas today Maggie and Annie carry on the family tradition and those same products are still some of the most famous instant Beauty solutions around the world like our mom and aunt always say laughter is the best cosmetic better sound it can push us to feel more do more be more we’re both our passion for getting every detail just right for you is part of everything we do Bo’s Beauty it’s deeply personal purely individual and surprisingly public we are all set for the branding shoot of Jay Manuel Beauty women instinctively put themselves in one of three categories classic iconic and avant-garde these three women I really wanted to focus on we’re getting you ready for the holidays tonight with chef Wolfgang Puck we’ve got more coming up but if you missed our today’s special that literally thousands of you picked up and are still in the ordering process picking of let me show it to you because I don’t want you to miss out on this this is your choice you have three different today’s specials and so many of you are picking up all three of them so the first one is going to be well let me show you the knives first because that’s as you can see on your screen this is a set of 12 incredible steak knives that are modeled after a set of French knives that sell for 330 dollars more than $330 they are incredibly sorry sharp beautiful colors for you to choose from your second option is going to be a complete wine set you have the opener you have the wine corker you have the champagne topper you even have an expensive aerator that’s gonna make lesser expensive wine even more amazing and then your first option is going to be those pepper mills those are collapse or the spice mills those are glass they have beautiful finish you get to choose the color and they come individually boxed everything comes boxed and ready to go this is so giftable free shipping and handling which we did not do last year and you’re getting them home on flex for $7.49 and then don’t forget about the chef’s amazing set of mixing bowls these were incredibly popular last hour there’s such a big customer pick with over a thousand perfect five-star reviews what do you get stainless silicon bottom bowls that don’t slide all over your countertop you get the 1 quart the 2 quart the 3 quart and the 5 quart by the way that 5 quart has that little functional multifunctional lid that you can open up and use kind of as your spatter guard you can bake in these I mean they’re amazing and what’s great is they used to be a today’s special they were 29.95 as a today’s special we are repeating the today’s special price tonight and you get to choose your color on those so definitely check those out before they are spoken for all right and we asked the chef to bring us an incredible complete kitchen make over and he really hit it out of the ballpark this is another big customer pick from the chef it is a huge 17 piece elite top-of-the-line top top-of-the-line cookware set from the chef and it became a customer pick at two hundred and fifty dollars look which we are getting for the chef’s final visit of the year lowest price ever at one 69.95 we’re breaking it up on five interest-free credit card payments and free shipping as well so let me show you because I mentioned this is a makeover in your kitchen this is truly cooking like a professional chef because you’re getting every piece that you need look at how beautiful by the way can I show you the giant 10-inch excuse me this is your 13-inch skillet isn’t as gorgeous and it’s huge right so that is just one of the pans that you’re getting with the cook and look lid come back up here to the top and I’ll show you you’re also getting the 2 quart pan you’re getting this giant 9 quart pan that has all of the measurements on the inside and so that’s a beautiful stainless steel pan you have your 3 quart pan here in front not even anywhere near done remember this is 17 pieces this is your 4 quart essentials pan you’ll do everything in this one pan isn’t that beautiful that design it’s so gorgeous you’re also getting the 8 inch skillet nowhere near done then you’re getting that 10 inch fry pan with the grilling on the inside you get that and then you get all the tools that you need as well this is like I said a complete kitchen makeover you have the 12 inch whisk you’ve got the ladle you have the solids you have the serving fork which is perfect for the holidays you have the tongs that lock you may have seen the chef using these throughout our hour with him you even have the slotted spatula so everything making over your entire kitchen with the chef’s best Bistro elite line at the lowest price tonight of $33.99 if you have it we want to hear from you give us a call we’re gonna put our testimonial line up on the screen all right let’s yeah yeah you are that you are here okay good so this is this is your top-of-the-line best of exactly you know we started with coke Rio we still think this is one of our best things so we always need good cookware at home now here for example I’m making my wife’s recipe and you know how embarrassing is from for me at home my wife Kelly Lahaie gelila and Alex and ala vampire and Cameron if you are watching my wife is the best Balinese makeup is she so when I make my kids bolognese pasta what do they say I said you love it he says yes Papa it’s almost as good as mom it must be amazing if it’s better than yours I mean I know she’s the best one I’d be at an Italian opera singer over at once he said the best pasta sauce I ever had and dances how she makes it simpler than me she uses finely chopped onions garlic and then they meet just ameesha so taste the onion okay and then she adds a little tomato paste and tomato soup ha ha and naturally salt and pepper today’s specials Friday’s show so you use at the end the kitchen and in the dining room queasy that is it you just turn this is central pan one of the 17 Peter branch of rosemary okay and maybe a little stock okay so you cooked that for a while now we don’t have a lot of time she cooks it for an hour oh my gosh so the spirit world okay and while that is cooking here we want to cook our pasta not in here I get too excited yeah that’s all right do it now this is really cookware you know like now during the holidays you want to make enough soup so that well you always have something in your refrigerator in your freezer you but I need that really right exactly boiling what’s so great about it is this is just two of the pan yeah this is every pan that you need to cook whatever it is by January you’re gonna be on a diet absolutely perfect for you because all of us we say okay the holidays are here I’m splurging though even my my my trainer he said you know what you should start now already p on a diet I said how can you do so you’re you’re gonna prepare that in the grill pan the grill pan all the way I love that you included the grill and it’s nonstick so you don’t really have to use oil so what I do generally is put a little bit of salt and pepper on your fish on your steak just like I here with the today’s special spice mill yeah those are amazing by the way the set of two is under $30 for those alright good and then if you want you can put a few things of rosemary thyme oregano any herb you have you know you add herbs are good for you and they taste good too so it makes the food delicious oh absolutely you know this you’re so wonderful at making it fun and easy in the kitchen the people cooking should be fun cooking should be easy cooking shouldn’t be complicated what we try to do is buy good ingredients you don’t need a lot and then don’t mess them up that’s what I tell my chefs all the time by the best ingredients and don’t mess them up yeah make the sinks taste the way they should take taste the way they should taste like fish should be good quality well I wish we had tons of these to go around and mention that the chef brought this special configuration in for you for the holidays at an incredible value so now 1500 of you can get this set home for $33.99 this normally sells for two hundred and fifty dollars this is the chef’s Bistro elite top of the line 17 piece set so I love that everything you have that huge nine yeah restaurant just like any professional cookware we started in the restaurant with that and that’s how we formed it I don’t like to cook in aluminum post pots and pans I don’t like to cook in iodized I know how you said yes I said Marianne come over here while you’re staying over there to the chefs point everything is absolutely beautiful so if you’re somebody that likes to display your pans in the kitchen these would be gorgeous right it’s it enables you to cook like a professional chef in your own home when you’re not with the right utensils with the right pots and pans makes life so much easier no loot Lee if you don’t have the right part you know you know I’m gonna cook all this pasta here in a small pot then they’re gonna stick together so for parts that they always tell you use a big pot of water and pour the pasta in and then cook it al dente hot okay don’t forget to sort the border always uh-huh and then the best way is just take them out of the water don’t rinse them in cold water why because that way if you have a good sauce or just simply a pesto give me a little board Marian one of our nice Bowls do we have some samba sure you know what’s great about this too all the pieces are just so stunning and you could break it up as separate gifts if you want to and you think about what you would pay for just one beautiful 13 inch stainless steel pan yeah this is just one of the pans that you are getting so if you want to break this up as gifts maybe keep the pans that you need and you know share it with others you can absolutely do that totally totally I think even if you want to break that up as you said makes life so much easier and what I love about they’ll give me a boat what happened no more balls I beg you okay give it to me how simple it would be to make a different pasta you know like I go to an Italian restaurant yes so now here we have a little more pasta okay I’m gonna put it in my bowl mm-hmm by the way the set of bowls is still available eight piece set 29.95 for the stainless steel silicone bottom bowls they’re amazing and we’re gonna put the item number on the screen for though all right so that is done Marian you can take that the way now gonna let chili flakes a little salt and pestle alright okay so look how simple so you don’t do anything you don’t have to cool off your pasta you just toss it in your bowl you can smell it the little pop freshly grated parmesan in here then you are don’t do we have parmesan no not yet where is it give it to me hey now listen this pan for a second filling pan that you have included okay because I think if you want to grill a steak you don’t gonna go outside and open your grill it’s raining it’s no right so you can grill right in here nonstick notice the chef what didn’t use any oils or butters or anything with that and what I really love about that too is that you can serve in here you know we eat family-style in my home I don’t know if you do you might have three waiters at home or two waiters who when you’re just like that’s for the table the presentation is absolutely it is absolutely delicious yeah if you’re a vegetarian you have another pasta so I use the same thing right in here in my bowl in your mixing bowl alright okay and did I put salt in it already I forgot to know you can you ever go wrong not much more in there oh I love pasta it’s not some flux pepper – oh my gosh is it at the best yeah now okay 17 pieces includes all of the utensils like the locking tongs like the fork like the Turner will show you everything over on the table that you are getting but this is a complete makeover with every key piece that you need in your kitchen so that 8-inch omelet pan that tenant nonstick square grill pans it’s a salmon cooking it and looking amazing okay let the 2 quart saucepan the 3 quart soup pan I mean there’s a whole other page the forecourt essential pan the nine quart stock pot with the lid then you have the whisk the ladle the solid spoon one more serving Forks for locking tongs the slotted spatula I mean may donate the older stuff that you have in your kitchen this holiday season yeah it’s fake where it’s cook where it’s baked where it’s cooked well obviously so I gonna look at this pen a pen like that you go to your local store if you can get that under $100 would be a mirror that’s what I’m saying just for that one man you get everything including the beautiful utensils at the lowest price ever this is a customer pick at two hundred and fifty dollars so if you’re quick we can get this to you tonight for $33.99 mark in Maryland say hello to chef oh so good now that you called you know what you get the best price ever for that there was never a price like that look at the pieces you get yeah yes and performance durability and cleanup number one award winning hand except maybe not the number of on the most expensive way down the list exactly exactly mark I am so glad that you’re watching tonight I’m gonna transfer you back so that you can talk to our representative about this taxes we don’t have a lot of these to go around so thank you for your call and holidays and like all that we have to season our food that salt and pepper in the today’s special spice mill know if you know what for flex pay for everything you can close up a lot of people with that cookware set yeah you know I think that they mark brought up such a great point our last caller when you think of a stainless steel pan set you think of five six hundred dollars for the best of the best this is the chef’s Bistro elite his best stuff of that this normally sells for two hundred and fifty dollars because this is the chef’s final visit of the entire year she’s giving you in a complete seventeen piece configuration this giant one skillet you would easily pay over $100 for and I think we’ve all shopped it we all know this is one of 17 pieces if you’re thinking about gifts oh my gosh you would be so proud to give this to somebody it is that classic professional grade stainless so many of us dream of having in our kitchen one day and if adversely baked well let’s get it up we don’t have a lot of time here let’s do it now look at that I am using it SSST airfryer here I’m gonna have steer Fried Chicken in lettuce cup and look how fast see that nothing is foiling nothing is taking over here and totally even browning cooking you name it 10 chicken legs how much leather chicken legs man 60 and how many pounds is that the 10 do you have a skillet large enough to make that many I know all-in-one it makes it so much easier everything is just oversized they’re amazing and absolutely beautiful and you give us some measurements right inside the pan as well so dad I know I know we need to wrap early because we are so limited and we’re expecting these all to go but can we show the table again I want everybody to understand that you’re not only getting all of the pans that you need did you bake a giant cake in that skillet Marianne oh my gosh Marianne making an upside-down cake sure that donut Oh a man maybe you’ll make me the soup finger soup over here yes you should turn that over for some sort of chocolate something on time yeah that’s come here let’s get that gong roll going just have to watch it his heart I don’t want to touch it with my bare hand good sing then sure all right look at that Marianne’s gonna make this so pious holidays are up you wanna make soup for the family careful careful okay look at that oh look at the size of that oh my God look at in a pan get inspired the tools that you need that is just one pan that you’re getting and like I said I know that we need to move on to quart 3 quart 9 core giant massive 13 inch skillet your 8 inch skillet the grill pan you have your 4 chord essentials and then every stainless steel beautiful proud to serve with utensil you’re getting all of those as well not at two hundred and fifty dollars tonight our final quantity for you mark down to the lowest price ever and it because it’s on five flex you get it home for $33 and change we’re even shipping it to you for free the box is amazing if you’re gifting this and if you need to return your purchase so you have until January 31st to do that so please don’t you’re shopping worryfree tonight now let me show you a couple amazing items that the chef brought to us last hour his number one selling massive customer pick rice cooker which I’m telling you I’m gonna rename because you can cook rice Oh milk NY lasagna it’s all about that one pot cooking that is so big check out Pinterest I mean it’s so big everywhere you put everything in you push one button and you walk away such a top seller but the chef’s never brought it to us in stainless steel before so it’s gorgeous right I mean take this to work leave it in the break room bring some ingredients and throw it in and push a button and in a few minutes you have a hot delicious meal instead of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich blue and black available it’s $5 off for the chef’s final visit of the year and brand-new if you want to even make it even better the chef’s brought us an accessory kit to go along with it that is a steamer and it’s also an egg cooker we sell an egg cooker for more than $20 here at HSN now your rice cooker is also your egg cooker and your steamer it’s one but but one pot cooking at its best five seven one four seven three is your item number for the accessory kit were shipping it to you for free and it’s on two interest-free credit card payments so definitely check that out and then also I do need to let you know that it is last call on the chef’s 2-piece pie and pastry maker this is the best pie and pastry maker on the market hands-down because they’ve got those extra deep wells so you can really fill it full of chicken pot pie ingredients shepherd’s pie fresh baked apple or cherry pie every single night in minutes it’s so great because you can get the pre-made dough at the store and then put in your favorite ingredients everyone can have different types of pies every single night I thought you have one don’t do it no way Jose red and black available on that and then very limited on the mixing bowl so this was a big today’s special for us at $29.95 for fun we’re repeating the today’s special price this is an eight piece set stainless steel bowls silicone bottoms so they don’t go dancing all over your countertop when you’re mixing in Deb the lids are airtight you could bake in them and on the 5 quart it has that multifunctional lid that you can open up and use as your spatter guard they’re so amazing they even come with a five-year warranty and they have over a thousand perfect five-star reviews right free shipping and handling on those and you’re getting them home for under $10 on your charge card my co fried chicken in lettuce cup one of our favorite things so you get iceberg lettuce make little cups steel fried chicken that stiff Rainier look camera guy see that yeah that’s what I love about it so then you rinse it out and look what a beautiful plate we made here perfect appetizer lunch healthy good just chicken ground chicken is not expensive you can use pork beef lamb whatever you like that looks good look at that all right let me put that in here that’s the forecourt essentials it’s part of the 17 piece set look at that steaming hot still this is all life TV no good look how clean that is Oh clean this is I almost forgot my pen here look at that caramelized sugar in here because I wanted to show you how easy it is to clean okay same thing here are still hot well here you have it you have it look at that here we made our upside-down cake right in here clean you can do your makeup in here if you want yeah you know what I actually think I need to check something that’s available for you in the set tonight if you’re on the line we would love to send one to you but it is limited and we’re expecting them all to go so I did suggest that you order on hsn.com and while you’re there we’ve got lots of amazing giftable items for you lots of great electronics as well this is the RCA premiere 10 inch high-definition quad core tablet quad core that IPS screen which is amazing from every angle this is such a customer pick on hsn.com and we’ve made it our hot item it’s on a special price tonight you can get it home for $21.95 the case is coming included with your purchase so that’s one of our hot items you can choose either 16 or 32 gigs all right 0:09 2:04 it is your item number for that log on hsn.com and check that out all right well literally thousands of you have been waiting this is something that this chef did last year he brought us your choice of today’s special and he’s doing it again even better this year three different options here’s your next look at your best buy of the day oh my goodness oh you’re so funny okay so here it is your choice of three amazing today’s specials that are so incredibly giftable so much so that they are gift boxed and ready to go thousands of you in fact over 12,000 of you have already picked up the today’s special so let’s go through what your three options are I’ll let you know free shipping and handling which we did not do last year but you do have free shipping this year and four interest-free credit card payments means it’s seven dollars and 49 cents to get them home so option number one and you’re first to sell out last year was your set of two spice bills so these are absolutely stunning I think they’re amazing because they’re glass yeah tote

1 Cup tomorrow morning, burns 3 lbs of belly fat