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I Did 100 Bridges Everyday For 30 days | WORTH IT? BEFORE/AFTER RESULTS

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Hey, my beautiful creatures welcome back so Before we jump into today’s video it is the month of gifts So I got two sets of gymshark outfits for you guys to win today So keep watching until the end to find out how you can win So my goal when I first started my fitness journey was to have the biggest Juiciest peaches Plummer’s booty like Kim K’s booty Who doesn’t want to have a round tone booty? Like…. no, not like Kim K! But seriously guys my goal when I first started my fitness journey was to have a booty because I was skinny fat and people made fun of my body shape so I was really self-conscious and wanted to grow some curved and I worked really hard in the gym and Managed to grow over four inches on my booty So I’m pretty happy with my size right now, and I’m not looking to grow any further But I still did the experiment that I’m sharing today for the sake of learning So if you want to get booty keep watching ..

So what I’ve done for this experiment is that I did 100 reps of glute bridges every day for 30 days I measured myself before and after so you can watch until the end of the video to find out what happened to my booty Maybe I’ll turn out to look like So a lot of you guys always ask me how to grow your butt without growing your legs and this workout, This exercise is really amazing for that because it really isolates your butt and also work your abs at the same time But sometimes you’ll feel it on your hamstring on the back of your legs if your legs are way too far away from the butt. So to do a glute bridge you gotta thrust your hips into the air and squeeze your glutes and yeah, it can be really awkward because people are gonna stare at you because it is quite a Unflattering look and it’s just a little bit odd, but just keep THRUSTING! So on to the experiment what I’ve done for the last 30 days, I cycled through the seven variations of glute bridges I’m basically picking one of this and doing a hundred reps in a day So for day one I started with normal glute bridge So my knees and feet are about shoulders width apart, and for day two I did narrow glute bridge So my knees and feet are close together for this one and for day three, I did wide glute bridges So my knees and feet are wider than shoulder width apart, for day 4 I did frog pump So my knees are wide apart with my feet touching each other, now for day 5 I did single leg glute bridge, so I did 50 reps on each side.

For day 6. I did elevated glute bridge So just rest your feet on something elevator and do a glute bridge. And for day 7 I did weighted glute bridge So just find something and place something heavy on top of your hips And thrust upwards then I repeated it again over the course of 30 days very simple and easy, and I did this on top of my usual workouts as well. When you perform any of these group reach variations, make sure your shoulder to knee form a straight line or little bit of arch is fine as well And remember to squeeze your butt when you’re at the top position then come back down and repeat.

Now I thought that this was gonna be so easy because I’m so used to doing heavy hip thrusts But seriously, this actually makes my butt so sore the next day, but don’t give up It’s just a little bit of soreness. You can do this Maybe do a little bit less reps or take a longer break if you need to so here’s my measurement on day 1 so I measure my butt at the most pointy part of my butt and I was at 35 inches This is the result after 30 days my butt is at 36 inches Just a little under 36 inches So I’ve grown about 1 inch which is really surprising because I didn’t expect to grow an inch in a month So before I started my fitness journey, I was only at 31 inches on my butt I know it is so small because my bone is so small.

And before I started this 30 days Experiment. I was at 35 inches, which is basically where I’m at for the last year So I didn’t really expect it to grow that much because I’ve been doing glute exercises for over 2 years now so theres only so much my butt can grow. But I reckon for someone who doesn’t have much glute muscles or Someone that hasn’t done much glute exercises, you can try this one out I think you’ll see great results, but that also depends on your genetics. Some people just don’t have that much Glute muscles to begin with so it’s harder for them to grow their glute muscles But you never know until you try it. And that’s my result and I’m pretty happy with it. Honestly. I’m tagging all of you guys to try out this experiment and tag me in a before and after photos with your measurements as well, and I’ll probably do a follow-up video sharing all your results as well So yeah Don’t forget to check the link down in the description box If you want to get a pic or two sets of these gym shut outfit super cute Okay, thanks so much for watching guys and I’ll see you guys in the next video