Flat Belly


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Hey guys it’s Kasey. Welcome to my channel so I did Blogilates 30-day ab challenge and basically how it works is that she created a chart where on each day you do a unique ab workout and you do a hundred reps of each so that could mean doing a hundred straight or doing small increments at your own pace so this was like the first time that I was actually working out in a setting that wasn’t yoga I might be very thin but trust me I am just a bag of bones I am not strong and I am definitely not athletic So I see a lot of fitness people doing these challenges and they’re like experts in their fields I mean this is what they get paid to do they know exactly what to eat they know the perfect form they actually know what it means to sweat profusely unlike me and I just wanted to I guess try this challenge to compare my results me a mere mortal to theirs so one of the things that I struggled with the most is keeping consistent form so for example my first rep that I would do would be so far removed from the hundredth rep like I cared more about like getting to that number 100 then actually like targeting the right areas and I mean me who is not used to working out like I just didn’t have that proper mentality to push myself and keep going like through an arduous exercise so I took this picture on day 15 which is halfway through my challenge and I did it because one I really love comparison pictures but two I feel like when I watch fitness videos I always see the beginning I always see the end but I never see like the journey and I mean I have a lot of questions like what part of your body changed first like when did you realize change was happening and I mean I took this because I wanted to share that with you guys so when you look at the chart it’s a bunch of cartoon drawings and since I don’t work out a lot I often looked at it and was like what are they doing like I don’t understand anything about this image right now and so I had to google it which is perfectly fine because a lot of times I found that when I searched it up there was a lot of alternatives like depending on the difficulty that I would want to go to like sometimes I would feel like okay this is really easy for me there’s no point in me doing this because I feel like I’m not getting out of it anything out of it and other times I would be like wow this is really hard I feel like I’m dying can I tone this down a little bit so here I am pretending to be happy that my dogs are here but really I’m just happy to take a break and not be in excruciating pain overall I am really happy that I did this challenge I did not get a 6-pack of ABS but I definitely got thinner I feel healthier and I mean most importantly I got into that like mindset and habit of exercising because I definitely did not have that before if you guys liked watching me do this fitness challenge give it a thumbs up so I know that somebody is enjoying these videos but also if you would like to see me do a challenge put it in the comment box below and I will see you guys next week and again thank you so much for watching