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I Tried Alexis Ren’s Ab Workout for 30 Days — Workout Challenge!

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Does this really work hey guys so this is day one for me and I figure before I get everything started let’s take some measurements now I’m not gonna do everything but let’s just focus on the waist here because alexis is known for having this really skinny waist and that’s kind of what I’m targeting and what I care about because there’s gonna be you know a lot of other reasonings why my hips would fluctuate and like other parts of my body because they’re not my abs so I have a measuring tape and let’s see so like here’s me kind of like relaxed here’s me flexed I feel like I should be regular but the same time you know us girls we don’t really walk around with their stomachs hanging out like we’re like trained to like have somewhat of like a second posture I think I’m getting into this way too much let’s just get some measurements okay dad ed I am 28 and 3/4 and that’s not bad I look and feel healthy but I gotta try this let’s do the workout oh god this is so embarrassing save me baby take me to a state of mine that’s made of I’m killing it mom so I’m back because I felt like I should do a check-in with how my workout is going and it was weird so like the first couple of times I did it I felt like I was baller like I was really impressed with myself I was able to finish everything all the way through and give him you know hundred percent and then it’s just started going downhill from there you know no matter what I’m always really really sweaty as you can see I don’t know why I don’t know if it’s because I’m doing it every day and my muscles need time to heal so after the first few times that first week was so hard I almost felt like the best I could do is give you know 60% but I you know I couldn’t hold the planks like I wanted to still not good at those mountain climbers anything that’s like represents at all like a push up like I know like I don’t have the arm strength for that and so we’re past a week and I feel like I’m giving 70% you know it was kind of weird because I wanted to incorporate ankle weights but nah you know my tennis shoes are heavy enough and I’m still struggling and my flexibility hasn’t changed I don’t think I’m trying to become more flexible because well it looks like I have chicken wings when I do it but I’m gonna keep powering through it is getting better but I will say in the beginning you get pretty discouraged or maybe you know you’re not like me and you’re perfect cool but you know if you are like me don’t get discouraged I’m back back again back a check tell a friend so I’m doing like a three week ish check-in and I’m not like I don’t want to show full results yet because you know it’s 30 days you’re not gonna see like hope not like all these great results right away I’m gonna try to do my best to explain confidence right now but it is really neat again this could all be in my head which I guess you know perceptions reality I’m totally okay with but you know feeling in my cell getting stronger and being dedicated to something and just doing this on my own and taking control in my health in a situation I think just anybody loves to just own their life you know they’re like are such 20-somethings we’re looking for stuff like on her life and we do we or you do you know am i I’m trying to say is I find it very rewarding to my self-esteem and I can’t admit that it was super low but I am starting to take work out selfies and post them granted I take like 10 selfies and then I’m like oh now I’m okay with the public scene this really has been a while since I’ve done sports in high school and you know you kind of get used to it in high school you don’t think much of it because everybody has to do a sport or do PE or something and then you get out of college and you find out how lazy you can become and as much as I did go through phases of working out and you know I did things here and there it was really nice because there has been a gap to get my life back on track health-wise and just be more mindful of my body so it’s a positive thing so right now I’m loving it I’m still doing the 30 days and so far I think I’m gonna continue even if I don’t see the exact results that I want with the measuring tape well I’m gonna sign off so I can just lay around all day do a 10 minute workout and then feel really good about myself like reality no I’ll check back in I guess I’ll see you at that 30-day mark every bad day in plays different outfit look at this it’s new mermaid chic compliment me time to tell you guys what you’ve been waiting for does this really work one last recap I did not change my diet I kind of just went with the flow if I was hungry for this I ate it if I wasn’t hungry I didn’t eat that much that day that’s kind of how I am and I just figured it wasn’t about changing that because that has too many levels to this and I am a simple girl so let’s see the results of doing just this workout for 30 days here’s what I look like now if I were to flex it’s a lot more defined and I did have some definition to begin with we all saw but I really think I look a little bit more cut but you be the judge now when I’m resting let’s measure I went down or wait did I okay let me go check real quick I’m back I’m back I’m back I went down I mean just like a little bit like point 75 inches bit but that’s still something for 30 days I’m gonna go reward myself with some steak you know what that actually does sound pretty good so I am gonna wrap up this video but if you love it give it a like give it a comment let me know if I should do another workout video because I’m thinking I need to target the booty love you mean it bye