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I Tried Intermittent Fasting for 10 DAYS | WHAT I EAT EVERYDAY (Before & After Results)

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Hi guys welcome to Stay fit and travel! my name is Emi if you new here I would love for you to join the fit family by clicking the subscribe button so we can work out and stay fit together So today We’re finally going to talk about Intermittent fasting many of you watch my Instagram story have been asking me why I started, how my experience was trying for 10 days but I ate every day and passed by myself, so Intermittent fasting has been all over the internet for quite a while already We see all these bodybuilders, athletes, celebrities Fitness youtubers doing it So what is it really and why is it so popular? Basically it doesn’t change what you eat, but when you eat It’s not about gonna calories or cutting your food it actually sets a certain period of time that you don’t eat Which is the fast and then the rest of your time you do there are actually a lot of studies that are backed by science And evidence that intermittent fasting has a lot of proven health benefits and estate if done correctly And the biggest reason that most people started on it is fat burning and weight loss Basically it triggers two main hormones in our bodies, which will allow us to burn more fat While keeping our muscle mass to enter and interrupt the time of our pass it also increases our metabolic rate by 3 to 14 percent to help burn more calories if you want to know more about the science behind I’ll link some really good videos down in the description box below where they explain the science more in-depth there are actually a few Different methods to do it- For me I chose one of the most popular and relatively easier way, which is the 16-8 meaning? I was set an 8 hour of eating window every day And I passed for 16 hours for the rest of the day.

It is up to you what time you set eight hours to eat most people would skip breakfast and just eaten a later lunch followed by a snack and a Dinner and that’s what I did because it suits my everyday schedule demands my eight hours eating window is from 2 to 10 p.m. Every day there are a lot of misconceptions of skipping breakfast being unhealthy because we grow up being told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day There’s actually Insufficient scientific evidence to back up the fact on whether breakfast has anything to do with health and weight loss or weight gain Eating five meals a day also has nothing to do with increasing metabolic rate and fat burning I also like the videos below to explain all this in more details if you’re interested Why did I start? well despite all the health and fitness benefits that I just talked about at first? I was actually very hesitant to try because of my eating disorder History of having bulimia before I didn’t know if I want to put restrictions on my normal diet again But my snacking has been getting really out of hand I was eating non-stop from morning all the way to the night and so after more Research I finally decided to give it a try to see if I can take the fat-burning to the next level So here you go, my 10 day vlogs including everything that I ate hope it’ll be helpful to you own journey Morning guys so today is the first day.

Normally at this time I would eat a huge breakfast, but today I’m just drinking a huge glass of water, and I’m still feeling okay, so let’s see how it goes later I’m going to pack my lunch and my snack later come follow me So there’s my lunch box that I packed last night for Lunch Veggie dumplings tofu more veggies red and white rice and this will be my snack pumpkin with cucumbers and cherry tomatoes Packing them up for work I am starting to feel a bit hungry Super tempted to eat but I can’t. Stay Strong! I’m setting up for my conference call at twelve so two and a half hours until I can break my fast at two Normally, I’m hungry all the time I eat five to six meals a day, so I thought that I would be struggling more But I’m actually doing ok.

I’m focusing on my work. I’m very excited to eat my food at two Okay so right now is 12:30. Everyone’s having lunch, and I can smell their food, so it’s really really hard I still have one and a half hour more until I can break my fast. Yeah. I’m going to reheat my lunchbox now I’m waiting for my lunchbox to be reheated in the microwave right now.

I’m so excited I actually was doing okay this whole morning. But I started getting really really really hungry. I think at 1 so 1 hour before and I’m starving right now. I can’t wait to eat my food I’m so excited my foooood Finished all in 15 minutes I’m not completely full yet, but I will have my snack at around 3-4 and then I’ll do my workout around 5:30-6:30 I’m going to have my Snack of the day I’m actually not hungry at all of what? Was supposed to be my breakfast but since now that I skip breakfast so it becomes my snack Which is quite a good pre-workout meal because I’ll be starting my workout in Like an hour or two to make sure I have enough energy to kill my workout.

It’s actually a lot I don’t know if I can finish it So it’s nine o’clock right now. It’s the last hour before I’ll start my fasts again for dinner. I’m having stir-fried noodles with Tofu fish cake and a bit of red peppers, and then this is mochi I don’t really know the English word for it and then cabbage my mom actually made this cold salad it is red beans quinoa chickpeas black beans cashews with Portuguese curry sauce Reggie spatula Hey Morning guys, so it’s my passing day too, and I’m so sleepy right now. I’m not that hungry I’m doing okay. I packed my lunch and my snack most of it is just left over from last night I’m ready for my first meal of the day I actually took my work out during lunch time today, so I’m super hungry right now and reheating my life Today is the first day that I feel so hungry still a few hours until I can eat my first meal so hungry and Michael eat me this piece of carrot cake sitting on my Table, I’m so hungry.

I can’t eat it until two oh my god you guys I’m absolutely dying It’s been hardest to me so far because I think it’s absurd Gabe It’s like the excitement when you first try doing something and it’s wearing off this is my lunch today basically leftover from last night and It was so good. I took another piece before it you better finish my lunch so Good it’s so good And I’m going to have my snack sweet potato with Humber Tomatoes, and this is the salad from yesterday My dessert a slice of watermelon and open up my Intermittent fasting day 4 and I just arrived to the office.

I’ll be honest. I don’t fear the best right now I just read really well last night I’m just feeling really tired and hungry today But I’m going to stay positive Just four more hours until my first meal and then it’s the weekend tomorrow and normally on Friday night I won’t eat home-cooked meals I’ll go out and eat with my boyfriend So I’m very excited about that and what is the weekend I will continue with this intermittent fasting But in terms of what I eat. I will eat and house there just eat whatever I feel like so I’m very excited about that It’s almost – so hungry. Today’s. I’m super happy to see so much food for lunch again They’re just leftover from last night a glass of almond milk We’re here for our second dinner mouthal knows the mcdonald mac and cheese toasties hsm in the morning through my fast I’ve been together at the folding We have On our way to a photo shoot day five of my intimate infesting Chat is obviously not doing it never will But the photo shop will be until tough today, so I actually think you won’t be able to eat it Like that oh you did take it no I changed my mind I Really like it Sookie So we just finished the shooting we’re now back home, and I’m filming the intro for new workout video So hopefully I’ll be done with the filming before two and then Jeff will go buy Takeaway, and then I’ll get to get my first meal while watching Bachelor in Paradise in here that is going to buy lunch now cat finally Came back with their food steamed fish with face.

It’s healthy. I’m having fish ball. Is that sorry my steamed fish with rice and watching our favorite bachelor in paradise “Job of pushing me away, put it best couple a couple of days. I don’t understand how…” Our favorite 4:30 Morning guys so if you like to know that I cheated last night for the first time. I’m just really Really gassy and like super bloated this morning when I woke up and just don’t feel great I’m actually very excited to go straight back into my instrument since I’m saying today I Know that it seems like is so much but for those of you who have been watching my Instagram story of what I eat every Day, we know that I normally have a huge appetite Which is why my model is workout to eat and by doing intermittent fasting I could actually see a reduction in my overall appetite because my three meals of lunch Afternoon snack and dinner all within the eight hours period and not too many hours apart from each other I would be quite full the whole time So I’m actually eating less than my normal diet so I can see how it really helps people who need to lose weight because apart From the fast they can also eat less by skipping a snack with lunch and dinner being already more than enough to keep down food during the eight hours so in the long term when you get used to eating less your stomach sites with naturally reduce and has a smaller appetite which will help with weight loss Morning say 10:00 today, and my mornings have definitely gotten easier Yesterday, I wasn’t even hungry because I was so busy at work I think a lot of time to have hunger during your class just comes from mental boredom your body is actually doing okay? So let’s see how my last day will go one of the reasons I love this is that a really safe time for me in the morning normally I would be rushing through my breakfast stuffing food into my mouth and a hurry before heading to work and so the fastest means very Convenient I don’t have to think about what to eat or take time to eat in the morning And that’s my 10 days quick vlog of my instruments and passing experience today.

I’m going into my 11th I’m actually getting used to it. It’s 1:30 right now. I didn’t even think about for the whole morning for me I’m actually really glad that I chose It was not as hard as I thought and it did get easier after the first few days and tip wika feeling less bloated with A flatter belly every day I would also much prefer this to a calorie controlled diet Because there’s actually much more effective when it comes to fat burning plus I could still eat what I want during the eight hours, and I could keep my muscle mass I personally actually think is much easier to stick to and more sustainable in the long term I hope this video is helpful to you comment down below if you have any other questions Remember to give this video thumbs up if you liked it your support means the world to me.

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