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If Motivational Quotes Were Honest

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If motivational quotes were honest people always tell you motivational quotes, but let’s be honest They’re not always true for example your only limit is you that’s a very motivational quote your your mind is the only? Limits you can achieve anything as long as you have the mindset right your only limit is you best risk and money? Family health your boss lakh people smarter than you etc. This is gonna mean. It’s gonna. Be pretty sad I’m sorry guys mobile comes to reiax time We’re looking at some Motivational quotes if they were honest let’s be honest guys you guys stop hating yourself for everything you aren’t start loving yourself for everything you Are it’s actually a very good quote stop focusing on the things you aren’t focus on everything you are like being broke uncultured insecure and self-conscious Yes, I love when I am motivated, I love this I can and I will get frustrated before succeeding on anything at all Yes that that’s pretty accurate I’m not gonna lie, I’m not gonna argue because this Just stop that if you cannot be positive then at least be quiet.

I’ve never actually heard this one This is actually a very bad quote. What the heck if you cannot be positive that at least be quiet No if you cannot be positive at least don’t be negative. I don’t know I don’t know Why whatever so says if you cannot be positive that at least be quiet? Or be annoyingly loud and pour all that frustration out to make everyone else uncomfortable you ever had those people in class They always hate everything the teacher says they hate any assignment I was like oh, so they’re that annoyingly loud people that are frustrated and always talk out loud Okay So this one’s good this one is very motivational a little progress every day adds up to big results so a little bit adds up To big results imagine going to the gym every single day even though you’re only going for 30 minutes 45 minutes It can actually add to big results you could lose a lot of weight But it says it will take so long you’ll be too old to enjoy anything when you get there.

Oh my god Why is this getting in my head should I just sit down on the couch watch American Horror Story and eat junk food? That’s it I’m gonna be watching the full series of narcos and just eat junk food because like what’s the point it’s not about being the best It’s about being better than you were yesterday if the quote was honest. It would be like you’ll never be the best I’m sorry guys I’m sorry this obviously these aren’t like too serious, so don’t go home and just be depressed cuz this is like Papa this is a joke and I just realized my Insecurities I kind of leaking out my chest sometimes. It’s okay to take a step back and admit.

You’re being ridiculous Okay, that’s an inspirational quote, but it feels honest. It’ll feel more like people generally don’t want to be around you That’s uh I’m getting sad never apologize for having high standards People who want to be in your life will rise up to meet them now it feels honest Hope you’re happy being alone guys. I know I know this is bad, but it’s relatable I’m a friend that has like really high standards And he can’t really get a girlfriend because his standards are so high all he cares about his looks I’m like bro. If you stop caring so much about looks you’ll get a girlfriend. I know deep inside He’s been wanting a girlfriend so um this is very relatable to my friend even though He’s not hearing though, but he’s been alone for a while because he’s just like not good enough.

She’s not good enough My bro, you should try you should at least try wise men are not always silent But they know when to be if it was honest Just Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations now if it was honest. We’re lost but Hey look a tree The best things in life are actually really expensive, that’s true true love is when two people lower their standards just the right amount Guys are you motivated this motivates you I’m actually sorry guys if it kind of made you sad, but don’t worry You’re gonna achieve something great in your lifetime um No, you’re probably not but none of us do so we can be friends at least. I’m just kidding guys Tell us a joke but I hope you guys enjoyed if you guys have any other funny Motivational quotes if they were on it set it to my Twitter And I’ll see you guys soon make sure to subscribe to the channel check out some more videos Hope you have a great one and peace out Well, there’s no peace There’s never peace