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INCREASE Your Personal MAGNETISM Like THIS! Positive Motivational Video (Law of Attraction)

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we each carry a personal field of energy that moves itself out into the world from a scientific viewpoint we are all energetic beings in an environment that is also energetic our personal energy fields in our environment influence each other anything that is not in harmony with our energy field or that doesn’t resonate with the things that we want or how we want to feel can result in feeling a loss of energy or a negative energetic affect this is why it is so important to keep our personal energy fields clean strong and positive in doing so we bring more internal peace to ourselves and increase the potential of magnetizing more abundant and positive things into our lives by embodying a positive energy field we add more positivity to the world around us and become naturally enriched because of it following our five ways to carry more positive energy and increase your personal magnetism number one create an intention first thing in the morning that you will not take on any energy that is not yours this includes thoughts emotions and beliefs of others that don’t resonate with you there’s a lot of information coming at us each day some of it negative and some of it positive sometimes we pick up the energy or frequency of certain information unintentionally and believe it to be our own however setting an intention early in the morning that you will not be affected by the outside energy that doesn’t line up with you and what you want is a great way to dismiss anything that might block your manifestations or stand to cause you to feel negative for example you might say today I intend to maintain my own energetic frequency I send out only positivity to the world around me which in turn can only attract back to me positive things I’ve I braided a frequency that makes others feel more positive and allows only positive people places events and circumstances to be a part of my life this type of intention is extremely powerful in that it sets a boundary it keeps us from accepting outside influences that don’t belong to us spreads a higher frequency to the world around us and creates a new boundary that begins to attract like conditions people and events that are of an abundantly positive nature number too much like the previous tip imagine you have a protective shield around you that spreads positive frequencies and only reflects back positive people and things simply close your eyes and envision a bright white force field of energy surrounding you imagine this energy both merging with you and your body and also becoming larger and reaching several feet out in all directions around you set the intention that this white field of energy protects you from anything unwanted as you move through your day and attempt to feel its positive effects throughout your daily activities realize that this force field not only raises your personal frequency but the frequencies of any persons places or things that it comes into contact with therefore causing a positive effect on anything near you number three spend time alone in nature to restore your energy nature is a healing source and it has the power to reinstate your natural energy field there is a peacefulness in nature with the ability to ignite our own inner essence of stillness giving us the opportunity to dismiss all of the external chatter that may have attached itself to our personal energetic fields in addition there are many plants that are known to purify the air of toxins and aid in the flow of positive energy number four make a list of places foods activities and people that charge you positively and then set an intention to increase those effects for more benefit for example if you enjoy eating broccoli set the intention that the broccoli will multiply your positive energy as you eat it or if you enjoy going to a specific place set the intention that when you go there you will feel even more energized with positive energy than ever before number five boost your mood intentionally we can deliberately change the way we feel simply by changing the way we behave it’s scientifically proven that when we put a smile on our face even if we don’t feel particularly happy the brain will release chemicals such as endorphins and serotonin that actually makes us feel happier and in a more positive state of mind when we stand up straighter and even pretend to be more confident our testosterone levels increase and our cortisol levels decrease this reduces any stress we may be feeling in other words by acting happier and more positive the chemicals in our body catch up to this and reinforce those feeling states even dressing differently can incite these changes making our outer image reflect how we would like to feel on the inside will assist in producing those results and maintaining an even more positive energetic field the body produces the hormones that assist in changing how we feel an easy way to prove this to ourselves is by simply putting a smile on our face and maintaining it for a short length of time it’s also quite contagious to those around us we live in a world of energies and forces we have a choice in every moment to accept peace and harmony as our natural state or to focus on things that cause resistance part of our own personal evolution is learning to consciously live in this world of energy and radiate more happy peaceful positive energy to all that is around us by embodying personal peace and an inner state of love harmony and positivity we have a positive effect on everything around us and as a bonus we attract more positive energy back into our lives

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