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“It’s Hard Getting Good Grades” – Study Motivation

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Eddie Gordon said you can do the easy things in life life is going to be hard I promise you but if you go out there and do those hard things I’m talking studying when your friends are partying preparing for an exam one month in advance when your friends are leaving it to the night before if you go about it and do those hard things those things that no one wants to do then life will be easy it’s a choice that you have to make you have to step up and walk that path take that road that lonely dark cold road that road that so many people don’t want to take that’s when you’re going to truly find yourself why is it that you don’t want to grow why is it that you just settle for the grades that you’re getting why is it that you just shy away from challenging yourself and taking life on like you’ve got another hundred lifetimes after this why is it because doing well at school at university it’s hard it’s hard getting good grades but we are in charge of the life we live and when you’re in charge you say if it’s hard then do it hard don’t allow this to stop you there is no easy mode in this what is the easiest way to turn your grades around your attitude about it that you decide that you are not working at your full potential that you decide your grades do not represent what you can achieve Charles Wendel said he said the longer I live the more I realize the impact attitude has on life attitude to me is more important and facts it’s more important than the past than education than money than circumstances and failures than successes than what other people think or say or do it’s more important than appearances giftedness or skill and we have a choice every day the attitude that we’re going to come at life you cannot change what grades you got in the past you cannot change the exams that you failed you can’t even change what you did yesterday but you can change how you will attack tomorrow those moments that you think you don’t want to do something when you want to procrastinate when you think I’ll do it tomorrow that’s exactly when you have to go for it when things get hard don’t ever ask why me dig deep down and say try me because I’m stronger than anything you can throw at me because I’ve been down that dark path I’ve been alone and I rose up above it all if you fail it’s because you’re reaching for something that is worth failing for if you fail it’s not over if you fail fall on your back and look up if you can look up you can get up and if you learn then it’s not a failure you don’t lose if you learn grab life by the horns and go for it stop waiting stop looking for other people’s approval take a chance take a risk there’s nothing worse than regret in thinking what could have been how bad do you want it are you talking about it or are you studying for it greatness is no Joyride greatness is full of adversity and obstacles how bad do you want it how dedicated are you to achieving extraordinary grades when you get up in the morning don’t look at your emails don’t look at your phone don’t think about yesterday’s problem and yesterday’s struggles focus you gotta make a decision to stop making excuses and get it done there’s nobody in this world that’s going to get you what you want you’re going to have to go out there and get what you want by studying hard being talented is not good enough