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Jalsa Karo Jayantilal – Best Gujarati Natak Comedy Full 2015 | Dilip Joshi, Dimple Shah

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O Goddess Lakshmi, you know that I offer prayers only to you, and not to … …any other Gods or Goddesses. But I have seen that you don’t take care of your devotee. Why, what happened that? That party from Vile Parle is not giving me 22,000 rupees from so many days. What have you done for that? Does it look good to remind you every day? Now see, do something today so that I get commission of 22,000 or else … I will again remind you, Goddess! And Goddess, if I get 22,000 then I will offer you holy food worth rupees… …two and quarter, okay? Jentida! Yes. Do you offer your prayer everyday or you play Kaun Banega Crorepati? Gangu uncle, Goddess Lakshmi wants love, and not money. Right? See, she says ‘yes’. Where are you going? Keep this incense stick carefully, it can be used tomorrow. Yes. And I will cut money from your salary if you use new incense stick tomorrow. Salary? First of all, you don’t give salary for 6-6 months. What will you cut? Okay then, first I will raise your salary and then I will cut.

Leave that increasing and cutting; look at this watch first. Get it repaired. It is not working since your father expired. That office phone is also not working since so many years. At least we have a phone even though it is not working. Party should feel that the agent is well-to-do. My business is a show-business; and you earn money if you show your business. Money…money… Come, grandmother. How much money you want to earn? Even the Reserve Bank must not be minting, that much; grandmother. Your grandfather always used to say… What? That money is the dirt of hand! That is why I wash my hands only once in a day, grandmother! There are many things in the world besides money. Like… Love, emotions, feelings, daughter-in-law… But what do I tell you? But you don’t like anything! I do like watching movies; and to tell you the truth, I get all these emotions, …

…feelings, love in the movies itself. Yes, but you do misery in that too. Why? You watch movies, but you sit on the front bench. Why? What’s the problem in sitting on the front bench? Is Hritik Roshan going to look like.. ..Rakesh Roshan if I see it from the front bench? You don’ know grandmother, the rate for upper stall is 25 rupees and the rate … …balcony is 50 rupees. Your Jayantilal saves full 25 rupees! That is all okay. Yes. But till what time you will stay bachelor? Why? Am I a burden for you? No dear. Then why are you saying so? Hey… Why do you say so, grandmother? Look, this is the wedding card of Rasik from 3rd floor. He is marrying for the 3rd time; and look at you! See, Rasik is an absolutely free man.

Let him do whatever he wants to do. I don’t need to do all this. But I do need! Then you get married! You… my eyes are straining now stitching your pants repeatedly. Yes. I am telling you now that I can’t work hard for you now. Get me a daughter-in-law, very beautiful; like that Roopali. Roopali? Who is this new item, grandmother? Jeevee aunty’s small niece’s small sister-in-law! One minute, the same one who stays in the Mansoorwala Chawl? Yes, the same one. How do you like her? Very bad! Her father is a no.1 debtor, her brother is no.1 alcoholic. You want me to get married in such house? But you don’t have to get married to her father and brother.

So? The girl is very fair. If you make her sit in a dark room, the room will look so bright! Oh God! Then it will be a problem, grandmother. Problem? I can’t sleep if the light is on! I am telling you, the girl is very nice. She will take good care of you. Why? Is her father a porter? Oh God! God should not give such grandson to even an enemy! But God should give sun grandmother to every grandson! You … I am your good boy, right? You are, right? – Yes. Then go today itself and see the girl. Oh God! I am going, grandmother. You always find some excuse whenever I talk about the girls. I will excuse myself from here if you talk about girls now. I will run away from the house. Go, run away. Go wherever you want. Then let whatever happen to this old lady. Nirupa Roy is angry! Tell me, what’s wrong with you? Jayanti. Yes. What’s the benefit in staying bachelor? But what is the loss in not getting married, too? Son, I am old now.

Don’t say that, grandmother. I may not be there tomorrow. – No! But son, what about you? Will my wish for a daughter-in-law will never be fulfilled? It’s not totally like that, grandmother. I like a girl that way. You like her? She is more beautiful than Aishwarya Rai. Tell me who is that girl? I am feeling ashamed. Why are you ashamed of your grandmother, son? Tell me, who is that girl? Tell me my dear. Should I? Tell. You! Okay, I am leaving, grandmother. Wait. – Yes. Have some curd and go. And where are you going in this afternoon heat? There is an advertisement in the newspaper. There is a bungalow in Dahisar for sale. I am going to Dahisar to see that bungalow.

Yes, but will you go to Dahisar on this bicycle? No grandmother, I will keep bicycle on the station and I will go in train from … …there. Give me the curd. – Take it. Now, recommend your God that today I should get such a deal that I should get … …nice commission from it. Not a single deal has been finalized since past so many days. I will tell to finalize the deal of your life…with a girl! Come on, I am leaving now; and listen. – Yes. Do I have to bring anything for home while returning? Daughter-in-law! You keep asking to bring the same thing every day! Okay, greetings.

Greetings. My beloved! I will offer 21 lamps and 11 coconuts at your temple… Just get my grandchild married! Oh my God! Hey come on, the ball must be somewhere here only. Look properly where’s the ball. Okay, brother. Hey doll, where’s the ball? How did you hit a shot, brother? Hey smarty; give me the ball. Hey sweety, what are you staring at? Our practice is going on; come on, give me the ball. Hey sweety, are you deaf? Hey Jaya Bhaduri of Sholay, I am talking to you; are you mute? I think she doesn’t know brother Baka; give her my introduction. Hey pea-skin; not to act over-smart in front of brother, okay? Boys are still scared of brother Baka in the far off places. Did you get it? Hey, give me the ball quietly. We have a match tomorrow; and this match is already fixed. This brother Baka is going to lose for the first time in his life. I am practicing to get clean bowled, what? Brother… Don’t be scared. Stand with your chest out. She will come out with the ball now; stand properly. Okay, you are not giving the ball because your glass broke.

Smarty, every day one glass will be broken if you don’t give the ball now. One glass every day, what? Why are you showing teeth like Madhubala? I am talking to you listen; I am leaving you because you are a girl. Tell her had there been a boy in her place, all his teeth would have been out. Where does she disappear again and again like Mr. India? Come on, we will leave.

Brother, ball? You get it in market. – Okay. Listen! Did you tell me? I have also broken many glasses in my childhood. Thanks. Stupid! Call me stupid! Come on brother, let’s start the practice. Very good, come on. Look brother Baka; tea-vendor’s daughter. Juhi Chaiwaali! What is your style number; what is mobile number. Why; don’t you have mother-sister at your home? Don’t you have mother-sister at home; go away. Smarty, telling me … Brother… Dara Singh, stand straight. What happened? There’s a big problem? – What happened? Just now the news came that there is going to be police raid in our area. What? I had told Kadam earlier only! You do one thing, tell our boys to take out the material from the warehouse. Okay, brother. You do one thing, take a taxi and take way all the material. Okay, brother. Move, watermelon! – Hey…

Brother, is he a police man? No, he looks like Gandhiji’s goat from the face. Hey tobacco; hey Manikchand (tobacco brand), come here. May name is not Manikchand, my name is Jayantilal. Be it Jayantilal or Ratilal; leave from here. There is going to be a big problem here. Why so angry in the morning? Have you come after fighting with your wife? Take off your hand. Okay, don’t get angry. I took it away, okay? Take off your hand from the shoulder. Tell, what happened? Tell me; is there a Sneh-Sadan somewhere in Dahisar? Sneh-Sadan? – Yes. Do you have eyes or bottle-caps? I have yes! Muskmelon; can’t you see such big board? Did you put up this board right now? I passed by from here 3-4 times; I couldn’t see it.

It’s like, the child was with me and I was searching in the whole village. Now say the same thing in Gujarati. I will explain you in simple Hindi. This phrase is very famous in our Saurashtra, but you know how … …this phrase was formed? Once upon a tie in a village, a lady’s son was lost. That boy was …look here…was here, on her waist. And the lady was searching for the same boy in the whole village. My boy… Boy…should I hit you or what? He made me angry in the morning itself! Brother… Jurassic Park, stand straight. What happened? All the material is moved. Moved? Okay, then say it like that. Hey shorts, call up brother Kadam and tell him to send his dogs. Brother, there’s no dial-tone I it.

Then put SIM card in it. Let’s put SIM card in it, clear our hands; we will make everything okay. Thank God; finally I found it. Doors are open! Sneh-Sadan… Sneh… Mr. Sadan … Is there anybody or not? Am I late or what? Is bungalow already been sold or what? Hello … I have so many things to do and … Agent! Home agent! You have given advertisement in the newspaper for selling the bungalow. So I have come to see the bungalow. Sit. What? Sit. What sit? You scared me by screaming. But wouldn’t I be scared if you say ‘agent’ in style? That’s my mistake, I understand. I should have said home agent.

You should have rang the bell. But the door was open. – How will I know? I called Sneh-Sadan two times. – I had to put the pressure cooker. Then again said Sneh-Sadan here. Enough now; tell you mater that estate agent has come. What? No what; go. It was a task coming to Dahisar in the rains. What? You are still stuck at ‘what’? Send your master out and get me a glass of water while coming out. Saying ‘what’? Wow Jayanti, this Sneh-Sadan is old; but the construction looks good. And it is near from the market and station too. So if I decide the rate of 2000, the place will be easily of 20-22 million. If I get 2% of 20-22 million, I will be the happiest. Take water. Master is coming, right? No, he won’t come. What do you mean by he won’t come? I have come from Mumbai after seeing your advertisement.

And he can’t even come out from his house? He won’t come because he is no more. Before 3 months. He was my father. Forgive me; I am a mad man. I thought the owner… To be the servant! Sorry; don’t feel bad. No problem; such things happen. It’s not my fault. You don’t look like an owner. What? Means, when I came, you were holding… that… Broom? Yes, that’s why there was a misunderstanding. – Okay. Sorry, but you don’t feel bad. No problem, but you know that I am the owner of the house.

Yes. I have given the advertisement, so now you speak. I want to make some clarification before I speak anything. Yes. Actually, market is very down now-a-days. Just think that there is no buying-selling of the places. Then should I not sell? Not like that; I mean you don’t get stuck to a fixed rate. Yes. Keep some place for adjustment. Okay. So tell, at what price you want to sell this place? Actually, I can’t understand. You only tell me, how much money it should fetch? Okay; what will be the total area? Frankly speaking, I have not measured it in 3 months. But if you say, we will measure it right now. I have a ruler. How can you measure such big house with ruler? It won’t take much time; we both are there. Do you have the papers of the place? Yes. Then show me that; all the details must be written in it.

Okay, just 2 minutes. Okay. I forgot to ask you, what will you have? Papers! Not like that; tea or cold drink? Okay, that way. – Yes. So I will have cold drink till the tea comes. Joke! What was the joke in it? I drink tea and cold drink both. Jayanti, this is a good party! She doesn’t know anything about the buying and selling of the houses. I think this hen will give the golden eggs. Take this cold drink of fennel seeds; home-made. I have kept ginger tea for boiling.

More? No, I can’t drink so much. No! I want to ask some questions about this place. May I? Yes. First of all tell me, what about the water here? I have made this cold drink with water only. Cold drink… No, I mean how many hours do you get water here? That way. 24 hours municipality water; no tanker water, okay? Yes; and what’s there in the kitchen? Indian bread and vegetable. Bread ….I mean, on what have you kept Indian brad and vegetable? Platform is made of what; marble or granite? See, if any party asks me what is there in the kitchen; so I can’t tell him that …

…there is food in the kitchen. How can we say that? It will look so bad then if he asks for it and we don’t have it. Platform is made of plain stone. Write it. – Stone… Come here. Come this side. We have put tiles till the ceiling. Okay. And there’s a tap on the left, which gives superb water. Okay. I have made this cold drink for you from that water. I got it. In short, you have everything which needs to be there. Everything! Everything; so, water, okay; kitchen, okay. Now furniture. It is not made of stone, it is of wood. Stone… I mean, do you want to give the house with the furniture or without it? No, I want to give everything. Okay. Because I am not going to stay here, I will be going back to Baroda…

…to my uncle. My uncle has brought me up. Wow. It will be good once I get the money of this house. Then aunty will not taunt me. Do we have any temple nearby? Temple? No. there is no temple. But I have temple in my house. I have lit the lamp just now, if you want to offer the prayers. Okay. – Come. Why would I offer prayers now? You asked for the temple? Because if you have a temple nearby, then the place is sold off quickly. So now? What happened? There’s no temple! How will I sell the house without the temple? You do one thing; show me the papers of the place. Yes. Take this. Don’t worry much about the temple. I will find out some way. You will build a temple, right? Yes… We will try our best! Wow! Is there something missing again? Another temple? No, I mean …this house is of 4000 sq.

Ft.! No. What no? Don’t you know? No. See, it’s written here…4000 sq. ft. This house is of 4000 sq. ft. 4000 sq. ft.? Pardon me, but you stay alone in this big house? I am not alone; my loneliness is with me. Loneliness! So it seems you are fond of writing poems? I am fond of reading poems. Actually my memory is so sharp that I memorize the poem as soon as I read it. And as soon as I memorize … I am standing at the door of my beloved and listening… Listening to the words … …of my beloved … Listen…. Sorry; actually I remembered the poem so … No, you sing very high class. Thank you. And you gave that back-ground music in between! I felt as if I am sitting in an auto. I mean, you sing very well. Thank you. So, speak your rate. What? Tell me the rate of this place. I told you that I don’t understand. You only tell me how much money it should fetch. What do I say now? Would you believe if I say you will get around 25 million for this place? 25 million? Done! Done for 25 million! What happened? Whistled! Who? Pressure cooker! I forgot; I had kept pressure cooker on the gas.

And listen… If you want to use washroom, it is next to the kitchen. Go. I forgot to tell you that I want to give away the kitchen gas too… ..with cylinder! Jayanti, this fool says ‘done’ in 25 millions! 4000 sq. ft. means this place will cost around 40 million, not 20-22 million! I will give 25 to her from that, and I will keep the remaining 15. You enjoy! I am standing at the door of my beloved and listening…

– Tea… Tea! I was just checking the ceiling. What? For leakage. How will we have leakage? It never rains on our bungalow. Take ginger tea. So you have kept tea in cooker? No, we have two burners, right? – Yes. Cooker on one and tea on another. We have to give away both the burners. What? I mean, you won’t get anything extra for those two burners. But can we talk about the main house? Yes. You are saying ‘done’ for 25 million.

Done. See, you have promised me, now you can’t take back your words. No. Don’t even call any other estate agent. Keep these papers. Tomorrow morning I will come to take the Xerox of it, okay? Why Xerox? You can take these also. No, but…these are the original papers. Yes, but then I trust you completely. You are very strange! Why? No one trusts a stranger in today’s world. It’s another thing that I am a good person! I mean, imagine if I run away with these papers, then? Good people don’t run away? Who told you that I am good? Why, you only said just now? But then imagine, if I tell you that I am a bad person, then would you believe it? No! Why? Because you don’t look like a bad person. And you don’t look like from today’s world! Okay, greetings. Greetings. Hey, nice lentils are ready. – What? Only the tempering is to be given. Means? Means you have lunch and then go. – No. My mother used to say that the guest is like a God! Yes, but my father used to say that God should have interest in money only. I will have lunch some other time, okay? Greetings.

Greetings. One minute! I want to clarify one point while I was reading the papers. Who is this Preeti Mehta that is written here? I forgot to tell you in this chaos; I am Preeti Mehta! I am Jayantilal Maganlal, Agent. Okay. Catch me! Give my pencil. I won’t give. You are breaking mu pappadums (Indian snack). Shorty boy, stop. What do you want? Pencil. Take this pencil. You broke my pappadums! She hit me! Dogs should bite your Jayantilal! Your Jayantilal should get boils on his … …backside! Your Jayantilal… Yes, speak. You…shorty… Why should dogs bite Jayantilal? Injections are so expensive, you know. Grandmother, I searched for you on the whole floor, to give you good news.

– Okay. And you are drying these pappadums here. Grandmother, now you don’t need to do this anymore. Your Jayanti has done such thing that you will be very glad to hear it. Wow Jayanti, are you getting a daughter-in-law for me? Like that Roopali? Grandmother, that party from Dahisar… What’s the name? Preeti grandmother. Preeti grandmother? A name like an old lady? Her name is Preeti, grandmother; and she is young, not old! Looks wise? Absolutely high-class, grandmother; and near the station; 4000 sq. ft. built-up … …area! Are you talking about the pale or the girl? Grandmother, obviously about the place! Does a girl have a built-up area of 4000 sq. ft.? You keep going to Dahisar, so I thought that you are going to bring me … …a daughter-in-law. Here I am talking about earning the money; and you always talk about … …daughter-in-law. You earn for the whole life; earn till your chest bursts out. Listen to me… These pappadums will … This deal is very …. I am telling you since so many days to bring me a daughter-in-law, but you …

…don’t listen to me. But do you get daughter-in-law in vegetable market that I bring it? Like, give me 1kg. of daughter-in-law? I think my wish to get you a daughter-in-law will go with my coffin. What coffin? What else? Neighbours keep asking when will you get Jayanti’s wife? What should I answer them? She is also a good actress! Hey… Who is that? It’s me, Jayanti. I have brought your papers from the lawyer. Very good, Gangu uncle. Did you give him 500 rupees? Yes; I bargained with him and got a discount of 20 rupees. Take it. You keep it; enjoy. Jentida, are you okay? Why? Why are you giving me money? Uncle, now I have understood you have to spend a little if you want to earn big. Money brings money! Tell me one thing. Yes. You have made so many deals till date. You have never given me money before. But uncle, till date we have never done such big deal too.

Do you know what this is? This is called Power of Attorney? It is in my name. We will transfer that place of the party from Dahisar in my name… …and then we will sale it. We will make a profit of minimum 15 million in that, uncle. 15 million? It’s nothing.. ..the place in the outskirts of the bungalow also belongs to the party. So? Party doesn’t know about it. Even I didn’t know about it. But I arranged to get the master plan from the Collector, at that time I came … …to know. That place will also cost around 20 million, uncle! That means 15 plus 20… 35 million in our pocket, uncle! Once the party signs the document and the Collector’s stamp is affixed on it, … …then… But there’s one problem, uncle. What? Some goon called brother Baka has usurped the outside land. We will have to do something about him. Brother, please be careful in whatever you do. Times are very bad now-a-days. Gangu uncle, you still don’t know your Jayanti. This Jayanti is an item! When it’s the question of 35 million, you automatically get the courage of …

…keeping such types of 50 goons in your pocket. You just wait and watch that… I will send him a notice from the Municipalityby telling the Collector. Otherwise my name is not Jayantilal Maganlal House-agent! But where are you going at this time? Don’t ask, uncle. I have called the party at the Collector’s office at 11.00. And it is already 10.45 here. Now should I leave or not? You leave. Umbrella, check; pouch, check; and what do they say? Wish me ‘all the best’. Greetings. All the best. All the best. – Yes! Where is Jayantilal? I had told him to come early. Now if Jayantilal doesn’t come then I will sit in 4unlimited (bus no.) and go home. So late! Jayantilal, you? You came so late. Sorry, I was a little late; but I have come. What is this? What? Why have you pulled up your pants like this? This is the reason my pants last for 5 years.

Are you wearing the same pants for 5 years? Is it possible? Actually, I have got 2 pants stitched. One for 2 and half years; and another for another 2 and half years. And actually, there are two benefits of putting clips like this? – What? Pants don’t get mud-satins in monsoon. And it doesn’t get stuck in cycle-chain. But Jayantilal, it is not raining now, and you are not riding the cycle now. So you mean that I should remove the clips? It’s looking very bad. I do as the party says. – Yes. I removed it, okay? Much better! Now tell me, where do we have to go? The Collector sits in the opposite building.

Come. Okay? Come. Ganapat … Greetings, brother Jayanti. Greetings, sister-in-law. She is party. Okay tell me, is sir there? Yes, sir is not there. Yes, not there? Means he is there or he is not there? Not there, he will come in the evening at 4.00. What 4.oo 0’clock? He had called me to meet at 11.00! I have ordered this party from Dahisar! What happened, the people form demolition broke sir’s house itself? What? Now, will sir look after his house or party’s house? Then he has to look after his house only.

Bring the material while you come in the evening. Material is ready right now also. We will meet in the evening. Greetings, brother Jayanti. Greetings, Party. This is a problem now! Why? What happened? Ganapat was telling me that sir … What? Ganapat told me that sir has gone out for some important work. Now he will come at 4.00 o’clock. 4.00 o’clock? What will we do till then? That’s what? Oh God! Can I do one thing? What? Can I go to my home for lunch? Yes. Okay. Hey, and me? I forgot about you! – Hmmm. Will you do some time-pass around here for 2-3 hours? There must be someone Mumbai whom you know? Yes, you! But I am going to my house for lunch. Then what should I do? Jayantilal, should I also go to my home? Dahisar? – Yes.

No, it will be night, and not evening if you go to Dahisar and come back. And what’s more, it is important to have your signature today itself. If we miss it today.. ..then this Govt. official will make us come back again and again. But Jayantilal, what will do till 4.00 o’clock? Let me think something. Think! This is a problem. Jayanti, if this Goddess goes than you will be again back to square one. Have you thought something? Should we do one thing? Speak. That is if you don’t mind. – Say. We both will do time-pass together. We will do time-pass together? But what will we do? You don’t have to ask what we will do when Jayantilal is with you. You just have to enjoy! Really? My friends don’t call me ‘Jayanti Jalso’ for nothing! So, Jayanti Jalso… – What? I mean, Jayantilal, how will we enjoy? Should we have some snacks? Snacks? Okay, we can have if you are a little hungry. Come on. We can’t! Why? My grandmother always says that our stomach gets upset by eating outside … …food. But Jayantilal, how will your grandmother’s stomach will be upset …

…if we both eat out? Not grandmother’s; our stomachs will be upset if we eat outside. What I am suggesting… – What? We should leave the snacks… …and have lunch! I was suggesting should we have juice in that shop? Juice? It will be two-in-one. Our hunger and thirst both will be satisfied. Okay, then we will have juice. Come, sit in the cycle. No, I can’t drink while roaming on the cycle. We will have to drink sitting at one place! I do as the party says. Turn the cycle. Be careful. – Yes. Come. Hey Dagdu, bring 2 chairs. Yes, park it. Sit madam. Sit sir. Chhotu, look after there; I am taking care of here! Say sir, which juice you will have; orange, pineapple, Ganga-Jamuna, sweet lime… Milk-shake? Milk-shake is also there; litchi, strawberry, cashew-nut, saffron… One minute! Do you have sugar-cane juice? Sugar-cane milk-shake? Sugar-cane juice you have? Yes, we have.

5 rupees for Amitabh and 3 rupees for Jaya. What does that mean? 5rupees for full and 3 rupees for half. This is the story of full and half. Brother, bring one full Amitabh. Okay. Are you fasting? No; why? You ordered only for me. We will do two Jayas from one Amitabh. Brother, make two from one glass. Okay. So Jayantilal, will we get juice in that half? Why are you pulling the leg of a poor man? It’s okay if the juice will be there. – Yes. Why are you standing? Sit down. Should I sit down? – Yes. I do as the party says. Thunder? Jayantilal… Yes. I think it’s going to rain. Yes, right? Oh my God! Just look Jayantilal, so much lightening is there. Lightening keeps happening. Shower of the first rain hit me I am going to get the bandage done What are you doing? Jayantilal, I got excited because of the lightening. Then I have to sing! It’s okay if you have to sing, but do you have to dance also? It’s okay if you sing-dance at your home; but it doesn’t look nice if you …

…sing-dance here in the middle of the road. You know Jayantilal; I love getting wet in the rain. Really? Do you like to get wet in the rain? I don’t like rains only. Why? Pants get dirty unnecessarily. And another thing, very bad leakage starts in my house in rains. And the rate of cement? The 50 kg. bag of cement costs 190 rupees! Jayantilal, you are so unromantic! What? I love getting drenched in the rain. You know, once upon a time, I was small. Not possible! Yes, you see, once… I came home after getting very much wet in the rain, so my aunty slapped me … Juice. Give, brother. There is so much juice in half also. Drink it. It’s nice. Jayantilal, do you want? Jayantilal, keep this. Yes. There’s more in it. I my stomach is full. But why to throw? – But I don’t want to drink. You have got mustache. What? Mustache! Mustache of lather. Are you finding it so funny? I laugh very easily.

Hey, bad; this is not the way to clear the mustache. One minute! Are you taking out razor? You said mustache; so I blurted out razor with mustache. You are too much, Jayantilal. Don’t feel bad. – You talk non-sense! Perfect! Jayantilal, why are you moving like a snake? It’s gone. Jayantilal, I think there is a temple somewhere nearby. Yes, there is. It’s in the next lane. Which? God Styanarayan’s temple. God Satyanarayan’s temple! Yes, because of that temple, the rate of this area has become 4000 rupees.

Jayantilal, come on, let’s go to the temple. Temple, now? – Yes. Jayantilal goes only to one temple. Which? Maratha Mandir! (a theatre) Maratha Mandir? We will get a 12.00- 3.00 show at Maratha Mandir. Yes, right. You know Jayantilal; my favourite Sallu’s movie is going on at Maratha Mandir. Who is this Sallu? Salman Khan! Salman Khan; which movie is going on? Kahi pyar na ho jaye! You have given a good idea! – Really? We will watch movie till 12.00 to 3.00; and then directly to Collector’s office.

Come on. It will be so much fun to watch it in fully air-conditioned balcony with … …Dolby sound. What did you say? Full air-conditioned balcony. Balcony? But I was saying… Yes. This movie has released just now. I know that. So we won’t get tickets. We will have to buy the tickets in black. Balcony’s rate is 50 rupees; and black for that means 150 rupees! Jayantilal, movie is never watched in black. We don’t have that much spare money. Very good! What happened? I mean, such nice thoughts in today’s world! I also think like you. Really? I also love to watch movies like mad. I sit on the front bench and watch the movie if I don’t get the ticket. But never in the balcony! What? Never in the black! Sir, money for juice. Yes. Give him the money for juice. Every time the party says, so… Should I give? No problem, I will give. Not a problem; we will adjust later.

How much, brother? 5 rupees. Take this change. It was nice. I enjoyed it. 2 and half we both will have to bear. Jayantilal, think what will we do till 4.00 o’clock? I will have to think something again. Jayantilal, should I give you one best idea? – What? Let’s go to the temple. It will be fun. Come on. Come on. Come on, because what this temple is tax-free! Come on; and this temple is on a little height. So we will feel like balcony only. I am telling you we should pass time till evening there itself.

Yes. Till evening? But I don’t know so many prayers! Jayantilal… Jayantilal… Jayantilal, come on. You go; I am standing here. Jayantilal, don’t you believe in god? I do believe, but only in one God; Goddess Lakshmi! And another thing, we house-agent have God on our tongues. Jayantilal, are you my friend? Yes. Do you trust me? Yes. And I trust God! So it can be said that you trust God! What? Yes; A-B, B=C; so A=C! This Algebra is still troubling me! What happened? Nothing; come on. – Come. Om jai jagdish hare, swami jai jagdish hare…. (Sanskrit verse) Give my holy commission, 21 rupees! 21 rupees for sprinkling so little water? This is not water to be sprinkled, this is holy water. And there’s holy food of God Satyanarayan too. Give my 21 rupees. What happened? Lady, my holy commission? I am giving. – What are you doing? Are you giving? – Yes…… I am giving. I don’t have one rupee change. Will 20 do? Will do; may you be happy.

How can one be happy after giving away 20 rupees? May God bless your pair! He is mad! Preeti, you forgot your sandals. Wow! Jayantilal, this garden is very nice. Really? Good that we came to this garden. But I tell you if this garden would have been near the station, the rates would … …have been fat. What Jayantilal; you always talk about the rates! Can’t you talk about Bhavna (feelings)? Don’t talk about Bhavna? She was roaming in entire Bhuleshwar like a pure Goddess.

And she ran away with Kamlesh in the end. But how do you know Bhavna Upadhyay? Jayantilal, I am not talking about that Bhavna. Then? I am talking about feelings, emotions. That! That is not my line, okay! What? No, I mean it’s not that I can’t talk about it at all. Hey… I can learn if someone teaches me. Then I will teach you. It will be useful to you in future. Sit. Jayantilal, why are you sitting here? Go there and sit. Should I sit there? Yes. I do as the party says. Jayantilal, why are you sitting far from me? – No… Just sit. No, I mean… I am not going to eat you. I mean, you mean… – What… I mean, you …. Jayantilal, you should not keep our inner feelings inside. You should say it. Actually, you are a lady and I am a gents! And we bother are in garden like this… Actually, I have never sat with any girl in such a small sq.

Ft.! That’s why it’s bothering me; nothing else. Give, sir. Pardon me. Sir, give one rupee. – Pardon me. It seems he is Jayantilal. She also knows you? Even I came to know today itself. Don’t know if she was n school with me or what? Don’t remember, may be… Jayantilal, say something. What should I say? This beggar has shut up my mouth. Jayantilal, forget her. – Yes, leave her. Say something. I will say whatever you like; say, what I should say! Whatever you like the most! Really? Jayantilal! Is there any problem? Why are you behaving like his? I am calling those pigeons, see.

What high-class pigeons! I like pigeons very much. – Really? Have you seen that movie ‘Maine pyar kiya’? Yes. They have a full song on pigeons in it. An entire song …. ‘Pigeon, go’ … Go and give my first love-letter to my beloved Pigeon, go… Jayantilal! Why are you making fun of me? I can never make fun of you. You sing high-class; more high-class than that Bhagyashree. Jayantilal, should I tell you one thing frankly? Tell. I was fond of singing since childhood. Really? Then why did you stop? You should have continued. Why? I am telling you, you may have left behind Lata Mangeshkar today. Why are you crying for that? I am not crying. You called me Lata Mangeshkar, that’s why! Okay, you are happy. God is truth… Truth is Lord… Thank you. How do you find it? Really? I was misled for a second. Why? I was misled for a second that Mohd. Rafi is sitting …

…next to me in person and he is singing. Lata Mangeshkar. Lata Mangeshkar. Lata Mangeshkar. Sorry, I blurted out by mistake; Mohd. Rafi. Jayantilal, what was your hobby in childhood? What childhood; I have only one hobby since childhood till now. Which? To watch movies. Movies? And that too sitting on the front bench. What? I get everything in the movies what you were saying; emotions, feelings. I promise on my grandmother, I am not lying. Jayantilal, you are still a small kid. I will set foot in my thirties very soon. July, right? July. Which date? 8th July. 8th? Cancer? Not possible; I don’t have any illness. Why do you directly say cancer? I won’t lie; sometimes I do have the problem of gas. Jayantilal, cancer is aSun-sign. This kind of scary Sun-sign? Jayantilal, should I tell you one thing frankly? Tell. You look like 25, even though you are 30. Really? Now, you stop wearing this fancy dress clothes, and Jayantilal, if you wear … …jeans and shirt, you will look 20-22 years old. Really? But I may look 20 or 25; the party is going to give me 2% commission only, … …right? Jayantilal, what kind of person are you? Your wife doesn’t advice you anything? Wife? Yes.

But I am still unmarried. What are you saying? You are 30; and still you haven’t married. Actually, Jayanti doesn’t take up such small jobs. Jayantilal, getting married is not a small job. Do you know, how can you call a thing small when you have 33 billion Gods … …as proof, you take holy rounds around fire, and promise to be with each other… …for 7 births? Yes, it can’t be small! Then? It is a very big thing. So why haven’t you done it? Me? I haven’t yet found any good boy. Pardon me, but can I ask you a personal question? Ask. What type of boy do you like? I like the boy who will take care of me, look after me; very simple. Simple! Hmmm. But he should wear jeans, right? What non-sense, Jayantilal? Jayanti, you will have to spend for the jeans! Jayantilal, take this. No, no way; it doesn’t look good if you give me money to buy jeans. For jeans? What is the money for? Jayantilal, I am giving you for the small expenses incurring for the house.

Where am I going? No, look, you have to keep this money. Bit, listen to me… Tomorrow I am going to Baroda. Tomorrow you are going to Baroda? Yes; aunty’s letter has come. I remembered from the letter; show me the papers. Where do I have to sign? Jayantilal, good I remembered or else this work would have been left to do. This are … Yes. Papers. Where do I have to sign? You just read it once. Why, have you not read it? I have read it; but it will be better if you read it once before signing. Jayantilal, if you have read it, it as good as I have read it. I have complete trust on you. Pen. Pen, Jayantilal! Okay, this is done, now… Jayantilal… Yes. Take this. This is done, now another thing. Take the keys of my house. Why are you giving it to me? I told you that I am going to Baroda tomorrow. You will need the keys if any party comes after that and you want to show …

…the bungalow. What? We have to sell my house, right Jayantilal? – Yes. As it is, I don’t know anyone in Mumbai except you. Do you know me? Very well. My father used to say that you should always trust for whom you … …have feelings. But what if he cheats? Then it is his ‘Karma’. Father always said; it is better to be cheated than to cheat. This is totally opposite! I don’t know about opposite or not… I only know one thing; the person who is cheating is bad, not the person who … …has been cheated.

Take this, keys of my house! You are half mad! And you are full! Oh my God! It’s 4.00 o’clock. Jayantilal, we had to go to the Collector. See, it’s too late, come on. What I am saying is; we had to go, but now we don’t have to go. Why? Just like that. I didn’t understand. But I understood. What? That; it is better to be cheated than to cheat! What? Nothing! You do one thing; you sit in my air-conditioned car. Yes. So, I will drop you to the station. – Perfect. You will get the train for Dahisar from there.

So, you will go to your house and I will go to my house. Right? Yes. One minute! – Come… What happened? Remove your hand! What happened? I got a direct current from here to here. What? Sit. I was sitting properly. No problem; sit. Hold the cycle. I am holding it. Oh my God! Have you sat? Yes, come on. Come on. Hey… Jayantilal…people will laugh if we go till station like this. How does it look, I am sitting and you are doing like this? I am not going to sit alone; you sit with me. One minute; just listen to me. Today, this will be comfortable for me. What? Jayantilal…2 minutes, just listen to me… Jayanti, what were you about to do? Cheating with Preeti? You should have died rather.

That girl trusts you so much, and you are going to break her trust. Cheating her means cheating God! Jayantilal! Jayantilal; you trust me and I trust God. So it can be said that you trust God! A=B and B=C; so A=C. Right? Really Jayanti.. ..if you would have hurt this girl, then no medicine, no bandage in … …this world could have repaired t. Shower of the first rain hit me I am going to get the bandage done I can’t understand this poem and all! I only understand that, what Shahrukh used to feel while looking at Kajol …

…in the movie ‘kuchh kuchh hota hai’; the same is happening to Jayanti… ..while looking at Preeti. But how do I tell this to the girl? You should definitely tell! Jayantilal,I think you should not keep our inner feelings inside. You should definitely tell! Jayanti, look at your appearance! This huge glasses, oil-pouring hair, loose shirt and petticoat like pants! How do you look? Jayantilal, to tell you the truth.. ..if you stop wearing this fancy dress, and start … …wearing jeans and shirt, you will look like 20-22 years old. But will Preeti like this Jayanti without jeans? I like the boy who will take care of me, look after me; very simple.

I may be falling in love… Jayanti’s umbrella got monsoon in it Jayanti is happy as if he has eaten a sweet This cycle is going to fly now Jayanti Kumar is going to be a son-in-law now There is beloved’s crop in the field of heart Jayantilal… Jayantilal… (singing) Hello? Jayantilal! Where are you? What? What are you doing at the Collector’s office? Leave all that; you come here fast. There’s a surprise for you. And listen; bring some colourful candles while coming. Not sandal; candle Jayantilal! Candle; okay. Bye. See you. Hi! Why, has your ball come here again? Hey shorts, give her the receipt. What is this? Smarty, give us 101 rupees. 101? For what? Hey Shilpa Shirodkar, can’t you read? Hey John Lever, come here. You should talk with girls with manners. Look, how Bhiku Mhatre talks. Like this.

Hey bowl… My name is Preeti. Preeti Zinta. Mehta! Yes, whatever it is. Hold this. What is this? Every year, we organize Navratri (festival of dance and music) here. We bring the idol of Goddess too. You and idol of Goddess? So what? We have a social group also. B.S.C.O.! B.S.C.O.? Bakabhai Social and Caltural Organisation. So, it’s a new way of begging. Think it as begging and give us. Your father also used to give us.

You should be ashamed to ask money like this. You sit at the corner of the lane and behave like a goon. You rob money from people under the name of festivals. And where does that money go? In playing cards and having alcohol! You do fights after drinking alcohol and you give bribe and come out … …if you are caught. You do a Satan’s job using the God’s name! Disgusting bloody hypocrites! No, we are not! We are as genuine as any other common man. It’s just that we, on our own, are fighting for our rights. But why give lecture to you? If you want to give money, then give it. Or else, forget it. But don’t preach! Hey buffalo eggs, come on. One minute! Write 251 rupees. Brother. Yes. Where did you learn English? You give the receipt. Brother, we would have got double amount if you would have lectured … ..everywhere in English. Take this. Yes.

Take this receipt. I don’t want; and I am sorry I misunderstood you. No problem! Are you educated? B.Com. with first class! The why are you not doing job? Job? Madam, people like us don’t have job or girl in their destiny. Come on shorts. Madam, S.S.C. fail; Jai Hind. Come on, now we have to go to Hanuman Galli. Brother, that snack is coming. Who snack? Hey tobacco, hey Manickchand, come here. Brother, you always forget my name. My name is Jayantilal, not Manickchand. Jayantilal! Lower your hand. Brother, today my hand is down only because of the weight; see.

Take off your hand from the shoulder. Jayantilal… Maganlal Agent; house-agent! Estate-agent. You guessed it right. You are acting very smart! Do you have extra fats? What are you doing? It’s tickling. And about fats; I am very fond of eating sweets and fried food since childhood. So all the fats has accumulated here; on the stomach. Hey fats; I think we will have to give him a receipt for a big amount. I should give the receipt for what amount? Leave him now; we will make a huge bill for him, but we will see him later. Come on now. What will you see me later? First go and see the Municipality notice. Your attitude will vanish! Acting smart after wearing goggles! I also have the goggles; understood? I can also act smart after wearing it; see… Oh God; can’t see anything with it. Uncle, why are you going that side? Road is on this side. Whom are you calling uncle? Oh God; come on, I will take you. Hey…I am not blind. All the blinds say that.

What? Come on. Hey….leave…. Blind; can’t you see? Whom are you calling blind? How do people walk wearing these goggles? Preeti always keeps the doors open. She is not here; let me practice till then. Where is it? Here it is! Preeti… No, this looks like a pose of God Hanuman. Preeti… I love …. Who is that? It’s me! Jayantilal! Jayantilal; you! Oh my God! But when did this all happen? This…this what happened when? These glasses? These are goggles. Okay, they are goggles. Is it of Ray Ban? No, it is of sister Roodi. Sister Roodi’s means? Means it belongs to my grandmother. She has kept it after she got operated for her cataract. How does it look? Very nice! Tell me frankly, it looks high-class, right? Looking London; talking Tokyo. What? My God! Jayantilal; I just can’t believe it.

You look 20-22 years old in jeans and shirt. Really? Yes. These jeans… What happened? Oh God! I could see after wearing these glasses. You are also looking killer today! Killer? I mean, you are looking handsome. Handsome? You are looking very pretty, yes. You mean beautiful. Beautiful; yes. How much beautiful? Just like a 3-bedroom terrace flat! What is this? These are flowers, for you. Okay. 45 rupees for a dozen. Thank you, Jayantilal. Jayantilal, these are plastic flowers. That’s what; cheap and long-lasting. Jayantilal always does everything perfectly! Real flowers get dried up. Hmmm. But these flowers will never dry up. Now…keep these. Jasmine, plumeria, rose and jasminum. What is this? These are the incense sticks of different fragrances. Okay. You light one incense stick of whichever fragrance you want from these flowers… …and put in between these flowers. You didn’t like? No Jayantilal, I liked it very much. You didn’t say thank you, so I thought… Thank you, Jayantilal. Why are you standing? Have a seat. Yes. I have brought very nice snack from Baroda for you. You were supposed to go to Baroda, right? – Yes.

Did you go to Baroda? I have brought the snack from there itself. I mean, why have you gone to Baroda? What work I may have? Aunty had called me to see a boy for marriage. It whistled. Who? Pressure cooker. What? Jayanti, your chance is slipping away. These all expenses should not go waste. I mean, did you see the boy? Yes; but I said no. Thank God! What? God bless you. You did a good thing by saying no. I am here! What? I will find a high-class bot for you; you will be surprised.

Jayantilal, what boring talks you are talking? Talk something interesting. Did you get the candles? Leave the candles. Didn’t you bring? I have brought a more high-class thing for you. What have you brought for me? Lantern? Yes. Why did you bring lantern? I will explain. The candle will burn out in a couple of hours. You don’t have to worry for 2-3 days if you put kerosene in it. Jayantilal; you are brainless! What happened? I have bought it on the condition of exchange in case you didn’t like … …the colour and size. Jayantilal. Yes. Come here. Tell. First stop roaming with lantern like A.K.Hangal. Keep the lantern. I kept it. Now tell me, what is this? This is cake. Can you put lantern on cake? You can never put! Cake will be spoiled. Jayantilal; I had told you to bring colourful candles to put on this cake. Oh. Do you know, for whom I have made this cake? No.

For whom? For you! Why for me? Because today is your birthday! 8th July! Why Cancerian, you forgot, right? That’s why I have made this cake especially for you. See Jayantilal, it’s nice … Jayantilal… Yes. You became emotional. No, something went into my eyes. Tell me the truth, on my promise. These are the tears of joy! My birthday was celebrated only once before this. My mother celebrated it when I was 3 years old. And now you are celebrating after 30 years; so something went into … …my eyes! Something went into my eyes! Now come on, cut the cake. Hey tobacco, hey Manickchand; come out! Who’s that? I think those goons have come. I have sent Municipality notice on them.

That’s why they must have come for some adjustment. It will be fun now, you see. What fun, Jayantilal? You don’t know how dangerous they are. Hey Gujarati snack, what are you doing with the sweet? Come out. Did you call me sweet? You are also a sweet. You don’t talk to them. You done thing; you go inside. I will handle it; you go.

Okay. – Go. You keep scaring me. But why did you come out again? I had come to wish you ‘all the best’. – Okay. All the best. Thank you. And see, don’t get scared. No. Be brave. Yes. I will try. I told you to go inside. Hey…what is this? It is a paper. It is a paper on which we write. If you don’t like what is written on it, then you can crumple it too, it’s … …that kind of paper. It was! Remove your hand from the shoulder. You sent notice to brother Baka? One minute. Speak. Time please. You sent notice to brother Baka? – Look; if you act smart.

Yes. I have got umbrella. – Hmm. I will put it in your mouth and open it. Should I hit you? – One minute. Yes. You are holding my shirt thinking what? Thinking it to be a shirt. Look… Yes. Then it’s okay. You… you sent notice to brother Baka? – Don’t push. You sent notice to brother Baka? Don’t play with umbrella. You sent to brother Baka… – Umbrella… Not to play with umbrella, okay; I threw it, now say. Listen. Say. We can talk quietly. We will talk quietly. You will send notice to brother Baka. Don’t slap me. You sent notice to brother Baka.

What are you doing? Leave him. Jayantilal… I told you not to come out, I will handle it. Why are you hitting him? You shut up. It is between us. I don’t talk to girls. Shut up. Idiot goon! Yesterday you were bragging about education! Is this your education? Does your college teach to beat up an alone man like you beat an animal? What use is the education which teaches a man to talk in English, but can’t teach … …humanity! Go out of my house! Get out! Get lost! Get lost! And dare you eye this man again! Jayantilal, I am really sorry. It all happened because of me. Oh God! Umbrella is gone now! Jayantilal, let me apply medicine. No, not red medicine; it burns a lot. Please. Jayantilal, it won’t burn. – No…. Jayantilal, it’s over. It’s over? Yes. But I was hurt on this side. Will do! Take this. This is not my cup of tea. Jayantilal, I am not giving you to hit. I am giving it to you to cut the cake.

Come, sit here. Blow. Not here, Jayantilal; but here. Now cut the cake. Happy birthday to you! Hey Pakya, tell Munna Mobile to give 3 pieces of Ericson. And bring money from Fracture Bandya. I will just pay salute to Brother. Brother, where are you lost? You are straight from hankie to tie after getting a slap from the girl. Direct Hritik Roshan from Gulshan Grover! What are you doing, brother? I am searching for a job. Job means… Job means service. Okay, service. Brother, girl… What a girl you are … Hey…why did you tease the girl? Say sorry to her. But brother… – Say sorry. Sorry. Go, sister. Sister! Brother, that shopkeeper was not giving me the money; so I slapped him hard. He gave me all the money, take this 3500.

Give him back. – Why? I told you, give him back, Chandresh. Chandresh? Brother, it has taken me full 5 years to become Shorts from Chandresh. And now Chandresh from Shorts in 5 minutes? Enough of being a goon now. I think now I will have to pay the life its due of … …honesty. Baka is a gentleman now. Gentleman word doesn’t look nice with Baka. Elder brother… Greetings, Jayantilal. Jayantilal! Are you okay? Every time he called me as Manickchand. Today you remember my name, Jayantilal. Are you also like a film hero, who comes to the right track after the interval? Jayantilal, that day I over did that … Over did means too much over done! I still get throbbing in myhead. I think I should tell you…

I feel it should not have happened… Leave it. Slowly you will get used to say sorry, right Preeti? Excuse me. Do you want to take revenge? What’s up youngster, what’s all this? Shirt, pants and tie! It’s good. If the person who has mistaken… What are you doing? When he comes back on the line… What are you doing? So we shouldn’t call him names. Account clear! Do you know the phrase that I have told you is based on whom? This phrase is world-famous in our Saurashtra. Once what happened, a boy like you fought with his father and ran away … …from house. His poor father was very much worried. He started looking for his son in the whole village. Hey… You forgot this. Don’t do this.

Listen to whole story and then go. Then that boy… …was repentant. And in the evening… He came back; I know. What do you know; that you tell you know? Do you know Valmiki? Valmiki form Mahabharat (Indian mythology), right? See, you don’t know? Valmiki was in Ramayan (Indian mythology). Valimiki was like you earlier, Valya goon. Then he prayed like this… Leave me… Listen to me… Leave me… Door is open; come inside. Yes, I am busy; I said come in. Who’s that? I am telling since long… Hello. You? What are you doing in my house? Listen to me… You get out of my house. Madam, listen to … What are you saying ‘madam’? Madam, I know I am not worth forgiving. You are absolutely right! I really do want to change, madam. See, you pointed a finger and I found the right road. I am extremely sorry; I mean it. It’s okay.

Thank you, madam. To tell you the truth, there should be one Preeti in e very area of Mumbai. All the goons will come on right track. And Mumbai police should have no work. You smiled; so now I am sure of one thing that you have forgiven me. Madam, please have these sweets. Sweets? For what? Today is the first day of my job. You; and job? Yes, in Vinayak Trading Corporation as Chief Accountant. When you came to apologize, I thought you have changed. But now that you are doing a job, I must say that you are on right track now.

I will have to eat the sweet. Take this, Madam. But my hands are not clean. You eat it later, madam. Why later? You have given such nice news. Feed me the sweet. What? Why what? Give me the sweet. Frankly, should I tell you one thing? Actually, I was not going to tell because I was very angry. But now I have to tell you. This tie suits you very much. Thanks. But you have not worn it properly. Really? One minute. You wait for a minute. I will come in 2 minutes. Sit for 2 minutes. Yes, I am sitting. Wait for a minute. So, madam, should I sit or stand? What? Now I look like a joker? Sorry; take this good luck. Good luck! Do you know what’s in this box? Tooth brush! There’s pen in it.

And do you know the specialty of this pen? That we can write with it. That’s true; but its ink is purple. Purple? So, whenever you feel like ding any black work, just see the writings written by it. I will remember your slap, right? You won’t feel like doing any bad job. Thank you madam; I am really obliged. You have done an obligation by giving me this pen … This is your first day on job, right? Yes. Then don’t want to go? And listen. Yes. I am sorry. Sorry for what? Sorry for … Madam… I will leave. Today is my first day on job. Door is there. Subhadra, listen to me; we will talk about it later.

Just wait for 2 minutes. Keep quiet! Today I will show Preeti. What does she think of herself? We are her uncle-aunty. We have brought her up and … – I will … Just think. No… Preeti? We have brought her up, doesn’t mean she can dictate us. She used to act so lovingly with me in Baroda; ‘aunty, aunty’. Hey miss smarty, come out. Uncle, aunty; greetings. Greetings? Aunty, you came suddenly? Suddenly? What is this? What? Why your face has become as if you have had castor oil? What is this? Answer me. It is an advertisement to sell the house. Oh God! You are repaying us in this way for bringing you up.

You are selling off the house without asking us? But aunty, this house belonged to my father. To sell it or keep it is my … Aunty… I won’t spare you alive today! Listen, lock up this house and take this girl to Baroda. Aunty… uncle… Hello… Preeti, who are they? Who are you? The owner of this house? What? Leave her hand. I left her hand. Preeti, darling… Darling? Who are they? They are my uncle-aunty.

Uncle-aunty? Greetings, uncle! Greetings! Won’t you bless your son-in-law? Son-in-law? 10th planet! Preeti, we shouldn’t even talk to them. They didn’t even come for our marriage. Marriage? – Marriage? Marriage? Marriage! You please sit down. Aunty, sit up. We will get it washed; you sit. Actually, it all happened so quickly that we couldn’t inform anybody. And…hey aunty, I am talking to you also. We had to do court marriage. And again the Commissioner doesn’t believe in all this traditions. Commissioner? Police commissioner; my father! Police commissioner? Police commissioner? You sit. And my brother is in Military. Military? Military! Why do you stand up while talking? Sit down.

Stand up for a minute. Is ant biting you? Hey… Preeti… Yes. Why are you so tensed? Relax! Yes. Uncle-aunty are not feeling bad. You haven’t felt bad, right? No! No… Actually, I would have liked it if you would have stayed here for a few days. Really? I would have like it! But you see, we have to leave for honeymoon today. Honeymoon? Honeymoon. People go for honeymoon only after their marriage. Yes. Uncle had not taken you? I had taken her to Ambaji (religious place).

Ambaji! Aunty, we have a flight at 4.00 o’clock. We are going to America via Ambaji. What? Why what, now come on, let’s move. But Preeti… Didn’t you hear, they are going for honeymoon? Lower your voice. Aunty, should I tell my father to drop you till station in jeep? No, we will walk down. Till Baroda? Till station? What? Greetings, mister. Greetings. Now why are you standing like a statue, come on to Ambaji. For honeymoon? For prayers; come. You come here. What are you … I am sorry but I … You should have … – Trying to help you out? Mister, thank you very much. Today first time your aunty listened to me because of you. Right dear Preeti? Uncle, this … Your days of pain are gone now. Be happy. This boy is very nice. He will take good care of you. Mister, you are really very nice. I would have married you to aunty if you would have been of my age. And one important thing. You definitely come to my house if you come to Baroda. Yes. Then we will go to Ambaji together. Greetings. Greetings. Uncle, listen to me… They have gone.

And they will never come back again. I am really sorry for all this. Thanks. You… Aunty… It’s all over now! Smile! That’s better! I will move now. Today is the first day of my job. Are you coming with me? It is the first day of the job, but the last day of the festival. I will like it if you will come to dance. A flower named Preeti had bloomed in the garden of heart Jayanti wants to get married Jayanti wants to get married Mother will be happy, too That Jayanti’s mother will be happy Call it love, call it feelings This is the mistake of love Now who will tell brother Jayanti To forget about love Jayanti wants to get married Jayanti wants to get married I was liking Jayanti and… I fell in love with him Jayanti is a brave man with umbrella Jayanti is a brave man with pouch Leave your cycle; I am tree, you are shrub My heart is beating fast I am struck in heart with arrow You leave your work My heart is beating fast Leave your cycle; I am tree, you are shrub My heart is beating fast My heart is beating fast My heart is beating fast Hey…hey…

Jayanti… Hey… Jayantida… Jayanti… Jayanti… Hey… Jayantida… Where is your dancing dress? What? Grandmother, you? Where did you come from? Idiot, what are you doing at 1.00 o’clock at night? Am I in the house? So that was all a dream! Were you seeing a dream? Yes. What do you see in your dreams that you have torn apart 3 pillows and … …4 quilts in last 4 days? Have you contacted a ghost? No dear. So what’s wrong with you? Grandmother, don’t ask what’s wrong. Okay, then I won’t ask. Not like that; you ask what’s wrong. What’s wrong with my beloved son? Something has happened to me. You had said that you can’t work anymore, right? That you want to eat piping hot food made by my wife.

Yes. So, your piping hot food is a promise! Means daughter-in-law? Why didn’t you say anything, grandmother? Grandmother… No…. Hey, I am alive! Listen to me; I will really go mad, I will die of happiness. Tell me who the girl is. She is not a girl; she is an angel. She lights up a dark room if she is sitting in it. What is the name of that light? Philips! What? I mean Preeti. That party from Dahisar. Yes, the same one. Come on, let’s go right now. Come on. What let’s go? How can we go to anyone’s house at 1 o’clock at night? And it’s raining so heavily. Yes, we will go tomorrow.

We will go; I will go alone, you won’t come. Why not? Grandmother, it’s love-marriage! Family members get to know about it at the end. So you have decided everything on your own. Everything is decided from my side. Now I will go and ask her and if she says yes, … …everything will be done. But have you asked her on her face? That’s what grandmother; I don’t understand what should I ask her? Go and tell her, ‘I love you’. Grandmother! You grandfather had told me the same thing. What? My grandfather had that much courage; but his grandson doesn’t have… …that kind of courage. Rod also helps them who help themselves. God; not rod! Yes, I am talking about God only! Listen to me; tomorrow morning go to the temple and show your face to God. He will definitely show us some way. Yes, grandmother! As it is, respected Amitabh Sir has said, ‘when all the …

…roads are closed, only one way is open; and that is of God.’ Tomorrow morning I am coming to your court, oh Lord! God answered something; but I couldn’t understand it. Come on. Come in. Walk fast. But what happened? Hey Roopal, I also have an umbrella. Roopal… Hello… Preeti… Why are you panting so much? You are strange. I went to get an umbrella for you; and you went away. What? I mean you vanished. – What? That… My language… you went away… I am coming after you from the ground. Are you coming after me from the ground? – Yes. You are great. You keep this umbrella; you will get wet. No; I love to get wet in the rain. You keep it, please. You know, I keep a stock of medicines before the start of the monsoon. One minute; stock of medicines? Are you not well? If I keep your umbrella… Why Bakabhai; in rains… Umbrella. Will go drenching in the rain? Won’t you come to drop me till my house? No; I could have come to drop you till house.

I have a bad image in this area. I don’t care; and won’t you get sick if you get wet in this rain? You have a stock of medicines, right? But you are right. It is fun getting drenched in this season if you have a … …stock of medicines. You are absolutely right! Summers and winters come and go in this city; but … …you don’t feel it. It’s only the monsoon… …which changes the entire atmosphere. Then why is this umbrella for me? Rain is drenching my eyes and ears Rains is drenching my shaking senses We both are here and rains is drenching us And you drench me and the rain drench me You have called me, oh Goddess I have come at your steps Goddess! Oh Goddess; protect me; bless me; and specially give me courage… Jayantilal… One minute! We are talking, brother. Bakabhai; one minute. Hey Goddess, keep my respect today and give me courage, so that I can have a … …proper talk today. Bakabhai. Wow; Jayantilal; maroon shirt today! How do I look? Very nice. Really? Jayantilal, is there an affair with a girl? What? An affair with a girl? Very good, Jayantilal. What is the name of the girl? We don’t have a tradition of calling our wives by their names.

Then how do they call in your tradition? Like this, hey Bala-Ghela’s mother! Now who are these Bala-Ghela? My sons! Okay, so in your tradition, you have sons before marriage. What? Does it ever happen in the world? Kids before marriage? Disgusting! Jayantilal, I am joking. Then it’s okay. Tell me, when are you getting married? As soon as the girl says yes. Leave about me, what are you doing in this traditional outfit? I have also come to butter up the Goddess. Why? I also have an affair with a girl. Wow; who is that lucky girl? The name of that girl is, Chunnu-Munnu’s mother! Have you decided about marriage or you don’t have that tradition? What are you talking? Everything is almost decided. – Yes. I have a small tension. What is the tension? What should I tell you? Bakabhai, do you think Jayantilal to be your friend or not? – Yes. Then tell me what the tension is? This salary of 4000. Sir, how can I meet my ends in 4000? Is this the tension? Tell me, do you want to earn 40,000? I have left doing all that, brother.

Bakabhai, Jayantilal never jokes when it comes to money. I am very serious. Do you want to earn 40,000 per month? – Yes. Do you want to do the business of automobile spare parts? Jayantilal, I can do the business of scraps also. But I will need investment. It will be taken care of. Are you ready to do hard work? Absolutely. Then think that your job is done. I will just make a phone call. There’s a public phone, let’s go. Brother, see this. Mobile? You seem to be doing very well. Very well! Brother Mansukh; I am Jayanti speaking. Yes, I am good, brother. I have specially called you up; I have a friend called Bako. Bakul.

Brother Bakul! He is very educated and a very clever boy. No, not for your daughter. You have told me that you need a hard-working boy for your business. That is my guarantee, what else? So I can send him if you say. I will go right now. I will do one thing; I have your card. I will send him with it. I told you that he is my man; don’t worry. Then? Okay. What? Yes, grandmother is fine. Brother Mansukh, can we talk later? I am calling from my mobile. Yes, the bill comes more.

Okay, greetings. It’s done, brother. – Is it done? Yes, it is done. Thank you very much, Jayantilal. Now see this. Yes. This is his card. Go and meet him personally. Take your money and start. Very good, Jayantilal. One minute, I will pay to the Goddess. Goddess first. Thank you, Goddess. Jayantilal, who says there is no God in the temple? I saw Him personally. Brother, Goddess will hit me with that round object. Come on. Yes. Go. Jayantilal. Yes. If you have any work for me, you can call me at midnight also. Bakabhai, who will wait till midnight? I will tell you right now. Say. I have a small problem. What happened? My that … Who? That… Heroine. Yes; right now I am going to talk to her. Okay. But I don’t know how to pose? How do you do what? That pose that they do; like … Propose! Yes, that’s what! Jayantilal, you yourself are so good at talking; how can one teach you? Brother, that is all okay; but my tongue doesn’t work in front of the girl.

What? I get sweat all over my body. My hands and legs start shaking and my head throbs. Jayantilal, if your tongue doesn’t work, then use formula no. 44. Write a love-letter to that girl. Love-letter? – Yes. Brother, it is more difficult for me than writing a letter. Then should I write it for you? It is like I wanted. – Yes. Do you know how this phrase came into being? I will write it for you; you don’t tell the story. And that also with this pen. Do you know what is the specialty f this pen? You can write with it. Jayantilal, you can write with it, but it writes in purple colour. Purple? Yes. Wow! And another specialty of this pen is, my girlfriend has given this to me. Does any girl have the heart to deny after I write with this pen? Brother, then do write for me. Take this. On hand? Where do I keep the letter? I will show her my hand; see this is the love-letter. Jayantilal, it will wash away with the sweat. Yes, you are right. Do you have letter? Yes, I have. I am giving, brother. Goddess, you have made me meet Bakabhai at the right time.

So, tell me the name of the girl. Write… Bala-Ghela’s mother? Leave the name. You have to write the name. I feel ashamed. But… It is a matter of heart; she will understand. Really? I only have a wish, write that. Say. Just start as … – Say. My stone Hinge! One minute, stone is black, right? Cancel the stone; sorry. Sorry, I am making you work hard, but do this much for a friend. Cancel that stone. Say. Instead, write; my statue of white cement! Whenever they put a filling of white cement in the marble …

Jayantilal, you leave it. I will write it. My dearest darling! This is my virgin love-letter. Because you are my first, immature love. Actually, I may have told any girl after falling in love with her, … … ‘will you marry me?’ But my voice doesn’t say anything in front of you. I get tongue-tied. I have taken a decision to accuse you and to.. ..tie you in a chain for the life-time. Now, you have to take one decision. One accuser is accusing you that you have taken away his barbaric ways. And you have sown the seeds of softness in him. So you are guilty! If I don’t have the happy ending to yours and mine, our love-story; … …then I will say, ‘objection, Meh Lord; but I want justice.’ I want your invaluable company, your love; will I get it? Only yours… Jayantilal, sit down. Who has written this letter? Who has written this letter? Jayantilal, I am asking you who have written this letter? Bakabhai. Jayantilal! Listen, Jayantilal; even I wanted to tell the same thing.

Means? Nothing! Preeti, no cheating? Tell me what does it mean? It’s just that… I am also in love! Hail Goddess! Preeti… What? Here, I am here. Please say it again. How many times? Only once, just say it. Last time, okay? Yes. It’s just that… I am also in love! Goddess; you blessed me! Jayantilal, I haven’t even thought in my dreams that… You think in dreams? I only used to see dreams. You…Jayantilal… Preeti? Yes. Where are you going? Tell me before going when we should decide about the marriage date. Jayantilal, it’s like that… – Yes. I am a lady. You remember that; good! A lady feels awkward to talk to a gent about marriage plans. But still you will have to answer; yes or no? Go! Means yes or no? Of course, yes! She was shy and said ‘go’. I am standing at the door and listening … Jayantilal! – Yes. First listen to me.

Say it. You only tell Bakul. I have to tell him first; because of him only … Preeti, now in the marriage, all the responsibilities from your side is mine. The priest, venue, food; everything! You just get ready and come at the venue; that’s it. Jayantilal, what would have happened to me if you wouldn’t have come in my life? You wouldn’t have got married! You are simply great, Jayantilal! Thank you… Door-steps…. Hey…be careful. Mad! Bakul, though you have not written the name or signed this letter, but … …Preeti understood everything just by seeing the letter written in purple ink. But should I tell you one thing? You should have given me this letter personally rather than sending it with… … Jayantilal. I would have liked it more. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t like you. I love you, Bakul. Did you hear? I love you! Brother Sewanti, greetings.

The phones of your T.K.Travels are so busy. Come on, book 2 tickets for me. Bombay to Mauritius! Write down the name … What’s that, brother? Lentils. Okay. Lentils! You write down the names; Jayantilal Dalal and Preeti Dalal. The groom is looking very handsome today! Smarty, you go inside. No brother Sewanti, how can I call you smarty? Now see, call me as soon as my 2 tickets are ready. Greetings. Say, what is it? Give me 500 rupees. 500 rupees for what? Sister Diana is asking for 500 rupees to put Henna on bride’s hands. Then take this 1000 rupees; and tell that sister Diana to put Henna on the … …hands of all the girls and all the oldies too. And listen; bring the proof of the invitation card if it is ready. Yes. And there was one more work; yes, listen. Tell the person from the band that it should play properly. I remember. Don’t forget a single thing. Grandmother… Yes, my son. You came here? Yes. Grandmother, see; we have given the order for catering to Kushal Caterers.

I have decided the plate of 250 rupees. 250 rupees per plate? Yes, 250. Are you okay? So much money? Rather than this, you call that Kanji cook and get all the Gujarati dishes … ..prepared from him. And he will be very happy if you give him 1000 rupees. But grandmother… – Yes… We are not talking about your marriage; we are talking about my marriage. Really? Yes. Then later don’t ask me, grandmother should I do this or …

Where are you going my upset darling? Just sit down. What should I do then? Have look at this item also. What is this? Keys of our new house! New house? Now we will stay in a flat, and not in this chawl; grandmother. Really? Your Jayantilal has booked a brand new flat, okay? Hey brother, your love-marriage is very expensive! Because… It is love…… Jayantilal… Grandmother, stand properly. Why? A guest has come; doesn’t look nice. What are you doing? Bakul Kumar… – Jayantilal… Brother, your letter did a miracle. – Really? Everything is fixed now, even my marriage! What are you saying? Jayantilal, your phone has changed my life too. Really? My partnership deal is final; and my marriage is also fixed! What are you saying? Congratulations! Then why are you standing? Aren’t you ashamed? Touch me feet and hug my grandmother. – Yes. Means hug me and touch her feet. Like this. Come, I will introduce you. – Yes. Grandmother. Yes. Do you know this brother Bakul? From Kushal Caterers? Grandmother, haven’t I told you that he had written letter for me? Love-letter? Greetings. Greetings, son.

You have my blessings. Grandmother, you give blessings to Jayantilal. My life is set now because of you. Otherwise I would have been a goon for my entire life. Leave all that brother; tell me when your marriage is fixed. Marriage is on coming 16th. What? This 16th? Brother, look at the co-incidence! My marriage is also on 16th, afternoon 12.00 o’clock. Mine is at 3.00 o’clock. Grandmother. – Yes. It means he has a matinee show and we have a first show. No problem, we both will attend your marriage after our marriage is over. Where’s the marriage? The venue is not yet decided. Then don’t even decide it! My venue is booked for the entire day. You get married after my marriage. What do you say, grandmother? Yes, of course; you are also just like my son, right? Both of you get married to the same venue and enjoy your life! My sons are very nice! Your grandmother is very loving! Brother, she is my grandmother after all.

She is just like me since childhood. That… What? You prepare the tea. What to ask in it? He will have it. But Jayantilal, we will adjust the expenses of the venue. Brother, the entire expense is on me, then why are you thinking about it? No Jayantilal, I won’t like it! Should I tell you one fact? For me, it is a small expense along with all the other expenses. What? Do you know how did this phrase come into being? Don’t tell the phrase. I am ready to get married at the same venue. Done? Done! Hello? Yes, Jayantilal? Where are you? I am waiting for you and grandmother since long. Yes, Bakul has told me everything. No, you come very fast. Fast means how fast? Very fast! Means how they appear in the mythological serials, that fast? No Jayantilal, faster than that.

Faster than that? Here I am! You are alone? Where is grandmother? She has waited back at the temple at the corner. My grandmother is an item like me. She ascends the steps as soon as she sees a temple. Jayantilal, sit down. I have to scold you. What happened again? Jayantilal, I had told you everything that was in my heart. And you decide the marriage date and you didn’t even tell me. I am getting married for the first time; I am forgetting a lot of things. No problem, I am telling you now. Marriage is on this 16th; be there on time. You also reach on time! Jayantilal, you are here? Bakul Kumar, where did you appear from? From the kitchen.

Means there’s another door in the kitchen? No, brother. Preeti was doing all the work alone. So I thought I should help her a bit. Wow, Valmiki; very good! This Valya has really changed! But one thing is very sure Jayantilal. Yes. I am going to dance a lot in your marriage. – Yes. And Bakul will dance only; I will sing too. Can anyone stop Lata Mangeshkar from singing? You sing to your heart’s wish! The, after all. Who is getting married? Preeti, Jayanti and Baka! Okay.

Bakul Kumar. – Yes. I have done all the planning for honeymoon also. Honeymoon? Yes. Honeymoon! Jayantilal, you planed for honeymoon and you didn’t even tell me. I am telling you dear. Directly to Mauritius as soon as the marriage is over. Mauritius? That too, in the plane, okay! What? No train business, directly …. Mauritius! Preeti, do you like Mauritius or not? Jayantilal, who wouldn’t like Mauritius? Whenever I see the sea of Mauritius in the movies, I go crazy. Hey… Take care of the boat! Hey…

Hey… Hey… Hey… Very good! Bakul Kumar, everything of mine is decided; what about you? Mine is Khandala. Brother, why are going to Khandala to climb mountains? I am telling you, you also come with us to Mauritius. No, we can’t afford it. Preeti, tell him something. Let’s go if Jayantilal is forcing so much. We all we go to Mauritius together; it will be so much fun! What are you doing? What happened? Did you get wet? Jayantilal, we have to go a honeymoon; not on a picnic. And in honeymoon, two is a company and three is a crowd. What do you say, Preeti? Actually Jayantilal, what Bakul says is right. You also think so? Three is a crowd! Okay brother, it’s final if Preeti has said it. You go to Khandala and we will go to…. Bakabhai… Yes. This is the proof of your invitation card.

Our permission for honeymoon has arrived. Brother, I have also brought the invitation card. Preeti, see our card. Preeti, first see our card. Brother, Preeti will first see this card. No, she will first see this one. This first. This first. Okay, one minute; Preeti, you decide which card you will see first. I will both the cards together. Preeti… Grandmother has come. Yes. Come grandmother, greetings. Greetings. May you always stay happy! Grandmother, first see my invitation card. Brother; no cheating. She is my grandmother; she will see my card first. Now she is my grandmother too. She will see my card. I am both of yours grandmother. But listen to me; first you have to put the card in the temple. Then you can show it to others. Otherwise it is called bad luck, son. Then we should…

Hide it. Preeti, take this. What is this, grandmother? Clothes for your marriage and jewellary. Grandmother, what was the need for this? I have. You must be having, dear. But you are daughter-in-law or daughter, everything for me. I will feel bad if you won’t take it. But… Take it; otherwise she will cancel the marriage if she will get upset. No, Preeti; then take it. Shall I go then? Yes, grandmother. Greetings. Greetings. I will give you the blessings to stay married forever after 15 days. My daughter is feeling shy! She can shy so nicely, don’t ask, grandmother. Jayanti… Yes. Come on. Come. Bakul Kumar, come. Yes, come on. Listen, now we will have to stop meeting. Now we will meet after 15 days…at the venue! Okay! There are forests called enjoyment cropped up Jayanti is very happy Lover reached the city of love Jayanti is very happy Lover reached the city of love Jayanti is very happy Preeti sees her lover in the dreams 16 year old girl is very happy What is that, what are you saying Days are passing like this Brother Bakul’s smile is telling what’s on his mind Today is my friend’s marriage, brother.

Bakul is very happy In short, there is a problem Preeti is very happy In short, there is a problem Jayanti is very happy I am reading the invitation card without the specs I am reading the invitation card with wide eyes Jayantilal wants to get married, the tree of love has cropped up I have read the invitation card I am reading the invitation card with wide eyes Bandya, come here; Aunty, you also come here. Brother Viren, come here. – What happened? Just check why Jayantilal has not yet come with his relatives. Go fast. Jayantilal has come. Jayantilal… Jayantilal… One photo. Greetings, grandmother. Very good, Jayantilal; you came on the cycle! My love-story had started on this cycle. Won’t it feel bad if I forget her in the wedding? Correct! How are the preparations? See the preparations with your own eyes. Everything is ready. You just have to sit for the wedding. Do one thing, go and get ready quickly. How much more should I get ready? Are you ready? – Yes. Then come. Come on, Jayanti. Brother Bakul. – Yes. Where is Preeti? Preeti is getting ready upstairs. Okay. Brother Bakul… Your detective department has come.

Brother Bakul… what There’s a problem. What happened? That… Brother, why are you bringing problem here on the day of the wedding? Where is the groom? Here he is! Come for the wedding place. Come. What happened, friend? I went to police station to give the invitation of your wedding. So? I came to know there sister-in-law Preeti’s uncle-aunty has lodged a… …complaint there. What? Yes, they have come to know everything that you had lied to them. They are coming here at 3.00 o’clock to stop the wedding. This is real tension! Brother, what should we do now? Brother Baka, it doesn’t look good that the groom is waiting for his Best Man. Come here. Only one minute! You do one thing; go and inform this to Preeti. Okay. Jayantilal, you start the rituals. I will quickly come back. Wait, Bakul Kumar. – Yes. Where are you going now? To the police station. Police station? Actually, some relatives your sister-in-law wants to stop our marriage.

The matter has now reached to the police. But why my sister-in-law’s relatives want to stop your marriage? Your sister-in-law is his wife, right? Okay, like that! Yes. So where is my sister-in-law right now, at the police station? No, she is getting ready upstairs. So what do you want to do? I want to finish off everything before they come here with the police. I will quickly come. One minute. Don’t do haste. I have an idea in my mind! How about getting you married here rather than you keep going to and … …fro to the police station? Means? It means that what if we get you married before the police come here. How is that possible, Jayantilal? As it is, they are coming with police at 3.00 o’clock, right? Yes; if you are married before the police comes here, then what will they stop? But the auspicious timing is for you… This is perfect; brother… Listen to me. You bring sister-in-law down. Listen to me. You listen to me! There’s nothing to think about it. Jayantilal… Do as I am telling you to do. First you wear all these things.

But. Listen to me; you get married in my auspicious time and I will get married … …in your auspicious time. Jayantilal… What is the difference if I get married at 12.00 o’clock or at 3.00 o’clock? But Jayantilal… It is the best thing! Do you know how this phrase came into being? Don’t tell me the phrase; I am ready! Come on. Come on. Just see, he doesn’t run away. I am just coming.

Jayanti. Yes. Where are you going? Grandmother, I have to tell poor Preeti that our marriage has been postponed. Listen to me, you stay with Bakul. Now you are not groom ; you are the Best Man. Really? And I will tell her. Go. Don’t worry, son. – Go. Come on, sit. This priest is saying no. Look priest, now he is the groom, not me. Means? You don’t ask questions. We don’t have time at all. If you finish off the marriage in short cut.. ..then I will give you 2 extra notes of 500. But where is the girl? The girl is here! Start! Keep quiet! Sister-in-law, we don’t have time; be quick. Come fast. Come on. Girls, come on. Come on; tie the knots of their wedding dresses. One minute; I will do it. Give. It’s over, what’s next? Call the parents of the girl. Call them.

You don’t worry at all. We will call grandmother for that ritual; then what’s the problem? Grandmother… Gangu uncle, where is grandmother? Mister, auspicious time is running away. Oh God! Then is it okay if I do this ritual? Definitely. Yes. We have to finish off the marriage in a short cut, right? Yes, short cut. Okay then, give the bride’s hand in the groom’s hand. – Yes. Sister-in-law is in a hurry. Come on, start taking the holy rounds. Where is grandmother? Has she gone for lunch or what? It is 250 rupees per plate; decent people will also feel hungry! Tell her to get up as little as she wants to eat now. Remaining she can eat in my marriage. Call her; the holy rounds will get over now.

Come on, the rituals for the wedding are over. Congratulations, brother Bakul. Jayanti… Yes? Here comes the grandmother. Where were you grandmother? Brother Bakul’s holy rounds are over. Now at least come to give blessings. Jayanti… listen to me. – What? Where is Preeti in all this matter? What? Grandmother, I am here! Come on, now it’s your turn! Call the girl. I am telling you. Brother Jayanti. – Yes. Call the girl. You also have to get married, right? My marriage is cancelled, priest! What? My show is cancelled! What are you saying, Jayantilal? My print reached into some other theatre only! Means? Jayantilal, this is not the time to joke. Tell the truth, what has happened? Truth? The girl ran away? What? What do you mean by ran away? Give us her address; we will bring her right away.

Take out the car, hey shorts. Come on. Brother Baka. – Yes. Brother, it of no use now. The girl loves someone else. What do you mean by she loves someone else? Then why did she pretend to get married to you? Brother, she is not at the fault for that. She had clearly told me that she was in love. I am the idiot who thought that she is in love with me. Jayantilal, what are you saying? When did this happen, tell me that first. Jayantilal, the matter reached till marriage and you didn’t even tell us? You came till the venue with relatives and now you are telling all this? Jayantilal… See, what happened, has happened; now both of you don’t feel sad. You two have got married today. Right? You two have to be happy today. Jayantilal… Jayantilal, this is not fair. Don’t we have the right to be sad for the person who is happy for us? You just see, that girl will never be happy! – No, Preeti; don’t say that. That girl should stay very happy… And I am saying that all the people in this world should be happy. Brother, my marriage is cancelled, lunch is not cancelled.

Everyone have food and then go. Brother Baka, this is marriage gift from me. The tickets to Mauritius! Now you will not go to Khandala; leave for Mauritius. But Jayantilal, we won’t be able to go leaving you in this condition. Nothing will happen to me. Both of you leave before the police comes. Bakul! One minute. Grandmother. Brother Baka. This is a marriage gift from us. What is this, Jayantilal? The keys of your new house. Jayantilal won’t like it at all that his friend stays as an in-house son-in-law.

Jayantilal… Preeti, you have my promise. And now you have Bakul’s promise! Jayantilal! Jayantilal, this plane ticket is in the name of Preeti Dalal! Flat will also be in the name of Preeti, right? Keep this fist closed only. Closed fist is invaluable. Should I tell you, from where this phrase came into being? Come on, grandmother; I am leaving. Where are you going? I have to fulfill my dreams in movies only, grandmother. I am going to see the movie now. Today I am also coming with you to watch the movie.

Then come on, grandmother. Your Jayanti will show the movie from the …..balcony. I watched the movie ‘Mukkadar ka Sikander’ 8 times sitting on the front …..bench. Still I couldn’t understand that we shouldn’t tell someone else to write …..our own love-letter! Come on. Jayantilal.. .

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