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And let’s get started the first one is personal development now in illustrating personal development mr. shelf my teacher started with money you know money is not the only place to start in talking personal development but it’s where he started so let me share the thoughts he shared with me back then let me share them with you here’s the best lesson I can give you on economics it’s very simple we get paid for bringing value to the marketplace that’s about as simple as I can put economics we get paid for bringing value to the marketplace now it takes time to bring value to the marketplace however we do not get paid for time so we cross that out mistakenly the van says I’m making about $20 for an hour not true if that was true you could just stay home right have them send your money so that’s not true we don’t get paid for time we get paid for value brought to the marketplace now since that’s true here’s one of the key questions of my talk to you today is it possible to become twice as valuable to the marketplace and make twice as much money in the same time is that possible answers yes could you become three times as valuable as you might be right now to the marketplace and make three times as much money in the same time and the answer is yes five times ten times of course America is unique it’s a ladder decline it starts down here let’s say at five dollars an hour and it keeps going up top income last year eighty million dollars the guy who runs coca-cola now that’s a heck of a ladder why everybody wants to come here right the both people are not headed for Vietnam people haven’t plotted and schemed for 50 years saying if I could just get to Poland everything would be ok not true everybody wants to come to America and the reason is because we’ve got the best wind ever blowing in our favor we’ve got the best economic opportunity anybody’s had and six and a half thousand years and all you have to do is understand it and take advantage of it now there’s some key questions to ask here why would the marketplace pay someone only five dollars an hour very simple answer they’re not very valuable to the marketplace now we must underline to the marketplace this person might be a very valuable brother yes remember the family valuable yes valuable member of the church of course valuable citizen of the country yes valuable in the sight of God no doubt we’re all of equal value in the sight of God but if you’re not very valuable to the marketplace you don’t get much money you say well it shouldn’t be that way well then you’ve got to start your own country you know this one’s been in process for 200 years and this is the best we’ve been able to come up with so far but here’s the key you don’t have to stay here now there was a big debate in Congress last year that this $5 is not enough should be six should be six should be six but we don’t need legislation six is already on this ladder the next step up you know if you work for McDonald’s they’ll pay you five dollars an hour to take out the trash if you whistle while you take out the trash they’ll pay you six dollars an hour so we don’t need that legislation you need to just need to take lessons on how to whistle have a good attitude now as you begin to climb this ladder why would the marketplace pay some people $50 an hour answer evidently they must be more valuable to the marketplace ten times more valuable and is that possible for someone to be 10 times more valuable and earn $50 an hour instead of five and the answer is yes that’s what America is all about now why would the marketplace pay some people $500 an hour evidently this person must be much more valuable to to the marketplace that’s what’s important to understand to the marketplace and with the marketplace pay one person eighty million dollars for one year’s work and the answer is of course if you help the company make a billion dollars would they pay you eighty million I’m telling you it is possible and that’s why America is so exciting that’s why this financial ladder is so exciting it’s possible for all of this to come true for all of you no matter where you start as a student in school just getting started out there in the workplace this is all possible for you now mr.

Shelf gave me the clue on how to climb this ladder as high as I wanted to climb now we’re talking primarily economics here there’s a lot of other ways to become valuable to your family valuable to your friends valuable to the community valuable to the team right valuable to the to the team effort valuable to the concert but here’s what he said to me in climbing this ladder economically all you have to do is work harder on yourself than you do on your job once I heard that it made sense to me I kept hoping that everything else would change around they found out that if I went to work on myself worked on my skills worked on my language if I became better than I was each year if I grew in skills and language and vocabulary and competence then I would become attractive to the marketplace not very long ago a company called me and said mr. Owen we’re expanding internationally we’d like to have a bit of your expertise to help us would you give us a bit of your time we’ll add some millions to your fortune and I said okay and I thought later isn’t that interesting they would call me then my second thought was of course they’d call me who else would they call I can get the job done now what a contrast for me farm boy from Idaho raised in obscurity parents of modest means broke when I was 25 how come I would get a telephone call and someone offered me a lot of money to help them in expanding around the world simple answer evidently something happened to me between age 25 and where I am today and I can tell you where it all started from my teacher mr.

Shows from said to me we don’t have to change what’s going on out there that’s the wind that’s blowing all we have to do is change what’s going on in here and now there are several ways to do that on personal development and let me give you those ways here’s the first one we must learn from personal experience pretty simple learn what happens do you take a look back over the last few months did you make some mistakes how could you correct those for the future take a look back over the last year have you done it right or done it wrong let’s correct it for the next year learn from your personal experience mr. show past me when I first met him he said mr. Owen how are you doing you’ve been out there now six years and I said I’m not doing very well he said I suggest you not do that anymore what a simple Swift analysis in my situation he said if you keep doing it the next six years will be like the last six you don’t want that to happen let’s make the changes so learn from your personal experience now here’s number two why I came to share this video experience with you today and that I call it ope other people’s experiences that’s me other people that’s your teacher other people that’s your friends and colleagues other people the people you meet that can pass along to you their experiences what’s happened to them the mistakes they made how they corrected them how they change their health and change their bank account and change their income and change their future that’s it other people now there’s two kinds of people to learn from one is failures it’s too bad failures don’t give seminars right that would be valuable bring your notebook have them tell you how they lost it all and threw it all away through their health away through their friendships away the things didn’t work out well that would be valuable but now then we must also learn from positive people that have done well they’ve got the health and so we asked them how did you become so wealthy they’ve got the skills so we asked them how did you become this skillful they’ve got the income so we asked them how did you get here in such a short period of time so now here’s what’s important in personal development in learning from other people we learn number one by observation we learn what we see we watch people that are successful in what they do in sports we watch their disciplines in business we watch their disciplines by observation what we can see the reason I created this video was something that you could see someone’s experiences translated for you second we learn by what we hear I’ve got some of my lectures on cassette tapes so you know you can take them with you wherever you go and learn by listening turn your car into a mobile classroom and listen and then listen to the sermon on Sunday morning listen to the lectures listen to the teacher listen to someone who’s got something good to say and then number three is vitally important on personal development and that is read all the books all the books you can possibly read in your lifetime mr.

Joffe got me started on my library I’ve got one of the better library haven’t read everything in it but I feel smarter just walking in it my library at least I was smart enough to buy it now I got to be smart enough to read it then of course I got to be smart enough to decide what’s valuable and then do it but this one is very important become a good reader some books that help change my life mr. Joffe recommended of course the Bible and my parents made sure I was a pretty good scholar by the time I was 18 that’s been so beneficial for me drawing from those illustrations reading about those stories people who made it and people who didn’t make it and what the difference was and then other books that helped to really change my life one called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and then a book that helped me become financially independent by the time I was 31 and that book is called the richest man in Babylon by George claisen and I’m going to share a little bit that book with you when I get to financial independence today our third subject but I started reading the books attending the classes making sure that I got in front of people that had something good to say and then I started keeping a journal one of the major things my teacher taught me was to keep a journal he said don’t trust your memory if you hear something good just make a little note and write it down now at first I took you know notes on pieces of paper and torn off corners and backs of old envelopes and it didn’t serve me well you know thrown in a drawer then I learned to keep a journal a bound copy of all my notes so I would suggest you do the same things that impress you a poem that impresses you when you attend a class some of the ideas that impress you jot them down you read something in a magazine write some ideas take those out put them in your journal keep a good journal the rest of your life this will serve you well my journals make up a significant portion of my own library and if you saw my library and saw my journals I tell you what you’d have to say this is the library and these are the journals of a very serious student no wonder mr.

Owen is invited to lecture and speak on his experiences around the world so I want the same thing to happen to you value captured that you can resort to later go back over it and review it and let it become valuable to you so that’s my first subject personal development work harder on yourself than you do on your job develop the skills learn the lesson take the class absorb all that is being taught to you these days and then later on of course you can sort it out what’s valuable to you and how to refine it for your business and for your life and for your future if the main thing is to get it and start this process of personal change personal development and let me say it one more time if you will get everything will change you’ll never be the same you’ll keep growing as you look back on a few months look back on a few years you won’t believe the progress you can make economically your relationship with your family your friends and whether you’re in sports or economics or whatever I’m telling you that whole process of committing yourself for personal change personal value can really make your life unique and worthwhile now let’s cover the second subject on setting goals mr.

Chef gave me some tips on setting goals that changed my life forever and I want to cheer to those with you so let’s talk about setting goals and I also want to tie it to personal development and you’ll see how I’m going to do it as I progress here setting goals we need to take a look into the future there are four things to consider in terms of attitude one is how you feel about the past best advice I can give you on that is treat the past as a school let it teach you the mistakes you’ve made the things that went wrong the things that didn’t work don’t use the past as a burden to carry and don’t use the path to the club to beat yourself to death past losses past failures past mistakes but let the past be a school tough school maybe we’ve all been through some tough stuff so if you feel good about the past draw from it for experience and let it teach you then next is how you feel about the future we’ve got to have the future well design the future is called the promise and here’s what we teach in our leadership series the promise of the future can be an awesome force for your own future the promise of the future designing the future there’s two ways to face the future one is with apprehension and the other is with anticipation I promise you and my travels around the world most people face the future with apprehension and here’s why they don’t have it well design they’ve sort of left that up to someone else too but here’s the best way to face the future with anticipation and you can you can face the future with anticipation if the future is clear if the future is well designed and I would like to have you consider some flops with me that helped me to really change my future by giving it some thought and some consideration and here it is in setting goals it’s very simple number one decide what you want you just take a little time you sit down and say what do I want what kind of skills do I want what kind of income do I want for the future what would I like where would I like to go places I’d like to visit habits I’d like to acquire skills I’d like to have you just take a little time to think about what you want economics friendships people you’d like to meet places you’d like to go you just take some time and then I suggest when you thought about what you want for the future make a list just jot it all down so really a very simple process and then here’s number three keep all the old list I’m telling you this served me so well keeping my old list of goals I look back now 1020 years ago at goals I said lists I made and I smile now because here’s what I thought was so important you know 20 years ago now some of those things aren’t even on my list I’ve got a new list I’ve grown I’ve changed I’ve matured but I give you that advice decide what you want number two write it down number three keep the old list and then here’s number four when you get something that’s on one of these lists check it off part of the fun of having a list is checking it off and then if you can add some drama to checking it off see that so it really helps I set a goal to go to Spain many many years ago and when I finally made my first trip to Spain I had that journal with me that had that list in it and while I had my journal on my lap waiting for the wheels to touch down in Madrid I waited until the wheels touched the runway and I checked it off just adding a little drama so part of the fun of having a list is checking it off now here’s what’s important about the list in designing your future if the future gets clear the price gets easier because you got to remember for every promise there’s a price to pay everybody’s got to pay the price everybody’s got to do the deal everybody’s got to do the discipline everybody has to pay but here’s what I’ve discovered if the promise is clear and powerful the price is easy to pay the price is some class of the prices of food books the prices of you discipline the price is finding something that will make your life better make you grow make you change Nicky develop so the first part of the key is to design the promise then what is the price to pay I’m telling you the price will be easy anybody in my audience today no matter where you are where you come from color doesn’t matter religion doesn’t matter where you grew up doesn’t matter circumstances don’t matter I’m telling you if you’ll make the promise of the future clear for yourself the things you want the places you want to build things you want to have the person you want to become the skills you want the homes you want the future you want the friends you want all of the values of life that you could possibly want if you’ll make that clear make those lists and be serious about it I promise you it’s an easy price to pay anybody can pay it and the best advice I can give you is if I can do it you can do it farm boy Smita whole raised in obscurity I changed my life turned it upside down turned it all around found economics found future found promise and if I can do what you can do so start setting your goals and see if you can’t get a better excitement going for the things you want to accomplish for the future now here’s my third subject and that’s called financial independence oh by the way before I get to financial independence let me cover one more point one of the major reasons for setting goals is for what they make of you in achieving them my teacher advised me when I first got started at age 25 he said Jim why don’t you set a goal to become a millionaire he said it’s got a nice ring to it you know enough zeros to impress your accountant and he said I’m here to help you you’re only 25 years old you’ve been to one year of college you’ve got a beautiful family every reason to do it why don’t you set a goal to become a millionaire and he said here’s why and I thought he doesn’t need to teach me why wouldn’t it be nice to have a million dollars he said no then you’ll miss it he said here’s why for what it will make of you to achieve it I’m telling you that statement changed my life set the kind of goals that will make something of you to achieve them he said now once you become a millionaire or what’s important is not the money I thought that’s kind of strange teaching he said honest it isn’t important that you could just give the money away now I did better than that I lost it all the time I was 31 I was a millionaire of the time I was 33 I was broke and I’ll kill you a little bit about that story later but when I lost all my money guess what I found out mr.

Chauffeurs right what was valuable was not the money what was valuable was what I became to earn the money the skills I had the knowledge I had about the marketplace the values that I had going for me they were more valuable than the money and here’s an important statement to remember it’s not what you get that makes you valuable it’s what you become so part of the key here is to set the kind of goals that will make something of you don’t set them too low so that you don’t have to grow and you don’t have to read and you don’t have to try and you don’t have to stretch don’t set them too low and then don’t sell out don’t go for something that’s going to cost you your virtue or cost you your values or sell out your principles there’s a good middle road here to follow goals that will inspire goals that will help you grow change develop and become better than you are okay now let’s talk about financial independence how to become rich by 4035 if you’re extra bright much soon or if you find an opportunity like I did let me show you how I did it financial independence first of all I like the phrase financial independence some people are a little bit concerned about using the word becoming rich or becoming wealthy and I can understand that I struggled a little bit with this is it okay to go for becoming rich go for becoming wealthy and maybe that’s a bit too strong the word or strong the term so here’s what I’ve come up with it I think comfortable for me and that is how to become financially independent I think it’s every person’s heritage here especially in America to become financially independent now let me give you my definition of financial independence financial independence is the ability to live from the income of your own personal resources financial independence now it depends on how you want to live if you need to $3,000 a month if you need four or five thousand a month if you need ten thousand a month some people may need you know hundred thousand a month but whatever you would need to live and you could earn that living from the income of your own personal resources that’s what I call financial freedom financial independence and let me show you how to acquire if you start at age fifteen between ages fifteen and thirty five is twenty years and in my personal opinion based on my own studies and my own experience forty years and my opinion is enough time to become financially independent if you’re not you don’t live in the wrong country probably what’s happened is you have the wrong plane and it’s easy to be a nice person with the wrong plan I found that when I was 25 years old I was broke at age 25 and I was a nice guy you would have liked me but I’m telling you my plans up until then especially my financial plan left me broke I totally changed it the next six years and I became financially independent so I know what I’m talking about it is possible in a reasonable amount of time 15 to 35 whatever 20 years signed enough time you can do it much shorter period of time like I did if you want to but this is a reasonable enough time but here’s number one first of all you got to have the right philosophy philosophy is our ability to gather knowledge and sort through it and decide what’s valuable to develop a philosophy about life a philosophy about our health a philosophy about our family relationships a philosophy about economics and if you develop the right philosophy that’s what helps to set this sail so that in six years it takes you where you want to go instead of winding up like I did that first six years of my economics broke no money empty bank account the right philosophy now let me give you a couple of philosophies to consider here’s the first one it’s called the philosophy of the poor and here it is poor people usually spend their money and invest what’s left that’s the philosophy of the poor now here’s the philosophy of the rich rich people invest their money and spend what’s left and here’s the startling answer it really doesn’t matter what the amount is what’s most important is not the amount what’s really important is the philosophy so I would ask you to adopt this philosophy of spending after you have invested invest first then spend and I’ve got a little formula that I’m going to share with you now what should a child do with a dollar I mean there’s a lot of debate going on I’m sure across the country on what a child should do with the dollar here’s one opinion it’s only a child it’s only a dollar what difference does it make well in my opinion it makes all the difference in the world a person’s economic future starts with the child of the dollar somebody says all no you’re only young once let him spend it all well when would you hope that would stop somebody says well wait at least 50 and like me and you know and then you’ll learn well no we don’t want to wait that long if I would have known earlier than age 25 I would have changed in high school if I if they would have had classes called wealth one wealth two I’d have taken both classes I would not have waited until age 25 so the earlier the better so what should a child do with a dollar here’s the simple premise to begin with don’t spend it all and if a child wants to spend the whole dollar you got to say hey don’t spend at all you know don’t spend it all they’ll say why not it’s my dollar I earned it you say I know you earned it but don’t spend it all they’ll still say why not say let me show you why not so you put them in your car take them to the other side of town and show them where people live that’s then the whole dollar just drive them around kids learn best by visual just drive around and say would you like to live here kid says no would you like to live like these people live kid says no no then you can’t spend the whole dog so kids will get the message so you know take them to other side of town show them around unless you already live there and then just show them around anyway don’t spend the whole dollar now let me give you my best view of what to do with the dollar and I promise you if you started at age 15 now if you’re over 15 right you still got plenty of time still got 20 years you know if you’re 30 you’re still about 20 years I mean you know you still got plenty of time to start what I’m about to share with you what to do with a dollar here’s my first bit of advice never spend more than 70 cents never spend more than 70 cents now you’ve got to pick some number and the number you pick is going to be determined by your philosophy it’s going to be determined by what you’ve been taught or your experience teaching yourself when I first met my teacher mr.

Show I was at about a hundred and ten percent of each dollar you know I’m down that budget finance Hawking my furniture in my car one more time and then I learned a whole better formula for financial independence number one don’t spend more than 70 cents now kids say to me well okay what do I do with the other 30 cents and here’s what I teach them ten cents for charity charity or church we’re helping people that can’t help themselves ten cents to support worthy project projects that you feel good about ten cents out of every dollar it’s called being generous with part of what you’ve taken out of society now in my opinion nothing teaches us character better than generosity no class no teacher no book teaches generosity teaches character better than generosity and the best time to start is when the amounts are small and I know if kids learn these lessons well they’ll give a dime out of the dollar help people that can’t help themselves apart for the project or if you belong to a church they teach Tai piece of that’s very important now because when the amounts get larger sometimes it’s a little more difficult you know giving a hundred thousand out of a million someone says oh if I had a merely not given hundred thousand I’m not sure that’s a lot of money so the time to start is when the amounts are small intense out of the dollar okay next ten cents I call active capital active capital means do something to make a profit active capital set aside a portion of your income wages are okay but I’m telling you wages will make you a living profits will make you a fortune so set aside part of your income as capital called active capital any kind of project you can possibly think of you can possibly come up with I’m going to write a new book I think the kids I think the title is going to be of course kids should pick out kind of an interesting title in California kids do pay taxes when a child walked into 7-eleven buy something that cost a dollar the proprietor says give me seven more pennies and the child says hey what’s the seven pennies for the proprietor says that back kids uh so hey I’m only eight years old proprietor says congratulations you’re my youngest taxpayer give me the money so in California where I live kids do pay taxes big question is should they in my book will answer that question of course kid should pay taxes nothing is for free if you want to ride your bicycle on the sidewalk instead of in the mud you gotta pay the seventh inning nothing is free so we all have to pay so ten cents out of your living out of the money you earn set aside for capital capital to try your best to show a profit and in my books going to be all kinds of ways kids can make money right two bicycles one to ride one to rent I mean you know it doesn’t take long to figure out some enterprise that will start making the profit then you must jot this down if you’re taking notes profits are better than wait one you can’t usually start wages until you’re about sixteen fifteen sixteen but you can make a profit long before you’re eligible to start earning wages and then there’s no limit to profits and they can they can double and triple and quadruple you know there’s no limit it’s incredible how fast profits can grow so profits are better than wages wages make you a living profits make you a fortune now the third ten cents is vitally important I call it passive capital capital you let somebody else use a financial institution stocks and bonds mutual funds whatever let someone else use it you furnish the money they use it to make a profit but they pay you for the use of it called interest and here’s one of the things that will make you financially independent fairly quickly and that’s called compound interest and this is how you get it letting someone else use a portion of Gooper honey your substance they show the profit they pay you interest and this passive capital and telling you over a sustained period of time if you’ll develop this little ten ten ten and 70 especially starting at age fifteen I’m telling you by the time you’re 35 you will be financially independent you’ll have the ability to live from the income of your own resources and then one more point on passive capital there’s a Bible philosophy I’m an amateur on the Bible but there’s a Bible philosophy that teaches the borrower is servant to the lender and if you want to be in a powerful position as you grow older finally when you become mature maybe have your own business things have worked out for you for the future the position you always want to be in is the power position and that’s called the lender the lender is the power position so if kids learn early enough and then you ask them what they’d like to be when they grow up I’m telling you once they understand they’ll say well one of the things I want to be is one of those lenders that’s the power position not the spender know you’ll be pitied the rest of your life if you just become a spender you got to become a lender and I think this is one formulas to follow ten fins out of every dollar that someone else use it be the lender power position then try to show a profit can’t we teach our children how to take a dollar search the neighborhood find a broken wagon pay a dollar for it bring it home you know clean it up sand it until it’s clean paint it red fill it shine straighten up the wheels till they’re true take it back to the neighborhood sell it for $5 anybody can do that now does the child deserve $4 profit me answers yes society now has a Minden blanket that’s what America is all about finding something touching it making it better making a profit taking part of your resources helping people who can’t help themselves let someone else use it to make a profit some projects require more capital than one person has exciting and then let them pay you for the use of it America’s had this philosophy now all these years communism has taught all these years capital belongs in the hands of the state not in the hands of the people we’ve been teaching all these years capital belongs in the hands of the people not in the hands of the state and we turned out to be right capital in the hands of the kids capital in the hands of the people enterprises that make a profit in two does it grow it’s the hope of our future so that little simple formula I hope will help you now one more key on financial independence and that is attitude attitude here’s number one I used to say I hate to pay my bills my teacher straightened me out on that he said let’s see mr.

Owen what you hate to do is pay $100 on an account and reduce your liabilities and increase your assets I said well no not if you look at it that way he said well it all depends on how you look at it so wouldn’t you love to pay your bills reduce your liabilities increase your assets you’ve got to have that kind of attitude I found out the same attitude about taxes I used to say I hate to pay my taxes mr. show said well that’s one way to live but don’t you understand taxes is how we care and feed the goose that lays the golden eggs wouldn’t you want to do your share someone says yes but the goose eats too much probably true but hey we all need too much we all need to go on a diet better a fat goose than no goose so I finally became a happy taxpayer now I think taxes are too high so I’m working to get taxes lowered for our economic future but then whatever they turn out to be I gladly pay do my part because that’s what makes the whole system run each of us doing our part now I want these three subjects to be valuable for you I want them to have meaning for you I want you someday to be financially independent I want you to have the personal development so that you feel good about yourself if I had a chance to meet you someday I’d like to have you show me the list of goals that you’ve got started with say mr.

Owen here some I’ve already kept up here’s the books I’m reading here’s what’s happened on developing the skills I’m better this year than I was last year I’ve got more self-confidence my skills are developing that’s what I want for you and that’s why I took the time to come and share in this video method review I do seminars all around the world this is one way that I can reach out and touch you in case you can’t come to my seminars wherever I am maybe this video will reach you some there and it’ll have an impact on your life and what I’d like to do is later hear about it a letter phone call or to have a chance to meet you in person and now I’d like to leave you with these four questions called questions to ponder these questions were valuable for me and I want to make them valuable for you here’s the first one fly we all ask why we should work this hard why take that many classes where I go to school at many years you know why take the notes why read the books or I work that hard why put yourself through the push ups and the disciplines why good question one best answer to why I think is the second question why not why not see how many books you can read how many classes you can take how many skills you can develop why not see how valuable you could become to the marketplace to your friends and to your family why not see what you can make of yourself why not see how far you can go how much you can see how much you can earn how much you can share why not that’s the heritage all of us have in America especially is to see what we can make out of our lives now that we’ve been given this extraordinary opportunity now my third question I’d love to ask you in person but since I can’t do it in person I want to ask it of all of you but I want you to take it personally and my third question is why not you why not you with good self-esteem why not you starting to change and setting go why not you starting to make progress towards the nancial independent if I can do what you can do I wish to had a lot more testimonials here today besides mine a whole steady stream that would come by and tell you their story someone who started with nothing finally run a big enterprise a mother who was on welfare now she owned their own business in addition to my story I wish I had a lot more and if all of them told their story guess how they would probably wind up their story they’d probably stay just like me why not you if we can read you can read if we can change you can change if we can figure it out you can figured out if we can turn it around you can turn it around there isn’t anything you can’t accomplish that’s what those testimonials would save and so I want to say it to you personally why not you you’ve got the brains you’ve got the stamina you’ve got the vitality you’ve got the interest you’ve got your life ahead of you you got the future you can do it if anybody can do it you can do it one of us can do it hey we all can do it now here’s my last question why not now this is a good time as the 20th century starts to wind down few more years as we get ready for century 21 what a good time to set your goals work on yourself work on your skills what a good time to get it together what a good time to start this process personal development growing changing developing having a good plan for your money and for your life and for your future why not now and I hope I have a chance to see you one of these days and share with you the experience the reaction response you might have had from my message today and until I get a chance to see you on this side of the world or the other side of the world in some school or some seminar or maybe I’ll come and speak for a company that you work for someday I hope I get a chance to meet you until then I wish you the best I want all that I’ve gotten to be yours and much much more god bless goodbye you