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Jim Rohn: The One Thing Only 1% of People Do (very motivational)

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Let me give you a Bible philosophy that teaches how to get whatever you want that’s the title of the next set of notes how to get whatever you want from the Bible now again I’m an amateur when it comes to the Bible I’m not a pro but this I can quote and I think that’ll be sufficient how to get whatever you want here’s what it says if you’re ready it says ask that’s it end of notes ask if there’s one art in life to learn extremely well that’s got to be one of them the art of asking what does ask mean ask means what do you want and the formula staggering it says ask and what a guy ought to look into that he says yeah but you work for I work but the time you struggle home it’s late you’ve got to eat a bite of supper watch little team TV get to bed you can’t sit up half the night ask ask ask and the guys be see you’ve got to be better than a good worker you’ve got to be a good aster now let me give you three key points on asking and receiving this can do it number one asking is the beginning of receiving asking starts a unique process mental and emotional I don’t even know how it works all I know is it works it’s like pushing a button and all this machinery starts working I don’t know how it just works there’s a lot of things you don’t need to know how just work them some people are always studying the roots others are picking the fruit I mean it depends on what end of it you want in on asking is the beginning of receiving so start the process here’s number two receiving is not the problem receiving is automatic now if that’s true receiving is not the problem what’s the problem failure to ask might be one of your major problems I don’t know check it out the guy says oh now I see it I got up last year and hit it every day but there’s not a scrap of paper with my gold good work poor ass so you got to change them here’s number three receiving is like the ocean there’s plenty especially in California here success is not in short supply it isn’t rationed and you stepped up to the window and it was all gone no no no it’s like an ocean here now if that’s true what’s the problem well some people go to the ocean with a tease have you got the picture see what you want to do in view of the size of the ocean is trade your teaspoon for at least a bucket and you’ll look better down at them kids won’t make fun of you okay okay now there’s two ways to ask and we’ll wrap up goal setting two ways here’s number one ask with intelligence it didn’t say ask intelligently but I’m sure it meant that don’t mumble you don’t get anything by mumbling be clear be specific intelligent asking means how wide how high how soon when what size what color how much define what you want and describe what you want that’s powerful in the weekend seminar we teach goals become like a magnet they pull you that direction and the better you describe them the more they pull so ask intelligently here’s number two ask with faith that’s the childish part of the equation believe you can get what you want like a child not an adult adults are too skeptical so the formula really reads make plans like an adult and believe in him like a child and the most incredible things will happen just try it for 90 days just try it you can always go back to the old ways just try up just 90 days 90 days now here’s the last qualifying phrase on goal setting as we promised to qualify everything and it simply goes like this remember you won’t get everything you want and we’ve already studied the reason for that simply sometimes it hails on your crop and rains on your parade it’s that kind of planet so you won’t get everything you want but if you will work this goal-setting formula you can get plenty for wealth and happiness okay that’s goal-setting we use it around the world we recommend that now maybe it won’t work as well for you as it has for me I don’t know maybe not but what if it did you got to try now why would we pay somebody only four dollars an hour they’re not very valuable to the marketplace now we got to make that distinction to the marketplace might be a valuable brother am a valuable member of the community valuable member of the church valuable member in the sight of God to the human family of course those kind of values but to the marketplace which is called hood reality reality is if you’re not very valuable you don’t get much money those are called the facts I mean that’s how that is well then how do you get more money simple answer somebody says we’ll all go on strike for more well here’s a major problem with that here’s a major problem with that you can’t get rich by demand something says well I’m waiting for a raise I’m telling you it’s easier to climb then to wait for a raise why not just become more valuable rather than wait I’m telling you that’s the key to all good things becoming more valuable why would we pay somebody $400 an hour they’ve become more valuable to the marketplace see how this works I’m gonna this stuff is so neat this is America there’s a ladder how far is it from four to five I’m telling you it’s not far four to five dollars an hour if you work for McDonald’s haul out the trash they’ll pay you five dollars an hour if you whistle while you haul out the trash they’ll pay you five dollars an hour I’m telling you you’ll get an extra dollar just for a good attitude yay McDonald’s wear the hat five dollars and then you just keep becoming more valuable more valuable more valuable I got a telephone call five years ago company said we’re ready to expand internationally we need some help I was sort of semi-retired I looking for the next exotic beach they said no no mr.

Owen we got a project for you right gonna expand internationally we could use your help next little while we’ll add some millions to your fortune make it worth your while I said okay I thought later isn’t that interesting that they called me my second thought was of course they’d call me who else would they call I mean you know I can get the job done now how come how come I got a telephone call worth millions I had become valuable now I’m a farm boy from Idaho I was raised in obscurity one year of college and I thought I was thoroughly educated made all kinds of mistakes galore at age 25 the creditors are calling me saying hey you told us the check was in the mail I got pennies in my pocket I got nothing in the bank I’m behind on my promises how come I get a telephone call five years ago and it’s worth millions I changed I changed I turned my life around is it possible to become worth millions speaking economically now there’s a lot of values to become but let’s just talk economics is it possible to become that valuable the answer is of course of course now let me give you the secret show said here’s a secret mr.

Own learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job once I got that it turned my life around learn to work harder on yourself results every once in a while you got to take a measure see how you’re doing with these three pieces philosophy attitude activity now we take a measure called results what is the results at the end of the day the results at the end of the week you can’t let too much time go by without checking when time goes by six years I’d been out there working when I met my teacher mr.

Schill shelf said well mr. Owen let’s just go through a little summary here he said in the last six years how much money have you saved and invested let’s go through a little tab list here how much money have you saved and invested the last six years I said what zero he said you have messed up you remember these notes I like that messed up he said who sold you on that plan I thought my gosh the man’s right I’m a nice guy I bought the wrong plan what if you were 50 and broke right didn’t need to change countries bought the wrong plan what a sad scenario that would be chef said these questions let’s go through some results he said how many books have you read in the last 90 days I said what zero wisdom of the world available change your life change your future wisdom of the world available develop develop any skill you want earn the kind of income you want have all the treasures you want equities you want relationship with your family that you want everything that you want available and the wisdom of the world to help you get it haven’t read any books in the last 90 days my teacher said mr.

Owen you have messed up I’m telling you you’ve got the deal shelf said mr. Owen in the last six months how many classes have you taken to improve your skills or to develop new skills go for the American dream become rich and powerful and sophisticated and healthy and influential how many classes have you taken in the last six months I said how many zero he said you have messed up said you don’t need to unmess the country you don’t need to straighten out the perplexed you don’t need to straighten out any of this stuff all you’ve got to do is look within and let results teach you a great deal about your own activity your own attitude and your own philosophy I went through that process take this phrase home results is the name of the game what other game is there results here’s all life asks us to do make measurable progress in reasonable time just take home that little phrase good phrase we’re asked in life simply to make measurable progress in reasonable time we demanded of our children how many years do you want your child to spend in 4th grade approximately about 1 if it looks like they’re not going to make it we pour on the pressure call legitimate pressure lack of results peer pressure family pressure school pressure community pressure every other kind of pressure we can bring to bear why you can’t stay more than one year in fourth grade as parents you’d have to leave the community you say well what if they’re nice kids wouldn’t you give them three or four years the answer’s no you got to make better progress than they so you got to check fairly often some things you got to check every day some things you got to check at least by the end of the week salesman joins us a little sales company’s supposed to make 10 calls first week wouldn’t it be legitimate calling in on Friday and say John what how many calls I mean this stuff is simple John says well say John well won’t fit in this little box here well now John starts with a story you say John I made this little box so small so a story won’t fit I don’t need a story I need what a number a number what will a number tell me everything John’s supposed to make 10 calls what if he made 20 you say Wow Wow we got somebody what if he only made one call whoa will that tell us something about John’s philosophy and the answers yes will it tell us somebody’s attitude of course will it tell us something about his disciplines of course and if he wants a lesson in life change all he has to do is be willing to face the numbers and come up with the results that will teach you to either celebrate if you’ve got good results or fix whatever needs to be fixed in your philosophy attitude activity called disciplines you don’t need to go anywhere else I do believe in affirmations they are value but as long as you affirm the truth because it says in ancient scripts the truth what will set you free free to do what amend your errors and pick up new disciplines that’s what the truth is for to help us amend our errors and pick up the disciplines for life change that’s what the truth is for so I do believe in affirming the truth if you’re broke best thing to affirm is I am broke you put that up on the refrigerator where you can see it every day I mean that’s how you do that now if you need a little additional affirmation you just put up there I’m 40 and broke I mean you know that ought to do it and if you need just a little more put up there I live in America and I’m 40 and broke that’s enough to turn your life around it says hey something is wrong somewhere I have messed up I’m telling you if you’ll start with that it’s called the process of life change and it doesn’t matter how small the process is to start one discipline starts it and then one discipline feeds another feeds another and the first thing you know you’ve got this whole cycle in an upward positive motion and it’s called life change it’s called income change it’s called health change relationship with your family chain equities unprecedented that you can have in numbers that will stagger the imagination if you do not curse what’s available and start amending what’s possible to get the results that you want I don’t think I can put it in let me give you the day that turns your life around as quickly as I can I got four parts to the day that turns your life around and then we’re finished for the day number one disgust disgust disgust is a negative emotion but it can have a very positive powerful effect disgust says I’ve had it what an important day that could be I’ve had it I met a beautiful powerful accomplished executive lady in New York company invited me to come in this lady was a vice president extraordinary lady I got to know her and I found out her story I said how did you get here big income and she never went to college never went to university I said how did you get here Sagat even powerful income she said well let me tell you part of the scenario she said when I was a young mother a few years ago she said one day I asked my husband for $10 and he said what for she said before that day was over I decided I would never ever ask again she said I started studying opportunity found it took the classes put myself through the schools did the scenario now I’m vice president I make a lot of money and she said I kept my promise I’ve never ever had to ask again it’s called a life-changing day the day you say enough now if you can add an act to you’re disgusted helps the man takes a shotgun to his car blows out every window destroys every tire put some hundred rounds in it and says I’ve driven this embarrassing thing for the last time and then he saves it he saves and later when somebody says how did you become rich and powerful he says let me show you this car one day I’d had it up to here I blew it to smithereens enough is enough here’s the last three next is decision decision making is a life-changing day if you went home today and in the next few days cleaned up a list of decisions it could furnish enough inspiration for the next five years ten years what an inspiring day the day you can bring yourself to decide and here’s the third one desire wanting too bad enough who knows the mystery of that we don’t know but here’s something I do know sometimes desire waits for a trigger waits for something to happen who knows what the happening may be a song the lyrics a movie the dialogue a seminar a sermon a book an experienced confrontation with an enemy a conversation with a friend who finally levels with you whatever the experience it is so valuable and here’s my best advice welcome all experience you never know which one is gonna turn everything don’t put up the walls the same wall that keeps out disappointment keeps out happiness take down the wall go for the experience let it teach you and here’s the last one resolve resolve says I will to the most powerful words in the language Benjamin Disraeli said nothing can resist a human will that will stake its existence on its purpose sharply put I’ll do it or die that’s definition of resolve I got from a little junior high girl Foster City California I’m going through some words one day I got to this one I asked the kids who can tell me what resolve means some didn’t know some tried interesting the last one was the best little girl bout three rows back she said I think I know mr.

Owen I said what she said I think resolve means promising yourself you will never give up I said that’s the best I’ve ever heard she’s probably giving seminars today right that’s the best I’ve heard I asked the kids how long’s did a baby try to learn how to walk how long would you give your average baby before you say hey enough enough no any mother in the world would say you’re crazy my baby is gonna keep trying what until what a magic word I want you to write it down until promise yourself you’ll read the books until your skills change you’ll go to seminars until you get a handle on it you’ll listen to it until it makes sense you’ll go for it until you understand it you’ll practice it until you develop the skill never give up until however long that is step by step piece by piece book by book word by word Apple by Apple walk around the block walk around the block go for a don’t miss the chance to grow and resolve that you’ll paid the price until you learn change grow become then you’ll discover some of life’s best treasure you