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Just 30 Second Exercise will Tighten Your Belly in 3 Weeks | How To Lose Belly Fat Fast #HealthPedia

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tighten your belly and 21 days with a plank challenge we all want the benefits of a full workout the toned abs heightened flexibility speedy metabolism reduced the risk of injury improve our balance and decrease stress but today we are here to inform you a very effective exercise that will will help you to lose belly fat at home so subscribe our channel and click the bell icon for getting our daily updates this simple exercise challenge gives all the incredible benefits of the workout and you can do them anytime anywhere any way you like find the combination of the positions that make you feel the burn and start doing them for 10 minutes a day if you want to achieve all these great benefits remember to avoid these common mistakes allow your hips head or shoulders to drop place your hands too close together causing internal rotation and instability of your shoulder joint hold your breath try to hold the position too long it is better to maintain correct form for a shorter period that to hold an improper position for longer planking is a simple exercise that uses your strength to support your body weight nothing can seem simpler even if it is a physically challenging exercise start according to your level and work your way up the noticeable results will keep you motivated to continue planking 21-day plank exercise challenge days 1 to 2 start with one set of thirty-second planks days three to seven practice two sets of 30-second planks try one in the morning and one before bed if you can move up to 60 seconds during this point even better days aids of 10 increase to two sets of at least 60 second planks every day focus on keeping your form curcuit it’s easy to get sloppy at this point resist the temptation days 11 to 15 try some variations practice some moving planks start with both firearms supporting you then raise yourself up to balancing on your hands starting with your right hand first then your left then lower yourself back to your forearms keep reversing the order and don’t quit until that 60-second timer days 16 to 18 push yourself to see how far you can last aim for 90 seconds then 120 and so on but keep paying attention to your form don’t let that but start floating too high days 19 to 21 shake things up do a plank variation in the morning and a regular plank in the evening try to beat your personal best as soon as you start this challenge you will experience amazing improvements your body posture will significantly improve it will lower the risk of back and spine injury that plank will define the core and boost your performance it will boost your flexibility it will enhance your overall balance the plank will boost your metabolism it will release tension and stress and improve your mood so what are you waiting for tomorrow is too late start today and don’t forget to share your experience and result with us thanks for watching the video and don’t forget to do us three favors hit the like button share this video and click subscribe to stay with health PDF