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KETTLEBELL SNATCH LIKE A PRO (7 TIPS) | How To Kettlebell Snatch Technique Tutorial

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Whats up guys its Max Barry owner of Max’s Best Bootcamp and this is my friend Kelly guys and this is your kettlebell snatch tutorial let’s go the kettlebell snatch can burn up to 20 calories a minute they’re also a great way for getting strong burning back they happen to be a highly skilled exercise and that’s why in this video we’re going to be giving you seven tips to be snatching like a pro so let’s get into the video right now our guys are first tip for you is what kind of kettlebell should be using now there’s two main lines there’s a cast-iron most well-liked yes for hardstyle and this thing is just solid is indestructible relax your life is going to lose all its findings that’s 44 also online very common now one little here this is the exact same except final code and so we’re doing statue here newer model for a little R is that eventually not just want to show you the option but not really one of our recommended big bands of your style one of these these are you look at them they are bigger but they’re pro-style in top competition LOL intelligent very exciting very exciting to nail it up and so that’s why he probably knows all energized to mention all the seams up this battle is eight kilograms but whatever give up three children and for anything different we are just more or less a great investment will leave a link down below to the exact ones that we have your research check them out prograde I’m voting this number one choice tip number two is Stan’s now we see a lot of different things being matched using a lot of people very looks dances very simple i like the coaches as children with bart has been standing here to go through all that slightly touching it water to use for purposes of this video using we’re talking single kettlebell work so this is gonna be so proud coach shoulder width and using a liar Bell Bell our third tip is the backswing Kelly are substantially right looking good and as far as the match and just watch where she’s taking this thing that going to do two more and then we’ll put it down a couple of her it’s okay three part with the backswing is that you have to keep it close to your want to pick up like a squat and set so common form and eventually get into the back and we’re basing this way and so all we were coming back to your fundamental your swing and we’re swing it and so we’re not getting up and then back it will set it right eventually yeah another thing about his arms next to the body and the four so connected class and we’re right pair of parallel of the back feel that are on the body so coming up still connected we’re able to really use the odd and to bring the fellow that one possible for our fourth tip is the trajectory up and so we just started talking about the back swing that’s where all the magic starts to happen where we go get it over head off three main points like backswing action point starting stand that pulling and they were really that whole group party wave to your pot so you’re gonna tell your belt maybe a couple things first just write your story you’re doing and then one’s going to every start taking up your sketch taking it back up and resend go up couples where they’re going so you see her back now take reset up and just just hold it out there so she’s right in line with your top position that are always right here tip number five projectory of cattle coming down so we just got over head does it look at the same time down there different styles starting out ok so you can go back to the rat management and then go through your backs me or you can make it yeah i like to use on the sort of extension it’s also a water also i do a little bit so it’s this is some of the finer points we wanna keep your head down and so we’re almost out of letting it move it felt and then there with me through all of you so you’re back or yeah so how about I bring this is a side note is there’s really there’s competition LOL sports we had relax tended cycles and depressed and then are now yeah for most of our style promote general business that’s what I like but it’s not as regimented is tryin 2005 and so that’s we’re talking about this video so we get it overhead lineup that’s where this kind of turn and then we’re going to shoot all sort of like that for your kind of rotation yeah and then for the hardstyle to have a different position with where you’re well aware yeah you see more like CrossFit lot of this link with it comes right now are ya heart stopped American accent yeah and so you have to kind of find you see what’s right for you and so there’s like a lot like crashing down so the finer points for you is the what is coming down if you lack those out like practicing together this thing’s gonna be pouring down and I’ll just do one just missed the love you guys and I look okay and then come out our oh no connection problems and you’re out all this is that they’ll notice with down between his knees which is no and you want it that’s always over time so there’s so many fine really liked videos and you can always come back and literally hundreds of rest coming out risk and then yeah we’re going to be a couple of drills again for seven drills you can you get so the directory now looks good lot of tricky finer points so play with it every time you do we get to number six is going to be a video montage kelly i getting our else you guys look at some finer points without talking and just wash work tip number 7 our last tip for you guys is going to be drills to practice matches keep getting better and better you look really so first thing we have for you is just for leverage swing technique very important that your back to set it up so that you get right without you guys there’s no point working because it all-star swing swing 102 that fundamental of the moment that’s where it starts another drill practice once you really get those swings now is the high this he drill up and this is really the second portion of your snack so you have the backswing hi we’re just really focusing on that element so everyone and i love that so perfect and she got the bottom of the cattle facing you guys at the top of that I level that’s how you got that we this portion is used in jewelry and so let’s do maybe 2i old one so it doesn’t feel that really started me off the Repat my clients to my holes my holes swing that’s doing that’s a good girl to give you one swing one I loved ones that matter that so I wait with dispatch 133 love that another drill you can do the practice is the dell snap all max tell you we’re going to tell us that video yes but this is such a similar dynamic movement that we do these have all the time when I was doing yeah metabolic back right now and we’re going dancing round up no back right yeah backup and get the hop all the punch really hone in on guys wait here another point is close to the body nice and then he is right there is Right punch so that’s another great thrill that you can use get better we hope you liked this video guys if you did be sure to give it a thumbs up subscribe to the Max’s Best Bootcamp YouTube fitness channel share this kettlebell snatch technique video be sure to give Kelly a follow on awesome instagram page @kellsbells88 and ours @maxsbestbootcamp Kelly thank you for coming down today, nailed it, thanks for watching this video you guys have an awesome day!