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Law of Attraction Exercise – TRAIN Your Subconscious Mind to Manifest Your Desires!

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we create our own reality by our thoughts beliefs emotions and expectations so all we really need to do to get what we want is to believe we are going to get it and expect it to happen but this can be easier said than done many people have difficulty with the law of attraction due to the matter of convincing the mind to believe that it can have what it once this causes doubts which lead to further difficulty in attaining desires to get past this the conscious mind must practice being in charge of the subconscious reasoning it must become the master portion of the mind for the law of attraction to work is your subconscious mind that needs to believe the reason many people encounter stumbling blocks and give up way too soon is because it can be tricky to get your subconscious mind to do what your conscious mind wants it to do all of the meditation visualization and positive thinking in the world can prove to be fruitless without your subconscious mind being on board with your desires and beliefs this exercise is an excellent process to begin training your subconscious mind in subtle ways although it will take some dedication the rewards are very worth the effort step 1 identify what you want find a picture of it or write out your desire as clearly as possible what you use in the picture is important for example if you want a new home use a picture of the exact home that you would like to create and write the words my new home so you can clearly read it take the time to create this photo exactly as you want it to be if you are unable to find precisely what you want you can use a plain white piece of paper with words as an alternative for example I am deciding to have my dream home by March of 2018 or I decide to have an extra $1,000 by this weekend in my checking account be specific and precise keep it short and sweet step 2 place this picture in a prominent place near your bed where you sleep at night preferably positioned in an area where you might look at it as soon as your eyes open step 3 identify the time of night when you are at your deepest sleep this is the hour during your slumber when you rarely wake up step 4 set an alarm to wake you up at that time it is preferable to use something that gently wakes you up rather than startles you step 5 when your alarm goes off look at the picture for five to thirty seconds if your room is dark use a flashlight to illuminate your picture step 6 go straight back to sleep when you wake up from deep sleep your conscious mind is still hazy whereas your subconscious which never rests is fully functioning there’s no better time than this to completely go around any conscious thinking that may get in the way of your desires by using this exercise you are bypassing conscious thinking and speaking directly to the subconscious mind in a language that it clearly understands here are a few helpful hints start with small things to prove to yourself that you can create with this technique the more you’re able to create what you want the more your mind will believe in its power to do so in this way success will bring more success it also helps if you can go back to sleep right after viewing your picture and just before coming fully awake the maximum time limit of 30 seconds for viewing your picture is very important any longer spent looking at the picture may lead to full consciousness which could potentially get in the way of the process working for you there’s no minimum time to view the picture even a quick glance before going straight back to sleep again works perfectly don’t think about or analyze what you are seeing the subconscious mind will pick up on the details without you having to force it train yourself to do this exercise for a minimum of 30 consecutive days longer if necessary repetition is crucial to impress the subconscious mind also use one desire at a time once the desire is fulfilled move on to the next three triggering your subjective mind in this most impressionable state you will be able to easily alter the way in which it begins to believe that your want is already something you have this is one of the most important ingredients to successful manifestation

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