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Law of Attraction: How to CHANGE Your Appearance | Leeor Alexandra

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hello my babies welcome back to my channel I’m neurotic Xander if you’re new today I have a secret for you from us closer you have complete creative control over your appearance I’ve compiled seven steps to changing your appearance with the law of attraction believe it or not you’ve attracted your present physical form and you have the ability to change it with the law of attraction as well since we are born we’ve been storing and internalizing others opinions of us some of us may have been told that we were beautiful children while others may have heard comments like he’ll grow into his nose regardless of the connotation all those statements and all those opinions about ourselves how formed and created the way that we look now those perceptions of us became our perceptions of ourselves and manifested into our physical form as those opinions have sculpted us it’s reasonable that we could be artists of our own physical appearance in our own reality as well now that we are conscious or awakened or beginning to awaken we can take that power back into our own and without further ado let’s get right into these seven steps to change your appearance your physical appearance with the law of attraction the first step is to believe that it’s easy and possible to change the way that you look with the law of attraction if you believe something is difficult the universe will demonstrate that it is so if you believe that is easy the universe will show you that as well because of that you have to tell yourself often it is easy to get the body that I want it’s easy to get the shape that I want it’s easy to grow my hair it’s easy to change my eye color if we keep telling ourselves these little affirmations we might actually start to listen and actually start to believe the second step is visualization or daydream now we all know that this is a basic concept of the law of attraction but to do this you’re going to have to visualize yourself looking the way you want to look in your head every single day so whenever you think about your and let’s say you want longer hair imagine yourself with longer hair and whatever thoughts that is connected to how you look in your head seeing yourself with longer hair if I perception of reality changes our reality then we have to imagine that our appearance aligns with our desires best 3 say the kings that you want out loud to everybody to yourself without any desperation make it fun having a fun vibration will bring it to you much more easily I have this one friend who when you’re younger he was lucky in the bottom department she was a really funny girl she still is and whenever anybody would comment on it you’d be like what are you talking about I have a big butt I have a huge butt and I kid you not within a year without doing anything other than saying this repeatedly he could have easily won best booty award and she still can another friend of mine would always be complimented on her amazing body instead of appreciating her body and appreciating herself she chose to be humble in a way that was actually damaging for herself whenever anybody would compliment her she was a fat ugly I’m not pretty that was just her way of being humble and showing that she’s not full of herself because she wasn’t however she ultimately got a disease that completely changed her body and she does yearn for that old body now she has awakened now and she’s using these steps and telling herself that she’s skinny and I tell her she’s skinny all the time and she’s going she’s steadily moving back to where she used to be so basically instead of complaining all the time about how your nose is big for example start saying to yourself and to others even if you look delusional then your nose is snoring cute that’s 4 find a placebo the placebo effect is a real phenomenon it has been replicated time and time again and thousands of studies a sick patient will receive a fake medicine like a sugar pill and they will start to heal just because they expected that pill to help find can’t really explain this but in spirituality we do know that believing you can share yourself can hear you there’s a raw vegan youtuber that i watch off and i think it’s fully rock christina and she told everybody that her eyes changed color from brown to green when she went wrong I totally have seen her video and I totally believe that that did happen to her and I also believe that she’s giving people a very powerful manifestation tool which is this kibo effect telling yourself that doing something will make something else happen is a very powerful technique so you want to change your eye color eat more fruit they need to find a placebo pill for your change like will carrots maybe make your waist smaller or avocado make your hair grow or limiting very make your acne go away you can find a placebo pill by searching natural home remedies for whatever it is you’re trying to change and then just believe that whatever you’re doing is working and it’s going to work it’s science step 5 is to begin to behave as if this change has already occurred if you wanted to lose weight or go down a size or even go up a size start buying clothes in those sizes I’ve heard success stories from women who bought bigger bras and stuffed them and wore them and like emphasized their chests to imprint a vision of themselves with bigger or better breasts what would happen is that these women actually experienced physical changes or if they didn’t then they suddenly came into money or came into the means to get the surgery for whatever it is that they wanted so prepare your life for that change but remember that the most important way to prepare is to prepare emotionally what we actually want when we want to change our experience is the feeling that looking that way is going to give us so this is a very powerful law of attraction technique and I tell you guys this in all my videos do something that makes you feel happy and confident so that you can align your vibrations with whatever change it is you want to make boil yourself nicely to yourself and take good care of yourself just as you would when you get that physical change that fix is so important do not overlook this start appreciating the quality that you want to create in yourself and other people instead of envied so for example if a girl you know on Instagram has this amazing body that you want instead of scrolling through her pictures on Instagram and feeling jealous and badly about yourself starts to feel joy and exciting because you’re aligning yourself with her or his reality thereby creating that change in your life take this a step further by beginning to compliment people who have this attribute and complementing that specific thing but if you know somebody who you love their hair and you wish your hair was more like them compliment them on it that compliment will make you and a receiver of the compliment feel so good creating positive vibrations between you two and pushing this manifestation to actually happen and the final step is step 7 it is to release resistance you have to stop beating yourself up for the way that you look now you have to accept and love yourself and then you have to visualize like you look the way that you want like steps to and appreciate yourself and love yourself and accept yourself in that way also you’re beating yourself up for not looking a certain way you’re just focusing on not looking that way and you’re just going to look more the way that you don’t want to look just sad about how we look we’re talking down to ourselves it’s just going to drag out this process much longer if a change isn’t manifesting for you then something is holding you back from it and what you need to do is to look deep and figure out what story you’re telling yourself or others that’s holding you back for example if you want to be thin you can’t keep talking about value or thinking about you are or be horrible to yourself in that way I think you loving me about your body will help shape you into your goal so there is nothing wrong about wanting to look better I want to stress that self-love as always is the most important thing you are already perfect you glow and glean from every cell of your body your design that being said there is a reason why the plastic surgery industry takes in billions annually people are dissatisfied but before you rush to get that surgery or those injections try to use the power of your mind the law of attraction coupled with a healthy dose of self-love and start watching yourself change physically in front of your eyes people will start complimenting you and you’re going to feel it even more so if you don’t know exactly how you want to change but you just want to be more attractive overall smile more and learn how to confident who you are as a person you will become irresistible to everybody the universe knows what you think is attractive so you will become better looking in your own eyes my love is I’m going to be uploading a blog with a lot more information about this topic if you haven’t seen the website already make sure you log on its living lovely calm I’ll put it down below and sign up register a ton of people are already over there talking in the forum they’re already helping each other manifest and we have inspiration over there and what we’re grateful for make sure you go sign up and subscribe so I can send you those blocks straight to your mailbox good luck and have fun with this and remember whatever you say it’s not working or whenever you give up you’re literally just putting yourself 10 steps back so many people have told me and have said this on YouTube and in books that just as you’ve said that it’s not working you were nearly there but you put a solid barrier between you and your desire so just stop thinking that’s not worked out that helped you guys and I remember that I love you so much just the way that you are until my next video keep your vibrations way way way up nice

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