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Law of Attraction Meditation – Speed Up Your Manifestations – Powerful! (New)

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To begin make yourself comfortable take in a nice big deep breath and as you exhale allow yourself to let go of any tensions you may be experiencing take in another deep breath feeling the muscles in your body relaxing and softening and as you exhale you release all anxiety and frustration now take in one more deep breath feel your body begin to let go noticing how good it feels to relax and then gently exhale once again begin to allow yourself to fully let go as you notice the rhythm of your breathing relax and drift away while my words float in and out of your awareness these words make the positive changes that you desire in your life and as you drift off your mind is going to go to beautiful places and anything you can see on the screen of your mind you can manifest in the material world just allow your body to sink into a totally relaxed State imagine that you are standing under a peaceful waterfall of love and delight try this beautiful lavender light is a healing and creative energy with the ability to Center you can remove out your authentic self use your imagine it begins to gently flow through the crown of your head and like cleansing anything that needs to go it circulates through your entire mind totally clearing the things that no longer serve you positively bring your awareness to your body and notice that this lavender light is moving with down around your face and down to your neck allow yourself to relax it swirls for your shoulders out down your arms and out of your hands or relax allow this lavender light to flow down into your chest back and abdomen on peaceful as this soothing light moves through you become more and more relaxed because even your body sinks into the space its in in the most comfortable way this healing light moves down into the way see follow along through the hips and into the pelvic area and feel this creative energy moving down into the ladies and feet coming you have no where you need to go relaxing nothing you need to do single what everyday Falls drift away easily this is the time for you to create what do you desire for yourself and as this beautiful lavender light moves through you clarity your mind becomes clearer father your entire body is cleansed and relaxed the dead you can feel your consciousness shift as you allow more of the light to move through you your level of awareness is expanding light because you have entered the creative world by you and manifest anything you want standing aware this is where all creation begins powerful creates you are now in perfect harmony with the law of vibration lead align the feeling of abundance begins to fill your consciousness and an immense sensation of love washes over your entire Bienvenue tranquility moves through your body this lavender light turns to white light it purifies your energy centers track anything that needs to be healed flows up to the surface to be washed away within yours every molecule of your being becomes strong and healthy is your essence your emotional body is conneted and peaceful healing you are fully aligned with the universe and recognized that you are a unique expression of the creative power powerful your imagination begins to take the pure white light that encompasses you totally returns it into images in your mind harmonizing these images display all your wants needs and desires you are a powerful creator created and you are able to easily create these images in your mind but the power that you possess forming these are the images that you are going to bring into material existence ena you are literally creating your life in this very moment purify you have entered the place of creation and transformation totally relax all tension and discomfort floats away the feeling of peace and love move through every part of you you allow these feelings to enter your consciousness and permeate your body with each breath nurture you become more and more comfortable each of the ideas and images that you consciously create for yourself are accepted by your inner mind and attitude this is the time to focus on yourself and your desire sizing every part of you is in perfect harmony with creative laws just when these are the ideas that you have asked for creative idea you are successful in all areas or creator you are able to shape the life you want with your mind energy these ideas and images adjust for you all the things you’ve dreamt about are being created in this moment of legend you have the choice to create anything you desire acting you are surrounded by abundance in all areas of your life first you are here today to manifest your ultimate freedom you are a receiver of abundance and prosperity namely animal if into all good that comes to us full life change your life is filled with joy happiness and the wondrous experiences choice the choice to create this reality is entirely yours you are a divine creator all of the desires that float into your mind you now see as your reality by holding these images in your mind you are able to quickly manifest them nificent create you are easily able to focus on your success the entire universe is lavishly abundant and that abundance is available to you than mine you train your mind to think about things you wish to experience is you can attract these things you can use your imagination to create this new life and when you think about your desires you are able to reflect them back to you the power of your mind stops the creation process you have the power to change your life you can bring things into form by thinking about the lore images of this new life a very real you know how to create your life intentionally by focusing on what you want you have the power to make them a reality use your reality your mind is like a garden you can have anything you want whatever you plant there will grow it’s all within reach there are no limitations in your mind the universe guides you to create your desire you are able to freely imagine your new reality you have experienced a powerful shift in think the energy of your mind brings your images into fall you create your reality your mind is always in complete alignment with the universal those things come into your consciousness they begin to flow to you and through zdu plants to take root and begin to grow you’re living where you really want to live you now experience ultimate freedom and doing what you really want to do a Qi view some potential every aspect of your life is abundant you can create any future you you now consciously create your reality you have chosen your new life or creating your future right now I have chosen your path and realize your dreams aligning where your intention always have the opportunity to choose and effortlessly shaping your reality everything is always working out for you there are millions of ways for you to create the future you desire you deserve to be prosperous and have loving relationships you control your future by using your will and focus you are a spiritual being you know we’re constantly coming into fuller expression or ever grow today you begin to determine your destinies your imagination it allows you to live the way you’ve always wanted to expression and to increase your life and other’s lives spandy you magnify success all around you are extremely grateful you can achieve any reality you desire are an infinite spiritual being all anxieties and frustrations disappear unlimited potential whatever you focus your energy on you add too easily or obstacles between you and your desires are knocked down the universe is guiding you towards your highest go this new life you create for yourself is alive and real you experience this reality with all of your senses experiencing life-affirming feeling all you need to do is accept this and you will achieve it you have the power to create the life you love you are ready to let go of how this process will unfold you find yourself effortlessly achieving your desire you simply attract it you make choices that will lead to your new future arms you can control your own destiny just awareness of abundant how does it feel to have that type of power everything is flowing nicely how does it feel to know you can bring this new life into your physical world you are in harmony with the universal you can easily focus now consider what you truly want your life to look like you love facing the day in this new life graciously receive your desire they keep getting better and better what does your new day look like you feel focus what do you hear in this reality use all your senses to truly experience this new reality who are you where smell the aroma healing the manifestation in its fullness a shil hands on the object feel your gait as you walk through this sea all of life supports you is there a breeze feel what it feels like hear the sounds around you you can recreate your life and I think you can dream and come true you have the ability start your life over what do you want your new life to look like focus on this question deeply it’s up to you you can use your mind to create this reality you can be anywhere you choose and with anyone you want to be with you feel the energy of your new life moving through your body every cell of your being accepts this reality picture this life and shape your future you have a new awareness your true success is being manifested in this moment when you focus on your dreams you actually make them happen what is it that you dream of you are in charge from this moment on your consciousness is expanding your ultimate destiny is up to you you feel this energy within you see yourself living this new life now you are a new person how are you spending your time world you have created for yourself this is your turning point the success is very exciting think about the new life that you are creating for yourself how does it feel to be so free imagine your success right now you push all obstacles aside okis on your dream he’ll have alive this new future makes you feel it’s not only possible it’s happening right now in this very moment how does it feel to have so many choices abundance is your birthright you can manifest your biggest tree you easily bring in to be your starting to create your new life today with every action you take your focus determines what happens next to you bring your dreams into reality new energy is being created by you with your mind your success brings more success this new energy begins to manifest ultimate success in your life you now effortlessly create the type of life you want you choose how you wish to experience the world do you focus on the thing you truly wish for you have a consciousness of abundant what if you could have it all means belongs to you think about all the exciting things you want to do it is your step into this new reality and take on all its beauty you are an abundant and successful being you can instantly create – these things you create your own destiny as amazing future as your see energy of abundance permeates your entire beer you easily make anything you want there is nothing you cannot do or how your dreams can become real there are so many possibilities for you shift your awareness to this new world you have created you want to create in your life okis on this question with detail there is no stopping you you have a satisfying appreciating nature all of your wants and needs of a film you are aware of the abundance has always been yours there is no gap we knew and the universal life energy and with this energy you can create anything you choose you are aligned with Source Energy choose your life you can do anything you want with your tie and contribute anything you want to the world on sand trait on this new life intently your resources are abundant you are an expression of creative energy you now focus on creating this world this energy expands throughout your being as you see the images in your mind and feel the senses in your body you are manifesting your ultimate life you are aligned with universal creative law you have placed yourself in alignment with your new reality really feel these feeling you already have all the tools to manifest your dream you are the one that creates this lie you make it real you have tapped into hidden resources of Nu positive energy you choose the life you want to live you are successful from this moment on you consciously create the life you desire you are a powerful creator you begin to dream your biggest dream expanded or when you have the ability to bring them to lie you are in tune with your higher mind you no longer impose limitations on the power within you the first time ever it all comes true you choose this ultimate freedom you are able to easily envision this future are a receiver of the abundance belongs to you universe is guiding you toward your successful creations are effortless you will enjoy this freedom for the rest of your life you have tapped into a place in your heart you ask the universe for what you want and it provides it to you you are doing what you’ve always wanted to be doing your new reality focus on the and it comes easily to you even it feels good to be aligned with your creative energy imagine it you have the amazing ability to attract to you anything you wish force perience the trick is to align with this energy you create success in your dream ultimate success and freedom you are inspired to create amazing things you attract it you have the ability to attract things you won’t let it really sink into the depths of your be you simply allow these things to come into your life now is the tightest is who you are at the deepest level your abundance to flow to you now you know how to achieve the things you want focus on the feeling it all happens with the power of your own mind power is within you think of how amazing it feels to effortlessly achieve what it is you really want really feel these feel you are living the life you have always dreamed for yourself you have that freedom just feel it starting from this moment on you give fine as you reflect on this new way of thinking or life has newfound meaning everything is happening in perfect timing you can be anything you wish you transform your life can go any way you want you have the power to choose the life you want you have the kind of loving relationships you desire it feels wonderful to create your new light is not only impossible it’s happening in this moment you are an incredible person you have tapped into a place that gives you everything you need to succeed universe has always intended for you to have all of your desire this is the miracle you have been waiting for you deserve this new life without limitation you have tapped into the power of your own mind ultimate freedom and success in the day you have tapped into boundless laachraoui you can now access expanded awareness head your energy is entirely focused on your new life you own you can accomplish and I think you want it’s you your life is a miracle this is your new reality you are experiencing the miracles of life that pulled you closer to your dream is a wonderful feeling you are experiencing perfection you are comfortable in this place you are perfect you tap into this stream of wisdom and miraculous energy allow these feelings to wash over you there is a potent force field of energy around you that only attracts the positive each and every day you can achieve anything you tap into this stream of energy you are happy you are successful you can do anything you wish you have powerful ability you are beginning to experience this new reality you have the power to create anything you wish you have created the ultimate success and freedom you hold an expansive vision there is nothing in life that you can’t do the vision there is no experience you can tell how amazing it feels nothing can be denied from you there is no experience Colonel Tao you have entered a whole new world of possibility your dreams are important in a few moments you are going to continue with your daily you can see them drawing closer you grasp these dreams and take them with you powerful suggestions have become permanently embedded in your subconscious mind where they will continue to grow stronger each and every day all your dreams come to life so easily you continue to feel this freedom your horizons open up wide you follow your destiny and move towards the life of your dreams just be there and know that you can carry yourself to ultimate freedom you are an ultimate being these suggestions are your new realities is your new everyday experience you are an incredible abundant creator it is almost time now to return to full awareness each and every suggestion that you accept now becomes a permanent part of your subconscious mind it becomes part of your thinking your behavior and your being the suggestions become realized in the fact as your personality each time you listen to this meditation you enter a state of relaxation quickly easily and effortlessly accepting all suggestions that are beneficial and positive to you and realizing anything that does not fit into your life at this time and one feel the energy flowing into your body opening up the infinite ways your creation can come into your physical existence to feeling more alert and aware with each number that is counted and realizing that you are a divine receiver of abundance and freedom 3 every cell in your body is functioning perfectly as you begin to return to full awareness releasing all limited beliefs that no longer serve you for returning feeling completely rested and refreshed however sleeping soundly and peacefully at your normal bed time and five eyes open fully aware and alert back to full awareness you

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