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Law of Attraction RAPID MANIFESTATON Technique – MANIFEST What You Want FAST!

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from the time we are very young we are trained to believe that there is all this work that needs to be completed and that there are many obstacles to overcome therefore there is a human tendency to try to problem-solve and fix anything that isn’t working it becomes very natural to work hard at making what we want to happen happen this is how the habit of focusing on things that are unwanted is developed it is also why the manifestation process can appear to be slow for some when there is an undesirable circumstance the path of least effort does not include trying to fix that situation through the attempt at fixing anything there’s energetic resistance this happens because based on past experience the subconscious mind will often present all of the fears doubts and insecurities about the situation through this type of effort problem-solving will frequently keep a person attached to the problem or at the very least cause it to linger longer than necessary as you may know in the world of like attracts like focusing on what we don’t want will manifest that exact thing because our mind is fixated on it however there is a rapid manifestation technique that aligns your energy with what you want in a precise and simultaneously detached way this technique change your mind to let go of the resistance at once had towards your desire when it was coming from a place of fixing something that you don’t like with this method you aren’t making the effort to avoid things you don’t want or correct some difficulty in your life choose something that you would most like to manifest close your eyes and begin to see another you that is experiencing the end result of having exactly what you want notice where this you is and what he or she is doing watch the gestures they are making and see the look on their face begin to get a sense of how happy this you is and having what you most want feel how drawn you are to this you because of their energy take several moments to really capture how this you looks acts and portrays themselves while having what you want most now step into this version of yourself and begin to experience everything you saw this you experiencing now you can actually feel how the shoe feels with this desire already manifested picture this clearly in your mind and use all of your senses to feel what is happening in the scene you are now in this place seeing everything from a first-person point of view where you are actually experiencing the manifestation of what you want look around you and notice what you see listen for any sounds touch any objects that might be relevant and feel their texture smell the air and notice if there are other people with you take the time to relate to how you feel emotionally are you happy energetic ecstatic peaceful secure take several moments to really feel how amazing it feels to have exactly what you want and experience every aspect of it become aware that this is you realizing your goal in this moment focus on the image and all of the feeling states that go with that once you are fully associated with this scene take a mental snapshot of it imagine that this mental snapshot contains all of the feeling states that you felt from both your sensory perception and emotional awareness this image is a success trigger that you will use to recall having exactly what you want and how it feels to have manifested that envision this mental snapshot being surrounded by a bubble of golden light let go of this bubble and imagine it floating out of your mind and off into the sky containing your vision and all of the feeling states that go with that throughout your day you will use this mental snapshot or what is known as a success flash to create rapid effortless manifestation of your desire each time you flash your success you speed up the realization of your goal using known principles of learning and receptivity of the mind during the stages of natural trance in other words you will be giving your mind the suggestion that your desire has already been actualized while remaining detached from trying to fix anything in your current circumstances and this is a perfect combination to induce rapid manifestation when performing your success flashes imagine your success bubble with the image and feeling states that you captured coming towards you rapidly in landing back inside of your mind take anywhere from a few seconds to a full minute completely associate with being back in this scene once you have recaptured the feeling and realness of this scene where you are experiencing your end result imagine the bubble floating back out of your mind and into the sky once again this will be just enough time for it to seem real to you your mind and your emotional states don’t apply any particular effort or more than about a minute to this process they give full reliance to belief feeling and imagination you may find it best to close your eyes for these few moments you will want to flash your success multiple times throughout your day recommended times our first thing in the morning when you wake up as you ease from natural sleep into wakefulness and last thing at night as you drift into sleep as these are both natural trance States you may also want to use your success flash just before each meal food is a positive reinforcer to the mind therefore using this trigger prior to eating strengthens the belief of the image on a mental level other suggested times are during moments of boredom inactivity or when a negative feeling state arises you can also use your success flash anytime you feel yourself focusing on what you don’t want or trying to fix something in your life with this technique you become the owner of what you want without the complication of the details of manifestation this allows you to relax and let go of having to be in charge of the process you bring into effect the feeling states of already having what you want and then release them in a very detached way because of this the energy around you will be tuned into the essence of what you are seeking in your life and begin the process of bringing it to you understand that you are creating your perceived future in each moment what we each must learn is how to balance our thinking in a manner that focuses and believes in our desire with expectancy that it is being manifested and detachment to allow it to become a physical tangible reality in other words being satisfied in the present moment while also being delighted in the thought of what you want and having complete faith that it is happening you do not have to struggle to have what you want allow the universe that links everything together to take care of all the details for you when you fleetingly focus on the end result of what you want and feel how exciting just the thought can be and then effortlessly let that go you will be presented with people situations and inspired action that leads you to your manifestation you don’t have to know how the process of manifesting what you want works simply trust that it will you

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