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Lean Belly Factor Program 2019 – How To Get A Flat Belly Lean Body

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Lean Belly Factor Program 2019 – How To Get A Flat Belly Lean Body How are you I’m good, how are you good? It’s a good to see you. I know how are you How’s your Saturday? Um good ID my Sat my weekends tend to be busy because you know, I work with girls who do work all week So then they contact me most mostly over the weekends. You’ve had a nutty week too, huh? Yeah, my job is very demanding. Uh, I actually work from home, which is nice So I have flexibility to get in my workouts like when I can get in like an hour break or something in between But I have back-to-back meetings like I’m telling you from like sometimes will be from 8:00 to 5:00 on really crazy days where I can’t I’m Eating my like meals like while I’m on these calls fortunately They’re not video conference calls right after I don’t have to be mention.

They don’t have to see you But it is kind of crazy and then you know Just it’s just been really busy at work because I had a huge presentation last Friday and so there was just a lot of pressure from my leadership and it just evolved a lot of late nights and you know a lot of pressure again from my managers and so it was just a Lot on me tip a lot on me Like I had to use some even sometimes I couldn’t even sleep because I was just so consumed by the stress.

And so um, you know, and then coupled that I’m thinking about the competition next month, you know, and so Sometimes you decided do you I mean, come on, you’ve got to be excited at least right? I’m pretty excited Just because I finally ordered this too and then I even bought some accessories to someone like the jewelry and I’m you know and then I’m starting to like look into my travel since um I think I told you I’m flying out Phoenix for it just because that date just works best for me given my work schedule. Um but I’m still super nervous just because again My confidence level isn’t as high as I want to be even though like, you know, I was actually gonna reach out so yesterday, I tried on a dress for Easter Sunday that I just could barely fit into last year and and um, you know I tried it yesterday and it just like a glove and I was so excited and it kind of reminded me that You know, even though it’s been sort of like a sort of like a bumpy ride with ups and downs Like I really have made progress in terms of my lifestyle my eating habits and just you know Even working out like, you know incorporating strength training has just made all the difference I feel like you lift your body so much.

You’ve made enormous progress And you look amazing and I always tell you that and to believe me but but you really do you you’ve come such a long way and I See that every time you update me and I’m like man, this girl looks awesome I mean you have a very balanced body and You’ve really made like tremendous progress and I want you to know that because it’s important to acknowledge it. Oh Thank you coach It’s just you know, sometimes I think social media can be the challenge too because I’m constantly in you know I’m trying to put myself and looking at a lot of posts like a lot of girls a lot of Instagram pages where you know girls are in Competitions and looking at their posing and looking at their physique. I know that’s like competition day So they’re definitely like, you know you hydrated they’re super tone.

But I mean, you know, I It’s hard to not compare and then I know I should just be focusing on my own progress But it really is hard with social media. It just makes it is it’s a lot of pressure I get it a lot. Most of my girls go through that. In fact just this morning I had a girl email me a picture of a competitor who won the show she’s doing last year and she was like Oh my god, I’m not even close. I was like eight or ten weeks out There but it’s just it’s funny because that’s what ruins us because it puts so much extra pressure on us that we don’t need to be experiencing and if you think about it, most of our negative actions as far as Impulses, you know eating and Stress and all of the things that end up getting in our way ultimately are caused by pressure and stress So if you end up stressing that you’re not gonna get there on a consistent basis You’re probably not gonna get there and then I mean it’s it’s difficult It’s hard to keep it in perspective because of all of these things you know around you and I get that and that’s why I Usually tell my girls joke don’t even look if you know it’s going to get in your way and stress you out Just don’t and you know, I mean what I love about our sport is that you’re competing against yourself That’s who your competitor your competition is So the entire point of this entire experience is to improve upon your own body.

That’s amazing It’s so beautiful, you know, and then when you go up on stage that day You don’t know what the judges are gonna be looking for you because it changes constantly. It’s such a subjective sport So if you were focused on that alone, you just go crazy It’s not possible to please everyone every day it like just doesn’t happen, you know so the only thing that you can really do and feel confident about is your own progress and The lifestyle and the health that comes with it and the balance it brings into your life in your own progress you know comforting your own body and confidence and all of these wonderful things that it gives you and building strength, you know, I mean Emotional physical all of it. It’s just it’s it’s a wonderful way to live But if you end up letting all of these little things get in the way then that’s the problem that becomes an issue ya know exactly and I think you know, I was telling you that I was having a bad week last week because um You know it kind of brought me back I’m sure if I ever told you that I did go I was in grad school in law school about six years ago And so I was also in a place in my life where there was a lot of constant pressure and stress And um You know when I when I get into that mode I tend to even be more hard on myself and maybe even more type K And I even put that stress and pressure on my physical appearance and at keeping up it’s it’s so weird It’s like if I feel like I have to be competitive in whether it’s school academics or in the workplace I also tend to apply thats in my physical appearance and confidence as well and and so I get in this place where my confidence level goes down and I feel like I have to just Do my can to keep up and keep my head above water and especially with again the social media and looking at the pictures if I I’m already under this work stress.

I’m not feeling great. I’m feeling just overloaded overwhelmed and then I look at these pictures and then I get my own and then I prepare it with my own physique and then I end up cheating myself and and purging and well, actually what will happen is sometimes the stress will build up so much that I’ll binge and then I’ll end up feeling horribly guilty and I’ll purge and it’s just you know And that’s where the self-control just kind of just goes out the window When I’m just so overwhelmed so stressed I feel like I need to escape somehow and then of course food gives me that comfort And then I just lose control like it’s like my mind blocks out for maybe like 10 minutes or so And I just grab some chips that you know are not even mine are my husband’s cupboard for junk junk food and then I just go at it and I just like sort of Indulge in that like 10 minutes of just like I’m blacked out, it’s not me I’m just trying to like find quick comfort and then and then I’ll come back to reality and I’d be like what have I done? I’ll be like oh my god.

I just screwed up my hard work I have to erase this and then I and I resort to that to that purging and then and then you know what happened last because I would purge and then I would continue to feel guilty and then I just like that I even had the moment of weakness and I would just my meal plan just goes out the window I’m like, okay, I just did I have to restrict myself I have to just like I have to get myself back on track and then I and then it become over restricted So it was just like it almost felt like everything was just out of control coach like it was just cycle I hear you Okay. So here’s what I want to do. We need to I want to dissect everything because there’s several things going on here first of all any eating Disorder once we’ve had it it’s like an addiction because there are some component of it that is comforting to us in the moment We know it’s not healthy. Obviously we don’t do because it’s healthy so it’s an addiction in that we seek some feeling that we get out of it in that moment and being an addiction We even when we found a way to manage it for the long term when we’re going through really stressful times in our lives We end up Acting on impulse.

Sometimes there’s no no thinking involved So the first component of this is the fact that you act on impulse when you’re really stressed. So, how do we control that That place it’s that place of stress and pressure So the first thing I want you to do is is figure out a way to be calmer on a general basis. So For instance. You keep mentioning the Instagram girls Mm-hmm. That’s an easy trigger to remove you can’t just Go there because you know that that’ll add to the stress and pressure You’re already feeling on a daily basis something like your work. You have to work. You can’t remove that stress out of your life so that’s gonna be there, you know for the long term but something that you can’t control and you know, Something’s a trigger for you. Just don’t do it and you have a coach will tell you whether or not you’re ready here to help you though now say, you know, you’ve removed that trigger, but for some reason you’re you know, You’ve had an extra bad day.

A lot of things have happened and You’re still really stressed out and you’re feeling that impulse you’re like, hey, you’re just you feel like you you’re out of control You’re not thinking straight. And the first thing you want to do is go and grab chips out of your hub scoobert That feeling is an impulse, but you are still aware of that feeling, you know when it’s happening You’re not you’re not it. You’re not not present in your body. You know what I’m saying? You’re still there You can understand what’s happening. You just aren’t thinking rationally so What I want you to do when that happens again because it will at some point in your life It will happen again. I want you to slow down realize what’s happening and Don’t let that feeling stress you out further because in that moment that feeling is what’s driving the Motion you’ll you’ll notice it’s like this wave that comes over you and you just know that okay I’m losing you know my mind Everything’s going wrong for me right now, and I’m really stressed out so I may as well go in and do something and then you just go for it and It makes itself worse as it goes on in that moment.

So if you just stop and go, okay, I’m feeling stressed What’s going through my mind right now? I can stop myself from walking towards the chips I can just stop and just stand there If you have to just stop yourself and breathe and understand what’s going on and just be like, okay I’m really stressed out because of this this and this and that if I go with chips, that’s not gonna help me But if you still want the chips You can go and have one walk away do something different in that moment to break that impulse If you can stop yourself long enough to go and do something Preferably with your hands something that’ll keep you distracted or if you have something that relaxes you Go for a jog go for a walk or play with your dog go Draw call a friend.

I don’t know whatever it is that relaxes you in the moment Go for a drive. A lot of people do that and just sort of remove yourself from the situation Just for five or ten minutes is all it takes because after that the impulse is gone. Mmm won’t go in that place. Yeah. No No Today’s the first thing if you find yourself in a place where you’ve already had something you, you know, you shouldn’t have eaten Then the impulse continues now, that’s where the perturbations because now you You’ve had something you shouldn’t have had and you’ve know that and you’re continually punishing yourself when you’re like, okay, what’s the next thing? That’s gonna make me feel better.

You’re not and that’s the perch So now the second part of the impulse you have two things going on. They’re separately So if you’ve been unable to stop yourself from eating something that you know wasn’t good for you in that moment you can stop yourself and think rationally and be like okay is purging gonna help me because you know, That’s gonna set off another part of it which is over restriction and Which is gonna end up and have me can you hungry again to a point where you eating something should beating again right though? there’s just a lot of components going on here, but ultimately all boils down to Impulse you’re acting on impulse and what you want to do in that moment is stop yourself long enough To think rationally and it doesn’t take much, you know, a couple of minutes is all it takes So if you can just step back and acknowledge, what’s going through your mind? understand it and Step back remove yourself out of the situation and start to calm yourself down long enough to start thinking about it all it’s gonna take and Over time you’ll develop habits where when you are in that place where all you want to do is something you shouldn’t the first thing that happens is you stop yourself and you think That’s gonna be a bitch’ll but it takes time to get to that point So no It’s just important to sort of understand what’s happening and remind off to just breathe.

If you just remember to breathe that alone will help By the time I take this breath you’ll be like, okay wait You know, I’m okay try to figure out just think about it. You know, what’s good for you in that moment? Mm-hmm. I think that’ll really help because I again that’s I think the problem is that I just stopped breathing and like I said I get the sensation like I’m just blacked out.

Like I just I reaiiy Mistry acting to that stress and just Impulsively grabbing that back at chips and like you said if I can help myself just pause yes, that might make all the difference and pause and breathe and um You know it sometimes it you know for me like the stress will just like kind of build up very quickly It doesn’t like gradually happen Sometimes if just something happens like I’m at work and then there’s this fire drill where you know Oh my gosh, like some happen We have to fix this by the end of day, and I’m just feeling super overwhelmed Like it’ll just creep up it would mean sorry not even creep up.

It’ll just like bubble up in me where I just it comes up the stress and then I panic I guess you know, and so I Think trying to help myself just pause well At least help if I can remind I need to even write it down on a piece of paper, you know, just me Right, and then I’m you’re feeling like maybe just reach out to me You know, you can send me a text or something be like, okay, I’m really stressed right now It’s just a really bad day, and I’ll be there to remind you to you know, take it easy And that was our part of this too That’s so important is sometimes we’re not able to stop ourselves at the beginning of this cycle so you may not be able to resist the chips or whatever is in front of you that at that moment and It’s so important to realize that that’s okay. You can stop yourself at any point of that entire cycle and still be fine There’s nothing wrong with any of it Because if you continue letting that stress you it only gets worse from there It just broke, you know, so if you can stop yourself from having something you should just reach out to me I’ll remind of that you’re still fine and you are Because no one is perfect a hundred percent of time doesn’t well, I’m telling but I swear it’s just I think social media is just such at first because you’ll have no competitor is just Constantly posting.

I mean, I guess the only posting The good things right? Like, oh I have this meal and it was you know, I’m on the track I guess they’re only showing like when they’re on track, right and that’s just that’s just human nature they’re You know take it from someone who works with a lot of these girls, I will tell you that Anybody who looks incredible on stage has a lot of difficulties getting their – nobody’s journey to that point is perfect. It. Just doesn’t it Just doesn’t work that way so You know these same girls with a six-pack who win trophies will reach out to me because they’ve had a piece of cake they weren’t supposed to eat at some point because they had invited their Boyfriend her husband or their kid is me So no, it’s life. What happens to all of us and what you’re seeing is the product years of dedication and certain level of consistency Look how far you’ve come by living this lifestyle over the past several months But you’ve already achieved so much.

So if you just continue on this path then eventually everybody looks So perfect all the time I think that’s what I have to remind myself to is that these women have like some of these? competitors have done it for years and years and years ago I started so I can’t Possibly come I’m there at a different level. Um but I guess you know, it’s just Again, like I’m competing with myself, right? So I want to make sure I’m putting in the best effort I can and sometimes that even gets hard too because like if you said, you know, sometimes you have that weak moment of eating like half a bag of chips and You know, I know that I’m better than that to know that I know that I’m you know pre pre Prepped my meal, you know, everything has been regimen to it Like come on him like you don’t you’re better than that But I also maybe have to just give myself a break sometimes that we were human to tell you it’s not In the moment, sometimes we just you know, we do certain things that make sense to us at that point and you’re like Okay, great a father basically half a donut or whatever.

It’s just a little new and it is and that’s okay Just move on from it so that doesn’t become That’s where the key is, you know don’t ever want to punish yourself for anything Mentally or you know by actions from there because all that I’ll do is end up leading into this cycle where you just can’t stop yourself because now you’re Restricting then you’re hungry.

So you’re indulging and then you’re over. It is just a mess You must like that and that’s the other thing. I wanted to tell you, too A lot of these girls who’ve been at it for years have developed Certain habits that lead to that success and it takes time to develop these habits you know and something like stopping your impulses is That it’s old or a journey and it’s a learning experience and you learn something from everything that you do on this journey And that’s okay it all becomes new habits it forms itself into new Learned experiences. Mm-hmm. Yes, that’s where you develop your new lifestyle skills Yeah, I think I think that’s very true. And it’s like it’s not as easy as having that meal plan having that workout plan it’s like Just you know, it’s not No, no one is every we’re human. So no one’s able to be able to be strictly regimented 100% of the time so About bad at all.

And if you try to be regimen a hundred percent of the time you’re setting up yourself up to fail Because you can’t make it happen Anyway, nobody can we were you know role human things have been things get in the way man All that happens is you end up punishing yourself And again now you’re that vicious cycle, so don’t even think in those terms. All we’re looking for is consistency over the long term It’s not perfection in your daily life. It’s just consistency over the long term and changing your lifestyle would you don’t so You’ve done great. I mean you’ve got nothing wrong. The only thing that we need to work on is That perfectionism you have read to me 100% because it just you know that it doesn’t work that way So if you can work on being a little bit more kind to yourself and not so strict. Maybe that’ll help you to That’s a good point, you know my husband tries to tell that to me as well all the time, but you know it is challenging to with this sport I think because You know That’s good your strive to be the best you can be and to me when I see these girls on stage to me They look perfect, you know But themselves they’re not perfect.

That’s the other thing you have to remember and that’s crazy to me too, and maybe if you know it’s just It might be the same for someone who’s not a competitor looking at me and saying why are you so hard on yourself you? you know, but Rolls, so hard on ourselves. I guess. That’s the nature of the beast, right? But but I think you know overall it’s just been an amazing journey. It really has like I have just You know, it’s kind of step back and look at the positives I mean, I I drink so much more water now than I have ever. I Don’t know I can see my have got this here. This is nice my goal and it has like a handle Awesome. I love it So, um, you know, and then I had, you know, pretty bad habits Like I said, I work is really stressful and even you know, my colleagues like they always joke like okay We can’t wait to get to our glass of wine, you know after work And that was my ritual for a long time like, you know five days a week Glass of wine or maybe two or three and that’s where I saw the, you know the calories and the weight gain really add up and I did not feel I didn’t feel great, you know, and now for me my ritual like I’ll be like Okay, great yeah, happy hour after work with my happy hours a gym and then after the gym, you know, um I always have like this Moroccan mint tea Stevia, which is like what after my protein shake but that to me that’s like a little happy hour You know instead of having wine with like my favorite TV show I have my hot tea.

Um And it just it’s you know, it’s just much. I don’t know I feel like it’s just a healthier habit, but you know I don’t need the wine and the extra calories and the toxicity to my livered, you know Get through the worries and that’s the whole thing, too Cuz you see developed a new habit and that’s what it’s about That and I’m sure that initially it was difficult for you because you were in a habit already So it takes time to change everything. So everything that you’re struggling with now is the same exact way It’s just a matter of developing new habits and let it go with old ones Okay, and I yeah what and realizing, you know, also, it’s that’s also a big part of it is just understanding What’s standing in your way acknowledging it and we’re doing it’s you know fixing those habits But new ones are changing them or adjusting your life ways But you’ve come so far and you do have a lot to celebrate and be proud of I’m so proud of you.

I Don’t I always tell you that I think I shouldn’t be always telling you that if I don’t you know sometimes like I like there are days when I just dread reaching out because I’m like, oh I don’t want to have let her down, you know Because in the beginning I think I was making well because I was a place where you know My I think I was just losing a lot of water weight and I I wasn’t really building muscle yet It was just the very beginning.

So I was like dropping weight very easily um, we’re now you know, I’m trying I just you know, I I’m at a place where I still want to continue, you know dropping weight, but um, you know, I just feel like The muscle tone and definition and I’m not super swole or anything, but definitely the definition I love what I see in you Yeah, we’re working on really shaping and sculpting you now because you know that’s important. Ultimately when you go on to me Um, the fat lose component reporter is always so much easier to tackle Mm-hmm being part because that’s where a muscle gain. I mean trust women It’s hard to gain muscle to begin with so it just takes time to do that you really see that and The other part of it that’s difficult is that you don’t see the skill move every week because that’s not the goal anymore So okay.

Oh man. I don’t know. I feel like I’m not really moving anywhere But meanwhile, if you look at pictures over, you know several weeks you see that progress happen Mhm, that’s going so just because the scale is not moving weekly doesn’t mean that you’re doing something wrong We’ve stalled or whatnot we’re moving where we should be moving because we want you looking a certain way on stage It’s that building and the sculpting progress that’s taking a longer to make happen because that’s normal It’s part of the journey ya know and I’m enjoying that I’m enjoying the strength training Like I said, I never incorporate I always was active You know since college when I started going really started being active and going to the gym But I never I mean I would do like small weights like a little just a little bit but never really Incorporating true strength training and weights into my workout and it’s just made all the difference I it gives me a sort of high that I never got from cardio.

Just bring like miles and files you know on the treadmill and I Love it, and I love it. I love the confidence. I feel going into the weight room being with all the guys. You know, it’s Fated of it, but intimidated by it, but you know I go in there and you know, it’s just me against me and It feels great. And I and I you know my arm. We’re always like to me like my problem area always felt like they were just like Flabby never too skinny, but just like no, I don’t really like the definition now I’m like always like kind of looking at so have you no work to do but it’s just great like seeing when I’m doing like shoulder workouts or lateral raises and seeing Definition.

It’s an amazing feeling so That’s what this is about it’s just that’s what I love about it it’s Improving yourself and it gives you so much mentally and emotionally because you just build so much confidence from it and inner strength from it That’s what I love about weight training. I’ve always loved that. I feel like it’s such a great stress reliever and it also works so much to change our self perception just that’s the most important thing in life is how we see ourselves and what we Portray out there and what we put into me and I feel like that’s where it helps And it’s great to feel strong, you know, you are stronger But one thing too I wanted to tell you is this whole journey has actually um Made me appreciate like those indulgent good foods And even like again when it’s Treat meal time and there’s a big glass of wine because I’m not just having it for any yea Asian you know, it really isn’t a nice treat.

So I almost feel like You know, I enjoy life a lot more when I’m going out to the restaurant and it’s a treat meal time, you know So that’s kind of cool and yeah it is and that’s really all it’s such a good point because when is the same thing over and over we don’t even Enjoy our life in the moment as much, you know Right. It’s sort of just wakes you up to that and it’s like oh look what you get – huh? No, it’s funny – when you eat clean consistently your taste buds change like yeah Don’t you think so it’s a good person who’s not eating clean a tomato tastes like a vegetable to me.

It tastes like desserts All the different herbs and spices use on your food. It gives everything so much flavor where Normally, you wouldn’t even notice this like a piece of chicken, but I’m like no it’s got spices on it. It is so good My taste buds definitely, I know it’s just I don’t know how to describe it if they’ve heightened but you know if I like last I had A piece of tilapia and I use like a different spice and I just you know I enjoy the flavors a lot more and then I can and then when I eat different food like those flavors like, you know, really come out and I Don’t know but it’s it’s it’s a great feeling to eat clean still like really be able to enjoy having Enjoy like the spices you can add to the these clean food like like a piece of fence Tilapia, like just add like I use that.

Um, what is it that Flavor God and season eating. Oh, yeah I just got a nice flavor and it’s just it just added a whole new Blue like world to me like I don’t even know how to describe it I know and a lot of my girls love those I actually haven’t even tried them but I should because I keep hearing about them But yeah, it’s so true. It’s just like your your senses are you know, heightened like you said just didn’t but I love that Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, well overall I think I mean you’ve come really far and You’re well on your way to where you should be So don’t ever be too hard on yourself and you few feel like being really hard on yourself reach out to me and I’ll fix it The only thing that I don’t really want you to be aware of is just working on those impulses That’s all I need. Other than that. We’ve got everything covered if You are having a stressful moment or just a really stressful day for whatever reason reach out to me and we’ll talk about it Okay, you don’t at that point where you feel like you’re losing control? We don’t you there’s no reason for it.

Yeah Oh, well, thank you coach. I really appreciate that the time you took this morning to smoke. I love this Actually, you know when I was going through that really bad place in my life where the eating disorder was kind of getting out of Hand I did seek therapy which I am very thankful for. Um She was done. She definitely specialized in beam disorders So help me at the time really helped me get through a lot of the other issues that were triggering it um, but you know, like you said, it’s I guess it’s an addiction or sometimes it can come back to haunt you yes, and You know, it was really helpful to confide in you about this. Although you’ve been code to me through all the physical and Nutritional aspects of this journey like I really appreciate you kind of helping me like therapy You know why? The mental component is so huge here If all you needed was a piece of paper with your meal plan on it, then we’d all be fitness models But yeah, it’s not you know a lot of it is mental and emotional and A lot of these things can be difficult to control because we’re so used to living a certain way So I’m definitely you know, I’m happy to help you and I understand exactly what you’re going through I’ve had an eating disorder most of my girls.

It’s it’s funny, too I’ve noticed a lot of girls who’ve had eating disorders in the past end up following this journey to stage and I feel like for the most part it’s a really positive way to channel it to channel that need for control over what we You know For the most parts would be positive as long as you do in a healthy way, you know You’re a really healthy balanced diet and have that control and look amazing and feel confident and it helps overall However, you know, I always feel that once you’ve had an eating disorder those tendencies tend to want to come back So it’s important to have the tools you need to sort of rein them in and control that impulse So, you know, you’re definitely not alone.

It’s normal to feel that way and we you must have been there I feel like it’s such a common thing So widespread now eating know most young girls deal with it at some point now. There’s some sort of an eating disorder So it’s it’s just an important thing to talk about and know honey Yeah, and I think it’s like I’m telling you it’s the advent of social media. Nice. I wouldn’t doubt it I and it makes so much sense I mean we put so much pressure on ourselves and I wish there was more honesty out there, you know Like we’re these girls now and say well, you know what? I’m not always perfect and Sometimes I feel like crap about myself and sometimes I think things I shouldn’t and it’s just like because they do it’s reality you know, I mean the you know you’re not helping anyone by painting this picture of perfection because we all know it’s not real but It’s difficult so I get it.

But like I said if it’s a trigger for you, just get out of it stuff home Also one thing that could help is just reminding myself. It is a competition, but I should really Remember that I’m competing with myself and this is a journey and the ultimate product will be a also the hard work I put in Yes you know and and that’s I think hard to remember too because it is a competition But I think I’m really not doing I mean I already feel like once I make it to stage I’ve won this for myself Because the journeys the win You can get embarrassed about Or I feel my husband would be like you’ve worked so hard Why aren’t you telling more friends and family that this is your goal? And I said, I don’t want them to look at me to think like wow Like you don’t look like you could be a bikini competitor, you know and like maybe I need to get away from that and realize you know, I put in the work that You know is required just on stage and I should just be proud of it I’m you know, because it’s it’s been a I’ve come a long way since where I’ve started so maybe I just have to remind myself but it’s an important thing to remember and You deserve to be so self-confident for Realizing how far you’ve come and how much you put into it on a daily basis and I really hope that you do go out There and tell everybody not sit to the world they should celebrate right along with you everybody who loves you at least should know I Mean people, I have told have definitely been super excited and supportive.

Of course Somebody emailed me I am remembering several months ago a girl reached out to me and said that she was inspired by your before and after That you hey, yes you post on to some so too just somewhere. I don’t know. Oh, yeah, right Yeah, I don’t remember the details anyone but I do remember thinking here. She’s inspirational. She looks incredible. This was like months ago Because I did post I so I know moment of confidence I did post Instagram of corn after and I’m telling you the reactions were just so incredibly living in supportive people aged socketed for me and Um and people just weren’t asking like, oh my gosh, who was your coach? They just did an amazing job with you And so I was sending several people several people had asked so I sent them your website.

Awesome. Thank you. You see yeah Oh look to that Look at the response you got Wow, that’s I didn’t realize yes Yeah, well that was a boost of confidence This is a reality though No, it’s it’s funny cuz we’re so hard on ourselves but meanwhile anybody walking in is like man she’s an inspiration and you are You need to admit that you’re loved and internalize it because you deserve to do that. You work so hard Well, thank you. And that’s incredibly humbling and just a super boost of confidence. So Good Good you deserve it Throw me let you go cuz I know you have a busy day, and I’ve got a busy day, too but it was so great to chat with you and Keep up the great work. You’re doing you’re doing awesome I’m looking forward to your next update and if you need anything in the meantime You know to reach out anytime if you’re struggling for any reason reach out, I’m here to help you Okay, I do you are and thank you.

You’re always so accessible and I appreciate that so much. So you’re so welcome and Thank you for today. I love the video chat, you know, I know this is so Yeah, yes. I will definitely Reach out to you with some additional questions as the competition comes up closer Horse, you know But I’m excited to take on the day. I just finished a morning workout So I’m gonna actually get try to get an opposing video. Oh Yes, and yeah confidence so I feel Brady be honest, so It’s I’m sure I mean you look awesome I’m looking forward to it and posing is important to work on song .

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